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Date  Upper Waveney Federation League 2019     F  A  F   A
25-Apr-19  Connaught B   v Thorndon<Click.for.reports Home  6:30pm 59 66 2 5
02-May-19  Connaught B   v  Scole Away 6:30pm 68 74 1 6
09-May-19  Connaught B   v  Bedingfield Home 6:45pm 65 88 1 6
11-May-19  Connaught B   v  Shotford 
 Saturday  Away 2pm  65 76 1 6
16-May-19  Connaught B   v  Long Stratton Away  6:45pm 46 81 0 7
30-May-19  Connaught B   v Kenninghall Lion Away 6:30pm 64 67 2 5
20-Jun-19  Connaught B   v  Wortwell Home 6:45pm 73  65   5 
01-Jul-19  Connaught B   v  Keninghall Red Lion  Monday Home 6:45pm  86  53   6 
05-Jul-19  Connaught B   v  Stradbrook White Hart  Friday  Away 6:45pm  76 49 6 1
11-Jul-19  Connaught B   v  Thorndon Away 6:45pm  45 67 0 7
18-Jul-19  Connaught B   v  Scole Home 6:45pm  76 54 6 1
25-Jul-19  Connaught B   v  Bedingfield Away 6:45pm  83  56   6 
01-Aug-19  Connaught B   v  Long Stratton Home 6:30pm  42  85 
07-Aug-19  Connaught B   v  Mendlesham  Wednesday Home 6:30pm  80 30 
12-Aug-19  Connaught B   v  Mendlesham  Monday  Away 6:30pm  53 83 
22-Aug-19  Connaught B   v  Wortwell Away 6:15pm   64  78 
27-Aug-19  Connaught B  v  Shotford Tuesday Home 6:15pm  71 59 
29-Aug-19  Connaught B   v  Stradbrooke White Hart Home 6:15pm 57 64
  SHOT DIFFERENCE -22   1173 1195 53 73


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Connaught 'B' lost at home on Thursday 29 August by 57-64 and 1-6.

The captains agreed before the start to shorten the match to 16 ends in view of the likely very dark conditions later in the evening

Rink 3 Colin Barton, Carole Taylor and Phil Watson lost 13-16 against C Grosvenor

Rink 4 Ken Ramsbottom, John Winup and Richard Adcock lost 15-18 against M Paris-Oakes

Rink 5 Mike Botley, Kathie Botley and David Warne lost 16-19 against R Wilkinson

Rink 6 Trevor Burt, Graham Etteridge and Steve Judd won 13-11 against M Smith

On Rink 3 Connaught had a bad start, 0-8 down after 3 ends, from which they could not make a full recovery. A superb wood from Colin on end 5 with a draw that took shot from three opposing woods clustered round the jack helped stem the tide but connaught were still 5-11 down after 8 ends The deficit widened slightly to 8-16 after 13 ends but a fighting 2, 1 and 2 finish took them to within 3 shots

On Rink 4 a different pattern resulted with Connaught 4-0 up after 2 ends, scoring 5 on end 5 to be 9-4 up, but being pegged back and losing the lead for the first time at 10-11 after 11 ends. 12-11 to Connaught but 12-13 down after 13 ends. A 1 and a 2 took the home triple to 15-13 with an end to go. Then all three Stradbroke players bowled well on the last end to take 5 shots as Connaught did not respond. A disappointing end for the home side but the match had been extremely close and of high quality. Richard and John had a good tussle with Lynn Ruth and Vi Wilkinson, two very accurate lady players, while the two skips had good games as they battled it out

On Rink 5 there was a strange scoring pattern. 2-6 down after 5 ends Connaught then scored a 7 to go 9-6 up! Stradbroke responded too well and Connaught 9-15 down after 10 ends before coming back with 1 and 4. Then 16-16 after 14 ends when, in gathering gloom (this match finished later on account of a "no end"), Stradbroke snatched the last two ends by 2 and 1. All the Connaught players applied themselves well

On Rink 6 Connaught were behind only twice, at 2-3 after 4 ends and 10-11 after 14 ends, in an extremely tight match. Connaught played very well first half to lead 9-3 after 8 ends but Stradbroke came back well to hold that 1-shot lead after 14 ends. However, in a reverse of events on Rink 5, Connaught then scored 1 and 2 for a 2-shot win. Another high-quality game. Through force of circumstances the Connaught triple had come together for the first time this week but the two good wins show that we might have discovered something!

