Upper Waveney Federation  A Team (Division One)        Shots Points 
Upper Waveney Federation League 2018    Date   F  A  F  A
 Beeches  v  Connaught A  6:30pm  26-April-2018  68 54 
 Connaught A  v  Dickleburgh  6:30pm 3-May-2018  66 67   1.5  5.5
 Gissing  v  Connaught A  6:45pm  10-May-2018   50 95   0 
  Connaught A  v  Stradbrooke Dist. Friday 6:45pm   18-May-2018  72 53 
 Diss (A)
v  Connaught A  6:45pm   24-May-2018  45 74  1.5  5.5 
  Connaught A  v  Wortham   6:45pm    31-May-2018  85 43 
  Connaught A   v   Thornham Magna   6:45pm   14-June-2018  75 71 5  2 
 Long Stratton   v   Connaught A    6:45pm    21-June-2018  67 57 5 2
  Connaught A   v   Beeches   6:45pm    28-June-2018 62 56 5  2 
 Dickleburgh   v   Connaught A   6:45pm    5-July-2018  54 65 1 6
  Connaught A   v   Gissing   6:45pm   12-July-2018   55 71 2 5
 Stradbrooke Dist.  v   Connaught A   6:45pm   26-July-2018   59  60   5 
Wortham   v   Connaught A    6:45pm   2-August-2018    64  69  1.5  5.5 
Shotford v Connaught A  Monday  6:30pm 13-August-2018  77 44  5.5  1.5 
 Thornham Magna  v  Connaught A  6:30pm   17-August-2018  78 33 
Connaught A  v  Diss A Monday 6:30pm 20-August-2018  78 61 
  Connaught A   v   Long Stratton  6:30pm   23-August-2018  76 50 
Connaught A   v   Shotford  Tuesday 6:00pm   28-August-2018   45 89 
TOTALS                 Shot Diff:  64 1131  1112   68 58

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Connaught "A" v Shotford on 28th August 2018

 Connaught "A" lost against Shotford at home 45 - 89 shots, 1 - 6 points.

Rink 1: P. Hambling, D. Flatt and P. McDonald lost against A. Chuter 12 - 28

Rink 2: G. Benefer, M. Utting and M. Watson won against B. Sheldrake 14 - 13

Rink 3: P. Benefer, M. Minshull and K. Noble lost against D. Ashfield 8 - 20

Rink 4: P. Wilson, D. Liles and T. Shoebridge lost against M. Bullock 11 - 18

Rink 1: Connaught scored 1 on the first end then immeadiately dropped a 5. This set the tone of this match. Connaught worked hard to get back to 8 - 7 on end 8 only to get stuck on 8 for five ends. A short rally of two 2's made it 12 - 17 on end 15. In the last 3 ends Paul was resigned to having to fire, only to take out Connaught woods each time Shotford finished with a well-played 4, 4 & 3 to win the game 12 - 28

Rink 2: Shotford started well to be 0 - 6 at end 4. Connaught dug in to get back to 11 -11 at end 14 It was 13 - 13 going into the last end. It was a tight measure for shot when Mark went to play his last wood. He went up to the head to have a better look. While debating wether to bowl his last wood or rely on the measure, the Shotford wood fell out. A resounding win for Connaught 14 – 13..

Rink 3: Another slow start for Connaught to be 0 - 4 down at end 3. Connaught began scoring 1's & 2's whilst Shotford were scoring 2's & 3's. Shotford never looked back and ran out to win the game 8 - 20.

Rink 4: A similar story here. Shotford started with a 5 and a 2 to lead 0 - 7. Connaught fought back to be 7 - 11 at end 6 then did not score for 6 ends to be down 7 - 23. There was no return from this and Shotford went on to win the game 11 - 28.

Shock! Horror!  Shotford came to Connaught with a strong determination to leave with points, to help save them from relegation. 

Connaught played like their season had finished last week, happy to be in third place. Not much went right for them on the night.

A magnificent achievement by Shotford and after the match, their captain, Tony, praised his team's performance and rightly so.

It is hoped these points keep them in this division.

