Connaught 'B' ..v.. Diss B Home 2-May-18   57 59 2
Connaught 'B' v Long Stratton Away 9-May-18   35 95 1
Connaught 'B' v G W Staniforth B Away 16-May-18   63 39 5
Connaught 'B' v Shotford Home 30-May-18   61 43 5
Connaught 'B' v Wymondham B Away 6-June-18   52 67 0.5 4.5 
Connaught 'B' v Norfolk BC C Home 13-June-18   46 64 1
Connaught 'B' v Diss B Away 20-June-18  58 76 1
Connaught 'B' v Long Stratton Away 27-June-18   47 71 1
Connaught 'B' v G.W. Staniforth B Home 4- July-18   66 70 1
Connaught 'B' v Shotford Home 18-July-18   48 80 
Connaught 'B' v Wymondham B Away 25-July-18   49 58  1.5  3.5 
Connaught 'B' v Norfolk BC C Home 1-Aug-18  56  55 
Shot difference -116 639 755 23 37
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OVERALL SCORE:        56  -  55                        POINTS  4  -  1


A much changed rink once again very nearly cost us the game overall.  Despite the fact that we played reasonably well we proved no match for our opponents.  They played very well and deserved to win.  Score  12  -  23.


This game was very close throughout with not more than 2 shots in it until the 11th end.  We picked up 5 shots on one end and managed to stay in front until the end.  We eventually ran out winners by 4 shots.   Score  20  -  16.


After a good start we allowed the opposition to get back into the game, with the score standing at 6 – 6 after 6 ends.  We then scored 8 shots in 4 ends and never looked back, eventually winning by 8 shots.   Score  24  -  16



                                     Overall Score  49  -  58            Points  1 ½  -   3 1/2

Rink 3:  B. Adcock, J. Winup, J. Overton, D. Flatt  v  D. Naunton

Despite going 6 shots up early on this game turned out to be very close throughout eventually ending up as a draw.          Score  17  -  17

Rink 4:  D. Quadling, R. Adcock, J. Horslen, K. Ramsbottom  v  J. George

This rink was adjusted slightly with Ken Ramsbottom taking over as Skip, but this did not affect the performance.  They have been our strongest team throughout the season.  After losing the end we then won 6 ends to take a 10 shot lead and held on to that lead eventually winning by 8 shots.   Score  13  -  20.

Rink 5:  B. Westwood, G. Sheridan, J. Squire, T. Shoebridge  v  A. Gaze

This rink has been changed virtually every week for various reasons and it showed with the result.  Although we won 9 ends we only scored 11 shots, and the opposition took advantage by scoring 28 shorts in 12 ends and deservedly won comfortably.      Score  11  -  28.


CONNAUGHT ‘B’  v  SHOTFORD HOME 18th July 2018           

Score  48  -  80   Points   0  -  5

Rink 1:  D. Quadling, R. Adcock, R. Broad, J. Horslen  v  M. Bullock

This has probably been our steadiest rink so far this season, so it was surprising to see how this game went against us.  Losing 3 consecutive ends certainly didn’t help and John’s comment was honest, even brutal.    He said it was embarrassing and looking at the score he was probably correct.          Lost 14  -  32

Rink 2:  B. Adcock, C. Smith, J. Overton, K. Ramsbottom  v  R. Brinded

This game was level at 9 – 9 after 12 ends, but losing the next 7 ends certainly cost us dearly and although we won the final 2 ends, by then it was too late eventually losing by 6 shots.  Lost  15  -  21.

Rink 3:  T. Burt, C. Barton, J. Squire, T. Shoebridge v  D. Ashfield

We were totally out bowled on this rink for most of the game and despite going 10 shots behind after 10 ends we managed to close the gap to only 2 shots but we couldn’t hang on eventually losing by 8 shots.   Lost  19  -  27.


