Upper Waveney Federation  Team (Division Two. B Team)   Shots Points 
Upper Waveney Federation League 2018    Date   F  A  F   A
Pulham   v  Connaught B 6:30pm  25-April-2018  47   71 1 6
 Connaught B  v  Thorndon  6:30pm   26-April-2018 46 81 1 6
Scole  v  Connaught B 6:30pm   3-May-2018 37 85 0 7
Connaught B  v  Bedingfield 6:45pm   10-May-2018  69 66 5.5 1.5
Hoxne  v  Connaught B Monday 6:45pm   14-May-2018 57 77 2 5
Mendlesham  v  Connaught B Wednesday  6:45pm   23-May-2018 49 82 0 7
Keninghall  v  Connaught B  6:45pm    31-May-2018  40 96 0 7
Connaught B 
v  Diss B  6:45pm     7-June-2018  97 65  6.5  0.5 
Stradbrooke Whitehart   v   Connaught B   6:45pm    28-June-2018  66 63   1
Connaught B  Wortwell  6:45pm 2-July-2018  67 54  1
Connaught B   v   Pulham  6:45pm     5-July-2018 54 68 1  6
Connaught B  v  Mendlesham Wednesday 6:30pm  11-July-2018 48 80 1 6
Thorndon   v   Connaught B  6:45pm    12-July-2018   65 77 2 5
Connaught B.  v   Scole  6:45pm    19-July-2018  75 66 5 2
Bedingfield   v   Connaught B  6:45pm    26-July-2018   55 78 
Connaught B   v   Hoxne Monday  6:30pm   13-August-2018  60  79 
Diss B   v  Connaught B 6:30pm   16-August-2018
Wortwell   v   Connaught B Tuesday 6:30pm  21-August-2018  61 59 
Connaught B  v  Keninghall Friday 6:30pm  24-August-2018 44 66 
Connaught B  v  Stradbrooke Whitehart 6:30pm  30-August-2018 75  69 
 Shot Diiference  -270    TOTALS   1112   1382   50  83


Connaught 'B' beat Stradbroke White Hart at home on Thursday 30 August by 75-69 and 5-2

Rink 1 John Overton, Richard Broad and Carolina Li-Rocchi lost 14-21 against M Paris-Oakes

Rink 2 Bill Adcock, Trevor Burt and Diana Adcock lost 8-31 against L Ruth

Rink 3 Ken Ramsbottom, Jon Horslen and Pat Barton won 23-9 against W Coe

Rink 5 David Warne, Colin Barton and Jennie Moon won 30-8 against R Wilkinson

On Rink 1 John Overton was 0-7 down after 4 ends and dropped 5 on end 9 to go 3-13 down. The position worsened slightly with an 11 shot deficit at 6-17 after 13 ends but a 5 followed by 3 x 1 brought the home side to 14-17 after 17 ends. Holding 1 John Overton bowled his last wood on end 18 but sadly trailed the jack to 4 opposition woods. There had still been a good recovery essential to overall shots

Connaught were hammered on Rink 2 by a very useful triple who found the green well. Diana again found the home green too heavy for her and Stradbroke capitalised by setting the jack at maximum length most ends. A totally legitimate tactic as Diana herself acknowledged afterwards. Connaught were just about in it at 4-12 after 9 ends but the floodgates then opened and the deficit widened to 4-27 after 14 ends. A 4 on end 15 gave Connaught some relief but the home players were just hoping for the match to end! Bill and Trevor both played well and bravely but everything was stacked against them

On Rink 3 the triples looked evenly-matched on paper, but after dropping 1 on the first end the home triple forged ahead to lead 16-1 after 11 ends. Although they did score 4 on end 4 the winning margins were 1s and 2s only so the match in fact was fought tightly. Stradbroke changed playing order and as so often happens this worked and Connaught's lead was cut to 18-9 after 17 ends. Then a 5 on the last end, crucial in the overall shots context, brought huge relief to the Connaught players. The Ramsbottom/Horslen combination, most often with Alison Rush, has done well this season. The two players get on well and read the game similarly. Pat Barton at lead on the night had one of her best matches, accurate and powerful

Connaught dominated the match on end 5 with a big win by 30-8 almost identically offsetting the defeat on Rink 2. The most inexperienced of the Connaught triples on the night rose to the occasion well. The score was 19-4 after 9 ends and advanced to 26-4 after 12 ends before Stradbroke managed to settle things down for the last third of the match. Fresh from her county pairs triumph Jennie bowled confidently at lead and at any length (is this only her second season?) and Colin again showed the big improvement in his play in recent weeks. His delivery has always been smooth but the judgement of weight and line now matches it. David Warne again rose to the occasion as skip, drawing well and on occasion going in with very heavy woods

The season ended well with a cliff-hanger of a match just going Connaught's way. Both sides were always going to win two rinks and therefore overall shots were crucial. An anxious non-playing captain was prowling around and Mick Utting, there as a spectator, put football admin second as he decided to stay to the end. A very good evening afterwards with the most sociable of sides. We can deem the introduction of the 'B' team a success despite the defeats outnumbering the wins. The squad has been keen and loyal and the captain has had no problems fielding a side. Faced with regular competitive bowling several players have come on very well and some, like Bill Adcock, have been rejuvenated. Pleasing also that the women players have responded well to the tougher playing environment


Connaught 'B' lost at home against Kenninghall RL on Friday 24 August by 44-66 and 2-5.

The match by prior agreement was reduced to 16 ends in view of the light.

Rink 3 Colin Barton, George Sheridan and Val Sheridan won 14-12 against M Kindlysides

Rink 4 Ken Ramsbottom, Jon Horslen and Alison Rush lost 11-14 against M Davy

Rink 5 Joe Li-Rocchi, Richard Broad and Pat Barton won 16-14 against B Tunmore

Rink 6 Bill Adcock, John Winup and Diana Adcock lost 3-26 against P Pilmer

On Rink 3 Connaught had a bright start to lead 9-0 after 6 ends before dropping 4 on end 7 as the rain descended. Thereafter Val found life very difficult but Colin and George rose to the occasion. Connaught still led 11-6 after 10 ends but 2 x 2 were then dropped - 11-10 after 12 ends. Then Connaught dug in to score 3 x 1 before dropping 2 on the last end. George again had an excellent game and seemed to thrive in the wet conditions while Colin kept his head and took the responsibility as skip

On Rink 4 Connaught were always just behind but the triple as usual kept things tight. 5-9 down after 9 ends Connaught then dropped a 3 to go 5-12 down. They came back well to reduce the margin to 3 shots. Alison had some good woods but like Val on the next rink found the wet conditions not to her liking. Ken and Jon had their usual determined games