A sad end to the Connaught season but I am confident that there are better days ahead for this Connaught team. Good luck next year!

Report by Paul McDonald



Connaught A  v  Long Stratton on Thurs 23rd August 2018

Connaught "A" won at home to Long Stratton, 76 - 50 shots, 6 - 1 points

Rink 1: G. Benefer, M. Utting and M. Watson won against K. Staff 17 – 13

Rink 2: P. Hambling, D. Flatt and P. McDonald won against B. Searle 18 – 13

Rink 3: P. Wilson, D. Liles and T. Shoebridge won against L. Thompson 26 – 5

Rink 4: P. Benefer, M. Minshull and K. Noble lost against R. Webster 15 – 19

Rink 1: After dropping 2 shots on the first end, this strong and consistent triple went ahead, never to be behind. Connaught, having got stuck on 14 for 4 ends, allowed Long Stratton to recover to make it 14 - 13 on end 16. However 3 more shots on the last 2 ends saw Connaught win 17 - 13.

Rink 2: This Connaught team fell behind early on but recovered to make it 8 - 8 on end 10, only to fall behind again, 8 - 12 at end 13. Then came the turn around. A 5 on end 14 and a strong finish of 5 more allowed Connaught to produce a decisive win, 18 - 13.

Rink 3: This untried Connaught triple stormed ahead to 12 - 0 at end 5. They continued their relentless scoring to win the game 26 - 5.

An unexpected but very heartening win from this re-shuffled block..

Rink 4: Having gone ahead to be 7 - 4 at end 8, this proven Connaught triple faltered and got stuck on 7 for 6 ends, Long Stratton taking the score to 7 - 17 at end 14. A strong finish by Connaught to take 8 more shots was not enough to produce a win, losing 15 - 19.

This was a much hoped for win for Connaught, who have settled into winning ways and could be finishing the season in the league's top three. Long Stratton, on the other hand, are languishing at the lower end of the table and are now in danger of relegation. The after match feast was enjoyed by both teams, with both captains wishing each other "Good Luck" for their teams' respective futures. Long Stratton are a very "sporting" bunch and it would be sad to lose them from this division. Connaught now have 1 remaining match against Shotford on Tuesday 28th. A final win would round off a rather satisfying season

Report by Paul McDonald.


Connaught "A"  v  Diss  on 20th August 2018

Connaught "A" won at home against Diss & District,  78 - 61 shots and 6 -1 points.

Rink 1: P. Hambling, D. Flatt and S. Bragg won against M. Howard 20 -19

Rink 2: D. Liles, B. Westwood and T. Shoebridge lost against P. Alderton 15 – 16

Rink 3: P. Benefer, P. McDonald and K. Noble won against D. Catchpole 20 – 14

Rink 4: G. Benefer, M. Utting and M. Watson won against E. Rawsthorne 23 – 12

Rink 1: This was a close game with the lead changing several times but Connaught held on to win by 1 shot. 20 – 19

Rink 2: This was another close game with Connaught fighting back from a slow start but just losing out by 1 shot 15 – 16

Rink 3: A tentative start saw Connaught 3 - 4 down at end 6. A sequence of 5,4,1 reversed the trend to lead 13 - 4. However, this was followed by a sequence of 5 ends stuck on 13 to be losing 13 - 14 at end 14. A strong finish by Connaught saw them run out winners at 20 - 14.

Rink 4: An early Connaught lead was never headed and was extended during the match. Mark's stable triple ended with a convincing win 23 – 12

This was another terrific performance, interrupted by light showers, from a depleted Connaught team to take a 6 - 1 win. Thanks to Barry Westwood for coming in as a late substitute to make up the team. Taking 6 points from the team second in the league was an unexpected bonus. Well-presented food and an exiting raffle rounded off a pleasant evening. Good results in our last 2 matches could see us in touch of finishing second ourselves.

Report by Paul McDonald.


Connaught A v Thornham Magna on 17th August 2018

Connaught A won away at Thornham Magna, 78 - 33 shots and 7 - 0 points.

