Just needed to add to my report how much our visiting ladies loved the gardens and the tubs.

Many said how much our tubs were better than theirs and how it made their day seeing such lovely 

coloured flowers.

I think a BIG thanks to all those who have planted, fed, watered and nurtured to acheieve such a lovely frame to our club.

Pat Barton


REPORT for last friendly 16th August 2017


WE had a lovely afternoon in the warmth and a pleasant friendly atmosphere with the ladies from Thorpe Rec.

The result doesn't reflect the real effort by the in-experienced team.

Many of the ladies are new to the game and are not yet playing in external matches. They may be taking that challenge next year.

We had the presence of Diana Adcock our lady president and her valued knowledge and experience. 

All rinks lost and total 60--40 again doesn't tell the fight back made by one rink, the almost a win position by the other rinks

went on to lose in the last section of their game.

Sorry --- is a word we've said is not said! Good --- or well done are the better options!

A lovely afternoon tea supplied by the team was greatly enjoyed by the visitors and ourselves, yummy fruit kebabs.

I hope that many other ladies will join in the friendlies next year and fly the flag for our club and those with the experience come and share with the new ladies.

A BIG THANK_YOU for all the support you've given ----- from Pat


Ladies Friendly at Cringleford 2nd August.

Thank you to the 7 ladies who were available for this match you played and represented our club admirably.

We had to borrow 2 of the reserves from Cringleford to save a cancellation.
I am grateful to their Captain Gina for her help.

It was a lovely afternoon and we gave a good afternoons bowling.
One rink won by one point , the next lost by one and the third lost by 5 shots, so all in all not too bad.

Those of you who played at different positions than usual hopefully gained experience for your next matches.
We had a lovely afternoon tea and several of our ladies won in the raffle.

Our last friendly for this season is on the 16th against Thorpe Rec. and those magnificent 7 return with 2 more to give a full team.
We are on home ground and I'm sure the Connaught ladies will give another good performance.



WELL, what can I say, except well done to all the ladies who have played in our first two friendly games.

The first game was to say the least a bit of a whitewash especially my rink, the other two started much better but fell away to a much more experienced team from Norfolk C.C.But we gave them a lovely afternoon tea and forgot about the score.

Our second game was against Cringleford ladies, this again used some inexperienced players and skips not used to doing that role, but we did very well and won all rinks. This gave us a well deserved win and a feather in our cap. Cringleford ladies were very appreciative of the afternoon tea and are looking forward to our return visit to them in August.

On a personal mention, I thank the ladies for all their help at that very difficult time for me, you all stepped up to the job and were rewarded with a great win.Long may our results be positive and enjoyable.Please check out the notice board and tick off if you can and will play.

Next match Home to Thetford on June 28th

Thanks to you all.

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