Upper Waveney League 2019   Shots Points  
 Connaught "A" Team  F  A  F  A
Thu 25-Apr-19 6:30pm Upper Waveney A  v  Beeches  Click for Report Away 71 50 6 1
Thu 02-May-19  6:30pm Upper Waveney A  v  Dickleburgh Home 72 45 6 1
Thu 09-May-19 6:45pm Upper Waveney A  v  Gissing Away 50 82 1 6
Fri 17-May-19 6:45pm Upper Waveney A  v  Stradbrooke & Dist Home 98 53 7 0
Thu 23-May-19 6:30pm Upper Waveney A  v  Diss A Away 59 84 1 6
Thu 30-May-19 6:45pm Upper Waveney A  v  Wortham Home  82 49 6 1
Mon 03-Jun-19 6:45pm Upper Waveney A  v  Hoxne Away 69 61 5.5 1.5
Thu 13-Jun-19 6:45pm Upper Waveney A  v  Thornham Magna Home 53 60 1.5 5.5
Thu 20-Jun-19 6:45pm Upper Waveney A  v  Pulham Market Away 94 53 5.5 1.5
Thu 27-Jun-19 6:45pm Upper Waveney A  v  Beeches Home  71 56 6 1
Thu 04-Jul-19 6:45pm Upper Waveney A  v  Dickleburgh Away 63 65 3 4
Thu 11-Jul-19 6:45pm Upper Waveney A  v  Gissing Home 79 76 5 2
Fri 19-Jul-19 6:45pm Upper Waveney A  v Stradbrooke & Dist Away 79 59 6 1
Thu 25-Jul-19 6:45pm Upper Waveney A  v  Diss A Home 71 74 2 5
Thu 01-Aug-19 6:30pm Upper Waveney A  v  Wortham Away 64 72 2 5
Thu 08-Aug-19 6:30pm Upper Waveney A  v  Hoxne Home 68 78 5
Thu 15-Aug-19 6:30pm Upper Waveney A  v  Thornham Magna Away 71 69 5.5 1.5
Thu 22-Aug-19 6:30pm Upper Waveney A  v  Pulham Market Home 99 55 7 0
Shot Difference   172 1313 1141 78 48

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UWL Connaught "A" won against Pulham, at home, 22nd Aug. 99 - 55 Shots, 7 - 0 Points

Rink 1:     P. Benefer, M. Minshull and P. McDonald won against D. Ellis, 28 - 18.

Rink 2:     P. Hambling, R. Broad and T. Shoebridge won against C. Jordan, 21 - 11.

Rink 3:     G. Benefer, M. Utting and M. Watson won against A. Bell, 25 - 18.

Rink 4:     D. Liles, R. Taylor and O. Secker won against D. Baker, 25 - 8.

Rink 1:     Having dropped a 4 on the second end, this Connaught triple had to "dig in" to get ahead 12 - 10 by end 10, only to drop another 4 on the next end, 12 - 14. However, a 7 for Connaught on end 12 turned the tide and Pulham never recovered. Consistently accurate shots by the Connaught lead backed by their number 2, allowed Connaught to win 28 - 18.

Rink 2:     A magnificent start saw this Connaught triple go 11 - 0 ahead at end 6. Pulham were not able to recover allowing Connaught to win 21 - 11.

Rink 3:     A strange game where Connaught only won 8 ends. 7 - 0 up at end 3, 9 - 9 at end 8, Connaught then won two 5's and two 3's to run out 25 - 18 winners.

Rink 4:     This Connaught triple were never really troubled, scoring steadily throughout to win 25 - 8.

Conclusion:  The pre-match grapevine indicated that Connaught needed 6 points to secure finishing in second place in the league, this being the last match of the season, for Connaught anyway!

Not wanting to put players under pressure, they were only told that "points were needed" and "to go for your shots even if you are losing".

The match was played in good spirits and Pulham gave a good account of themselves. The light failed quite drastically after 8 o'clock, requiring the yellow jacks to be changed to white at about end 15; The match finishing in the gloom. Connaught played a magnificent game, winning well on all 4 rinks to secure a maximum 7 points. A special thanks to the Connaught players who played 2 matches in one day. 

Happily, having lost this match, Pulham's position in this division should be secure for next season and they were wished well for the future.

The aim for Connaught "A" at the outset of the season was a top two finish and, if all calculations are correct, Connaught have achieved their goal.

A win in the UWL Cup Final on Sunday 8th September at Thornham Magna would be the thick icing on the big, fat cake.

Report: Paul McDonald, Captain


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Upper Waveney League, Division 1.

Connaught "A" won against Thornham Magna, away, 15th August. 71 - 69 Shots, 5 1/2 - 1 1/2 Points.

Rink 1:    P. Benefer, R. Taylor and D. Flatt lost against L. Crick, 16 - 21.