Connaught were a little disappointed at not getting more from a match in which all four contests went to the wire. However, they had won at Stradbroke and overall showed that they were well on terms with a good side which finished a clear second in the league and which presumably will meet Connaught 'A' next season. The green had played extremely well with certainly the fastest pace we had experienced at home all season - things are looking good on that front. As always with Stradbroke a good atmosphere afterwards and with quite a few spectators (thank you to all the Connaught reserves on the night for turning up to support). Excellent bar and raffle takings. Presentations from the captain were made to Sandra and Carol Trevelyan for their work on catering and bar, and also to Ken Ramsbottom for having played in every match - 18 in the League and 2 in the Cup. An enjoyable season with several new players integrated and the older ones soldiering on well. Several of the defeats were by very narrow margins and subject to the squad selections we could do very well next season


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Connaught 'B' won at home against Shotford on Tuesday 27 August 2019by 71-59 and 6-1

Rink 3 Sheila Bragg, Mike Botley and Kathie Botley lost 11-20 against B Sheldrake

Rink 4 Colin Barton, Carole Taylor and Pat Barton won 15-13 against D Ashfield

Rink 5 Trevor Burt, Graham Etteridge and Steve Judd won 21-14 against A Chuter

Rink 6 Ken Ramsbottom, Cliff Smith and Phil Watson won 24-12 against C Batchelor

On Rink 3 Connaught had a sluggish start against a useful visiting triple, dropping 5 on end 2 and being 1-10 down after 6 ends. Connaught then came back slowly until a 4 on end 12 increased momentum and they were just 10-12 down. The momentum was not sustained and a 2 and then a 3 were dropped as Shotford ran out deserved winners. With their lead very accurate Shotford were just too solid on the night

On Rink 4 with all three players performing well Connaught won a series of low-scoring ends to go 10-4 up after 9 ends. The lead was increased to 13-6 after 13 ends when the almost inevitable happened and Connaught dropped 5 followed by a 1 to be just 13-12 up after 15 ends. Happily nerves held; 14-12, 14-13 and then a tight measure on the last end to take 1. Pat had the occasional loose end but otherwise was very accurate, Carole bowled quite a few important killer woods especially on the straight hand and Colin bowled in that confident vein he has shown this season. Well done

Rink 5 was a very tough match between two well-matched triples. Scoring was even for most of the match with Connaught 8-9 down after 9 ends and 10-11 down after 11 ends. The tightness was broken by a 5 to Connaught on end 12 followed by 1, 1, 3 and 1 for a 21-11 lead after 16 ends. Shotford came back with 1 and 2 to reduce the margin a little. This was an impressive performance by the Connaught triple with relentless drawing from all three players eventually wearing down useful opponents. With Steve and Graham in their first competitive season and Trevor just a season or two ahead, this match raised the players up a level or two

Rink 6 saw an ominous start with the home side 1-7 down after 5 ends and still down at 4-9 after 8 ends. A high-scoring sequence changed the game as Connaught scored 14-0 over the next 5 ends to lead 18-9. Three shots were then dropped before a 1, 2, 2 and 1 finish from Connaught gave them a 12-shot win. Phil has become a very steady lead invaluable to the side; he asks a lot of himself but rather that than not being bothered. Cliff is a powerful bowler, who left to himself tends to go too narrow. However, with Ken's guidance on line, he had a very useful match in a good team effort. Ken himself had one of his best matches, bowling very steadily and reading the head very well

After the first three ends Shotford amassed a 16-5 lead overall but fortunately Connaught then played in determined fashion to beat a useful-looking visiting side. The match had twice been postponed at Shotford's request but they were all present at 6.00 and the match got under way just before 6.15. It still finished in almost total darkness and 18 ends are perhaps 2 too many for a 6.15 start at end August. A very convivial session afterwards. We had quite a few spectators and bar and raffle did very well


