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     Ashill  Elm Team (Division Three )   Shots   Points
 Ashill & District League 2018    Date   F  A  F  A
Wicklewood Abbey  v  Connaught Elm Away  22-May-2018   71 36  6 2
Connaught Elm v  Wicklewood Mill  Home  29-May-2018  73 35 8 0
Wymondham Dell (B)  v  Connaught Elm Away   5-June-2018  47 44  6 2
Connaught Elm v  Weeting   Home  12-June-2018  84  29 
Watton  v  Connaught Elm  Away  19-June-2018   56 51 
Connaught Elm v  Wicklewood Abbey   Home  10-July-2018   55 37 4 4
Wicklewood Mill   v  Connaught Elm Away   17-July-2018  61 33 8 0
Connaught Elm v  Wymondham Dell (B  Home   24-July-2018   45 52 
Weeting    v   Connaught Elm Away    31-July-2018 45  52 
Connaught Elm v  Watton  Home   7-August-2018   54 45 
 Shot Difference 177 591 414  58  22


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Connaught beat Watton at Home on 7th July 2018, Shots  54 - 45 Points 6 - 2

RINK4 C LiRocchi, M Minshull and J LiRocchi won by 22 shots to 13 . This was a close game up to end 9 but a 6 on end 12 sealed the good win winning 11 ends.

RINK 5 A Rush, B Westwood  and J Knox lost by 15 shots to 22. This was even up to end 7 but then losing 6 ends it was always a struggle to recover.

RINK 6 J Moon, P Wilson and J Overton won by 17 shots to 10, this was a close game up up end 10 but winning the next 5 ends allowed us to pull away.

Thank you for all your endeavours this year we have won the league and look forward to next year.

John Overton



Connaught drew at Weeting on 31st July 2018 by shots 45 – 52 and points 4 – 4

RINK 1  P Wilson, J Moon and J Overton won by 22 shots to 12. This was a very difficult green but we found it after a slow start and all had good woods to win by 11 ends.

RINK 3  J Moss, B. Moss and T Shoebridge won by 15 shots to 11. A tight game all the way through, but a good performance to win 11 ends.

RINK 5   M Eades, C Smith  and A Sopp  lost by 8 shots to 29. A night to be forgotten on a green that was very heavy for our team, played on by a strong Weeting team, only winning on 6 ends.

A bit of a disappointing result but we go into the final game 7 points ahead of Watton so must not lose by 8-0 to win promotion.

 John Overton



Connaught Elm lost to Wymondham Dell (B) on 24th July 2018 by Shots 45 - 52 and Points 2 - 6

RINK 1  M.Eades, C.Smith And A.Sopp Lost 21 to 12

 This was a tight game up to the 12th end but then we lost 11 shots to go down

RINK 2  J.Moss, B.moss and T.Shoebridge won 18 to 14.

This was a good result by the team but unfortunately lost a 5 and 3 on the last 3 ends to make it seem closer than it was 

RINK 4   A.Rush, R.Adcock and M.Minshull lost 17 to 15

Always behind early on then got back in the match but lost a 5 on end 16 got 4 back on the last to ends .

Not a good night guys but we can still win the last 2 matches to gain promotion




Connaught Elm won away against Wicklewood Mill on 17 July 18 by 61-33 and 8-0

Rink 2 C Li-Rocchi, M Minshull And J. Li-Rocchi won by 19 shots to 11 against C King.

Rink 3 Richard Adcock, B Westwood and J Knox won by 20 shots to 11 against P Middleton

Rink 4 A Rush, J Moon and J Overton won by 22 shots to 11 against J Tobin

Rink 2 had a steady game and won well helped by 5 shots on end 5 sharing 9 ends each.

Rink 3 had a close game up to end 7 then pulled away to win 12 ends after each winning 5 ends.

Rink 4 had a close start up to end 7 but a 5 shot end allowed us to pull away

another very good team performance winning by 8-0.




Connaught Elm won at home to Wicklewood Abbey on the 10 July 2018 by 55-37 and 4-4 losing on 2 rinks but winning on overall shots.

Rink 4 J Overton, J Moon and T Shoebridge lost 17 shots to 15 against M Waterfield.

This was a tight game but unfortunately, we lost it on the last 3 ends after coming back from 9 -2 down.