Rink 2:    G. Benefer, M. Minshull and M. Watson won against M. Norman (Capt.) 16 - 15.

Rink 3:    J. Moon, J. Horslen and P. McDonald drew against D. Lister, 18 - 18.

Rink 4:    P. Hambling, R. Broad and T. Shoebridge won against K. Crabbe, 21 - 15.

Rink 1:     A good start and steady play saw Connaught lead 11 - 8 at end 11 only to drop a 5 on end 12. Once behind, Connaught never regained the lead dropping 2 x 4's in the final ends to lose 16 - 21.

Rink 2:     A very close game ensued, 4 - 4 at end 5, 9- 9 at end 11. Then Connaught scored 7 in the next 3 ends, 16 - 9. Thornham Magna then went on to win the last 4 ends, scoring just 6 shots giving Connaught a 16 - 15 win.

Rink 3:     Connaught had the measure of this game taking a 15 - 9 lead by end 12. Then the Thornham skip swapped to lead and changed the game. Connaught only managed to win 3 more shots and in the murk of the failing light, Thornham held out for an 18 - 18 draw.

Rink 4:     An edgy start saw this game go to 3 - 3 at end 6. 3 x 2's in the next 3 ends saw Connaught take a lead that was never challenged. A 6 on end 11 was decisive for Connaught, running out winners, 21 - 15.

Conclusion:    A pleasant game played in the stillness of the evening after a blustery day. The game was, unusually, played across the narrow green due to water and heavy play damage to the long ends. This meant only 4 or so metres to cast the jack resulting in very consistent play lengths. Most players adjusted to this and the game was played in good spirits. The after match supper and speeches were enjoyed by all. Thornham Magna were wished "good luck" in hosting the UWL Finals weekend on 7th and 8th September.



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Upper Waveney League, Division 1.

UWL Connaught "A" lost against Hoxne, Home, 8th Aug. 68 - 78 Shots, 2 - 5 Points.

Rink 1:    P. Hambling, R. Broad and T. Shoebridge lost against M. Hurry, 7 - 25

Rink 2:    P. Benefer, M. Minshull and P. McDonald won against D. Lockley, 27 – 14

Rink 3:    G. Benefer, M. Utting and M. Watson won against R. Knight (Capt), 20 - 19

Rink 4:    J. Moon, J. Li.Rocchi and O. Secker lost against  A. Garnham, 14 - 20

Rink 1:    This Connaught triple had a rough night against a strong Hoxne team; Winning only 4 ends in the whole match to lose 7 - 25.

Rink 2:    Connaught started well to be up 17 - 0 at end 7. Hoxne then changed their formation and changed their fortune, scoring 14 shots to Connaught's 10 over the remaining ends. Connaught winning 27 - 14.

Rink 3:    A slow start by Connaught and a fighting come back saw the score 12 - 12 at end 9, 15 - 15 at end 12, 18 - 18 at end 15, 19 - 19 at end 17. Connaught scored 1 on the last end to win 20 - 19.

Rink 4:    Having dropped a 6 on end 5, Connaught never headed in this match losing 14 - 20.

Conclusion:  A disappointing result after playing so well all season. Connaught appear to have lost the winning drive and the chasing teams are ready to knock us back. It looks like a top 3 finish may just be possible. Hoxne, although languishing in the bottom 2, have seen a revival over the last few league matches. They also have to play Gissing in the other UWL Cup Semi-Final and we wish them luck with that.

Report: Paul McDonald - Captain


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Upper Waveney League Connaught A played Wortham away on 1st August 2019

Connaught A  lost 64-72 and 2-5 away to Wortham

Rink 1  P.Hambling, R.Broad and G li Rocchi  beat M.Potter 22-17

Rink 2  P.Benefer, R.Taylor and D.Flatt lost to C.Gooderham 8-23

Rink 3  G.Benefer, M.Utting and M.Watson beat B.Callin 20-16

Rink 4  J.Moon, M.Minshull and O.Secker lost to R.Pursehouse  14-16

On Rink 1 the Connaught triple were leading 22-10 with three ends remaining but the home side fought back on the last ends with a2,3 and a 2 to reduce the deficit.

On Rink 2 Charlie Gooderham,s triple proved to strong for that of David Flatt who went down by 15 shots.

On Rink 3 with 4 ends remaining Connaught were cruising at 20-4, the wheels then came of the bus, dropping 12 shots on the last ends as a result of the combination of poor play by all three players coupled with bad  luck.

On Rink 4 the power play of skip Richard Pursehouse, was the undoing of Connaught,  on numerous occasions the visitors were holding multiple shots when Richard came along to spoil things. Connaught fought hard to win by two shots.

An enjoyable evenings bowling on a well-prepared green.


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UWL Connaught "A" Team played  Diss at Home on 25th July, Report

 Connaught "A" lost against Diss, Home, 25th July, 71 - 74 Shots, 2 - 5 Points.