Rink 3: R. Harrison, B. Oatway and T. Shoebridge won against M. Nornan 19 – 6

Rink 4: P. Benefer, M. Minshull and P. McDonald won against K. Crabbe 25 – 6

Rink 5: G. Benefer, M. Utting and O. Secker won 15 - 11 against C. Emans 15 – 11

Rink 6: P. Hambling, D. Flatt and S. Bragg won 19 - 10 against L. Crick 19 – 10

Rink 3: Richard Harrison came in as a late replacement for Derek Liles and made a sterling job of leading for this triple. Connaught took the lead on the second end and were never headed, Bob playing a good game at two. A strong finish by Connaught resulted in a 19 - 6 win.

Rink 4: On a green that suited her style, Pat had, probably, her best game of the season. Mike consolidated the play at two, leaving Paul with little to do, with only the occasional draw or drive needed to win the ends. Never headed, this was a solid Connaught win at 25 - 6.

Rink 5: This was a much closer affair with Thornham leading until end 7 when Connaught scored a 6 to turn the game. Thornham came back and it was 10 - 10 at end14. A strong finish by Connaught saw them score 5 to Thornham's 1 for a 15 - 11 win. 

Rink 6: This game started evenly being 2 - 2 at end 4. Connaught then had a flourish that saw them 11 - 2 at end 9. A burst from Thornham made it 11 - 8 at end 12 but Connaught were never headed for the remainder of the match, to win 19 - 10.

Connaught made the most of a green that was in superb condition, to earn a 7 - 0 win that should take them up the table to safety.

Many thanks to Owen and special thanks to Richard, for stepping in to complete a much depleted Connaught "A" side.

Commiserations to Thornham Magna, who are very close to the drop, with only a couple of matches to go. They are a very laid back, pleasant club whose green is set deep in Thornham woods (close to where the teddy bears have their picnic). It would be a shame to lose them from this division. In the club bar after the game, their green keeper was commended, by both captains, for the condition of the green, probably the best in the league. Best wishes to them in their struggle to stay up.

Report by Paul McDonald.


Shotford - v - Connaught "A" away on 13th August 2018

Connaught "A" won away to Shotford 77 - 44 shots, 5 1/2 - 1 1/2 points 

Rink 1: P. Hambling, D. Flatt and S. Bragg won against A. Chutter 27 – 17

Rink 2: P Benefer, M. Minshull and P. McDonald drew against D. Ashfield 13 – 13

Rink 3: G. Benefer, M. Utting and O. Secker won against M. Bullock 25 – 7

Rink 4: P. Wilson, D. Liles and T. Shoebridge lost against T. Smith 12 – 17

Rink 1: Unfortunately, one Shotford player failed to turn up for the match and the two remaining Shotford players were no match for this strong Connaught triple, losing 27 – 17

Rink 2: A poor start saw Connaught 0 - 6 down after 4 ends. Connaught then got the weight of the green and began to score but never gained the lead. It was 12 - 13 on the last end and a weighty drive from Connaught took the Shotford holding wood out to sit for one, for a 13 - 13 draw.

Rink 3: After losing the first 2 ends, this Connaught block of Graham, Mick and Owen never allowed Shotford to score more than three singles during the rest of the match. A strong performance by Connaught resulting in a 25 - 7 win.

Rink 4: This reshuffled Connaught triple started well but weren't able to hold out until the end of the match, losing 12 – 17

A depleted Connaught team, (Roy Taylor, Kevin Noble and Mark Watson playing an UWL triples match, which I'm pleased to report they won), left the team bare, with no reserves. However, the ever faithful Owen stepped in with Phil Wilson coming back from a serious hand injury, to make up a Connaught team that performed well on the night.

In the clubhouse, Shotford were wished the best of luck in their remaining matches to help keep them in the first division. 

The previously rained off home match against Shotford was agreed to be rearranged to be played on Tuesday 28th August at 6.00.

Report by Paul McDonald.