Rink5 A Rush, R Adcock and M Minshull won 19 shots to 9 against C Whistler

This was a very good performance by the team only being behind on the 1st end.

Rink 6 C Li-Rocchi, B Westwood and J Li-Rocchi lost 19 shots to 13 against M Harris

This was a very close game, but we could not find the weight

I think we were all a bit disappointed with the overall result, but we are still undefeated and hopefully will carry on in the same





RINK2  B.Moss, J. Moss, and T. Shoebridge won against D. Mikulik  by 20 Shots  to 8.

The team got off to a great start being 8-0 after  4 ends and went on to win comfortably.

RINK 3  A. Rush, J.Moon and J.Overton won against K.Stimpson b23 shots to 22.

This was a very tight game but we held on to  win by 1 shot.

RINK 4  M.Eades, C.Smith, A. Sopp lost against J. Hunter by 13 Shots to 21.

This was a tight game up till the 9th end at 7-9  but we could not keep in touch.

Thank you team it was a good match against a team who had not lost a game this season in the Ashill League.A big thank you to the squad.

Next game on the 10th July.



Connaught Elm - v - Weeting at home on12th June 2018

Connaught won by 84 shots to 29 shots for an 8pts to 0pts

Rink 2  P.Wilson, J,Moon and J.Overton  won 25 shots to 10.

This was a tight game until the 9th end going to winning 12 ends.

Rink 3  M.Eades, J.Li Rochhi and T.Shoebridge won 31shots to 15.

This was a good display by the team who won 10 ends with some high scoring ends.

Rink 4  R.Adcock, B.Westwood and J.Knox  won by 28 shots to4.

This was a very one-sided game due to excellent bowling by the team, who won 14 of the ends played.

A big thank you to the whole squad for a great start to the season.


Connaught ‘Elm’  v  Wymondham Dell ’B’  5th June 2018

Connaught Elm Won away  Result  47 -  44  6 pts  -  2 pts

Rink 1  R. Adcock, B. Westwood, J. Knox  v  Bob Baker

This game was very close until the 10th end.  We then lost the next five ends and could not recover, eventually losing by 7 shots.    Lost 11 - 18

Rink 2  A. Rush, S. Rush, M. Minshull  v  D. Dunnett.

We were always in control of this rink going 10 – 1 ahead after 5 ends.  Wymondham then recovered and got within four shots, but could not get near enough to win the game.  We managed to hang on to win by 6 shots.   Won 17 - 11

Rink 3  C Li Riocchi, J. Moss, J. Riocchi  v  K. Richards

This game could have gone either way after we dropped 6 shots on the 3rd end.  It took us until the 10th end to recover and then we scored ten shots in 3 ends to take the game away from Wymondham.  We hung on to that lead and eventually won by 4 shots.    Won 19  -  15



CONNAUGHT ELM WON AWAY  73 - 35   8 pts- 0 pts

RINK  4  M.Eades,  C.Smith and  A.Sopp  v M.Sproson.

The team started off very well going 12 - 3 ahead after 8 ends but then lost a 7 on end 9 but did not Let it worry them going onto win.

Won 21- 7.

RINK 5   C.Li-Rochhi, J.Overton and J.Li-Rochhi  v C.King.

The team were never in any trouble winning 12 ends of  the 18 played.

Won  27 -7

RINK  6   J.Moss, B.Moss and T.Shoebridge  v  P.Blake

This was a tight game up to the 8th end at 8-6 but then the  team pulled away winning 7 of the last 10 ends.

Won   25 – 11

 A big thank you  to all my squad. 



Connaught Elm won against Wicklewood Abbey by 71- 36 and 6pts to 2pts

Rink 2  P Wilson, J Moon and J Overton won 33-5 v C Whistler

The team had a great start being 11-2 up after 7 ends going on to win 15 of the 18 ends.

Rink 3 A Rush, C Smith and M Minshull won 27-8 v R Gooding’s

again, good steady bowling saw the team12-2 up after 6 ends going on to win 11 of the 18 ends played.

Rink 4 M Eades, B Westwood and T Shoebridge lost 11 - 23 v M Harris

This was a much tighter game but  losing 8 shots in 2 ends caused the match to be lost winning 7 ends of the 18 played. Overall a good start to the season.

Thank you all



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