Rink 1:    P. Hambling, J. Li-Rocchi and O. Secker won against J. Maskell, 24 – 11

Rink 2:    R. Broad, M. Minshull and T. Shoebridge lost against M. Howard, 10 – 31

Rink 3:    D. Liles, R. Taylor and D. Flatt lost against A. Bailey (Capt), 7 – 26

Rink 4:    G. Benefer, M. Utting and M. Watson won against A. Brundle, 30 – 6

Rink 1:    A solid start by Connaught in a tight first half, saw the score 8 - 8 at end 10. Then a 7 for Connaught on end 12 turned the game. Connaught finishing strongest to win 24 - 11.

Rink 2:    A disastrous game for Connaught, with all 3 players under performing to win only 4 ends. A change of line-up during the game made no difference, Connaught losing 10 - 31.

Rink 3:    Again, a weak performance saw Connaught win only 7 ends, 1 shot each time, but lose 11 ends, giving away 2 x 3's, a 5 and a 6 to lose, 7 - 26.

Rink 4:    Dominant play from this Connaught triple allowed Diss to win only 5 ends for 6 points. Connaught winning 30 - 6.

Conclusion: A close match, with each team winning 2 rinks and with only a 3 shot difference in the overall score. However the disparity in scores on individual rinks was quite astonishing. A "funny game" bowls!

Diss have done the double on us again this season. Good luck to them for the rest of the season, in the league. 

We are destined to meet them in the semi-final of the UWL Cup on a neutral ground, yet to be advised, on Wednesday 7th August. 

They will also be sending a team to compete in the Invitation Shield on Saturday 27th.

Report by Paul McDonald - Captain.


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Connaught A won away at Stradbroke and District on 19th July by 79 shots to 59 and by 6 points to 1.

Rink 2 Derek Liles, Roy Taylor and Terry Shoebridge won 18-16 against J. Dann

 Rink 3 Patricia Benefer, Michael Minshull and Owen Secker won 25–18 against D Cattermole

 Rink 4 Graham Benefer, Jon Horslen and Mark Watson lost 15-19 to M Ellis

 Rink 5 Peter Hambling, Richard Broad and Joe Li Rocchi won 21-6 against I Cattermole

Rink 2 Classic “game of two halves” with Connaught trailing by 7 shots to 14 after 11 ends. Terry and Roy swapped positions and with Shoebridgian woods in the head Roy was able to up his game as Connaught won the last 7 ends by 11 shots to 2.

Rink 3 From 9 all at the half way point this block pulled steadily away from Stradbroke to record a well-earned 7 shot victory.

Rink 4 Our only defeat of the evening. This match pitted “Iron Man” Watson against Mary “The Enforcer” Ellis. A combination of first-class bowling from the Stradbroke ladies and outrageous luck meant that Connaught were never in front and despite a late rally lost by four shots.

Rink 5 “Straight woods” Li Rocchi and “even straighter woods” Broad ably led by the curvaceous Hambling were always in command of this rink as they relentlessly powered their way to an impressive 21 – 6 victory.

Conclusion: An excellent win in constant rain on a tricky green. At half way, Connaught were behind on three rinks but showed grit (some of it off the green) and determination to bring home an excellent six points. I feel sure that many sides will fare less well against a very hospitable Stradbroke team.

Jon Horslen
Deputy Acting (for one night only) Vice Captain


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Connaught UWL "A" v Gissing

Connaught "A" Team won against Gissing, Home, 11th July, 79 - 76 Shots, 5 - 2 Points.

Rink 1: J. Moon, J. Li - Rocchi and P. McDonald lost against M. Cot, 12 - 19

Rink 2: G. Benefer, M. Utting and M. Watson lost against G. Forster, 18 - 25

Rink 3: P. Hambling, R. Broad and O. Secker won against P. Whymark, 31 - 16

Rink 4: D. Liles, R. Taylor and D. Flatt won against S. Thompson (Capt.) 18 - 16

Rink 1: Connaught made a healthy start in this game, with two 3's to be 11 - 5 up at 11 ends. Then a dropped 6 on end 12 put us behind from which we never recovered. D. Wood at lead and R. Cot at two for Gissing, having exceptional games to win 12 - 19.

Rink 2: An even start to this game to be 8 - 8 at 8 ends, then 10 - 8 up at halfway. However, a run of 5 ends without scoring saw Connaught drop away to be 10 - 21 down at end 14. A battling finish to score 8 to Gissing's 4 kept Connaught's hopes alive, losing 18 - 25.

Rink 3: A great start saw Connaught up 20 - 3 at end 10. Gissing never recovered and went down 31 - 16.

Rink 4: This was a much more even game with Connaught down 8 - 9 at halfway. It was 13 - 13 at end 14 when Connaught scored a 4 to go in front and hold out to win 18 - 16.