Rink 5 saw another tense battle with Connaught just holding on. A 4 on end 7 took Connaught to 6-6 but after 10 ends they were 7-10 down. The home players then had an excellent spell of 2, 2, 4 and 1 to lead 16-10. 2 x 2 were dropped on the last two ends but there was enough in the bank. All the Connaught players contributed well. Pat is a strong bowler and battled well against the rain while Richard is giving Joe much-needed steadiness at 2. Joe had a very useful game himself and was happy at the win

Rink 6 was a disaster as Connaught's somewhat elderly triple were annihilated by what probably was Kenninghall's strongest triple. 2-2 after 4 ends in the dry showed signs of a good match but the Connaught players could not cope in the wet. Diana had a miserable time and John and Bill, with grip problems, lacked the control to compensate. Paul Pilmer at skip and Craig Brown, both in their mid-thirties, were strong and accurate bowlers and Paul's 61-year-old father had few problems at lead! The wet conditions simple did not affect them

The shots difference was magnified by the defeat on Rink 6 but there were three close matches and two Connaught wins. Not bad overall (and John and Bill consoled themselves by recalling their recent 27-6 win against Hoxne on the same rink when everyone else lost!). There were quite a few spectators, most of whom had come to watch Graham Benefer playing Kristian Garnham in the Upper Waveney singles. Graham's win prompted applause from the Connaught players during their match. A good atmosphere in the clubhouse afterwards with spectators staying on. Like all the Waveney sides we play Kenninghall were very pleasant company 


Connaught 'B' won away at Wortwell on Tuesday 21 August by 61-59 and 5-2

Rink 2 Joe Li-Rocchi, Richard Broad and Carole Taylor won 22-19 against T Bell

Rink 3 Bill Adcock, John Winup and Trevor Burt lost 12-16 against G Smith

Rink 4 David Warne, Colin Barton and George Sheridan win 19-8 against D Riches

Rink 5 Ken Ramsbottom, Jon Horslen and Pat Barton lost 8-16 against J Taylor

Rink 2 witnessed a quite extraordinary match. Connaught were 8-17 down after 13 ends but 2 x 3 then took them to 14-17 before a dropped 2 made the score 14-19 after 16 ends. A 3 and then, amazingly, a last end 5 gave them a 3-shot win. From the outset Connaught were edging it up front but the Wortwell skip was having a fine game to give his side the advantage. Joe changes playing order more than most Connaught skips and initially he swapped Richard and Carole before moving to lead himself and putting Richard at skip. With Carole steady at 2 this last move worked well with Richard playing excellently and Joe accurate at lead

Rink 3 saw a tight struggle with Connaught having a good middle spell to lead 11-8 after 12 ends and to be still ahead at 12-10 after 14 ends. Disappointingly for Connaught the last four ends were lost by 2, 1, 1 and 2. 9 ends to each side but Connaught had conceded 2 x 3. This was just a tough scrap of a match in which all the players had good and bad woods with nobody consistent throughout. Bill again had a steady match at skip, saving well under pressure on at least two occasions. Trevor perhaps did not always bowl the easier hand and John, despite the good woods, was a bit below par

Rink 4 saw Connaught's best performance of the evening from a triple which on paper was not their strongest. An even start saw the scores level at 4-4 after 5 ends but from then on Connaught took control by losing only 3 more ends and winning 10 on the way to an 11-shot win. George can be an unguided missile at times but he played much more steadily than usual while Colin and David had solid drawing games. David also managed some effective running woods. A fine effort and in particular by David who had one of his occasional outings at skip and shouldered the responsibility well

On Rink 5 Connaught went 4-0 up after 3 ends but then came second best in a series of low-scoring ends (a 3 to Wortwell on end 7 was the only end won by more than 1 or 2 shots). Ken and Jon swapped but this made little or no difference to the outcome. This triple, with changes at lead, has had some tough losing games of late but does have the merit when losing of usually keeping things tight - as they did on this occasion

Connaught won by a very narrow margin with the overall score always very close. That devastating finish on Rink 2 was key, of course, but David Warne's win and tight play by the losing rinks were also important to a good team effort. Another lesson was learnt on Rink 2. The Connaught scorecard showed 22-20 and the Wortwell scorecard 22-19 when the results were checked by the captains, a discrepancy traced back to end 11. This made no difference to the overall shots result but in such a tight match might easily have done. We agreed to take the Wortwell score. The lesson is for the skips or 2s to check that their cards tally, both in the match from time to time and at the end of it. Connaught thus did the double against Wortwell but in another close match. The two sides are very even in ability and selected with a range of club members in mind. Very pleasant afterwards as always at Wortwell



Connaught 'B' lost at home against Hoxne on Monday 13 August by 60-79 and 1-6

Rink 2 John Overton, George Sheridan and Jennie Moon lost 15-22 against M Hurry

Rink 3 Ken Ramsbottom, Jon Horslen and Alison Rush lost 12-21 against A Garnham

Rink 5 Joe Li-Rocchi, Colin Barton and Carolina Li-Rocchi lost 6-30 against K Garnham

Rink 6 Bill Adcock, John Winup and Trevor Burt won 27-6 against R Knight

On Rink 2 a sluggish start saw Connaught 2-10 down after 6 ends and 4-15 down after 8 ends including a dropped 5 on end 8. However, Connaught had much the better of it for the next 8 ends, scoring 11-3 to reduce the deficit to 15-18. Sadly, a 1 and 3 finish by Hoxne killed off hopes of a spectacular win. That slow start, with a tendency to drop big ends ( a 4 and a 3 as well as that 5), really put paid to Connaught. However, against a brilliant skip in Maurice Hurry, the triple did fight back well

On Rink 3 a 3 and 2 start was promising but Connaught then lost the next 7 ends to go 5-13 down at half way. Ken and Jon swapped positions and Connaught contained to a low scoring 6-8 in the second half. It was not the home players' night; against another very good skip in Alan Garnham a clear up front advantage was needed and Connaught did not get it. The Hoxne lead, in particular, had a knack of bowling a killer wood

Rink 5 saw an amazing game in which for the most part Connaught did have the edge up front, sometimes by several shots, but Kristian Garnham at skip hardly put a foot wrong all night to take the end time after time. Joe by no means played badly and Connaught heads did not drop, but the skill level at skip was simply too high. That gave confidence to the Hoxne lead and 2 who came more into it in the second half. The score line is telling - just 6-12 down after 10 ends but the last 8 ends lost by 0-18

On Rink 6 the Connaught triple played well together from the start, winning the first 8 ends with some heavy scoring to lead 19-0. Hoxne then swapped playing positions - the skip to lead, the lead to 2 and the 2 to skip. Hoxne were able to contain better but Connaught were in no mood to subside and won 14 ends in all. The key lay in excellent leading by Trevor Burt and a superb display by Bill Adcock at skip: John Winup did his bit at 2. Roger Knight, at skip for Hoxne, is a useful player but needed his lead and 2 to dominate if he were to hold off Bill Adcock. It did not happen and the match was a reversal of the other rinks

Hoxne found the thickly-grassed green much slower and "pushier" than their own, especially given recent rain, and presenting a different challenge. Their experienced players read it well and pulled the support players through. They had just come from beating Pulham in the cup semi-final and it will be interesting to see them face Gissing at Connaught in the final on 9 September. A punter's view is that they more than match Gissing at skip but will be undone by Gissing's depth up front. For Connaught 'B' not a bad effort and at one point, with about 4 ends to go, it was very close on overall shots.

