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Connaught Ladies won against Aldiss Park  43 - 42 and 6 - 2



A nail biting end to a great season, a stronger team facing us, we obviously warranted this much stronger opposition. We were needing a good points score to keep us at the top and it went to the last bowl (not bowled) to give us that crucial 6 points.

A shaken captain (after a fall just the hour before) but  a team stirred into action as Aldiss Park came out guns blazing, but we were resilient and held our nerve. We all knew it was a win to give us the league.

Rink 2  Pat Barton, Pat Benefer  skip Sylvia Parsons v J. Newell     won 16—11

Rink 3  Catherine Branch, Carol Tipton skip Sheila Bragg v H.Clements   lost 12--18 last bowl not delivered.

Rink 4  Annabel Sopp, Jenny Moon skip Joan Knox   v L.West won 15-13

Rink 3 had a late start as 2 of the opposing team were late arriving so it was a tense watch with a 5 point lead going into the last end, next to last wood for us saw a two shot lead cut down to just one. Our girls and spectators willing skip Sheila not to bowl her last wood. A 6 shot, loss became our 6-0 point win.

Rinks 2 and 4 were never in doubt with both sets of girls wishing they had given a greater lead to cover the shortfall on rink 3, but it didn’t matter and we got those points.

WELL DONE to all team members for a great season and to those who were reserves needed or not.

A GREAT team effort.

PRESENTATION at Thetford 4th October 7.00 be there if you can.

Pat Barton Team Captain



Connaught Ladies lost at home to Wymondham Dell Ladies in 22nd July by 39-47 and 2-6

What a scorcher ----- and that was just the legs hanging out of the cropped trousers.

Rink 1. Catherine Branch, Vera Moore and Sylvia Parsons lost 10--17

Rink 2. Annabel Sopp, Carol Tipton and Joan Knox lost 11-19

Rink 3 Pat Barton, Pat Benefer skip Pam Smith won 18--11

The Dell brought a very strong team, very much strengthened from our match earlier in the season, and although only 8 shots down we lost 2-6

We kept going, hard as it was but it was a lesson learned. All rinks were coming back and only one rink managed it, but we shouldn’t be too hard on ourselves,

The losses don’t show how many we were holding until their skips (who were on excellent form) came in and upset the apple cart.

Well done to rink 3 who got their win and a 4 on the last end.

I know several of you were disappointed at this our only loss, ignore the league table, but we have two matches left and if we can pull out our better game which we certainly do have, we will show everyone Connaught ladies can do it.

We are 1 point ahead of Swaffham but have a game in hand and it is in our hands. Let’s do it.!!!!!!!

Team lists for final 2 games are on notice board please tick off, reserves please note we did have to call on a reserve this week through illness, so as I said at our pre-season meeting, reserves are important to any team. Without a reserve you lose points!

Thanks to our helpers for putting out the rinks and clearing away and opening the bar, Dennis Branch and Mike Parsons, although I did ask the ladies to do the prep prior to matches these lads were a force to be reckoned with.



Connaught Ladies won at home against Swaffham on 17th July 2019 by 65-40 and 7-1

Swaffham return match saw a much stringer side from them but in true fashion we all rose to the task. Not quite the 8-0 result we had away but near enough to put us back on top with a game in hand, as we have had our bye for the second half on the fixtures.

Rink 1 Jenny Moon, Joan Knox, skip Shelia Bragg a draw 18-18

Rink 2 Pat Barton, Annabel Sopp, Skip Pam Smith. Won 24-11

Rink 3 Catherine Branch, Pat Benefer, Skip Sylvia Parsons – Won 23-11

Rink 1 – Started well but were caught and at end 12 both sides had 12. Swaffham started to pull away but on the last end we were 4 down. The team held its nerve and scored 4 to give a draw and that extra point (that could be crucial at the end of the season)

Rink 2 -Shot off to an 8-1 lead but dug in and scored 13 shots on the last 8 ends. They had a 4 on end 17. A good score of 24 with 11 against was a reward for their hard work.

Rink 3 – By end 11 they had 14 only allowing Swaffham two singles. Both teams scored 9 in the second half of the game but the Connaught lead was too much and again a 4 on end 14 nailed the win.

Well done team let’s continue with our great wins and try and win the title again this year. All players have had stand downs and this is working well. This is giving the newer players the experience in this level of competition with guidance of the more experienced team players. Team sheet is up check and tick off please, remember to arrive to give help for setting up.