Conclusion: The principle of keeping scores close, even if your rink is losing, is being mastered by Connaught, with some battling finishes being played out.
However, the principle of keeping a tidy scorecard, with the twos recording the scores and the skips checking the cards, has not been mastered.
A review of the Rink 3 scorecard after the match showed the actual score to have been 31 - 14. Those 2 shots could account for a difference of 4 points the wrong way. The Connaught Captains have little time to record results at Home games, especially when they have been playing themselves, and they rely on the scorecards being checked and submitted correctly.
I, myself, am guilty of recording and submitting incorrect scores. I, therefore, urge all Connaught players to check, check and double check scorecards as, it seems, mistakes are too easy to make and could be very costly. Opponents are not willing to own up to the incorrect recording of unfavourable results.

As the "A" Team Captain, I take the responsibility for recording match results. If this means in the future that I am unable to play, to allow me more time to concentrate on correcting inaccurate scorecards, then so be it.

Report: Paul McDonald - Captain.


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Connaught UWL "A" v Dickleburgh

Connaught "A" Lost against Dickleburgh, away, 4th July, 63 - 65 Shots, 3 - 4 Points.

Rink 3:    J. Moon, J. Horslen and J. Li-Rocchi lost against D. Shimell, 8 - 24.

Rink 4:    D. Liles, R. Taylor and O. Secker won against D. Beales, 18 - 15.

Rink 5:    P. Hambling, M. Utting and M. Watson won against L. Young (Capt.), 20 - 11.

Rink 6:    M. Minshull, R. Broad and T. Shoebridge won against A. Green, 17 - 15.

Rink 3:    "A bad day at the office" for this Connaught triple. They made a competent start but then 7 ends without scoring sealed their demise. They battled on, changing formation with Joe leading and Jon going to skip but to no avail. An undeserved defeat, 8 - 24.

Rink 4:    This was a competitive game going to 10 - 10 at end 12. Then Connaught won 3 ends on the trot, including a 5, which saw them through to the finish. Roy swapped with Owen for the last few ends to win18 - 15.

Rink 5:    A great start to be 11 - 4 up at the halfway mark and a competitive finish gave Connaught the win, 20 - 11.

Rink 6:    This was a tight game throughout, however, even though Dickleburgh won 10 of the 18 ends, Connaught's two hefty 5's gave them the edge, winning 17 - 15.

Conclusion:  With the scoring system in this league allowing 3 points for the overall shots, it is necessary not just to win ends but to score shots. Although Connaught won 3 of the 4 games and only lost the match by 2 shots, the heavy defeat on one rink cost the 3 points. It is imperative that, although a rink may be winning, it is important to win by as many shots as possible to cover for any losing rinks. Anyway, that's the moral of this storey. It is easy to be wise when you are watching the match from the clubhouse with a beer in your hand.

Dickleburgh are a very sporting club and did enough to win on their own green. The after-match speeches were very jovial and all players from both teams are looking forward to the upcoming "Cup" game at Connaught. Revenge would, indeed, be sweet!

Report: Paul McDonald, Captain.


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Connaught UWL "A" Team won against Beeches, 27th June at Home, 71 - 56 Shots, 6 - 1 Points.

Rink 1:    J. Moon, J. Horslen and J. Li-Rocchi won against R. Roberts (Capt). 22 – 14

Rink 2:    D. Liles, D. Flatt and O. Secker lost against M. Fuller, 12 – 15

Rink 3:    P. Benefer, R. Broad and T. Shoebridge won against A. Broughton, 14 – 13

Rink 4:    G. Benefer, M. Utting and M. Watson won against R. Wilkins, 23 – 14

Rink 1:    A slow start saw Connaught 1 - 9 down after only 4 ends which, I think, woke our players up to win the next 5 ends, to be 11- 9 up after 9 ends. Having taken the initiative, Connaught went on to have a high scoring second half, to win the game 22 - 14. (Jenny's new woods look very nice on the jack.)

Rink 2:    This game was a very tight affair. 2 - 2 at end 3, 8 - 8 at end 10, 11 - 11 at end 15. At the finish, Beeches scored 4 to Connaught's 1 to run out the winners, 12 - 15.

Rink 3:    Another tight game with Connaught never in the lead until a 4 on end 16 made it 14 - 12. A "no scoring end" with the jack in the ditch and nothing within 2 meters, then a 1 to Beeches on the last end, saw a 1 point Connaught win, 14 - 13.

Rink 4:    A very strange game! Connaught were 4 - 12 down on end 9 before they got going. Connaught only allowed Beeches 2 more shots during the second half, scoring heavily themselves to win the game in style, 23 - 14.

Conclusion:    It's great when a plan comes together! This Connaught team played well enough to win this game which was a good, if a somewhat nerve racking, watch. Beeches were worthy opponents; better than their league position shows. The after match refreshments were much enjoyed and it is hoped that Beeches have a better second half to their season, to see them remain in this division. 