 A very good evening afterwards with our visitors clearly enjoying themselves - very pleasant and sociable people. Thank you to Mike Parsons for doing the bar at short notice and was he busy! Alison and John, as players with hosting duties, could not have coped



Connaught 'B' lost at Bedingfield on Thursday 26 July by 55-78 and 0-7

Rink 2 Joe Li-Rocchi, Carole Taylor and John Winup lost 13-21 against D Saunders

Rink 3 Ken Ramsbottom, Jon Horslen and Pat Barton lost 13-20 against V Martin

Rink 5 Colin Barton, Richard Broad and Trevor Burt lost 14-17 against M Chittock

Rink 6 David Warne, George Sheridan and Val Sheridan lost 15-20 against L Bull

On Rink 2 Connaught faced an all-Saunders grandfather/son/grandson combination. The son, Carl Saunders, was a class above everyone else and the grandfather, David Saunders, was a canny player on the home green. Connaught battled away, losing most ends but keeping things reasonably tight at 4-11 down after 9 ends. John had secured some advantage at lead against the grandson but was steady rather than deadly accurate. Carl Saunders at 2 nullified any advantage but Carole bowled some very good woods against him. Joe's straight woods had not helped him much at skip. John and Joe then swapped and Connaught scored 3, 3 and 2 to take the lead at 12-11. Joe had played well at lead and Carl Saunders then moved to play against him and that was that. Connaught still tried hard but were not good enough

Rink 3 was very tight at 7-7 after 9 ends but Connaught then imploded to go 8-20 down after 16 ends as the opposition turned the screw aided by a killing display from the lead, P Leeder. Connaught were just bowling to contain but did manage a 2 and a 3 on the last two ends to give some respectability to the score

On Rink 5 the match was extremely tight first half with Connaught leading by just 6-4 after 9 ends. Connaught then broke the mould with a 5 on end 10 but Bedingfield came back with 1, 3 and 1. 11-9 to Connaught after 13 ends. 2 and 1 to Connaught for a lead of 14-9 after 15 ends, but fatally 5 were dropped on end 16 and Bedingfield followed up with 1 and 2 for a 3-shot win. One felt sorry for the Connaught players who had concentrated hard and drawn well but that  inability to close out matches, so widespread in the club, was seen again

On Rink 6 an untried Connaught triple tried very hard but dropped 4s on ends 3 and 7 did not help them and the visitors were 6-15 down after 12 ends. Then a 5 on end 13 lifted spirits and Connaught went into the last end just 15-18 down before dropping 2. Still a good effort by all three against a triple skipped by Lennie Bull, well-known to us as a Diss opponent. David kept his head well and perhaps taking some responsibility was good for him. A sign for the future?

Bedingfield simply had too much nous on their own green for the Connaught players. As often stated in these columns many of the so-called "smaller" clubs have some very useful players which our 'B' team cannot match. However, the effort was there as the major positive - nobody gave up



Connaught 'B' beat Scole at home on Thursday 19 July by 75-66 and 5-2

Rink 1 Bill Adcock, Colin Barton and Pat Barton lost 18-28 against S Bartram

Rink 2 John Winup, Carole Taylor and Joe Li-Rocchi won 20-12 against J Mason

Rink 3 Ken Ramsbottom, Jon Hotrslen and Alison Rush lost 15-17 against R Frostick

Rink 5 John Overton, Richard Broad and Treevor Burt won 22-9 against M Johnson

Rink 1 saw an extraordinary match in which Connaught won 10 of the 18 ends but lost by a hefty margin of 10 shots by dint of dropping some high-scoring ends. These comprised 5s on ends 4 and 15, 6 on end 6 and 8 on end 18. The dropped 8 at such a late stage could have been fatal for overall shots but fortunately Connaught had enough in hand. The Connaught players stayed with a useful triple for most of the match (just 18-20 down after 17 ends) and scored readily enough themselves, but those big ends did for them - a combination of not enough positional woods and the ability of the talented Scole skip, Steve Bartram, to disrupt the head

On Rink 2 the Connaught triple changed their recent playing-order from the start, with Carole moving to 2, Joe to lead and John to skip. This worked for them as Joe, using his "straight" woods, was very steady throughout and Carol had a very positive game with strong play, especially on the forehand side, often taking out holding Scole woods. With woods in the head a comfort factor, John bowled confidently and saved or added with a variety of shot. The match was tight first half, 7-7 after 9 ends, but Connaught lost only two ends after that as the triple exerted pressure. Connaught won 12 ends in all

On Rink 3 another tight match saw Connaught just unable to recover from a slow start at 1-7 down after 5 ends. They drew level at 8-8 after 10 ends, slipped behind at 8-13 after 13 ends but drew level again at 13-13 after 15 ends. A 1 and a 3 to Scole gave the vistors a clear advantage and 2 shots to Connaught on the last end were not enough. Connaught won 8 of the ends but the triple played a vital part in the overall win by keeping things close. Alison almost certainly does not like playing lead but applied herself well and the Horslen/Ramsbotton pairing again proved its worth

On Rink 5 John Overton's triple had a substantial win by 13 shots which was conclusive in Connaught's victory overall. Scole fielded an all-female triple with Mary Johnson at skip and Daphne Frostick at 2 and on paper looked more than capable of getting a good result. However, it was not their night as Trevor at lead and Richard at 2 played very sensibly and tightly while John Overton had a fine match at skip to confirm his recent form. Sadly, he has advised his captain of coming non-availabilty including a trip to Canada. A pity from a bowling viewpoint because he and Richard in tandem are forming a promising partnership. Connaught won 11 of the 18 ends

Scole fielded a useful side, probably not as strong as that which hammered Connaught 'B' at Scole a few weeks back but strong enough, especially at skip, for Connaught to think they had played well for their win. The usual friendly gathering afterwards and with a few spectators from both clubs helping towards the healthy bar and raffle takings


Connaught 'B' lost away at Thorndon on Thursday by 65-77 and 2-5

Rink 1 John Overton, Richard Broad and Carolina Li-Rocchi lost 13-21 against M Horne

Rink 2 John Winup, Jon Horslen and Jennie Moon won 24-12 against M Horne

Rink 3 Bill Adcock, David Warne and Diana Adcock won 19-12 against C Hall

Rink 4 Joe Li-Rocchi, George Sheridan and Carole Taylor lost 9-32 against A Chapman