Wortham v Connaught "A" on 2nd August 2018

Connaught "A" lost away to Wortham,  64 - 69 shots and 1 1/2 - 5 1/2 points

Rink 2: P. Benefer, M. Minshull and K. Noble lost against R. Pursehouse 16 – 17

Rink 3: P. Hambling, T. Shoebridge and S. Bragg drew against B. Callin 18 – 18

Rink 4: D. Liles, R. Taylor and D. Flatt lost against C. Gooderham 12 – 24

Rink 6: G. Benefer, B. Oatway and M. Watson against S. Drake 18 – 10

Rink 2: Connaught were 4 - 9 down at end 4 but recovered to 8 -11 by end 8. The rest of the game was very closely contested with never more the 2 shots separating the teams. Connaught were leading 16 - 14 at end 16 but a late burst by Wortham saw them score 3 on the last 2 ends to win 16 - 17. A good performance by this Connaught block on a tricky rink.

Rink 3: A solid performance by Sheila's team saw them leading throughout the match to be 18 - 14 up at end 17, only to drop a 4 on the last end to end up with an 18 - 18 draw. A disappointing end to a good match.

Rink 4: David came into the side as a late replacement and has struggled with his form of late.  A lack of confidence from the Connaught team saw them 5 - 20 down at end 12. A change of formation saw Connaught rally to score 7 on the next 2 ends but this was too little, too late. Connaught losing heavily 12 - 24. A lesson here, to review the team performance at end 9 and not to be afraid to change formation early.

Rink 6: A solid start from both teams saw them equal at 6 - 6 at end 9. The season long combination of Graham and Mark, supported on this occasion by Bob, found the rink's line and length to go ahead and take a convincing win 18 - 10.

This was a close fought game played in good spirit that could have gone either way. In fact, Connaught were leading on 3 rinks for a good part of the match.

A convivial evening was spent in the Wortham clubhouse with lashings of tea and sandwiches. Wortham were congratulated on the condition of their green whilst their captain, Richard, wished Connaught all best wishes for their up coming Knockout Cup semi-final against Gissing.

Report by Paul McDonald.


UWL Connaught "A" - v - Stradbroke & District on 26th July 2018

Connaught lost to Stradbroke 59 - 60 shots and 5 - 2 points.

Rink 2: D. Liles, R Taylor and D. Flatt lost 9 - 18 against M. Ellis

Rink 3: P. Benefer, M. Minshull and K. Noble won 20 - 13 against J. Dann

Rink 4: G. Benefer, M. Utting and M. Watson lost 12 - 15 against D. Cattermole.

Rink 5: P. Hambling, T. Shoebridge and S. Bragg won 16 - 14 against G. Leeder.

Rink 2: An early disaster saw David's block 0 - 13 down at end 7. Time to change something. David went to Lead and Roy to Skip. The change worked as Connaught scored 9 over the remaining ends to Stradbroke's 5. However, the damage had already been done and Connaught lost 9 - 18.

Rink 3: A slow start by Connaught saw them 6 - 10 down at end 10. However, having worked out the line and weight of the green, Connaught rallied to score 14 more shots, (with a 5 on end 14) to Stradbroke's 3 shots to win 20 - 13. A very well fought battle by this Connaught block.

Rink 4: Again, a slow start by Connaught saw them 3 - 14 down at end 11. Connaught scored 9 shots to Stradbroke's 3 over the remaining 7 ends but this was too little, too late, for a win. Connaught losing 12 - 15.

Rink 5: This rink saw a different story. Sheila's block were 15 - 6 up at end 12. A late rally by Stradbroke was not enough to catch Connaught. Connaught winning 16 - 14.

An awkward night for Connaught, playing on a very "bumpy" green, making weight and line difficult to judge.

The result was close, both teams winning 2 rinks each, but Stradbroke took the overall by 1 shot, 59 - 60 to take the win 5 - 2 on points.

A pleasant evening followed in the Stradbroke club room, where captain Mary Ellis assured us that Stradbroke and District would survive to remain in Division 1 for next season.

Report by Paul McDonald.



CONNAUGHT "A" V GISSING on the 12th July 2018

Connaught "A" lost at home to Gissing  by 55-71 and 2–5 on points.

RINK 1: P Benefer, M Minshull and G Randle won 13 - 11 against M Cot.