Ladies Captain Pat Barton


Connaught Ladies won at home against Aldiss Park on 24th June 2019 by 67-28 and 8- 0


Rink 1. Carol Tipton, Vera Moore and Sheila Bragg won 17-12 against H. Clements

Rink 2. Pat Barton, Ann Bayes and Pam Smith won against 25-12 to L. West

Rink 3. Catherine Branch, Annabel Sopp and Sylvia Parsons won 25 -4 against J. Newell

Rink 1 Probably had the hardest job they were 1 up going into last end, no pressure they clinched 4 shots to give a very valuable extra 2 points, as all points gained, more than count at the end of the season.

Rink 2 Scored on 11 ends with some 3’s scattered around and a 4 on end 6, Aldiss park never on the card after end 14, a good win.

Rink 3 Scored on 14 ends again a smattering of 3’s but no 4 for them. They were never pressured and it was a fabulous win. Best rink well done.

We are doing very well but we can’t let the results let off the pressure, as one bad result might turn things around later in the season.

We have a two-week break as we have a bye on the 1st and there’s a break for the 8thJuly.

We have Swaffham returning to us on the 15th July and considering our great result away (8-0), I will be picking in the main the team we fielded against them. There are a couple of players unavailable and this will need a bit of a tweak, but there are many good players still available.

Team will be on board by 6th, and again please be there ready at 6 .00 to lend a hand with preparing and clearing after the match.



Connaught Ladies drew on points at home on 17th June 2019 against Thetford by 43-50 and 4-4

Rink 1 Jenny Moon, Ann Bayes and Joan Knox lost 8-24 to A. Melton

Rink 2 Pat Barton, Pat Benefer and Pam Smith won 16-15 against G. Holbrook

Rink 3 Carol Tipton, Vera Moore and Sheila Bragg won 19-11 against M. Kay

A Good Game - Tight till the end

Rink 1 found themselves against a very strong rink and in a complete reversal to last week against Wymondham Dell, but they hung in and tried to keep the deficit manageable.

Rink 2 were level at end 5 then had a blank middle section, making ground and pulling out the one shot to go ahead. End 18 saw a draw for the shot wood and rink 2 won by that 1 point.

Rink 3. Had a steady start then scored a 5 on end 6 taking the lead, never looking like they would lose, they held off Thetford to get their win.

Thetford have always given us a close game, so gaining the 4 points was a good outcome. Although, on the table it’s counted as a loss as we had less shots scored by the rinks!!!!!!

A gentle reminder points are always important, so if you’re ahead try for a few more. If you’re behind contain the deficit those in the middle just try and get there. We are at the top of the table let’s try to stay there at the half way point.

Next match Aldiss Park 24th June all players be there 6.00 to help with preparations.
Rinks, tea and biscuits, rink fees and raffle



Connaught Ladies won away against Wymondham Ladies on 3rd June 2019 by 44-37 and 6-2

Rink One Jenny Moon, Ann Bayes and Joan Knox won 16-8 against G. Adcock

Rink Two Catherine Branch, Pat Benefer and Sylvia Parsons Lost 8-22 to J. Webb

Rink Three Annabel Sopp, Vera Moore Skip Pam Smith won 20-7 against J. Grey

Well done another great match gaining us 6-2 points against a strong Wymondham Dell team. In particular our rink two were definitely against a very strong rink and they were wicked out of several good scores, but they held on and made sure we kept the 6 points.

Good to see the other rinks having comfortable wins and not letting the game go, as every shot does matter when looking for the extra 2 points.

Once again check the fixtures and let me know of any changes you may have to availability.

We now have 14 out of 16 points great start



Connaught Ladies won away against Swaffham Ladies on 20th May by 75-39 and 8-0

Triple 1 Sylvia Parsons Pat Benefer and Catherine Branch. won 27- 13 against J. Dearman.
Starting fairly even at 5 all at 5 ends, increased to 16-6 at end 10 then pressed on to win by 14 shots, fabulous.

Triple 2 Joan Knox, Ann Bayes and Jenny Moon won 24-16 Against C Pick.
Went on a sprint start at 15-1 at 5 ends, continued their dominance at end 10 at 20-5 started to ease off their scoring but still producing another dominating performance 24-16. 8 shot, win.

Triple 3 Pam Smith, Carole Beavers and Pat Barton won by 24-10 against A Pick
Again, at end 5 we had 8-2, hard fought to end 10 keeping the lead at 11-7. Picking up the pace the lead increased to another great result of 24-10 again 14 shot, win.


A big well done to everyone all rinks played very well and a good rapport between everyone. Every rink won quite convincingly and gave a final score which bettered all our games last season. A good start let’s continue at this level, with confidence. This is better than any result of last season, so it is more than encouraging for the coming season, and with another 7 players on stand down or unavailable we should have strength in depth. What manager or team captain wouldn’t be pleased with that!

All players are asked to communicate with any unavailability, holiday or injury, check fixture card or diary

Once again, well done let’s continue our season at our best.

Report by Pat Barton, Captain






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