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Connaught 'B' lost at Wortwell on Thursday 22 August 2019 by 64-78 and 2-5

Rink 2 Ken Ramsbottom, Carole Taylor and Phil Watson lost 12-26 against J Taylor

Rink 3 Graham Etteridge, Cliff Smith and David Warne lost 12-20 against T Bell

Rink 4 Mike Botley, Steve Judd and Kathie Botley won 20-18 against G Smith

Rink 5 Trevor Burt, John Winup and Richard Adcock won 20-14 against G Hunter

On Rink 2 Connaught had a good start to lead 6-0 after 3 ends but that was as good as it got. A solid Wortell triple worked their way back to dominate the match and score 26-6 over the last 15 ends. Phil Watson had his usual steady game at lead but Carole, who had been unwell during the week and was very tired, admitted to struggling a bit. All credit to her for turning out and not seeing the team play short. Ken did his best but things were stacked against him

On Rink 3 Connaught fielded an improvised triple with Graham Etteridge moving up to skip. They gave a very good account of themselves, always just behind on shots but never letting Wortwell get out of sight. They pulled up to 10-11 after 11 ends and were just 12-15 down after 15 ends. Sadly, the last 3 ends were lost by 2, 1 and 2. "Well done" is the verdict on the Connaught triple

On Rink 4 Mike Botley had an occasional outing at skip as the Connaught triple embarked on a very tough game. A good start saw Connaught lead 7-1 after 6 ends but a 5, 3 and 2 losing spell demolished all that. Connaught fought back well to lead 14-12 after 13 ends but then dropped a 5. Mike then moved Steve to lead, himself to 2 and Kathie to skip and this shored things up. Connaught were still 15-18 down after 16 ends but a 4 on end 17 gave them the lead and they managed a single shot win in a tense last end. This was a hard game and "well done" to the Connaught players

On Rink 5 Connaught had a dream start to score 8 on the first end. The triple did not rest on their laurels and extended the lead to 17-5 after 11 ends. Wortwell then changed playing order with George Hunter moving to 2 and the number 2 to skip. This worked for them. George had been crowded out at skip by accurate Connaught bowling but now had more space. The number 2 played confidently at skip and things changed. Connaught led by just 17-14 after 16 ends and were 2 down on end 17 before Trevor bowled 2 superb woods to win the end by 2. Connaught just measured in for 1 on the last end for a 6-shot win. Much harder in the end but they won. Richard had good woods but did not find consistent length. After a season of struggle John Winup is coming good at last and he had a very useful game. Trevor battled well at skip and bowled some fine woods

For the only time this season Connaught 'B' struggled to field 12 players from their 18-strong squad as the scratchings rolled in. Unfortunately the scratchings included 4 people who regularly skip. Thanks to Carole we made the 12 and a makeshift side battled very hard for what was a reasonable result.

Thank you to Wortwell for hosting us very well afterwards


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Connaught 'B' lost at Mendlesham on Monday 12 August 2019 by 53-83 and 1-6

Rink 3 Ken Ramsbottom, Cliff Smith and Phil Watson lost 11-28 against P Carr

Rink 4 John Overton, Graham Etteridge and David Warne lost 16-17 against S Furze

Rink 5 Sheila Bragg, Colin Barton and Pat Barton won 16-15 against B Mills

Rink 6 Trevor Burt, John Winup and Steve Judd lost 10-23 against M Favager

On Rink 3 Connaught were well-beaten by a Mendlesham triple which consistently found line and weight better. Ken reports that Rita Salisbury, who skipped against him last Wednesday, had a particularly fine game at 2

On Rink 4 Connaught just failed to snatch on the last end what could have been a 1-shot win or at least a draw. Leading 6-3 after 4 ends   Connaught started to drift back and were 8-10 down after 9 ends; the deficit widened to 9-15 after 13 ends. Connaught came back a little but after 17 ends were still 13-17 down. In an exciting last end Connaught crowded the head at lead and 2 and at one point held 5. Simon Furze, a very useful player, started to save at skip despite John Overton also getting in. With Simon to bowl last wood Connaught held 4 and he cut this down to 3 and a 1-shot win. A fine game but Connaught must look back on the previous 17 ends - could they have saved a shot here and there?