Ken Ramsbottom hurt his back the previous evening and John Winup, due to travel as non-playing captain, took his place directly

Rink 1 saw a hard-fought game in which each side had periods of success. Leading 4-1 after 3 ends Connaught then lost 5 ends on the trot to be 4-12 down. A recovery ensued to ther extent that Connaught levelled at 13-13 after 14 ends. Thorndon then took over again, winning the last 4 ends including a disappointing 4 on the last end to clinch victory. While slightly erratic Carolina did not have a bad game at lead while Richard and John had decent games without being able to get the better of their opponents

On Rink 2 Connaught dropped 3 on end 4 to go 2-6 down but then began to impose themselves. A 5 on end 8 earned by superb backhand drawing from all 3 players put them 10-7 up and a 2, 4 and 3 winning sequence on ends 11-13 increased the lead to 21-8. Then Thorndon switched playing positions and stemmed the tide a bit but Connaught were in no mood to buckle and went on to a good win. The keys were a lead in Jennie who was always "up" and often very accurate and a 2 in Jon Horslen who is able to bowl straighter then most and with good judgement of pace (also much credit to Jon, suffering from a stomach upset, for turning out at all). Added to that John Winup had an excellent game at skip both on the draw and with weight when necessary. He revelled in a fast and true green enabling him to just bowl and not "push"

Rink 3 saw Connaught recover from a 2-8 deficit after 7 ends to dominate the rest of the match, scoring 17-4 from ends 8 to 18 and winning 19-12. It was not that easy because Connaught at first advanced slowly and were still 8-10 down after 12 ends before a 4 and a 3 gave them a 15-10 lead. Thorndon came back with 2 on end 15 but a 1, 1 and 2 finish took Connaught home. As on the previous evening this triple was able to keep things tight, conceding just 4 x 1 and 4 x 2 while that 4 and 3 took them clear. Again very good leading from Diana on the fast green was a major plus factor. David was steady under Bill's controlling hand while Bill himself was again excellent. A good win and good game management

On Rink 4 Connaught dropped 4 on end 3 to go 0-6 down when Joe moved Carole to 2 and George to lead. This seemed to have worked when the scores levelled at 8-8 after 9 ends but the change was a little disappointing given Carole's selection at lead for the cup match on Saturday. However, all this was irrelevant as the wheels came right off and the last 9 ends were lost by 1-24, with 5 dropped on end 10, 6 on end 12 and 4 on end 18. Difficult to be certain but Joe's triple probably drew the short straw and faced Thorndon's strongest trio. Thorndon were very accurate and included a 25-year-old lady player highly-rated at representative level. All three Connaught players rely on controlled weight rather than trust in the wider draw and possibly the fast green caught them out a bit

A first visit to Thorndon which was easy enough to find. In a lovely setting in private grounds and with a pleasant and well-maintained clubhouse. Limited parking on the road outside. Very friendly people who hosted us well. The green was an absolute pleasure to bowl on, fast and true. There was one heavy defeat and that was due to a bad second half, but overall this was a better performance by Connaught



Connaught 'B' lost at home against Mendlesham on Wednesday 11 July by 48-80 and 1-6

Rink 3 John Overton, Richard Broad and Richard Adcocklost 13-22 against B Mills

Rink 4 Bill Adcock, David Warne and Diana Adcock won 18-10 against P Coleby

Rink 5 Joe Li-Rocchi, John Winup and Val Sheridan lost 12-19 against S Furze

Rink 6 Ken Ramsbottom, Jon Horslen and Alison Rush lost 5-29 against P Carr

In the away match earlier in the season Connaught lost by 49-82 and 0-7, an amazingly similar scoreline albeit with some improvement this time round!

On Rink 3 Connaught were 0-10 down after 4 ends having conceded a 6 on end 4 and 2-15 down after 8 ends. Thereafter Connaught won the majority of the ends and reduced the margin to a more respectable 13-22. Playing catch-up is never easy but at least heads did not drop. While you cannot control what the opponents do you can influence it by being tight up front and this did not happen first half

On Rink 4 Connaught had their only win of the evening in an impressive display by Bill, David and Diana. Diana had another very good game at lead and accuracy of this sort gives a huge lift to a triple. David responded well to Bill's calm prompting and Bill had a very useful game himself, consolidating or saving as necessary. Well done to this triple in which Bill and Diana called on all their experience. Connaught won 11 ends and conceded just 4 x 1 and 3 x 2 - an example to their teammates of concentrating and keeping things tight

On Rink 5 Connaught scored 2 on the first end, then dropped a 5 and followed John Overton's triple in playing catch-up all match. At 3-9 down after 5 ends Connaught looked in real trouble but dug in well enough to make a game of it. The home triple went into end 17 just 12-15 down and with his last wood Joe bowled a superb running backhand to put Connaught 2 up. The opposing skip, Simon Furze, then bowled an equally good pressure shot - a backhand swinging draw with just enough pace to take the jack through for 3. What seemed a certain 14-15 became 12-18. Val found the going tough for most of the match and unwillingness to bowl forehand did not help her. She did come good in the last third of the match. John played some fine drawing shots to keep Connaught in it and Joe, while tending to bowl too heavily, was positive

Rink 6 was simply a disaster for the home side. Ken Ramsbottom tripped over the changing room steps just before the match, hurt his back and was virtually a passenger. He will miss the Thorndon match the next evening. Connaught were 0-10 down after 5 ends having conceded 6 on end 3 (Rink 3 conceded 6 on end 4 and Rink 5 conceded 5 on end 2 - a cracking start all round!). Things if anything got worse as a very competent and confident triple drew in accurately and piled up the shots. This summary is not making excuses - Ken was the first to say that his triple would have lost to Mendlesham on the night even had he been fit - but possibly the score might have been closer in happier circumstances

Yet another example of a competent team coming to Connaught in this league, assessing very quickly the lines to bowl and consistently finding them. By contrast Connaught lacked tactical nous, especially up front. The cheers from the football club just after 7.00 suggested (correctly) that England had scored but the silence for the next two hours suggested (also correctly) that they had lost! We just played our bowls and had a very pleasant session afterwards



Connaught 'B' lost at home against Pulham Market on Thursday 5 July by 54-68 and 1-6

Rink 3 Joe Li-Rocchi, John Winup and Carolina Li-Rocchi lost 15-18 against P Brown

Rink 4 Ken Ramsbottom, Colin Barton and Richard Adcock lost 6-25 against R Browne