Connaught 'B' lost at G W Staniforth on Wednesday 4 July by 66-70 and 1-4

Rink 4 John Overton, Jim Squire, George Sheridan and Phil Wilson lost 20-27 against L Robinson

A bad start, including a dropped 5 on end 3 put Connaught 1-10 down after 5 ends. Another dropped 5 on end 9 followed by a dropped 3 increased the deficit to 6-18 before a 2, 4 and 3 sequence reduced it to 15-18. Sadly this was followed by a dropped 4 on end 14 to make the deficit 15-22. The remaining ends were shared 5-5. Connaught won 10 of the 21 ends but the tendency to lose ends by big margins - lack of steadiness in the middle - always meant Connaught were playing catch-up

Rink 5 Jon Horslen, Richard Broad, Colin Barton and David Quadling lost 19-23 against N Newbury

A strange sort of game in which both sides won ends in clusters. After winning the first end Connaught lost the next 6 to be 2-9 down. Winning the next 5 ends put Connaught 12-9 up. It was Staniforth's turn again as Connaught conceded 6 successive ends to be 12-23 down after 18 ends. Connaught then took over to finish the match with 2, 4 and 1 to come close at 19-23. Connaught won just 9 ends. The Staniforth 3, I Watchman, had a superb game and was the key factor in his side's win. Jon at skip and Richard at 3 had useful games but needed just a bit more up front

Rink 6 David Flatt, Ken Ramsbottom, John Winup and Bill Adcock won 27-20 against D Kay. A bad 5 and 2 losing start for Connaught proved decisive in terms of overall shots. A recovery then started and Connaught were 8-7 up after 7 ends before 4 and 3 were dropped for a deficit of 8-14. All too similar to Rink 4 and the inability to get 2nd wood. However, Connaught really turned the screw from that point on, winning end after end to go 27-16 up after 19 ends. This was due largely to accurate up front bowling from Bill and John. Sadly, the final 2 ends were lost by 2 shots in each case. This was frustrating in that Connaught crowded the head to hold well but could not keep them. Had those ends even be shared Connaught would have tied the entire match on overall shots. Connaught won 13 of the 21 ends but the dropped 5 and 4 did for them

The green played very well but its speed and swing were too much for some of the visiting players



Connaught ‘B’ lost at home to Long Stratton on 27th June 2018 by 47- 71 shots and 1-4-points

RINK 1:   P. Wilson, T. Burt, J. Overton, T. Shoebridge v P. Smith

After a steady start and the score at 8 – 8 at midway through the game it looked like being a close finish.  How wrong could we be as the loss of the next 10 ends tells its own story.  On the day we were not good enough and Long Stratton deserved the win.  Score 10 -  32

RINK 2:   B. Adcock, J. Winup, K. Ramsbottom, D. Flatt v B. Searle

This was a tight game throughout and there were never more than 5 shots between the teams.  Although we got close and even drew level late on we could not get in front and eventually lost by 3 shots.  Score 15 -  18.

RINK 3:  D. Quadling, R. Adcock, R. Broad, J. Horslen v D. Baker

This was another tight game with the lead changing virtually every other end.  Despite being behind after 18 ends we managed to win the next 2 ends and were able to hang on to win by 1 shot.  An excellent performance against a strong team.  Score 22 -  21



DATE:  20th June 2018  Score  58 – 76         Points   1-4

Rink 1:   P. Wilson, C. Smith, T. Shoebridge, J. Overton  v  D. Leeder

After a poor start, going 7 shots behind after 7 ends, we picked up 10 shots over the next three ends and took control of the game.  The second half of the game was very close but we picked up 5 shots on the last end to win by 7.      

Score  28  -  21

Rink 2:  B. Adcock, T. Burt, K. Ramsbottom, D. Flatt  v  R. Capon

Despite a good start dropping 11 shots on ends 6 and 7 cost us this game.  We managed to get back in the game and at the halfway point we were only two shots behind.  Unfortunately a poor finish saw us lose by 10 shots.    Score  18  -  28

Rink 3:  R. Adcock, C. Barton, J. Horslen, R. Broad  v  L. Bull

A poor start saw us struggling throughout this game but we were only 6 shots behind at the half way point.  Unfortunately that was as close as we got eventually losing by 15 shots.   Score  12  -  27