A very big "Thank You!" must go to Mari-Anne, Joyce and the two Ronnies; Sorry, the two Carols, for their help in presenting the food and running the bar, Many Thanks!

Report:    Paul McDonald, Captain 


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UWL Connaught "A" won away against Pulham Market, 20th June, 94 - 53 Shots, 5 1/2 - 1 1/2 Points

Rink 1:    D. Liles, R. Taylor and O. Secker drew against A. Bell, 18 – 18

Rink 2:    G. Benefer, M. Utting and M. Watson won against D. Baker, 22 – 11

Rink 4:    J. Moon, J. Horslen and J. Li- Rocchi lost against R. Browne (Capt) 17 – 18

Rink 5:    P. Benefer, R. Broad and T. Shoebridge won against M. Lantsbury 37 – 6

Rink 1:    A slow start by Connaught, only scoring 1 in the first 6 ends, was turned around when they scored a 6 on end 7 to lead 7 - 5. Connaught maintained their lead until end 15 when Pulham scored a 4 to take the lead, 14 - 17. Owen had swapped with Roy during this stage of the game. There then ensued a tight race to the line; Connaught getting a 2 on the last end to earn a well fought draw, 18 - 18.

Rink 2:    This was a splendid show of team bowling by the Connaught block, with Mick in particular, showing fine form. Connaught won 10 ends with high scores to take the game, 22 - 11.

Rink 4:    Connaught scored 3 on the first end, then went the next 12 ends scoring only 2 more to be 5 - 18 down at end 13. Although Connaught were holding 3's and 4's at times, the Pulham skip, Roger Browne, having an exceptional game, played well to score winning  shots. Joe had swapped with Jon during this spell to try to change things. Change things they did, winning the last 5 ends with big scores. A Connaught 4 on the last end was not enough to draw level, losing 17 - 18. A great comeback against some awfully bad luck.

Rink 5:    This Connaught triple started well and kept the momentum going, losing only 6 ends during the whole of this game. Pat, who had been brought in to replace the unfortunate Jim Squire, had a splendid game from all reports. A great result from this "new" Connaught triple, which I hope to use again. Connaught winning 37 - 6.

Conclusion:    A cloud burst, during the early stages of this match, may have dampened the green but not the resolve of the Connaught players. The difference in strength in depth against a club with only 37 members was highlighted by this match, although Pulham's quality play should not be underestimated. Their green was immaculate and their green keeper was congratulated on it's condition. A friendly club, Pulham provided splendid after match refreshments, enjoyed by all. We look forward to meeting them in the return match.

Report: Paul McDonald, Captain




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UWL Connaught "A" lost at home against Thornham Magna, 13th June, 53 - 60 Shots, 1 1/2 - 5 1/2 Points.

Rink 1:    G. Benefer, K. Noble and M. Watson lost against L. Crick 14 – 15

Rink 2:    J. Squire, R. Taylor and P. McDonald drew against D. Lister 12 – 12

Rink 3:    P. Hambling, M. Minshull and O. Secker lost against K. Crabbe 9 – 20

Rink 4:    P. Benefer, R. Broad and J. Li-Rocchi won against M. Norman (Capt) 18 – 13

Before the match, both captains agreed to shorten the game to a maximum 16 ends due to the failing light.

Rink 1:     A very evenly contested game right through, 5 - 5 at 3 ends, 11 - 11 at 11 ends, 14 - 14 going into the last end. A 1 for Thornham gave them the game. 14 – 15

Rink 2:     An even start saw this game go to 6 - 6 at 6 ends, 7 - 7 at 8 ends then Connaught won 3 ends to go 10 - 7 up at 11 ends. Thornham switched their Skip and Lead, winning a 3 on end 15, to take a lead of 11 - 12 into the last end. Connaught were holding 3 in a very tight head when the substitute Skip came in to take shot. Unfortunately the shot wood later fell out leaving Connaught with 1 and a draw, 12 – 12

Rink 3:    The players in this Connaught triple had already played during the afternoon and I think this contributed to a poor start to be 0 - 14 down at the half way mark. A revival to win the second half 9 - 6 was not enough. Connaught losing 9 - 20.

Rink 4:    A shining light on a pretty dull evening. Connaught dropped a 3 on the first end but battled back to lead 7 - 3 on end 5, only to drop another 3, 7 - 6 at end 6. Connaught then lost 4 ends in a row to be 7 - 12 down at end 10. Connaught then won a 4 on end 11 and continued to win 5 of the last 6 ends to take the overall win 18 – 13

Conclusion:    This was a game played under unfavourable circumstances. Some "A" team squad players had decided to play in the Past Presidents game in the afternoon, leaving a much depleted squad for the competitive evening game. The weather looked to be "foul" but both captains decided to play the game regardless, to prevent a fixture congestion. A shortened game was agreed to be played due to the cold, wet and dark conditions. A full length game with a full squad might have resulted differently. Hay - Ho, it is what it is! 

