Connaught won by 83-53 in a friendly match at Mendlesham on Thursday 17 August

Rink 2 John Winup, Pat Benefer and Pat Barton won 26-11 against B Mills

Rink 3 Joe Li-Rocchi, Barry Westwood and Carolina Li-Rocchi lost 16-20 against M Cason

Rink 4 George Sheridan, Colin Barton and Val Sheridan won 22-12 against R Salisbury

Rink 5 David Flatt, Richard Harrison and Alison Rush won 19-10 against B Mayes

On Rink 2 the two Pats won the upfront contest and John Winup had a good game at skip as Connaught played well against very genial opposition

On Rink 3 Connaught won just 6 ends but a 6 on end 3 and a 4 on end 16 ensired they were in touch. After being 7-12 down after 10 ends Connaught went ahead at 16-12 after 14 ends but Mendlesham came back well to take the last 4 ends

On Rink 4 Connaught won 12 ends to 6 and never lost the lead in a match in which all three played well. For George to congratulate Val during the game was something not often heard! Colin, whose play has impproved considerably this season, played well in support at 2 and George had one of those on-song nights

On Rink 5 Connaught also never lost the lead but Mendlesham kept things reasonably tight until Connaught led 13-8 after 15 ends. 2 x 3 to Connaught then widened the margin. All three players acquitted themselves well

Thank you to Mendlesham for offering Connaught this friendly which was played competitively but in good-natured fashion throughout. The green was absolutely superb, fast and well-textured with not a bare patch on it. Mendlesham also entertained very well afterwards. Both sides fielded several lady players, which was good to see, and the five Connaught ladies certainly played well and enjoyed the game. The scratch Connaught triples combined well. Also good for the club to turn out two sides on the same night with not a single scratching


Connaught lost 62-68 in a good-natured but competitive friendly match at Stradbroke on Thursday 10 August

Rink 1  Bob Oatway, Bill Adcock and Diana Adcock won 19-13 against M Paris-Oakes

Rink 2  George Sheridan, Richard Adcock and Val Sheridan lost 9-24 against M Grigg

Rink 3  John Winup, Pat Benefer and Pat Barton won 16-12 against M Smith

Rink 4  Mike Minshull, Colin Barton and Alison rush lost 18-19 against B Ransome

On Rink 1 Connaught were 4-10 down after 8 ends, notched up 2 x 2 but the dropped 3 x 1 to be 8-13 down after 13 ends. A storming finish, in which the experience showed, saw Connaught win the last 5 ends by 11-0 for a 6-shot win

On Rink 2 Connaught fought hard but struggled and dropped 5s on ends 4 and 18 did not help their cause. Stradbroke's skip had a very useful game and accounted for quite a bit of the shots difference

On Rink 3 Connaught won 12 of the 18 ends, 9 of them by a single shot. 3s on ends 2 and 3 gave them a margin and the lead was never lost from then on. A dropped 4 on end 6 was their only lapse. The two Pats had superb games and John at skip was very steady to save as necessary

On Rink 4 Connaught dropped 7 on end 3 and struggled on to the point of being 6-18 down after 12 ends. Then 5 of the last 6 ends were won by a margin of 12-1, including a 4 on the last end, for Connaught almost to snatch a draw.

Connaught are grateful to Stradbroke White Hart for agreeing to two friendlies this season, both of which have been very enjoyable. Connaught were pleased to field a league side at Dickleburgh on the same night but to have no trouble fielding the friendly side as well. As ever a very pleasant session in the pub afterwards


Connaught won the match by 74-69 5-2( if league scoring were applied)

Rink 2 Mark Watson, John Winup and Richard Adcock won 26-15 against Les Ruth

Rink 3 Mike Minshull, Joe Li-Rocchi and Carolina Li-Rocchi won 23-16 against M Grigg

Rink 4 Terry Shoebridge, George Sheridan and Alison Rush lost 15-18 against J Ward

Rink 5 Ken Ramsbottom, Steve Barclay and Pat Benefer lost 10-20 against C Grosvenor

Connaught were very grateful to Stradbroke White Hart for playing this friendly and look forward to the return later in the season. Both sides took the chance to give a game to players who do not feature much in their league side although both also fielded regular league players. This certainly was a proper match and not some sort of roll-up. For Connaught Mark Watson, playing an occasional game at skip, showed what a good player he has become. Les Ruth, the opposing skip, is a very useful player himself and the two had a good scrap. The match was marked by Connaught dropping 7 on the first end but managing 5s on ends 9 and 18. Mike Minshull and Joe Li-Rocchi formed a useful partnership and it was nice to see Carolina give a good account of herself. Terry Shoebridge was 4-9 down after 11 tight ends but then the scoring went mad. 5 to Connaught on end 12 followed by 3, 1 and 5 dropped and then 1, 3 and 2 to Connaught. Ken Ramsbottom's triple looked useful on paper but, although coming back, never really recovered from going 0-8 down after 5 ends

An enjoyable evening afterwards.


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