Ashill League Ash Team 
                          Ashill & District League 2019   Shots Shots
Date Time Connaught Team  Opponents F A F A
Tue 14-May-19 6:30pm Connaught Ash  v  Swaffham Home 45 47 2 6
Tue 21-May-19 6:30pm Connaught Ash  v  Watton  Away 66 51 7 1
Tue 28-May-19 6:30pm Connaught Ash  v  Wicklewood Home 34 78 0 8
Tue 18-Jun-19 6:30pm Connaught Ash  v  Thetford "B" Home 53  41 
Tue 02-Jul-19 6:30pm Connaught Ash  v  Swaffham Away 31 74 2 6
Tue 09-Jul-19 6:30pm Connaught Ash  v  Watton Home  42   50   6
Tue 16-Jul-19 6:30pm Connaught Ash  v  Wicklewood Away  53   42 
Tue 23-Jul-19 6:30pm Connaught Ash  v  Connaught Elm Home 54  39 
Tue 06-Aug-19 6pm Connaught Ash  v  Thetford 'B' Away 55  41 
Fri 13-Aug-19 6pm Connaught Ash   Connaught Elm Away  49 53 
Shot Difference -30 433 463 36 36

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Connaught ASH played Connaught ELM on 13th August 2019                   

 Connaught ASH drew   49  -  53  and  4  -  4

Rink 1:  J. Moss, B. Moss, R. Broad  v  B. Westwod Adcock, M. Eades

After such a good performance at Thetford last week it was surprising to see them play so badly this week.  Going 10 – 0 down after 3 ends left them with an almost impossible task and they eventually lost by 13 shots.   Score  11  -  24

Rink 2:  A. Bayes, T. Shoebridge, D. Flatt,  v  A. Sopp Keogh, G. Keogh

This game was close throughout and after a good start, we were 5 shots ahead but we then found ourselves 4 shots behind after 7 ends.  The scores were level after 12, 15 and 17 ends, and on the last end David put the jack in the ditch to win us the game by 1 shot.  Score  15  -  14

Rink 3:  J. Moon, J. Horslen, K. Bartlett  v  J. Overton Wilson, J. Knox

This game was close early on with the scores being level after 7 ends.  We then lost 3 consecutive ends to go 5 shots behind but wining 6 of the last 8 ends saw us win comfortably.  Score  23  -  The season overall was reasonable, of the 10 games we played we won 5 and lost 5 and were the only team to beat the league winners Thetford.  In fact we beat them home and away but lost too many games at home to have any chance of winning the league.  If we can keep this team together next year perhaps we can have a better season.


Connaught  Ash played  Thetford ‘B’  away on  6th August 2019  

Connaught Ash won  55  - 41    and  6 – 2

RINK 4:  J. Moss, B. Moss, R. Broad  v  H. Holbrook

This probably the best game that John has played, in fact all three played well to beat a strong Thetford rink.  We lost 8 ends, 2 by 2 shots and the rest by single shots eventually winning by 7 shots.  Score  17 -  10

RINK 5:  D. Adcock, B. Adcock, D. Flatt  v  G Holbrook

This game changed on the 8th end when we picked up 6 shots followed by 3 shots on the 9th end.  This gave us a 6 shots lead and we then won 4 of the last 5 ends picking up 13 shots to win comfortably by 14 shots.   Score  27  -  13

RINK 6:  S. Judd, J. Moon, K. Bartlett  v  M. Kay

This game was lost in the first 11 ends when we lost 8 of those ends and were 9 shots behind.  We recovered later on but could only win 7 ends and eventually lost by 7 shots.  Score  11  - 18


Connaught Ash played  Wicklewood Abbey away on 16th July 2019

Connaught Ash won  53  -  42  and   5  -  3

RINK 2:   J. Moon, B. Sayers, T. Shoebridge  v  C. Whistler

We were struggling on this rink until the 11th end when we were 13 shots behind.  Then it started to rain and the game changed with us winning 5 of the last 7 ends eventually losing by 5 shots, 16  -  21

RINK 3:  J. Moss, B. Moss, D. Flatt   v  J. Ryder

This rink was close throughout with never more than 3 shots in it.  At the half-way point the score was 7  -  7  with neither side able to take a commanding lead the game eventually finished as seemed inevitable as a draw.   Score  14  -  14.