Rink 5 Bill Adcock, Richard Briad and Diana Adcock won 22-6 against R Stevenson

Rink 6 Jon Horslen, Carole Taylor and Pat Barton lost 11-19 against A Thompson

On Rink 3 Connaught essentially lost the game on ends 7 and 8 by dropping 6 and 5 to go 5-14 down. At this point Joe moved to lead, John to skip and Carolina to 2 and Connaught fought back well without doing quite enough. As it was they won 10 of the 18 ends but Joe and John between them should not have allowed the 6 and 5. The revised formation worked well enough and Carolina, although not a natural 2, managed some excellent woods

On Rink 4 Connaught were simply outgunned. Experienced players like Roger Browne (skip) and Ian Miller (2) had no trouble adapting to the conditions. Added to that a 90-year-old lead, new to the game (!), played extremely well. By now Richard and Colin are also experienced players but on the night had trouble on their home green. Ken did his best and moved to 2, with Richard to skip, to try to stem the tide. To little avail. Connaught won just 5 of the 18 ends

Rink 5 saw a bright spot for Connaught with a competent home triple outbowling their opponents to win 13 of the 18 ends and concede only 6 shots. After a somewhat difficult season Diana had a wonderful match, bowling from low down with all her old fluency to dominate at lead. She revelled in the fast conditions with length not an issue ie she did not have to force the shot. Richard and Bill are both good drawing players and consolidated well. Very well done to all 3

Rink 6 saw Connaught win just 5 ends but by dint of scoring a 5 on end 6 and of containing well (a 3 on the last end was the only time Pulham scored more than 2) kept the losing margin to respectable proportions. Pat and Carole concentrated and fought hard while Jon played very steadily in a confrontation with former Gissing colleague Alex Thompson

Pulham Market had quite a strong side out (at least 2 of their skips would walk into any Connaught 'A' side, EBA or Federation) and obviously were geared to play on a fast and full-length green which in the main they mastered better than their hosts. Connaught lacked consistent steadiness and this probably cost them a win on Rink 3. The usual friendly gathering with Pulham after the match.



Connaught 'B' beat Wortwell at home on Monday 2 July by 67-54 and 6-1

Rink 3 Joe Li-Rocchi, David Warne and Richard Adcock won 21-13 against B Woods

Rink 4 John Overton, George Sheridan and Val Sheridan lost 13-17 against G Smith

Rink 5 Ken Ramsbottom, Jon Horslen and Alison Rush won 18-14 against T Bell

Rink 6 Bill Adcock, Trevor Burt and Jennie Moon won 15-10 against J Taylor

On Rink 3 Connaught played very steadily to win 12 of the 18 ends. The only black spots were dropping 4 on end 7 and 5 on end 15 (which put then just 15-13 up) to keep Wortwell in the game. Some of the Wortwell players had trouble adjusting to the fast pace of the green while Connaught generally drew steadily. Richard and David backed up Joe well and Joe himself had an excellent game

On Rink 4 Connaught won 10 of the 18 ends but a dropped 6 on end 13 took them from 11-7 up to 11-13 down and they could not recover from that. In truth the closeness of the score was due to a tour de force by John Overton who had a superb game at skip. Val did bowl some excellent woods but often had trouble with line while George's tendency to bowl narrow and heavy is becoming more marked this season

On Rink 5 Connaught won 12 of the 18 ends and were leading 18-8 after 17 ends before a dropped 6 on the last end put a false complexion on the score. The Ramsbottom/Horslen partnership again worked well with Jon Horslen having a very good game throughout. Ken played very well also but on the last end could not repeat Friday's heroics and was severely chided by Horslen for missing three chances to draw in and save! Alison had a curate's egg sort of game. Recent coaching from Geoff has smoothed out her delivery partly because she is getting down much lower. She had little trouble with reaching but did opt for the swinging side at lead and had trouble with line in the fast conditions

Rink 6 saw a very tight game with Connaught winning 10 of 18 ends and scoring slightly more heavily while containing Wortwell to 1 x 2 and 8 x 1. Under Bill's guidance the Connaught triple bowled to a plan and it was good to see newer players such as Jennie and Trevor understanding it and sticking to it. From time to time Bill was under pressure and responded well but this win was the outcome of a good team performance. Well done

This was a cheerful encounter between two sides at the lower end of the league table determined to give playing opportunity to those prepared to turn out for their club. Wortwell found the green to be much faster than their own and some could not adapt, but many of their players commented that they enjoyed it.  Cautious optimism that Connaught 'B' have got their act together a bit after some bad defeats. But no illusions - a long way to go as Thursday's match starts the second half!



Connaught 'B' beat Stradbroke White Hart away in a league match on Friday 29 June by 66-63 and 6-1

Rink 1 Joe Li-Rocchi, John Winup and Carole Taylor drew 16-16 against Les Ruth

Rink 2 John Overton, Colin Barton and Pat Barton won 17-15 against J Ward

Rink 3 Ken Ramsbottom, Jon Horslen and David Warne won 13-12 against W Coe

Rink 4 Bill Adcock, Richard Broad and Jennie Moon drew 20-20 against M Paris-Oakes

On Rink 1 Connaught went 1-7 down after 5 ends but a 3 and a 2 put them back in the match. From then on it was always very close. Connaught led 13-12 after 15 ends but then dropped 3 and 1 to go 13-16 down. On the last end Connaught held 2 with the skips to bowl. Nothing changed until, with the last wood of the match, Joe managed an excellent draw with just a bit of pace to knock the Connaught woods closer and to stay with his to earn a 3 and a draw overall. Joe earned his wages with that one shot because he had struggled a bit overall. The green had a huge swing one side and a difficult straight hand, almost against bias, on the other. Carole and John both had good games up front to keep Connaught in the match

Rink 2 witnessed a similar type of close game with Connaught recovering from 0-4 down after 2 ends to lead 9-7 after 10 ends. 2 x 3 were then dropped and Connaught were still 4 shots down at 11-15 after 15 ends. A determined 1, 3 and 2 finish took them to a fine 17-15 win. Colin admitted afterwards that he had struggled (but you did some things right, Colin, including marrying Pat!). Apart from lapses on a few ends Pat had a solid game at lead and John Overton, finding the green well, had one of his best matches at skip

Rink 3, the last game to finish, became the focal point of the entire match with a nail-biting final end. Overall Connaught won 8 ends to 10 but contained the White Hart to 1 x 3 and 9 x 1 while notching up 1 x 3 and 3 x 2 to bolster their 4 x 1. As on Rinks 1 and 2 the match was always very close. A 3 on end 14 gave Connaught a lead of 11-9 but 3 x 1 were then conceded for a deficit of 11-12 with an end to go. The other games had finished with Connaught 2-1 up on points and just 2 up on overall shots. Therefore various outcomes were possible. Connaught kept things tight up front until, with his last wood, the White Hart No 2 managed to give his side a 4-shot advantage. A rather bemused Jon Horslen could not change things. White Hart gave away some shots with their first wood. Things really changed with Ken's first bowl when a magnificent running wood took out shot, stayed, and Connaught held 2. He nearly gave it away with his second but finished well as it happened. The last White Hart wood was unsuccessful. Ken prepared to bowl last wood of the match but Jon Horslen, although looking frayed round the edges in all the tension, had the good sense to check the match position and instructed Ken not to bowl. (Rather a lot to describe but with all the other players and the spectators watching intensely that last end was almost unbearable)