Rink 2: P. Hambling, R. Taylor and S. Bragg lost 10 - 25 against S. Tompson

Rink 3: G. Benefer, M. Utting and M. Watson won 18 - 13 against P. Whymark.

Rink 4: D. Liles, K. Noble and D. Flatt lost 14 - 22 against G. Forster.

Rink 1: This was a close game with Geoff's team only scoring 6 singles in the first 12 ends to be losing 6 - 10. However, Geoff scored 3 and 4 singles in the last 6 ends to Gissing's 1 single to see Connaught win 13 - 12. A well fought game from a previously untried triple.

Rink 2: In this game, Sheila's triple only won 6 ends in the whole game, the rest being won, by multiple shots, by probably Gissing's strongest block, ably skipped by their team captain, for Connaught to lose 10 - 25.

Rink 3: This well settled Connaught triple went behind 5 - 6 at end 7, then proceeded to win 7 of the final 11 ends to secure a superb 18 - 13 win.

Rink 4: David's block kept it close for the first 9 ends, however, once Gissing found the weight and line of this tricky rink, they went on to win 7 of the last 9 ends, finishing with a 4 to win 14 - 22.

This was a robust Connaught performance against the UW League leaders and to take 2 points from them at home was a fair result. Gissing are a strong, competitive club on the green, but they are a good bunch of players, spending a convivial evening with us in the clubhouse after the game.



Connaught "A" away to Dickleburgh 5th July

Connaught lost 54 to 65 shots and 1 - 6 on points

Rink 2: Pat Benefer, Owen Secker and David Flatt lost 11 -19 to D. Shimel

Rink 3: Graham Benefer, Roy Taylor and Mark Watson won 18 - 12 against L. Young

Rink 4: Phil Wilson, Paul McDonald and Sheila Bragg lost 14 - 17 to A. Green

Rink 5: Peter Hambling, Mike Minshull and Geoff Randle lost 11 -17 to P. Wright 

Rink 2: David's team started well to lead 11 - 9 at end 12 then failed to score another shot to lose 11 - 19.

Rink 3: Mark's team battled well to gain a lead of 8 - 5 at end 7 and lead for the remainder of the game, holding off a Dickleburgh surge, over the last 5 ends, to win 18 - 12.

Rink 4: Sheila's team played a game of " nip and tuck" winning 9 of the 18 ends. Leading 11 - 7 at end 13 they dropped 2 x 4's in the latter stages which cost them the game, losing 14 - 17.

Rink 5: A slow start saw Geoff's team 2 - 6 down at end 8. A 3 at end 15 got them back in touch at 9 -12 only to drop a 4 on the next end, never to recover. Connaught never lead during this match winning only 6 ends, losing 11 - 17.

A much depleted Connaught team played well on a superb green, given the recent weather conditions. All credit to the Dickleburgh green keepers. Pleasantries were exchanged in the club room after the game whilst enjoying the excellent refreshments.

A special thanks to Phil Wilson for playing whilst juggling a busy work schedule, to reserve Owen Secker for turning out for the "A" team yet again and to Kevin Noble for "nobley" offering to play 2 matches in one afternoon had the need arisen


Connaught "A" away to  Beeches 28th June 2018

Connaught "A" won against Beeches 62 - 56 shots and 5 - 2 points.

Rink 1: D. Liles, B. Oatway and S. Bragg lost 13 - 19 to R. Roberts.

Rink 2: P. McDonald, T. Shoebridge and M. Watson lost 7 - 17 to A. Broughton.

Rink 3: P. Hambling, O. Secker and G. Randle won 16 - 15 against M. Fuller.

Rink 4: R. Taylor, K. Noble and D.Flatt won 26 - 5 against R. Vincent.


Connaught A beat Long Stratton away on 21st June 2018

Long Stratton 2  (57)   v Connaught A  5 (67)

Rink 2    D.Liles, R.Taylor and S.Bragg lost 13-15 to M.Smith.