Thornham Magna are a very sociable club and, having been congratulated on their win, welcomed us to the reply match on their green.

Report: Paul McDonald - Captain


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UWL Connaught "A" won against Hoxne, 3rd June, 69 - 61 Shots, 5 1/2 - 1 1/2 Points

Rink 1:    G. Benefer, M. Utting and M. Watson won against R. Knight (Capt). 18 – 14

Rink 2:    J. Squire, R. Taylor and M. Minshull lost against D. Lockley 14 – 15

Rink 4:    P. Hambling, T. Shoebridge and O. Secker drew against M. Hurry 15 – 15

Rink 5:    R. Broad, J. Horslen and J. Li. Rocchi won against K. Garnham 22 – 17

Rink 1:    This was a very even game throughout. Down 4 - 5 end 4; Up 10 - 5 end 7; 11 - 11 end 11; 13 - 13 end 15. Connaught finished superbly with a 2 and a 3 to Hoxne's 1 to win 18 - 14. This was a case of "digging in" on a tricky rink and Connaught ground out a fine win.

Rink 2:    This too, was a very close game with both teams winning 9 ends each. Precise bowling into very tight heads kept the scoring low for the teams to be equal 13 - 13 on end 16. A 2 for Hoxne and a 1 for Connaught produced  a 14 - 15 win for Hoxne.

Rink 4:    This game produced an even tighter finish. A slow start from the Connaught triple, with Terry playing his first "A" team game this season, meant Connaught were 3 - 10 down at end 8. Maurice Hurry, the Hoxne skip, doing all the damage throughout this game. Connaught found the line and pace of the rink and battled back to 11 - 15 at end 16. A determined 1 and a glorious 3 from Connaught saw them draw the game 15 - 15. 

Rink 5:   Nil - 5 down after 2 ends was not the best start for this Connaught triple. However, the next 6 ends went to Connaught, to see them leading 17 - 5 at end 8. This was a decisive lead for Connaught and despite dropping a 4 on end 14 and the encouraging shouts of "Come on Darling!" from the Hoxne skip resounding across the green, Connaught held out to win 22 - 17.

This proved to be a very exciting match on a well prepared away green. We had no ladies available, due to the Monday night fixture, but we cobbled together a team of "old coggers" that did us proud. Hoxne, newly promoted to Division 1, are a great asset to the league and it is hoped they do well in their first season. For Connaught, it is "onwards and upwards".

Report by Paul McDonald, Captain

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UWL Connaught "A" won against Wortham Home 30th May, 82 - 49 Shots, 6 - 1 Points

Rink 1:    J. Squire, R. Taylor and M. Minshull lost against R. Pursehouse (Capt). 13 – 20

Rink 2:    J. Moon, J. Horslen and J. Li-Rocchi won against B. Callin 22 – 10

Rink 3:    G. Benefer, M. Utting and M. Watson won against C. Gooderham 25 – 7

Rink 4:    P. Benefer, R. Broad and O. Secker won against Chas. Gooderham 22 – 12

Rink 1:    Not a good night for this Connaught triple. 2 - 14 down at half way. Mike swapped with Roy to win the second half 11 - 6 but this was not enough, losing 13 - 20.

Rink 2:    Wortham played with a man short in this game but kept the score to 6 - 5 at end 8. The lack of Wortham woods in the heads allowed Connaught to score 2 fives in the second half to secure the win. 22 - 10.

Rink 3:    A solid start with an 8 on end 5 and accurate bowling throughout, gave this Connaught triple a handsome win 25 - 7.

Rink 4:    Persistent high scoring on 10 ends gave this Connaught triple another handsome win 22 – 12

All in all a good result for Connaught. Good team play and a great team spirit could see this Connaught squad finish well in the league. The Wortham captain was gracious in defeat but promised a better show in the return at Wortham. The Connaught buffet was again, well received and a pleasant evening was had by all.

Report: Paul McDonald, Captain.

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UWL Connaught "A" lost to Diss "A" away, 23rd May 2019, 59 - 84 Shots, 1 - 6 Points

Rink 2: J. Moon, B. Oatway and J. Li-Rocchi lost against A. Bailey (Capt.) 11 - 23

Rink 3: J. Squire, R. Taylor and P. McDonald lost against I. Dunnett 10 - 23

Rink 4: P. Hambling, R. Broad and O. Secker lost against M. Hull 22 - 23

Rink 5: G. Benefer, M. Utting and M. Watson won against M. Howard 16 - 15

Rink 2: Connaught were 3 - 3 at end 3 then dropped a 6 followed shortly by a 5 to go 16 - 4 down at end 7. Joe change position with Bob and the game was very evenly matched after that. A (p)lucky 3 on end 14 took Connaught into double figures. However, the damage had already been done and Connaught lost the game, 11 - 23