Rink 5 saw a similarly exciting game but this time Connaught held on for a 1-shot win. Connaught raced into a lead of 8-0 after 4 ends but a losing spell then saw them behind at 8-10 after 8 ends. Connaught then took over until leading 16-11 after 15 ends. This spell did not continue but Connaught managed to contain Mendlesham to 2, 1 and 1 over the last 3 ends. A gritty performance from all three players, with Pat and Colin just about having the edge over their opposite numbers. In Barry Mills at skip Mendlesham had another very useful and experienced player and Sheila did well to stay with him in a good battle between the two

On Rink 6 Connaught won 8 of the 18 ends but were contained to 7 x 1 and 1 x 3 while managing to concede 1 x 5, 1 x 4 and 1 x 3 among their losing ends. The green bowled very well but on one side the required line was very precise and Mendlesham found it better. Strange to think that the same Mendlesham triple had lost 4-29 at Connaught a few days previously when they could not "find" Rink 5. The three Connaught players could and should have done a bit better and especially in their adjustment to the green. However, after his lay-off with injury, a relieved John Winup had a reasonable game at 2 against an "on-fire" opponent

Quite a reversal of fortune after Connaught's big win last Wednesday. Mendlesham had 12 instead of 11 players and were slightly stronger anyway. Connaught had made some changes, two of them enforced, but fielded a reasonable side. The disappointment came not in defeat itself but in the two heavier losses. As always the green bowled superbly - no problems there -  but the visitors overall could not match a determined home side. As always Mendlesham entertained very well and two sociable sides enjoyed each other's company


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Connaught B' won at home against Mendlesham on Wednesday 7 August by 80-30 and 7-0

A slight late arrival by Mendlesham and very localised weather combined to make conditions extremely dark and 18 ends unlikely. The two captains agreed to curtail the match at 14 ends as the conditions worsened

Rink 3 Sheila Bragg, Mike Botley and Kathie Botley won 13-7 against P Carr

Rink 4 Ken Ramsbottom, David Warne and Phil Watson won 17-11 against R Salisbury

Rink 5 Bill Adcock, Colin Barton and Richard Adcock won 29-5 against D Chamberlain

Rink 6 John Overton, Graham Etteridge and Steve Judd won 21-7 against B Mills

On Rink 3 neither triple seemed to read the green with any certainty and confidence. As a result many ends were somewhat scattered and in a low-scoring encounter were often decided by one reasonable wood rather than steady head-building. 5-6 down after 9 ends, Connaught then scored a 4 and a 2 which gave them a useful margin

On Rink 4 Connaught won 10 of the 14 ends but the losing ends contained 2 x 3 and 1 x 4. Phil Watson again showed that he is a natural lead and quickly found weight and line despite a 2-week absence. A slight tendency to bowl short woods on occasion was more than offset by the steady cluster of woods in good positions near the jack. David Warne clearly is suffering physically and is having to bowl from too high up. Nevertheless he is still very strong in delivery and had some useful woods. Ken is having a good spell and he bowled steadily throughout. 17-7 up after 13 ends Connaught were holding 2 when Rita Salisbury, the opposing skip, bowled the wood of the match to take the jack and hold 4.

On Rink 5 Connaught had a substantial win, conceding only 3 x 1 and 1 x 2 and scoring 29 shots over 14 ends. The triple bowled well as a unit but pride of place must go to Richard Adcock who had the game of his life at lead (amid the post-match praise came the lament "why doesn't the so and so do this more often?"!). Colin and Bill consolidated very well as the Mendlesham triple always struggled with weight and line

On Rink 6 Mendlesham fielded only two players. However, David Lambert and Barry Mills are both experienced campaigners and played steadily to win 6 of the 14 ends. Connaught could contain easily enough with 9 woods against 6 and their own winning ends included 3 x 4 and 2 x 3. In the type of contest which cannot be relished by either side, the Connaught players did their job by concentrating well throughout. A mention for John Overton who again showed that his drawing game has come on well this season

After the heavy defeat by Long Stratton in the previous match Connaught were pleased to get this win. A pleasant evening afterwards with the always-cheerful Mendlesham side. From conversation we gather that priority given to other leagues has limited their selection options for the Upper Waveney this season. One imagines that their selection might be spot on for the return at Mendlesham next Monday! We look forward to playing on what is one of the best greens we experience in any of our leagues.