Rink 3    B. Westwood, M.Minshull and G.Randle beat D.Baker 23-14

Rink 4    P.Hambling, R.Oatway and K.Noble lost 16-17 to P.Smith

Rink 5    G.Benefer, M.Utting and M.Watson beat B.Scarf 15-11

After 4 ends Sheila’s triple found themselves down 6-1 on Rink 2. Two 2’s and a single shot saw the scores levelled at end 7, things remained tight thereafter and at end 16 the scores were level at 13-13. The Stratton triple won the final two ends to win 15-13.

On Rink 3 Connaught found themselves 6-1 to the good after 6 ends, Stratton fought back to lead 8-6 after 9 ends but then Connaught turned the screw and ran out winners by 23 shots to 14.

On Rink 3 the Connaught triple lead 13- 6 after 11 ends and 14-8 after 14 ends before dropping 5 on end 15, this was to prove decisive as Stratton picked up a 3 and a 1 to win the rink by a single shot.

Rink 5 was a very hard fought affair with both sides holding the advantage at varying stages of the game, Mark Watsons triple held their nerve to give  Connaught the win by 4 shots.

A very enjoyable evening on a green that bowled well was followed by an equally enjoyable session in the Long Stratton clubhouse


Connaught A beat Thornham Magna on 14th June 2018

Connaught A   5 (75)       Thornham Magna  2 (71)

Rink 1    Graham Benefer, Mick Utting and Mark Watson beat K Crabbe  21-17

Rink 2    Phil Wilson, Roy Taylor and Terry Shoebridge lost to D Lister 12-21

Rink 3    Peter Hambling, Bob Oatway and Kevin Noble lost to L Grick 11-27

Rink 4    Derek Liles, David Flatt and Sheila Bragg beat B Kilbey 31-6

A very close and enjoyable match on Rink 1. With a lead of 10-5 Connaught were holding 4 shots on end 9 when Mark was very unfortunate to pick up the cot and take it though to give the visitors 2 shots, on the  tenth end Thornham picked up a 5 to level the scores. 16-17 down at end 15 Connaught held their nerve to win their rink by 4 shots

On Rink 2 the scores were level at 9-9 after 10 ends after that the wheels came of for Connaught who could only pick up another 3 shots as the visiting triple took 6 of the last 8 ends to win by a margin of 9 shots.

On Rink 3 Kevin’s triple took an early lead but were then pegged back as Thornham scored steadily winning 12 ends  with 5 threes and four to end the evening the victors by 27 shots to 11.

Rink 4 saw an incredible performance by Sheila’s triple who won 14 of the 18 ends to win 31-6, highlight was a seven on end 8.This big win proved to be very  important as Connaught won the match by the  slim margin of 4 shots


Connaught v Wortham at home on 7th June 2018

Connaught won at Home to Wortham. Points 6 – 1, Shots 85 – 43

Rink 1  P.Hambling, R.Oatway and G. Randle lost 12-15 to B.Callin

Rink 2  B.Westwood, R.Taylor and D.Flatt beat S.Drake  22-12

Rink 3  M.Minshull, R.Harrison and K.Noble beat S.Wilby 23-7

Rink 4  D.liles, G.Benefer and M.Utting beat R.Pursehouse 28-9

Rink 1 saw the evenings closest game with Connaught holding the initiative until end twelve when they were leading 12-6. That was to be the end of their scoring  as Wortham won the final four ends with a 1, a 2 and two 3’s to secure victory by 3 shots.

On Rink 2 Davids triple surged into a 15-2 lead after 10 ends, Wortham changed playing positions in an effort to stem the tide, this proved successful to an extent but Connaught were able to go on to win 22-12.

On Rink 3 Kevins triple found themselves 1-5 down after 5 ends but that was to be the end of Worthams challenge as the went on to score only two more shots as Connaught took complete control to tun out winners by 23 shots to 7.

The biggest win of the evening came on Rink 4, with the scores level at 7-7 after 10 ends Mick’s triple slipped into overdrive with Derek and Graham producing some excellent shots that left Mick to pick up the crumbs as they went on to win 28-9.

An excellent evenings bowling culminating in an enjoyable social in the club house with Wortham accepting their defeat graciously while congratulating Connaught on the condition of the green.


