Upper Waveney Cup Competitions 2018

Upper Waveney League Knockout Cup 8th August 2018
Connaught "A" lost 53 - 85 to Gissing at Long Stratton in the Semi-Final of the UWL Knockout Cup 
Rink 1: P. Hambling, D. Flatt and S. Bragg lost against G. Forster 7 - 22
Rink 2: P. Benefer, M. Minshull and K. Noble drew against P. Forster 19 - 19
Rink 3: G. Benefer, M. Utting and M. Watson lost against S. Thompson 13 - 15
Rink 4: D. Liles, R. Taylor and P. McDonald lost against P. Whymark 14 - 29

Rink 1: All square at 5 - 5 at end 6 and 7 - 7 at end 9 looked like a very promising match. However, Gerald Forster of Gissing then produced some outstanding bowls to go on to win 7 - 22.

Rink 2: Both teams scored 4 on the first 2 ends. 5 - 5 at end 4, 7 - 7 at end 9, 11 - 11 at end 10. This was going to be close. Connaught found themselves to be 13 - 19 down at end 15 but a late surge saw them take 1, 4 and 1 on the last three ends to earn a well fought draw. This turned out to be Connaught's best result on the night, a 19 - 19 draw.

Rink 3: This was another close battle, 5 - 5 at end 6, 8 - 8 at end 10, 11 - 11 at end14. Gissing scored a 3 and a 1 on ends 15 & 16 to give them a lead that Mark's team could not get back. Losing 13 - 15, this was a good performance from a well moulded Connaught block.

Rink 4: A sad performance by this Connaught block as they were never in touch. Some solid bowling from this Gissing triple saw them romp away with Connaught stuck on 13 for 4 ends. A well-deserved Gissing win 14 -29

On a night when Connaught's confidence was low, having lost to this proficient Gissing team twice already this season, the outcome was almost inevitable. Connaught played well but could not match Gissing's relentless consistency. Long Stratton provided a very well maintained green and refreshments after the match. Gissing were congratulated on their win and wished all the best for the final to be held at Connaught in September.

Report by Paul McDonald.


Upper Waveney League Knockout Cup  

Connaught A won away against Connaught B on Saturday 14th July by 84 53

Rink 3: P. McDonald, M. Minshull and S. Bragg won 22 - 18 against D Adcock, D. Warne and W. Adcock

Rink 4: P. Benefer, T. Shoebridge and G. Randle won 12 - 11 against P. Barton, R. Broad and J. Overton

Rink 5: D. Liles, R. Taylor and K. Noble won 19 - 17 against J. Moon, J. Horslen and K. Ramsbottom

Rink 6: G. Benefer, M. Utting and M. Watson won 31 - 7 against C. Taylor, J. Winup and G. Li-Rocchi

In a match whose result is decided by overall shots, it turned out to be a decisive victory for the "A" team.

Three rinks were very closely contested by both teams but the "A" team's resolve saw them triumph on all four rinks.It was unfortunate that the "A" team's probable strongest triple was matched against the "B" teams probable weakest triple. However this had no bearing on the final result as the "A" team overcame the "B" team's home advantage to win comprehensively.

The "A" team was weakened by the loss of P. Wilson with a damaged hand, whilst P. Hambling, D. Flatt and B. Oatway were away on holiday. My resolve not to bring in stronger, outside reserves was justified and I am extremely proud of the effort put in by my depleted squad.

The food provided by the "B" team was absolutely wonderful, .

The "A" team will be proud to take the Connaught name into the semi-finals and hopefully win through to the final, to be held on the Connaught green in September.

Report by Paul McDonald.


Upper Waveney League Knockout Cup 7th June

Connaught won away to Shotford: Connaught 'A' 81 shots - Shotford 45 shots

Rink 1: D. Liles, R. Taylor and D. Flatt - v - B. Sheldrake won 19 - 12

David's triple got off to a flying start leading 5 - 1 at end 3, then Shotford pegged back to 9 - 9 at end 9. After this it was almost all Connaught with Shotford only gaining 3 more shots to Connaught's 10.

Rink 2: B. Westwood, G. Randle and M. Watson - v - C. Batchelor won 20 - 8

This was a slightly one sided game. A good team performance by Connaught was crowned by some outstanding play by their skip, Mark.

Rink 4: P. Hambling, B. Oatway and K. Noble - v - A. Chuter won 17 - 12

A steady start by Kevin's team saw them take a lead of 10 - 2 at end 7. This lead was never to be beaten. Although Shotford scored 10 more shots to Connaught's 7, Connaught's controlled game ensured the win. Although Kevin was subdued, playing some accurate drawing shots and not running after every wood he bowled, this game was still the last to leave the green.

Rink 5: P. Wilson, T. Shoebridge and O. Secker - v - M. Morgan won 25 - 13

A very strange game of two halves. Owen's team struggled to find the line early on and were 1 - 6 down at end 5. They began to master the tricks of the green and battled back to 10 - 13 at end 12. From then on it was all Connaught, a 6 on end 14 sealing the game.