On the same night at Dickleburgh Connaught 'A' beat Diss in a tense encounter to reach the final of the Upper Waveney Cup. Many congratulations to them

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Connaught 'B' lost at home to Long Stratton on Thursday 1 August by 42-85 and 0-7

Rink 3 Ken Ramsbottom, Carole Taylor and Richard Adcock lost 14-15 against B Searle

Rink 4 Sheila Bragg, Mike Botley and Kathie Botley lost 15-20 against A Buckenham

Rink 5 Bill Adcock, Trevor Burt and David Warne lost 6-21 against P Lovett

Rink 6 Colin Barton, Graham Etteridge and Steve Judd lost 7-29 against P Smith

On Rink 3 Connaught had a bad start to go 1-9 down after 6 ends. and the deficit widened to 4-15 after 12 ends. An amazing reversalk of fortunes then took place as Connaught won the last six ends to lose the match by just a single shot. No single reason for the comeback. Connaught tightened their game somewhat, with Richard and especially Carole bowling some excellent woods and giving Ken much better support. Also Stratton seemed to relax a bit - often fatal. However, Ken can claim much credit. Bowling much more smoothly than of late, with his delivery under control, he had some superb woods in the winning spell. Well done to all three

On Rink 4 Connaught, helped by a 4 on end 3, move to a lead of 8-3 after eight ends but quickly lost the lead to a 2, 4 and 1 sequence. A 4 on end 12 gave Connaught the lead again at 12-10 but then the wheels came right off as the home side dropped 2, 4, 1 and 3 on successive ends. A 1 and 2 finish could not disguise what was a rather disappointing defeat. All three players tried hard but Stratton managed to build up some tight heads and also were adept at 2 in taking out Connaught woods

On Rink 5 Connaught won just 6 ends, all by a single shot, as they succumbed to a useful Stratton triple. However, as is often the case when Bill Adcock skips, Connaught at least kept things reasonably tight as they dropped just 1 x 3 in a match otherwise containing only 1s and 2s

On Rink 6 Connaght never recovered from going 0-7 down after four ends but did keep things tight up to end 13 when they were 7-15 down. Sadly the floodgates opened after that as 14 shots were conceded over the last 5 losing ends. That sequence included a dropped 7 on end 17. Cruel but such is life! A lesson for a newish Connaught triple against very competent opposition

This defeat was similar to but marginally worse than the defeat (46-81 and 0-7) at Long Stratton earlier in the season. Long Stratton unashamedly are aiming at promotion this season and without doubt they were too strong for the home side, who by their own standards were reasonably strong on paper. In reading and bowling to the green, in head reading and head building, Connaught were taught a lesson. Added to that each Stratton rink had destructive players who could break up the head when necessary. Long Stratton also were a very sociable side as the teams mixed happily afterwards (to rub salt into Connaught wounds Stratton also won all 6 raffle prizes!). On a personal note, the Connaught captain watched the match in physical as well as mental pain! With severe neck and back strain, he will be off the green for a couple of weeks

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Connaught 'B' won at Bedingfield on Thursday 20th July by 83-56 and 6-1

With thunder and lightning threatening and heavy rain imminent, it was agreed to play 18 ends if possible but to conclude the match at 14 ends if conditions became dangerous. Three rinks had completed 15 ends and one 16 ends when the players left the green as the rain came down. The 14-end result was applied

Rink 2 Ken Ramsbottom, Carole Taylor and Phil Watson won 15-9 against V Martin

Rink 3 Mike Botley, Steve Judd and Kathie Botley won 31-10 against C Saunders

Rink 3 John Overton, Cliff Smith and Richard Adcock lost 11-21 against L Bull

Rink 6 Colin Barton, David Warne and Pat Barton won 26-16 against P Leeder

Rink 2 saw the closest match of the evening with none of the crazy scoring of the other matches. Connaught fought hard to build up a lead of 10-3 after 9 ends but almost lost it when immediately conceding 2 and 4. However, the visiting triple then came back well with a 1, 3 and 1. Good drawing by Phil, establishing himself as a good and orthodox lead, gave a firm base. Carole again showed her ability to bowl killer woods, mainly on a straightish line, while Ken marshalled things well and consolidated well