RINK 4:  S. Judd, V. Moore, K. Bartlett  v  R. Goodings

This rink won us the game overall with all 3 players playing very well, winning 13 of the 18 ends played.  From the 5th end onwards we were never behind and winning 7 consecutive ends towards the end of the game saw us winning the game 4comfortably by 16 shots.  Score  23  -  7


Connaught Ash played Connaught Elm on 23rd July 2019


RINK 1: B. Moss, R. Broad, T. Shoebridge v J. Li-Rocchi

After going behind early on this game changed on the 6 th end when we scored 7 shots. We then

scored 4 on the 12 th end to virtually secure the win eventually winning by 10 shots. Score 23 - 13

RINK 2: D. Adcock, B. Adcock, D. Flatt v M. Botley

We won the 1 st end on this rink and that was the only time that we were ahead. We then went 5

shots behind mid-way through the game and despite getting back on level terms, the loss of 5 of the

last 6 ends cost us the game. Score 11 - 16

RINK 3: S. Judd, V. Moore, K. Bartlett v J. Overton

An excellent performance once again by this rink saw them win comfortably. We were only 3 shots

ahead at the half-way point but we only lost 4 ends throughout the game and eventually won by 10

shots. Score 20 - 10



Connaught Ash lost at home against Watton on 9TH July 2019 by 42-50 and 2- 6

RINK 1: J. Moon, J. Horslen, T. Shoebridge, lost 13- 20 to A Sindle

This rink was very close for 10 ends, but the loss of 5 consecutive ends cost us the game. We dropped 10 shots in those 5 ends and despite winning the final 3 ends we lost by 7 shots. Score 13- 20

RINK 2: J. Moss, B. Moss, D. Flatt lost 13-27 to N. Ellum

This rink was in trouble from the start and were 9 shots behind at the half way point. Despite winning 5 of the final 7 ends we could not close the gap. The loss of 7 shots on the 15th end summed up our evening score. Score 13 - 27

RINK 3: D. Adcock, B, Adcock, R. Broad won 16-12 against J. Seage

With both teams winning 9 ends this game was close throughout. The scores were level after 12 ends but we scored 5 shots on the 14th end and won the final 2 ends to win by 4 shots. Score 16-12



Connaught Ash lost away to Swaffham on 2nd July 2019 by 31-74 and 2 - 6

RINK 1: D. Adcock, B. Adcock, T. Shoebridge 15-13 won against J. Lovic

This rink were only ahead after 2 ends, the first and last. The game was close throughout, but we never dropped more than 2 shots on any end and picking up 4 shots on the final end won the game for us.

RINK 2: V. Moore, B. Sayer, R. Broad Lost 10-29 to Thelma Scaffle

Our team were out bowled for most of this game and dropping 11 shots on 2 ends in the first part meant that we were always chasing the game. Despite winning the last 4 ends we were never in contention, eventually losing by 19.

RINK 3: J. Moon, S. Judd, J. Horslen lost 6- 32 to B. Smith

This rink started well and held a slight lead after 5 ends. We then lost 12 of the last 13 ends and obviously lost heavily to a very good team. We eventually lost by 26 shots



CONNAUGHT  ASH  won against THETFORD  at HOME on 18TH June 2019   53 – 41 and  6 – 2

RINK 1:  R. Adcock, A. Bayes, K. Bartlett  v  G. Holbrook

A slow start on this rink cost us the game.  We were 9 shots behind half-way through the game and despite fighting back to get within 2 shots we could not quite catch them eventually losing by 5 shots.   Score  12  -  17

RINK 2:  J. Moon, R. Broad, J. Horslen  v  M. Holbrook

This game was completely opposite as we were 9 shots ahead early one.  We then lost 3 ends and let them back in the game, but winning 7 consecutive ends took us away from them eventually winning by 8 shots.  Score  20  -  12.

