Tens League  2018/19

TENS TEAM 2018 - 2019 

Connaught Tens League  Shots Points
Results 2018/19 Season
................... ..... .................... ........... .....Date..... ....F.... ....A.... ....F.... ....A....
Connaught v Bob Carter Away 09-Oct-18 35  83 
Connaught v Bob Carter Away 23-Oct-18 28  84 
Connaught v Halvergate Away 25-Oct-18        
Connaught v Halvergate Home 06-Nov-18        
Connaught v Hevingham Away 09-Nov-18  49 63 
Connaught v Hevingham Home 11-Dec-18        
Connaught v Bob Carter Home 18-Dec-18        
Connaught v Hevingham Away 25-Jan-19        
Connaught v Hevingham Home 12-Feb-19        
Connaught v Bob Carter Home 26-Feb-19        
Connaught v Halvergate Home 19-Mar-19        
Connaught v Halvergate Away 28-Mar-19        
Connaught Shot difference -118   112 230 0 11

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9th November 2018 Hevingham Away

We lost 0-3 and 49-63 on shots

Mat 1

Diana Adcock and Sheila Bragg lost 8-18 against T.Goldsmith and S.Goldsmith

Mat 2

Di Quadling, Bill Adcock and Richard Broad won 18-10 against A.Haynes, A.Bunn and D.Sharpe.

Mat 1

Elaine and Bob Oatway lost 12-18 against P.Williamson and D.Bunn

Mat 2

Dave Quadling, Joe LiRocchi and M.Minshull lost 11-17 against J.Vincent, P.Hall and M.Hall

First half was close with a great win by Richards block to be only -2 going into the second half, unfortunately we could not match the performance of the home players, who got a well deserved win.


23rd October 2018 Bob Carter Away

We lost 0-4 and 28-84 on shots

Mat 1

Malcolm Southgate, Bill Adcock and Mike Minshull lost 6-31 against J.Woods, M.warnes and J Woods

Mat 2

Mike Smail and Shiela Bragg lost 7-20 against J.forster and G.Best

Mat 1

Diana Adcock,John Winup and Richard Broad lost 7-20 against J.Turner, S.Bridge and M.Woods

Mat 2

Elaine and Bob Oatway lost 8-13 against R.Howlett and S.Willies

A great effort by the team with some brilliant shots played ,but unfortunately not enough to compete with the classic display by Carters players  


9th October 2018 Bob Carter Away

We lost 0-4 and 35 83 on shots

Mat 1

Diana Adcock, Mike Smail and John Winup lost 6-21 to E.Willies, S.Bridge and J.Woods

Mat 2

Di Quadling and Sheila Bragg lost 7-18 to R.Howlett and G.Best

Mat 1

Dave Quadling, Bill Adcock and Mike Minshull lost 12-29 to J.Turner,M.Woods and J.Forster 

Mat 2

Elaine and Bob Oatway lost 10-15 to M.Warnes and S.Willies

We always struggle at Carter on fast swinging mats, but we did do better than last year where we lost 33-95,so have to be pleased with that. We are back for the second away match on 23rd Oct and hope to improve even more.  





Bob Oatway Di Quadling

Elaine Oatway

Dave Quadling

Diana Adcock

Richard Broad

Bill Adcock

Mike Smail

Sheila Bragg

John Winup

Malcolm Southgate

Mike Minshull


Bob Carter


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