Connaught v Diss away  on 24th May 2018

Connaught lost away to Diss  5 ½  (74)   Connaught A  1 ½   (45)

Rink 2 Pat Benefer, Roy Taylor and Kevin Noble drew 12-12 against Ian Dunnett

Rink 3  Peter Hambling, Bob Oatway and Terry Shoebridge lost 8-30 to D Rookyard.

Rink 4  Derek Liles, Mick Utting and Sheila Bragg lost 10-20 to P Alderton

Rink 5  Graham Benefer, Mike Minshull and Mark Watson beat D Catchpole 15-12.

On Rink 2 Kevin Noble,s triple were 5-0 down after 5 ends but after 9 ends the sores were level, a tight match thereafter which ended all square at 12-12

On Rink 3 Peter, Terry, and Bob were outplayed by the home side to lose 8-30.

On Rink 4 Sheila's triple found themselves 9-0 down after 5 ends to against a block who were playing very well. As the evening progressed Connaught got into gear but still trailed 10-20 at the end.

On Rink 5 Mark Watson triple held the initiative throughout the game and were Connaught main success winning 15-12.

Following a sometimes wet evening everyone was happy to get inside and enjoy a sociable hour or so in the Diss clubhouse


Connaught v Stradbrooke at home on 18th May 2018

Connaught A  won at home to Stradbrooke and District - Shots 72 - 53 and Points 6 - 1

Rink 1   Phil Wilson, Geoff Randle and Terry Shoebridge  lost 8-21 against D.Cattermole

Rink 2  Roy Taylor, Mike Minshull and Mark Watson beat beat Mary Ellis 19-8

Rink 3  Derek Liles, Mick Utting abd Sheila Bragg beat J.Dann  20-9

Rink 4 Peter Hambling, Bob Oatway and David Flatt beat D.Webster 25-15

On Rink 1 Terry Shoebridge came up against what proved to be the visitors strongest block, 1-1 after 3 ends then Stradbooke picked up a five, from thereon Connaught were facing an uphill battle. Reports suggest that the visiting skip had an excellent game giving little away

On Rink 2 there was initially a very tense affair with the scores level at 7-7 after 12 ends, the staying power of the home triple proved to much for the Stradbrooke triple however and mark Watson block went on to win 19-8. 

On Rink 3 the result was never really in doubt with Derek, Mick and Sheila going into an early lead which the built upon as the evening progressed to win 20-9. 

On Rink 4 there was another tense affair in the early stages of the game with the scores level at 12-12 after 11 ends, as on Rink 2 a strong performance in the final third saw the David Flatt triple secure a 25-15 win.

An enjoyable hour in clubhouse followed before our friends from Stradbooke set off for the long journey home.


GISSING -V- CONNAUGHT Thursday 10th May

Connaught "A" lost away to Gissing 50 - 95 shots and 0 - 7 points

RINK 1: P. Benefer, P. McDonald and D. Flatt -v- S. Thompson lost 10 - 25

RINK 2: D. Liles, M. Utting and S. Bragg -v- G. Foster lost 12 - 21

RINK 4: G. Benefer, M. Minshull and M. Watson -v- P. Wymark lost 17 - 23

RINK 5: P. Hambling, R. Taylor and K. Noble -v- M. Cot lost 11 - 26

Connaught faced a very strong Gissing team and, as I said at the time, "it is not often that Connaught comes away from Gissing with many points" and so it proved

On rink 1, Paul Groom called off, as he has many plants to water, and I stepped in to play. A competitive start saw 3-3 at end four. However, Gissing got the weight and line of the green quicker than us and stormed off to lead 4-17 at end 10. Connaught could not raise their game to overcome the onslaught and finished 10-25 after a disappointing game played in good spirit

On rink 2 Shiela's team, on rink 2, saw our best chance for points, going into the last end 12-14 down and holding two shots as the skips changed ends. However, the Gissing skip took the jack back to recover and score a devastating seven shots. All hopes gone there.On rink 4, Mark's team started well only to fade to be 8-17 down at end 10. A late rally saw Connaught peg back the gap with ones' and twos' only to drop a six on end 14 to end any hope of a victory.