Connaught ‘B’  v  Norfolk BC ‘C’  Home

DATE:   13th June 2018   Result  46  -  64    1 pts  -  4 pts

Rink 3  P. Wilson, G. Sheridan, J. Overton, T. Shoebridge   v  D. Jessett

We had a very good start on this rink and were 4 shots in front after ten ends against strong opposition.  The second half of the game saw us struggling, winning only three of the final 11 ends.  Apart from John Overton the rest of us struggled and ended up losing by ten shots.  Not good enough.    Lost  14  -  24

Rink 4   D. Quadling, R. Adcock, J. Squire, J. Horslen  v  D. Jobber

This rink were never behind and went 8 shots up after 8 ends.  Despite coming back at us in the second half of the game the opposition could not catch us and we eventually won by 5 shots.       Won  18  -  13

Rink 5   B. Adcock, J. Winup, K. Ramsbotton, D. Flatt   v  A. Goldsmith

We scored 2 shots on the first end, that was as good as it got for our senior rink.  We only scored two shots in the next twelve ends and despite improving towards the end we were well and truly beaten.  We eventually lost by 13 shots.  Lost  14  -  27

Connaught ‘B’  v  Wymondham ‘B’  Home

DATE:   6th June 2018   Result  52  -  67    0.5 pts  -  4.5 pts

Rink 1  D. Quadling, R. Adcock, J. Horslen, R. Broad  v  A. Gaze

After a steady start Richards rink lost 8 consecutive ends and 15 shots to lose control of the game.  But in a strange game we turned it round winning the next 6 ends and 14 shots to take the lead.  In a very close finish the game ended in a draw.    Draw  20  -  20

Rink 2   B. Adcock, T. Burt, J. Winup, D. Flatt  v  D. Richmond

This game could have gone either way with never more than 4 shots between the teams.  But despite leading by 2 shots with 2 ends to go we could not hold on and eventually lost by 4 shots.  Lost  18  -  22

Rink 3   C. Barton, C. Smith,  J. Squire,  T. Shoebridge  v  D. Naunton

This game was won at the front end with the opposing lead and No 2 playing exceptionally well throughout the game.  This was probably the best front end we have played against and with a good county skip as well we were always going to struggle.  We were close at half way, but we could not hang on and eventually lost by 10 shots.   Lost  14  -  24

Connaught ‘B’  v  Shotford   Away

DATE:   30th  May 2018   Result  61  -  43    5 pts  -  0 pts

Rink 2  D. Quadling, R. Adcock, J. Horsley, R. Broad  v  S. Ayres

This game was close from start to finish and 4 shots dropped on the 16th end seemed to have made Shotford favourites to win.  But this seemed to be the kick up the backside we needed and we won the last 5 ends to win by 6 shots.    Won 21 - 15

Rink 3  T. Burt, G. Sheridan, J. Winup, D. Flatt  v  K. Day

We seemed to be in control of this game and were 7 shots in front half way through the game.  We increased the lead to 10 shots after 16 ends and despite only winning one of the last five ends, we hung on to win by 4 shots.   Won 20 - 16

Rink 4  P. Wilson, C. Smith, J. Overton, T. Shoebridge  v  D. Ashmay

We were always in control of this rink and were 7 shots in front half way through the game.  We managed to keep the lead and won by 8 shots.   Won 20  -  12


Connaught 'B' won at home against G W Staniforth on Wednesday 16 May by 63-39 and 5-0

Rink 1 John Overton, Jim Squire, Colin Barton and Phil Wilson won 27-16 against D Kay

A 2 and 5 start gave Connaught an early lead which was never lost and extended to 14-4 after a 5 on end 8. After
17 ends Connaught led by 22-7 and then dropped a 6 and a 1. A few nervous twitches subsided with a 3 and 2 finish
for an impressive win. Phil Wilson bowled very solidly at lead and the rest of the four, all inclined to be heavy
and attacking bowlers, played very well in conditions to their liking

Rink 2 Richard Broad, Jon Horslen, Richard Adcock and David Quadling won 20-9 against L Robinson