Rink 4 saw a strange sort of match which Connaught seemed to be winning easily. 5-7 down after 8 ends Connaught turned the screw, scoring a 5 on end 9 and powering on to a lead of 20-10 after 15 ends. At this point, taking the other matches into account, Connaught were also 10 shots up overall. Not for the first time this season (Mendlesham for Messrs Winup and Horslen?) Connaught were then floored by the Federation rule allowing changes in playing position. Jennie, fresh from her county triumph, and Richard were winning up front and Bill was playing calmly to consolidate with the pressure on the opposition. The came the changes and moving to lead the White Hart skip put wood after wood on the jack (just as at Mendlesham) and Connaught subsided to concede 4, 4 and 2 to just hold on for the draw. With Jennie and Richard having played well, changing positions alongside the opposition was rightly not considered with only 3 ends to go. Overall there were positives; Jennie concentrated well and perhaps Richard is the steady No 2 much-needed by Bill

A cracking match against opposition which is always is very good company. The sides mixed easily afterwards in the pub with Ramsbottom basking in his hero of the hour status.  



Connaught 'B' beat Diss 'B 'at home on Thursday 7 June by 97-65 and 6.5 to 0.5

Rink 3 Bill Adcock, David Warne and Diana Adcock drew 20-20 against A Blakey

Rink 4 John Winup, Trevor Burt and Richard Adcock won 23-22 against N Ford

Rink 5 John Overton, Colin Barton and Pat Barton won 30-6 against D Grogan

Rink 6 Joe Li-Rocchi, Jon Horslen and Val Sheridan won 24-17 against A Brundle

Rink 3 saw a good contest between two evenly-matched triples. Connaught had the early advantage with a 5 on end 4 giving them a 7-2 lead. Diss came back with 3, 2 and 4 to put Connaught 7-11 down. A good Connaught spell culminated in another 5, on end 13, to give the home side a lead of 18-13. Diss came back again with 3 x 2 and 1 x 1 and Connaught went into the last end 18-20 down. 2 shots were gained on the last end for a well-earned draw. Each side won 9 ends and interestingly Diss had only one single shot win out of their nine but managed 6 x 2, 1 x 3 and 1 x 4

Rink 4 saw another close match. Connaught scored 5 on the first end only to concede 4 on the second. Connaught scored 3 x 3 to help them to a 14-10 lead after 9 ends. A 4 on end 13 gave the home side a 20-12 lead but they then did their best to lose! Diss came back with a 3 and a 1 and the lead was cut to 20-16. A relieved Connaught scored 3 on end 16 for a 23-16 lead but over-anxious bowling led to over-heavy woods up front and John could only cut the deficit from 6 to 4. A lead of 23-20 with an end to go. With their tails up Diss bowled accurately at lead and 2 to a long jack. Richard managed an excellent second wood but then proceeded to fire it out! Trevor bowled two woods within 18 inches but Connaught were still 3 down with the skips to bowl. John and Norman Ford both had close woods but the consensus was that Connaught were at least 4 down when John bowled last wood. He managed to get in and reduce the margin to 2 shots. A bit too reminiscent of the match at Mendlesham when Connaught, with John and Richard again (plus Jon Horslen), lost from 15-2 up. Game management?

Rink 5 was a disappointing match in the sense that Diss had 2 players only. Not for the first time, apparently, a Diss player had mistaken the league and venue and turned up at Harleston Rec for a non-existent (Border League?) match. The two Diss players made a good fist of it for a few ends but Connaught scored 5 on end 7 to take a 10-3 lead and thereafter the game became rather processional. To their credit all 5 players took the game seriously with the Connaught triple concentrating hard in the knowledge that a big win would give their side those vital 3 points for overall shots. Pat and Colin were very steady while John Overton had an excellent match. What would have happened had Diss turned out 3 players is irrelevant - nobody can know - but the three other matches were very close

Rink 6 was tight at the start but a 4 on end 7 helped Connaught to a 9-5 lead after 9 ends. Another 4 on end 11 took the lead to 13-6 and a 6 on end 14 extended it further to 20-9. Connaught then dropped 2 and 3 but nervous twitches disappeared with yet another 4 on end 17 for a 24-14 lead. 3 shots were dropped on the last end. Val struggled a bit with weight but had a reasonable game while Joe and Jon formed a steady partnership. Good to hear Jon Horslen giving Joe clear advice throughout - he is a vital cog in this side as a natural 2 and one who can move to lead or skip if needs determine

No disguising it - Connaught 'B' were mightily relieved to get a win after recent thrashings. Good news for a very supportive group of players. A pleasant evening afterwards with a cheerful Diss side 

Connaught B played Kenninghall Red Lion on 31st May 2018

Connaught 'B' lost at Kenninghall R L on Thursday 31 May by 40-96 and 0-7

Rink 1 Joe Li-Rocchi, David Warne and Carolina Li-Rocchi lost 10-22 against B Tunmore

Rink 2 Colin Barton, George Sheridan and Val Sheridan lost 9-26 against P Pilmer

Rink 3 John Winup, Jennie Moon and Alison Rush lost 10-20 against B Youngman

Rink 4 Jon Horslen, Carole Taylor and Pat Barton lost 11-28 against M Kindleysides

It is fair to say that this was a weakened Connaught side with just 13 squad members available and significantly with regular skips missing. We also fielded a mix of 6 men and 6 women aginst an all-male side although this really should not be an issue. On a green which played well enough but had a few "runs" the Connaught players by and large lacked the ability to " follow in" their opponents ie take the same line and match them for accuracy. On Rink 1 Joe Li-Rocchi, not for the first time this season, had little in the head up front and changed positions. This stemmed the tide but could not avert defeat. On Rink 2 Connaught got in but were taken out consistently and had no answer to a capable display by Paul Pilmer at skip. On Rink 3 things looked ominous at 0-13 after 8 ends but Connaught won the rest of the match 10-7! Alison and Jennie generally found the weight and Jennie especially had some very accurate woods while John found the range with some good saving shots in the second half. On the difficult Rink 4 Connaught were just 10-11 down after 9 ends but were swamped second half. Jon Horslen reported that Carole had a fine game at 2. In short Connaught were overpowered against probably quite a strong Red Lion side on the night which knew its green very well. The Connaught side was not depressed and everybody enjoyed Kenninghall's hospitality in the pub afterwards. However, we really do have to learn from matches like this. Concentrate harder and move on from being jolly losers