On rink 5, Kevin's team only managed two shots up until end 12 but rallied to score nine more in the last six ends. The "Hambling/Noble" combination meant that they finished the game in the gloom with a "gloomy" 11-26 defeat.

All rinks made promising starts but once the Gissing "turbo charger" kicks in, it is a very difficult game to play. Lots of effort for no reward.

Gissing are a good bunch and we look forward to meeting them on the Connaught green later in the season

CONNAUGHT "A" v DICKLEBURGH - Thursday 3rd May

Connaught "A" lost at home to Dickleburgh 66 to 67 shots and 1 1/2 to 5 1/2 points

RINK 1 G. Benefer, G. Randle and M. Watson - v - D. Shimell won 27- 5

RINK 2 P. Benefer, B. Oatway and K. Noble - v - P. Wright lost 14 - 22

RINK 3 P. Hambling, R. Taylor and P. Groom - v - L. Young drew 16 - 16

RINK 4 D. Liles, M. Utting and S. Bragg - v - A. Green lost 9 - 24

Dickleburgh appeared to have mustered a stronger team than that which had lost to Connaught in the EBA match at Dickleburgh the night before. A match which saw two rinks achieve runaway victories, one for each club, and two rinks of very competitive play that went right to the last ends  

Mark's team, on rink 1, played a steady game with Dickleburgh only scoring on 4 ends. A good strong win for Mark's block.

On rink 2, Kevin's block had a torrid time maintaining a slight lead up until they went into the last end 14 - 14. The last match on the green! All the other players watching! Connaught were 5 down when Kevin went to bowl! Second

or third shot would have secured a Connaught overall shot victory! Disaster! Kevin failed to get a bowl in the head and Dickleburgh scored an eight to give them a a deciding victory

On rink 3 Paul Groom made his debut as a Connaught skip, taking an early lead but seeing it pegged back to be losing 14 - 16 going into the last end. Paul's block then secured 2 shots to achieve a hard fought draw.

Shiela's team however, on rink 4, struggled to stay with a strong Dickleburgh block to be leading 9 - 8 at end ten. In an attempt to improve their performance, Shiela swapped positions with Mick. A move that proved fatal, as Connaught failed to win another shot losing quite heavily.

A sad end to what was a very entertaining match. Kevin took some stick in the bar after the match but I am sure he will shrug it off and bounce back. Amazing how a one shot loss affects the final points score. We now come up against Dickleburgh in "the cup" next week, where overall shots really count, hoping to achieve a better result.

Connaught "A" v Beeches on 26th April

Connaught beat Beeches away  by Points 6 - 1 Shots 68 -54

Rink 3: M. Minshull, D.Flatt and K. Noble - v - E. Frost lost 17 - 15
An early Connaught lead was slowly eroded, as Beeches came back to lead during a "one shot per end" dual, to finish strongly winning 17 - 15.A 2 shot Connaught loss was not a bad result after a hard fought match

Rink 4: P. Wilson, G. Randle and T. Shoebridge - v - M. Hobbs won 17 - 9.
Connaught scored a 6 on the third end to give them a lead which was never matched by Beeches. A 17 - 9 win for Connaught was the outcome. All three Connaught players contributed to this handsome win.

Rink 5: P. Hambling, R. Taylor and S. Bragg - v - R. Roberts
An early Connaught lead of 7 - 2 was followed by a six end drought to be losing 7 - 10 at end 10. However, the Connaught trio "dug in" and Beeches could only manage two more shots in the match for Connaught to win 14 - 12. A very intense match which Sheila reported to be "very enjoyable".

Rink 6: G. Benefer, M. Utting and M. Watson - v - A. Broughton won 22 - 16
Connaught went into a 4 - 0 lead and were then pegged back to 4 - 9 at end seven after Beeches had swapped their skip and two.Things were not looking good. However, Marks team rallied to produce a run of eight ends where Beeches didn't score a shot, Connaught winning 22 - 16.

The match finished in fading light but was a good test of Connaught character which bodes well for the rest of the season.
I must express my gratitude to the reserves who I had to bring in at the last minute. Well done Connaught.



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