Shotford were very gracious in defeat and bowed to Connaught's superior play. The game finished sociably in the club bar with some pleasant food and drinks.

A good all round performance by Connaught 'A' means we go into the next round to play away to either Stradbroke White Hart or Connaught 'B'.

A special mention must go to Barry Westwood and Owen Secker for coming into the squad, due to our lack of reserves for this match. I hope they will be willing to repeat their performances should the need arise.

I would also like to thank Bob Oatway for taking the captaincy of this game due to my recent break in the USA.

  1. McDonald. 

Upper Waveney League Knockout Cup  17th May 2018

Connaught A 71 Dickleburgh 62

Rink 1 The Terry Shoebridge triple took an early lead to be 6-3 up after 5 ends. After 13 ends the visitors led 10-15 but that was to be the end of their scoring, The next 4 ends went Connaught's way with singles scored and a 2 on the final end saw them home by the narrowest of margins.

Rink 2  Saw Sheila’s triple leading 12-3 after 6 ends. At this point Dickleburgh changed their playing order with the lead and skip changing positions, this proved successful with the score all square at 15-15, Connaught dug deep and a 4, a 3 and a single shot saw them home 23-17. This was probably the best that this triple has played this season.

Rink 3 There was a very tense affair with neither side able to take the initiative, during the whole evening no more than two shots separated the sides and as they went into the last end the scores were level at 13-13, Mark Watson and his men held their nerve well to take the final end by two shots.

Rink 4 Also saw a very close contest. With three ends remaining, Kevin Nobles block lead 17-12 and looked set for a win, but a 2, a 1 and a 2 however was enough to see Dickleburgh draw level at 17-17.

A very sporting encounter that at one time could have gone either way. At the end of the evening both teams were delighted to retire to the warmth of the clubhouse to enjoy well deserved refreshments.



Connaught 'B' lost 'at home' against Connaught 'A' on Saturday 14 July by 53-84

Connaught 'B' lost 'at home' against Connaught 'A' on Saturday 14 July by 53-84

 Rink 3 Bill Adcock, David Warne and Diana Adcock lost 18-22 against Sheila Bragg, Mike Minshull and Paul McDomald

 Rink 4 John Overton, Richard Broad and Pat Barton lost 11-12 against Geoff Randle, Terry Shoebridge and Pat Benefer

Rink 5 Ken Ramsbottom, Jon Hotslen and Jennie Moon lost 17-19 against Kevin Noble, Roy Taylor and Derek Liles

 Rink 6 Joe Li-Rocchi, John Winup and Carole Taylor lost 7-31 against Mark Watson, Mick Utting and Graham Benefer

The match score fluctuated considerably on Rink 3 as first one side and then the other managed to snatch the lead. Bill had the early advantage at 5-1 after 3 ends but then dropped and fell behind at 9-13 after 11 ends. A sequence of 1, 4 and 1 then gave Bill a 15-13 lead before a dropped 4 put hin behin again. 1 was recoverd on end 16 to make the score 16-17 before a rather unlucky dropped 5 on end 17 put the match out of reach. 2 shots were won on the last end to reduce the margin. Both sides won 9 ends in a tightly-fought game

Rink 4 saw an tighter game in which John Overton seemed to be heading for victory. The 'B'triple had the edge up to and including end 13 when they had won 8 of the ends for a lead of 11-6. Sadly for them the last 5 ends were lost. 3 x 1 and 1 x 2 brought Geoff level at 11-11 before he clinched 1 on the last end for a single shot victory. 8 ends to John and 10 to Geoff. Pat and Richard gave John that up front steadiness which his triple has lacked for most of their matches and it so nearly brought a win

On Rink 5 Ken's triple had a sluggish start to fall 1-7 behind after 5 ends and they were still 4-9 down when a 6 on end 9 gave them a 10-9 lead at half way. 5 shots were dropped on end 11 in a bad spell which saw them 10-18 down after 13 ends. Then 3 to Ken followed by a no-score end and then 2 x 2 to narrow the deficit to 17-18 after 17 ends. Anybody's game but Kevin's triple scored 1 on the last end for a 2 shot win. Jennie and Jon played well up front against another good pairing in Derek and Roy - little in it. The two skips also had a good scrap. The result hinged on those occasional things which can happen in bowls eg the opponents knocked in or the opponents putting the jack out of rink when several down

Rink 6 was a disaster for the 'B' triple from start to finish with Carole and John on the night unable to bring any sort of up front consistency and finding Rink 6 just a little "pushy" for their style of play. Added to that Joe was facing almost certainly nowadays the best skip in the club in Mark Watson and needed what he never got ie several woods in or around the head instead of just one or two. Graham and Mick did not find it easy, either, and were grateful that their opposite numbers were off-song. Joe had some brave woods but found that Mark was on a different planet as he found the line and pace on both hands in each direction

The 'B' team players on Rink 6 felt dreadful at letting down teammates who had fought shot by shot on the other rinks but one hopes their turn will come again! Otherwise this was a very close match which perhaps shows the evenness of teams across the two divisions in the Upper Waveney. Picked on strength rather than rotation the 'B' triples, with that one exception, closely-matched a side well-established in the top half of Div 1. The 'A' team still had the ability to win the three tight games and we all hope they will take that mentality into their semi-final (we guessd against Gissing). Quite a few spectators turned up and a good evening was had by all after the game. The 'B' team as the hosts did very well with the food and both bar and raffle takings were very good indeed.