Rink 3: This game wasn't going well for Connaught, 0 - 15 at end 9. Then, an inspired tactical change by the Connaught skip swapped Paul and Roy. An immediate 4 for Connaught who went on to score 10 to Diss's 8. However, as with the previous game, the damage had already been done and Connaught lost the game, 10 - 23

Rink 4: This game was looking to go Connaught's way, 19 - 4 at end 8, then 20 - 8 at end 11, then disaster, Connaught scored only 2 more points in the next 6 ends to be going into the last end 22 - 22. Connaught held shot for a while but a Diss player pushed a Diss wood in for shot. Connaught lost by 1, 22 - 23

Rink 5: A good start by Connaught to be 11 - 3 at end 9. Diss scored two 4's during the next 7 ends to be 14 - 14 at end 16. A 2 for Connaught and 1 for Diss saw Connaught win by 1, 16 - 15

I was looking for a 5 - 2 win from our team in this match but I would have accepted 2 - 5 before the game. However, we were lucky to come away with 1 point. (It was very close for 2, or 0). It was a little disappointing but not a complete disaster; I managed to cut my own card to win the "raffle" after the game. All Connaught players battled well and with many more games to play, we could have a good run home if we keep the team spirit going. Well done.
Report: Paul McDonald, Captain.

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UWL Connaught "A" won against Stradbroke Home 17th May 2019, 98 - 53 Shots, 7 - 0 Points

Rink 1: P. Benefer, B. Oatway and J. Li-Rocchi won against J. Dawn 29 - 12

Rink 2: J. Squire, R. Taylor and M. Minshull won against M. Ellis (Capt.) 19 - 18

Rink 3: G. Benefer, M. Utting and M. Watson won against D. Cattermole 21 - 14

Rink 4: D. Liles, R. Broad and O. Secker won against D. Webster 31 - 9

Rink 1: A great start by Connaught saw them leading 9 - 0 after only 4 ends. Stradbroke only managed to win 6 ends during this match and the heavy scoring by Connaught gave them a comfortable win, 29 - 12

Rink 2: This was a battle royal. 4 - 4 at end 3, 10 - 10 at end 8 and 17 - 17 at end 16. A 2 for Connaught and a 1 for Stradbroke saw Connaught win by 1 shot, 19 - 18

Rink 3: Connaught made a "wobbly" start to be 4 - 9 down at end 4. Then a winning run of 7 ends saw Connaught recover to lead 16 - 9 at end 11, Another run of 5 winning ends during the last 7 gave them a safe win, 21 - 14

Rink 4: Connaught dropped a 4 on end 6 to make the score 6 - 6. However, with Stradbroke only winning 2 more ends during the game, Connaught ran out to be convincing winners, 31 - 9

This game, played in dreary, wet conditions, was played in good spirits. The determination of the Connaught players was rewarded with a convincing 7 - 0 win. There were no "stars" in this match, as every Connaught player made a concerted effort to achieve a win. I must congratulate the players on providing a lovely spread of food. As captain, many opposition players complimented me on the quality of our buffet and I pass their compliments on to the Connaught squad; Well done!
Report by Paul McDonald, Captain.


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UWL Connaught "A" lost away to Gissing 9th May 2019, 50 - 82 Shots, 1 - 6 Points.

Rink 1:   M. Minshull, R. Taylor and P. McDonald won against M. Coe 14 – 13

Rink 2:   J. Moon, D. Flatt and J. Li-Rocchi lost against G. Forster 11 – 23

Rink 5:   P. Hambling, J. Horslen and O. Secker lost against S. Thompson (Capt.) 10 – 23

Rink 6:   G. Benefer, M. Utting and M. Watson lost against P. Whymark 15 – 23

Rink 1:   A poor start for this new block, 1 - 8 down after 5 ends. A Connaught rally saw it 5 - 10 at 10 ends. Gissing switched Lead and Two and lost 3 ends, 9 - 10. Gissing scored a 2 then lost 3 more ends, 14 - 12 to Connaught going into the last end. Gissing held 1 shot sitting on the jack. Connaught's skip put in 2 short blockers. Gissing's skip bowled his last wood, hit a blocker: 1 shot Gissing: 1 point Connaught.     14 - 13.

Rink 2:   This re-arranged Connaught block had a torrid time against a solid Gissing block. Always under the cosh, Connaught battled well into double figures losing 11 - 23.

Rink 5:   A good start from Connaught to be 6 - 6 at end 7, however this strong Gissing block scored 2 fours in the latter stages to run out 10 - 23 winners.

Rink 6:   A great start for Connaught, 8 -2 at 5 ends. Then disaster at 7 losing ends 8 - 14. A 5 from Connaught was nullified by two 4s from Gissing. Connaught losing 15 - 23.

A dull, soggy evening saw Connaught warily take to the green. As the game progressed, Connaught heads dropped and their play dissolved into silent resignation of a forlorn loss.

