TENS TEAM 2017/18



Connaught Tens Team Shots Points
Results 2017/18 Season Date F A F A
Connaught  .v.  Bob Carter  Away  03-Oct-17  33 95 
Connaught   Hempnall  Home  13-Nov-17        
Connaught   v  Halvergate  Away  23-Nov-17        
Connaught   v  Halvergate  Home  28-Nov-17        
Connaught   Bob Carter  Home  19-Dec-17        
Connaught   Hempnall  Away  15-Jan-18        
Connaught  v  Hevingham  Away  23-Jan-18        
Connaught  v  Hevingham  Home  30-Jan-18        
     Shot Diff.  -62 Totals  33  95 



WE LOST 33-95 AND 0-4

Mat 1

Mike Smail, Steve Barclay and Bob Oatway lost to J.Woods, N.Willard and R.Howlett 7-20

Mat 2

Diana Adcock and Mike Minshull lost to J.Forster and G.Best 5-27

Mat 1

Carolina LiRocchi, Bill Adcock and Joe LiRocchi lost to E.Willies, J.Turner and M.Woods 13-18

Mat 2

Elaine Oatway and Lee Fallows lost to S.Bridge and S.Willies 8-30


Mat 1, Found themselves 11-0 down after 6 ends largely due to a dropped 5 on end 3, before getting on the scoreboard with a 3 and only scoring twice more with a single and another 3. Apart from the 5 on end 3, 2 on end 5 and a 4 on the last end, they contained Carters to single shots. A lot of damage was done by Robert Howlett at skip, who managed to get shot when we were holding. Won 3 ends

Mat 2, were outplayed by the Carter pairing despite some good shots by both our players, Won 4 ends

Mat 1, this was the best match of the evening, always behind but always in contention with all 3 players doing well. Won 6 ends

Mat 2, Again despite having some good woods and holding were outplayed, won 4 ends

Bob Carter, especially on their own mats, are always a tough encounter, we will keep on trying.