Connaught 'B' beat Stradbroke White Hart at home in a 1st Round match on Monday 11 June by 68-56

Rink 3 Ken Ramsbottom, Jon Horslen and Alison Rush won 20-5 against M Paris-Oakes

Rink 4 John Overton, Richard Broad and Trevor Burt won 18-15 against M Grigg

Rink 5 Bill Adcock, David Warne and Jennie Moon lost 13-26 against W Coe

Rink 6 Joe Li-Rocchi, John Winup and Carolina Li-Rocchi won 17-10 against M Smith

On Rink 3 the Ramsbottom/Horslen partnership was resumed after Ken's return from Spain and to good effect. Alison put in a good and solid performance at lead to help her experienced teammates secure an important win with a 15-shot advantage. The score really does not reflect the intensity of a match in which 13 ends were won by a single shot (10 to Connaught and 3 to Stradbroke). Connaught also added 2 x 3 and 2 x 2 while containing their opponents to 1 x 2

On Rink 4 there was a game of two halves. For the first 9 ends Connaught dominated, notching up 2 x 4 and 1 x 3 as they took a 14-5 lead. Stradbroke came back well after that and a 1, 2 and 4 sequence reduced the home side's lead to 15-13 after 14 ends. Connaught were clinging on at 16-15 after 16 ends before pulling clear with 2 x 1 for a hard-earned 3-shot win

On Rink 5 Connaught were loose up front at the start and Stradbroke took full advantage with the home side adrift at 1-17 down after 8 ends. Bill then moved to 2 and David to skip and things steadied. 7-17 after 11 ends, 7-21 after 14 and 13-21 after 17 following a 4, 1 and 1 sequence. Sadly a dropped 5 on the last end, due in part to a communication failure, took some of the gloss off a spirited recovery

Rink 6 saw a very tight match with the Connaught players finding weight and line just a little better. Rink 6 rewards the player who can find the lines, straight side and swinging side, but has next to no margin for error as all 6 players found on the night. With one no-score end Connaught won 9 ends to Stradbroke's 8 but managed to contain Stradbroke to 6 x 1 and 2 x 2 while managing 1 x 4, 1 x 3 and 3 x 2 themselves. All the Connaught players bowled excellent individual woods but on only 3 or so ends did they build tight heads as a unit

With Stradbroke White Hart going strong in the league this could be called a surprise result. However, Connaught did have all regular skips playing and in the main were solid at 2. All the leads had very good spells but need to concentrate over 18 ends - Alison showed the way on the night. A home quarter-final now beckons aginst, of all teams, Connaught 'A' fresh from good wins against Dickleburgh and Shotford. The winner would play Gissing in the semi-final if Gissing's matches went as per form book. A pleasant evening afterwards with the always sociable White Hart side. Good to hear their captain, Michael Smith, say that they always enjoy their visits to Connaught

 UWL Cup Competitions 2018
 Cup Preliminary Round  
To Be Played by Sunday 20th May
        Cup Winners   Plate Losers
  Diss B   v   Long Stratton     A   1
Thurs17th May Connaught A  Home v  6:45pm Dickleburgh 71   62 B   2
  Bedingfield   v   Kenninghall RL     C   3
  Wortwell   v   Wortham     D   4
  Scole   v   Gissing     E   5
 Cup 1st Round  
To Be Played by Sunday 17th June
  Pulham Market   v   Diss A     F   6
  Mendlesham   v   Thorham Magna     G   7
  Thorndon   v   Hoxne     H   8
  Beeches   v   Stradbroke & District     I   9
  Connaught B   v   Stradbroke White Hart     J   10
  Shotford   v  

(B) Connaught A

 45 81  K   11
  C   v   A     L   12
  D   v   E     M   13
 Cup 2nd Round  
To Be Played by 22nd July
  F   v   G     N    
  H   v   I     O    
  Connaught B   v     Connaught A       Connaught A (P)    
  L   v   M     Q    
 Cup Semi Final  
Provisional: Wednesday 8th August (18.15)
   Connaught A (p)   v   Gissing     Gissing (R)    
  N   v   Q     S    
 Cup Final  
Sunday 9th September
  R   v   S          
Plate Preliminary Round  
To Be Played by 8th July
  1   v   5         14
  2   v   4         15
  3   v   6         16
  7   v   8         17
  9   v   10         18
 Plate 1st Round  
To Be Played by 29th July
  14   v   18         19
  15   v   11         20
  16   v   12         21
  17   v   13         22
 Plate Semi Final  
Provisional: Wedne+D5sday 8th August (18.15)
  19   v   20         23
  21   v   22         24
Saturday 1st September
  23   v   24          

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