The Club's green opens on Sunday 28 April 2019 with the Sid Watson Charity drive.

The short mats will have been taken up on 13 April 2019, most people will turn their attention to the green from now on. From the unisex short mat game.

We now turn attention to games organised around separate external competition for men and women, albeit with quite a lot of mixed competition. At national and local level, the men's and women's organisations have merged. Whether some of the traditional formalities will start to fade away as the game faces up to the modern world is another question altogether.

Connaught look forward to another good and busy season and the fixture list is crowded enough. Membership levels have been maintained and purely social bowls should be successful enough. The Men's and Ladies' teams, as with most bowls’ clubs, are not getting any younger and illness is starting to take its toll. However, there is enough strength there to maintain current standards for another season. If 4 or 5 new players do emerge, of slightly younger than average age and with some bowling experience, the Club will extend a hearty welcome


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