RINK:  ? J. Moss, B. Moss, D. Flatt  v  H. Kay

This game was close until the 10th end when we were 2 shots ahead.  We then won 7 of the last 8 ends and won comfortably by 9 shots.  Score  21  -  12


Connaught Ash  v Wicklewood Abbey  Home

Connaught Ash Lost to Wicklewood Abbey  34 - 78 and  0 - 8 on 28th May 2019

Rink 1:  D. Adcock,  B.Adcock,  J. Horslen,  v  J. Rider

A poor performance from this rink saw us 8 shots behind early in the game and we never recovered.  We then lost 11 shots in 4 ends, which cost us any chance of getting back in the game, eventually losing by 17 shots.   Score  9  -  26

Rink 2:  B. Sayer,  B.Moss,  K. Bartlett  v  M. Waterfield

This game was close until the 13th end but we lost 5 of the last 6 ends to eventually lose by 8 shots.  Score  11  -  19

Rink 3:  J. Moon,  R. Broad,  D. Flatt  v  C. Whistler

We started well in this game taking the lead early on, but the loss of 11 ends in the last 13 obviously cost us any chance of winning on this rink.  Score  14  -  33.

General:  Watching this game rather than playing gave me a chance to look at the teams overall performance.  The scores obviously show that we were not good enough and Wicklewood played the green better than we did.  They attacked the head all of the time and that was obviously the way to play.


Connaught Ash v Watton

Connaught Ash won away against Watton on 21st May 2019 by 66- 51 and 7- 1

RINK 4: J. Poll, A. Bayes, T. Shoebridge v K. Simpson

A very close game that went down to the final wood. We had a 7shot lead with 4 ends to play but needed to win the last end which we did to win the game. Score 20- 7

RINK 5: D. Quadling, B. Adcock, C. Beavers v A Hubble

This game was close until the 15th end when we scored 5 shots to take a 6-shot lead. This was the end that finally deflated the opposition and we went on to win the last 6 ends for a 12-shot win. Score 21 - 9

RINK 6: J. Moss, B. Moss, D. Flatt v G. Vellum

This was a strange game with 50 shots scored overall. At the halfway point we had a 9-shot lead and seemed to be in control but losing 5 of the next 6 ends cost us the game. We dropped 19 shots in those 6 ends but winning the last 2 ends secured a deserved draw Score 25 - 25



Connaught Ash lost to Swaffham at Home on 14th May 2019 by 45-47 and 2-

Rink 1 Carol Beavers, Richard Broad and David Flatt lost 11-16 to B Westfield.

Rink 2 Jenny Moon, Berny Sayer and Kevin Bartlett lost13-24 to B Smith.

Rink 3 Diane Adcock, Bill Adcock and John Horslen won 21-7 against T Scarfe

On Rink 1 A poor start for Connaught not scoring until the 6th end to trail 1-7 then recovering to win 5 of the next 6 ends to level the game at 9-9 but only managed to score 2 to Swaffham’s 7 in the last 6 ends losing the game 11-16

On Rink 2 another poor start for Connaught again not scoring this time on the first seven ends to be 0-17 it was then an uphill task a small recovery over the next four ends to be 7-17 by the eleventh end but only managed to score 5 to Swaffham’s 7 by on the remaining ends to lose 13-24

On Rink 3 Connaught had a good start to be 5-2 on the 6th end then scored a 5 on the 7th end put Connaught well ahead at 10-2 then over the last 11 ends Connaught scored 11 shots to Swaffham’s 5 to win 21-7



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