Connaught 'B'lost at Mendlesham on Wednesday 23 May by 49-82 and 0-7

Rink 1 Joe Li-Rocchi, Richard Broad and Jenny Moon lost 9-23 against S Furze
Rink 2 Bill Adcock, David Warne and Diana Adcock lost 10-23 against B Mayes
Rink 3 John Winup, Jon Horslen and Richard Adcock lost 17-18 against B Mills
Rink 4 John Overton, Colin Barton and George Sheridan lost 13-18 against R Salisbury
Rink 1 saw Connaught outgunned from the start to the extent of going 1-17 down after 9 ends. Joe and Richard swapped positions and Connaught won the second half by 8-6 aided by a 4 on the last end. Mendlesham played very well but this was a puzzling and slightly disappointing result given that Connaught on paper looked a solid enough outfit with 3 players very capable on the draw

Rink 2 saw a very similar result to that on Rink 1 but obtained to a different pattern. Connaught were in the game from the start, just 7-8 down after 8 ends and still close at 7-10 at the halfway stage. The wheels then came off a bit, with Connaught not being overwhelmed but coming second to another useful Mendlesham triple. Good to see Diana making her debut after recent registration and having a useful start

There was an extraordinary match on Rink 3 with Connaught taking firm control from the outset and building up a 15-2 lead after 11 ends. Richard was more than holding his own and Jon Horslen was playing very tightly and competently at 2. John Winup was also in fine form, consolidating on the draw and bowling some useful heavy woods. On end 12 the Mendlesham skip, Barry Mills, moved to lead and Connaught dropped a 7! Mendlesham built up a very tight head and Connaught options on the draw were limited. With back woods John decided to go for it, got in but made matters worse as only Connaught woods were scattered. This was a momentum change as Mendlesham raised their game. Connaught conceded an own goal 4 on end 17 to go 16-18 down and managed just the 1 on the last end. Connaught had won 11 of the ends and were a bit shell-shocked

On Rink 4 Connaught shared the ends at 9-9 but a dropped 5 on end 7 proved the difference in an otherwise tight game. Colin Barton offered his 3 woods for burning to his captain after the match but this was something of an over-reaction and Colin must press on! Colin also said the George had some useful woods amid loose ones - the old problem of bowling too heavily. By common consent on both sides John Overton had a super game at skip to save Connaught on various occasions
Although this result in the end was not much different to that at Scole, Connaught in fact played better and had their chances to take 1 or 2 points against a useful team. In football parlance we must look at the video and learn our lessons. The Mendlesham green was superb to bowl on - fast and smooth - and as always the club were excellent hosts. A longish but not too difficult trek (although Bill Adcock led a convoy astray in the village) and we all enjoyed ourselves despite the result


Connaught 'B' lost at Hoxne on Monday 14 May by 57-77 and 2-5

Rink 1 Joe Li-Rocchi, John Winup and Carolina Li-Rocchi lost 8-33 against M Hurry

Rink 2 Bill Adcock, Trevor Burt and Jenny Moon won 16-13 against K Garnham

Rink 4 John Overton, Richard Broad and Carole Taylor lost 15-17 against A Garnham

Rink 5 Ken Ramsbottom, Jon Horslen and Alison Rush won 18-14 against R Knight

Rink 1 was a disaster for Connaught. Dropping 3 and 6 on the first 2 ends was a bad start but steadier play pulled them up to 6-13 after 10 ends. The last 8 ends were horrible with 1 x 4 and 5 x 3 conceded. Carolina and John needed to give Joe the advantage against a player of Maurice Hurry's ability and this they failed to do. Carolina could not repeat last week's heroics and despite some good drawing on occasion John did not get the better of his opposite number. Joe was up against it; he had some good shots but Maurice came on fire over those last 8 ends with a variety of shots. Connaught needed to have built tighter heads throughout just to contain and their one or two woods in the head simply were not enough

Rink 2 saw Connaught just hold out against a triple skipped by Kristian Garnham the Upper Waveney singles champion (Graham Benefer will remember him!). Compared with Rink 1 Connaught's display up front was much, much better. Jenny had a superb game at lead throughout to win the contest at lead and Trevor had a very steady game under the calm direction of Bill Adcock - good to see two new players settling in. Bill himself, faced with the challenge from a skilful and younger player, rolled back the years with a fine display of drawing and power when necessary. 4-6 down after 6 ends Connaught then scored 4, 3 and 2 to lead 13-6. Thereafter the game was extremely tight with Hoxne edging their way back in single shot winning ends. 14-12 to Connaught after 15 ends and 15-13 after 17 ends. Connaught clung on to snatch a single shot win on the last end

Rink 4 saw a similar type of game in terms of the scoring. A 5 on end 2 gave Connaught a 6-0 lead largely lost with a dropped 4 on end 5. A 4 to Connaught on end 11 gave Connaught a 13-11 lead and this margin was maintained at 15-13 after 15 ends. However, a 1, 2 and 1 finish by Hoxne gave Connaught a 15-17 defeat. Carole Taylor, another player new to this league, had a very sound game at lead while Richard and John, playing together for the first time, both did well to almost give Connaught a win against another excellent skip in Alan Garnham (Alan beat Paul McDonald last season in the Upper Waveney Champion of Champions final).

Rink 5 saw Connaught generally on top in a match in which the Hoxne shots tally was magnified by a 7 on end 5. Ken Ramsbottom accepted responsibility for that (he had either moved the jack to Hoxne woods or taken out a holding Connaught wood - or indeed both!). Ken was at pains to point out that he more than compensated for that error with the excellence of his general play. This was a good, solid display by Connaught. Alison at last got her act together with a much more confident display at lead; when she concentrates on technique, eg bowling from low down and not from the knee, she has the power and ability to be a good player. Jon Horslen had a good game and is forming a dependable partnership with Ken who indeed played well

Apart from Rink 1 and its chastened players, Connaught 'B' put up a good show in an excellent match played on a good, fast green. Hoxne also gave opportunity to some newer players and backed them up with 4 very experienced skips. Connaught had to win up front to stand a chance and generally they did that. Hoxne entertained very well afterwards - a good club to visit



Connaught 'B' won at home against Bedingfield on Thursday 10 May by 69-66 and 5.5-1.5

Rink 3 John Winup, David Warne and Richard Adcock won 18-17 against C Saunders

Rink 4 Joe Lo-Rocchi, George Sheridan and Carolina Li-Rocchi won 24-9 against M Chittock

Rink 5 Ken Ramsbottom, Trevor Burt and Pat Barton drew 15-15 against L Bull

Rink 6 John Overton, Colin Barton and Val Sheridan lost 12-25 against P Leeder

Rink 3 saw a tense battle in which Connaught just held out. Connaught dropped a 6 on end 7 to go 6-11 down but a 3, 3, 2 and 2 winning spell put them 16-11 up after 11 ends. The last 7 ends were very tight with Connaught containing to 2-5. David Warne played very well at 2 - just as well for John Winup was facing a very useful player in Carl Saunders and came second