Rink 3 saw Connaught 9-0 up after 5 ends and further ahead at 12-2 after 8 ends. At that point 3 and 5 were dropped and the lead cut to 12-10. In an extraordinary two ends Connaught then scored 7 followed by a hotshot 9 to go 28-10 up and out of sight. Kathie again showed the priceless value of a lead who regularly "gets in" while Steve is also a good drawing player who made a good showing of a rare outing at 2. Mike had a fine game, reading the green well, drawing steadily and using weight when necessary. The Bedingfield skip, C Saunders, is a very good player and bowled very well but Connaught's up front superiority was decisive

Rink 5 was a game of two parts. Connaught led 11-5 after 8 ends, by dint of steady play from Richard and Cliff backed up by excellent woods from John Overton. The game changed when the Bedingfield lead and 2 found the range and gave Lenny Bull a platform. He still had to bowl very well to win the match for his side. End 11 was crucial because Connaught dropped 7 in an otherwise tight match to go 11-15 down. John then had to go for broke when under pressure but the odds were against him

Rink 6 truly was crazy. Connaught scored 2, 3, 7 and 3 to go 15-0 up after 4 ends. Bedingfield managed 3 on end 7 and 4 on end 9 but Connaught were still 20-9 up after 10 before dropping 6 and then 1. At just 20-16 there seemed to be a momentum change but it was then Connaught's turn with 4 and 2 to give them 26-16 after the scheduled 14 ends. Had this match gone the distance, who knows what the final score might have been. A massive Connaught win or a dramatic comeback by the home side?

Connaught lost at home against Bedingfield by a very similar margin so this latest result reflected the recent improvement by the side. Bedingfield are struggling for players at present but Connaught also were missing quite a few of their stronger players on paper. Bedingfield hosted well afterwards. As we prepared to leave, Carole Taylor pleaded "Can we stop at a pub on the way back? I could really do with a pint." The team responded in kindly fashion as seven of us descended on the Old Ramm at Tivetshall

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Connaught 'B' won at home 76-54 and 6-1 against Scole on Thursday 18 July

Rink 3 Ken Ramsbottom, Mike Botley and Kathie Botley won 22-13 against V Buckle

Rink 4 Colin Barton, David Warne and Phil Watson lost 15-16 against S Bartram

Rink 5 John Overton, Graham Etteridhe and Steve Judd won 22-11 against N Bell

Rink 6 Bill Adcock, Trevor Burt and Richard Adcock won 17-14 against N Johnson

On Rink 3 Connaught had a good start with 2 x 3 and never lost the lead thereafter. The lead was extended to 13-2 after 9 ends but a dodgy spell then followed and the home side led by just 15-13 after 16 ends with Scole seemingly on a roll. A single shot on end 17 settled nerves a bit and then Connaught scored 6 on the last end to give the final score a rather flattering appearance. Ken bowled his best woods of the evening on that last end taking the jack from a holding Scole position to a cluster of back Connaught woods. Kathie as usual was very steady at lead and Mike recovered from a bad spell recently

On Rink 4 Connaught won 11 ends to 7 but the concession of 4s on ends 5 and 8 proved conclusive in an otherwise tight match of 1s and 2s only. 8-9 down after 9 ends Connaught went further behind at 8-13 after 11 ends before a good recovery took them to 14-13 up after 15 ends. A 1 and 2 to Scole saw Connaught 14-16 down with an end to play. They managed 1 only on end 18 with a measure for 2 just failing. Colin had a very good match at skip against S Bartram although the latter's class stood out on a few ends when he saved his side well. David was a bit out of sorts and looked physically uncomfortable when walking and in his delivery. Phil was having a useful game at lead and maintained his form when switching with David and playing at 2