Apart from a 3 to Connaught on end 3, only 1s and 2s were scored by either side in a tight game in which Connaught
just had the edge throughout. 2-2 after 2 ends was the closest the Thetford side got, although 3 x 1 on ends
13-15 reduced the Connaught lead to 12-9. As on Rink 1, any thoughts of a Connaught collapse soon evaporated
as the last 6 ends were won by 8-0. David followed Phil Wilson's example with an accurate display at lead, Richard
Adcock held his own well, and Jon and Richard Broad are forming a steady partnership

Rink 3 David Flatt, Ken Ramsbottom, John Winup and Bill Adcock won 16-14 against I Watchman

This was a "win ugly" scrap of a match in which neither side managed to build heads with any consistency. Every
player had some good woods and likewise all had some very bad ones. The experienced Connaught rink had the worst
of it in the middle period, going from 5-5 after 6 ends to 8-13 down after 15 ends. They then staged a recovery
of sorts with 3 x 2 and 2 x 1 to lead 16-13 and clung on to drop just a single shot on the last end. A 3 to the
visitors on end 4 was the only score above 1 or 2, so somebody always got in! The home players were pleased to
win but not happy with their performance; they also had the rub of the green to be honest about it

Terry Shoebridge dropped out through illness, Jim Squire came in and John Winup captained. The match was played
in appallingly cold and dark conditions and winning was the only satisfaction for being out there! However, the
Thetford players, quite a few new faces among them, lost with good grace and we all enjoyed the session afterwards
with the heating on in the clubhouse
Connaught 'B' lost at Long Stratton on Wednesday 9 June by 35-95 and 1-4 
Rink 2 David Flatt, Ken Ramsbottom, John Winup and Bill Adcock won 22-13 against J Merrison 
This was a good contest between two very experienced and competent blocks. Connaught had an early lead of 9-2 after 7 ends but then dropped a 2 and 4 before taking control with 5 successive ends won and, helped by a 5 on end 14, building up a lead of 18-8. Thereafter Connaught kept things tight. There was good bowling by everybody on both sides throughout, accurate drawing and aggressive taking out 
Rink 3 John Overton, Jim Squire, Colin Barton and Richard Adcock lost 9-27 against D Baker 
The Connaught players fought hard and successfully for two thirds of the match, containing a useful Stratton block to 8-14 after 14 ends. The dam then burst as Stratton piled on the pressure to take the last 7 ends by 13-1. More steadiness needed but not a bad effort
Rink 4 George Sheridan, Jon Horslen, Trevor Burt and Phil Wilson lost 4-55 against K Staff 
During the week Malcolm Steer, down to skip, deregistered from Connaught citing work and other issues. George was brought in directly to skip so as not to disturb the other selections. Then ensued one of those extraordinary matches in which Connaught went down by a massive score; if not a record defeat then close to it. Connaught lost the first 10 ends by 0-28 and the final 11 by 4-27. 3 x 6, 1 x 5 and 1 x 4 accounted for half of Stratton's score and an assortment of 2s and 3s did the rest. The Stratton players were very good and quite ruthless; to their credit they did not patronise and played hard to the end. Connaught were not that bad but were taken out at will and outdrawn 
As is always the case Long Stratton were very sociable hosts afterwards


DATE:   2nd May 2018   Result  57  -  59    2 pts  -  3 pts

Rink 2  B. Adcock, J. Winup, K. Ramsbottom, D. Flatt v  D. Leeder

An expected win by our strongest rink who were always in control after scoring ten shots in two ends mid way through the game.  Hopefully they can carry us through the season.  Won 27 - 21

Rink 3  P.Wilson, C. Smnith, J. Squire, T. Shoebridge  v  H. Bunton

An unexpected poor performance by my rink, apart from Phil Wilson who had an excellent game. Far too many short woods cost us and after going 9 – 1 down early on in the game we could not recover and eventually lost by nine shots  Lost 14 - 23

Rink 4  D. Quadling, G. Sheridan, J. Horslen, R. Broad  v  D. Catchpole

An excellent win against the oppositions strongest rink.  We had two new players for the ‘B’ team in this league who I understand played very well.  The game was tight, with the lead changing hands virtually every other end, but we held on to win by the narrowest of margins.  Won 16  -  15

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