Heads up Connaught! Don't be beaten by an opponent’s reputation. Play to win! Play for each other! Play with confidence and pride.

Enough said! The after game supper was well enjoyed. Gissing Captain, "Thommo", made a speech in which he congratulated Connaught on hosting the well supported and well organised Upper Waveney Finals weekend in 2018. Thank you Thommo!

Report by Paul McDonald, Captain

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UWL "A" Team won at home to Dickleburgh, 2nd May, 72 - 45 Shots, 6 - 1 Points.

Rink 1:  P. Hambling, J. Horslen and O. Secker won against R. Arbon 15 - 9.

Rink 2:  J. Squire, B. Oatway and J. Li-Rocchi won against K. Bullingham 26 - 9.

Rink 3:  J. Moon, M. Utting and M. Watson lost against D. Shimell (Capt.) 15 - 17.

Rink 4:  M. Minshull, R. Broad and D. Flatt won against A. Green 16 - 10.

Rink 1:  This was a fairly low scoring affair with only ones and twos being scored until end 15 when the score was 11 - 7 to Connaught. 

A timely four on end 16 saw Connaught extend their lead. A one on each of the last 2 ends was not enough for Dickleburgh, Connaught winning 15 - 9.

Rink 2:  I'm afraid this was a "romp" for Connaught with all three players in good form. Dickleburgh could not match the onslaught and ended losing 26 - 9.

Rink 3:  This developed into an awkward match. At times, Connaught were holding three or four shots only to see the Dickleburgh captain, David Shimell, come in to take shot wood. David had a good game however Mark had a torrid time finding the line, ending 2 behind, 15 - 17.

Rink 4:  This was another intriguing match with Connaught scoring two threes in the first half to be leading by 5 at the halfway mark. The second half was a much more even game, with Connaught holding on to their lead to win 16 - 10.

Conclusion: Another good win to improve the "A" team's start to the season. This match was played in a dank, overcast atmosphere, being  lucky in that the earlier rain did not appear to have affected the green too much and held off for the duration of the game. Both teams played well and enjoyed their bowling. The supper and speeches went well, however, not only did Dickleburgh lose the match, they went home with only a bag of toffees from the raffle. Dickleburgh promised revenge in the next match. 

Report: Paul McDonald, Captain

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Upper Waveney "A" Team

Connaught "A" won away to Beeches 71 - 50 Shots, 6 - 1 Points on Thurs 25th April

Rink 2:  D. Liles, R. Broad and M. Minshull lost 11 - 17 against R. Roberts (Capt.)

Rink 3:  J. Squire, B. Oatway and J. Li-Rocchi won 18 - 11 against A. Broughton

Rink 4:  J. Moon, M. Utting and M. Watson won 16 - 13 against E. Frost

Rink 5:  P. Hambling, J. Horslen and O. Secker won 26 - 9 against M. Fuller


Rink 2: This Connaught block got off to a slow start being 1 - 6 down after 6 ends. A slight rally saw them 6 - 10 down at 10 ends. Mike switched with Richard but they never got any closer, losing the game by 6 shots, 11 - 17. A sturdy performance from Connaught against, possibly, Beeches' strongest block.

Rink 3:  A 5 on the third end gave Connaught a 6 - 1 lead from which Beeches never recovered. Two threes in the second half saw Connaught consolidate their lead to win 18 - 11. A good solid performance from all 3 Connaught players.

Rink 4:  This was a good, battling performance from the Connaught block. Connaught were 7 - 8 down at the half way mark. In the second half however, Connaught won six ends in a row, during which time Beeches switched skips to no avail. Although Connaught dropped a 3 on the last end, the game was already over, Connaught winning 16 - 13. A great season opening performance from this block.

Rink 5:  This game was never in doubt with Beeches winning only six ends during the game. The relentless pressure applied by Connaught saw them run out as winners, 26 - 9. A good performance from this newly formed Connaught block.

Conclusion:  This was a very pleasing opening to the season for Connaught "A". 

New Leads; Jenny was nervous at the start, having had an enforced break from bowling but soon settled into her rhythm. 

Jim, playing UWL lead competitively for the first time, had a solid game throughout.

New 2's; Richard and Jon performed well and look good prospects for the season ahead.

New Skips; It was great to have Owen and Joe in the squad this season, giving us added strength at the back.

The squad was much depleted; Roy Taylor and Graham Benefer recovering from hip opps. Pat Benefer suffering a leg injury and Terry Shoebridge not available yet, leaving only David Flatt and myself as reserves. However, with Kevin Noble and Richard Harrison offering to cover when needed, I have no worries about forming a winning team.

When all these players return to bowling, I will have to make some hard selection decisions, which I shall not be afraid to do. 

I am aiming for the "A" Team to finish in the top two this season and I hope all my players are "up for it"?

Well done for a good opening performance, Paul McDonald, Captain





UW A league Table 27 8 19

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