Rink 4 saw an excellent display by the Connaught triple. The first 9 ends were very close with Connaught just leading by 7-5. Then a winning sequence of 3, 1, 4, 3 and 4 put them virtually out of sight at 22-5 after 14 ends. Congratulations to Carolina for playing superbly at lead in her first UW game. She has persevered with her outdoor bowls after a very shaky start a year or two back and the practice has paid off (an example, perhaps, to one or two others!). Joe at skip also had a brilliant game finding the rink well after 5 ends or so. George plays only one way nowadays, narrow and heavy, but he did create some havoc for the opposition

Rink 5 pitted Ken Ramsbottom against Lenny Bull in his Bedingham colours. Lenny, of course, had played for Diss 'B' in the EBA match two weeks previously. 6-0 up after 3 ends Connaught held on and led 14-7 after 15 ends. But in bowls you can rarely say "match" over and a 5 to Bedingham on end 16 changed the game totally. Connaught snatched 1 on end 17 and led by 3 but Bedingham scored 3 on the last end to earn a draw. Pat Barton is having a good season at lead - she is a strong bowler with no problems "getting up" - and Trevor in his first season is starting to apply himself well. Ken had a good tussle against Lenny. The Connaught players were left scratching their heads a bit!

Rink 6 saw Connaught take a 6-0 lead after 3 ends but then come second to Bedingham triple in which their skip and captain, Phillip Leeder, found the rink very well. Val needs faster greens, although Phillip said in his post-match comments that it was the fastest green he had played on all season, and Colin had a reasonable game without being able to give John Overton the advantage he needed against a very good player

Connaught 'B' were very relieved to get a win at last, especially the captain desperately looking at overall shots and wondering whether to bowl his last wood in a totally confused end to the match! Bill Adcock, unavailable, and the rotated out Jon Horslen would have strengthened the side but Bedingfield also were missing players. However, like all of the smaller Suffolk clubs we meet, they do have 2 or 3 players who would walk into either Connaught side. Very good company on and off the green


Connaught 'B' lost at Scole on Thursday 3 May by 37-85 and 0-7

Rink 2 Joe Li-Rocchi, John Winup and Carole Taylor lost 10-21 against D Aldous

Rink 3 John Overton, Trevor Burt and George Sheridan lost 10-19 against R Frostick

Rink 4 Ken Ramsbottom, Jon Horslen and Alison Rush lost 7-21 against N BellCo

Rink 5 Bill Adcock, David Warne and Diana Adcock lost 10-24 against M Johnson

Connaught 'B' suffered a rather chastening defeat against a competent and solid Scole side. A look at the Scole line-up beforehand suggested Connaught might be in for a difficult evening and thus it proved. Able to bring in lady players of the calibre of Mary Johnson and Daphne Frostick, Scole were not really any weaker than on an EBA night! Scole  were better up front and coming second at lead puts pressure on 2s and skips faced with opponents who give little away. That said the Connaught players did try hard and bowled some excellent woods throughout. The difference was in consistency, building heads and in sheer bowling awareness. It is important that the Connaught players do not get discouraged and that they learn fromexperiences like this.

Nevertheless the match was very enjoyable and played in a good spirit. The green, although a trifle heavy given the time of year, was very smooth in texture and a pleasure to bowl on. Scole could not get use of the football clubhouse but entertained us very well at their own club and laid on a lovely spread. With that side they look a good promotion bet



Connaught 'B' lost at home against Thorndon on Thursday 26 April by 46-81 and 1-6 

Rink 3 George Sheridan, Joe Li-Rocchi and Val Sheridan lost 6-34 against D Haxell

Rink 4 Ken Ramsbottom, Jon Horslen and Alison Rush won 17-11 against B Stannard

Rink 5 John Winup, Carole Taylor and Pat Barton lost 15-18 against C Hall

Rink 6 Colin Barton, Bill Adcock and Richard Broad lost 8-18 against D Cattermole 

Detained at work in Great Yarmouth Trevor Burt had to call off late and Joe Li-Rocchi, just back from holiday, stepped in. It was agreed to play just the 16 ends although probably we could have managed 18 in the light.

On Rink 3 Connaught were hammered by a better triple on the night with an excellent skip in D Haxell. All the other games were hard-fought with Ken Ramsbottom & Co pulling off a good win after being 2-5 down. Alison and Jon obviously were happier on the faster green and Ken, with woods in the head, was not reduced to a power game only.

Connaught struggled at first on Rink 5 and dropped 4s on ends 4 and 5 proved fatal. 6-18 down after 11 ends Connaught then rallied well to pull back to 15-18. Pat Barton had a splendid game at lead and Carole Taylor played very well second half. John Winup tried hard against Suffolk County skip, Chris Hall, and had his moments without being in the same class. On Rink 6 Connaught battled hard but were undone by another excellent skip in D Cattermole. Skipping was a major difference between the sides. Apart from Rink 3, where the defeat was total, Connaught matched their opponents at lead and 2. We managed well off the green after the disruption of the break-in earlier in the week. Thank you to Elaine and Bob for their help. Thorndon brought spectators with them and were a sociable side. Bar and raffle went very well     

Connaught 'B' v Pulham Market
Connaught 'B' lost at Pulham Market on Wednesday 25 April by 47-71 and 1-6
Rink 1 Colin Barton (skip), Bill Adcock (2) and Trevor Burt won 15-9 against C Williams

Rink 2 John Winup, David Warne and Jenny Moon lost 9-19 against P Brown

Rink 3 Ken Ramsbottom, Jon Horslen and Alison Rush lost 12-28 against R Browne

Rink 4 George Sheridan, Brian Matthews and Val Sheridan lost 11-15 against D Ellis
The match was reduced to 16 ends by prior agreement in view of likely problems with the light. Pulham told us beforehand that the green would be a bit "pushy" and some of Connaught's players really struggled even on a short jack. Colin Barton's triple played solidly and tightly for a good win with a 5 on end 14 proving crucial in a really close match to that point. Colin and Trevor played well as they "found" the green and Bill Adcock kept things together with a superb display at 2. On Rink 2 Connaught pulled back to 9-19 from 0-12 down after 7 ends but Jenny and John (who swapped with David after 9 ends) had problems with weight. On Rink 3 Connaught conceded 1 x 5 and 4 x 4 against probably the home side's strongest triple and Ken Ramsbottom at skip was forced into playing with weight most of the time. On Rink 4 Connaught pulled back to 11-15 after being 1-11 down after 7 ends. Val confessed afterwards to really struggling but Brian at 2 and George battled well to keep in the game. As always Pulham entertained very well after what had been a hard but sociable match  


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