Connaught played very well on Rink 5 after dropping 4 on end 2 and 3 on end 3 to go 3-7 down. Scole managed only 4 x 1 after that as the Connaught bowlers combined well. The scoring was steady, mainly in 1s and 2s, as Scole made a good fight of it. However, both Steve at lead and Graham at 2 drew consistently well to give John Overton that up front support which he has lacked on occasions. Graham also was able to use pace when necessary as was John when occasionally the chips were down. John also showed his drawing ability as he consolidated well. A good performance by a newly-formed triple

There was another very tight match on Rink 6 where the ends were shared 9-9 but where Connaught managed 2 x 3 to Scole's 1 x 3 as again 1s and 2s dominated. There was never much in it. Connaught were 7-8 down after 9 ends and had levelled at 12-12 after 14 ends before getting a priceless 3 on end 15. 2 x 1 to Scole reduced the Connaught lead to 15-14. On the last end a good close draw from Trevor was just edging out an equally good draw from Scole when Bill bowled last wood to get a lucky wick for 2! All the Connaught bowlers applied themselves well. Richard was a little inconsistent but managed quite a few excellent woods. Trevor's game has come on well recently and he provided excellent support at 2. Playing against Margaret Johnson, whose impeccable delivery is an object lesson to most of us, Bill had his work cut out but as often with him rose well to quite a challenge

An excellent win for Connaught but with the shots difference perhaps unfair to Scole. Four matches which everyone enjoyed. A cheerful Scole side were good company afterwards

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Connaught 'B'lost at Thorndon on Thursday 11 July by 45-67 and 0-7

Rink 1 Bill Adcock, Trevor Burt and Diana Adcock lost 12-13 against A Chapman

Rink 2 Sheila Bragg, Mike Botley and Kathie Botley lost 12-17 ahainst K Knights

Rink 3 John Overton, Graham Etteridge and Steve Judd lost 11-16 against C Hall

Rink 4 Ken Ramsbottom, Carole Taylor and Phil Watson lost 10-21 against S Chapman

On Rink 1 Connaught just lost in a tight and low-scoring game. The sides went into the last end at 12-12 and then the advantage went from one to the other several times but Thorndon just clinched it. A good showing from the Connaught players on a fast green with a tricky straight hand on one side. Diana played better and better as the match went on; the pace of the green suited her

On Rink 2 Connaught again were edged out, this time by a triple which played the conditions slightly better. Kathie was steady at lead but Mike, who was not happy about his game, and Sheila both found the match difficult and were not quite up to par on the night

On Rink 3 Connaught won just 6 ends to Thorndon's 12 but did manage a 4 and a 3 while containing Thorndon to 1s and 2s throughout. Thirndon relied a lot on skip, C Hall, who had a fine game to save his side on several ends. A very good effort by all the Connaught players who dug in well and did not wilt. Promising signs that Steve and Graham, despite the defeat, are coming to terms with the concentration levels required in league bowls

Rink 4 was the furthest from the observation scan of the non-playing captain. However, Connaught seemed to be making a good fist of it, leading 7-6 after 9 ends and just 9-10 down after 13 ends. Sadly, the last 5 ends saw the wheels come off as Thorndon scored 11 to 1. All the home players seemed to be on form and they simply finished the stronger

On the face of it this was a disappointing defeat after the recent good run. However, Thorndon seemed a very useful side on the night and the Connaught players did well to stay in touch. There was application throughout and no lack of effort. Another good surface to play on. Thorndon entertained us well afterwards

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Connaught 'B' won at Stradbroke White Hart on Friday 5 July by 76-49 and 6-1

Rink 1 Graham Etteridge, John Winup and Steve Judd lost 11-20 against M Paris-Oakes

Rink 2 Bill Adcock, Trevor Burt and Diana Adcock won 19-11 against M Grigg

Rink 3 Ken Ramsbottom, Carole Taylor and David Warne won 20-10 against M Smith

Rink 4 Sheila Bragg, Mike Botley and Kathie Botley won 26-8 against Les Ruth

On Rink 1 an experimental Connaught triple had to grapple with a very wide swing on one side and a tricky straight hand on the other. They failed and things looked desperate at 3-17 down after 10 ends. They at least picked up after that to reduce the deficit. Steve and John knew what to do but could not achieve it. Steve had some good woods but a tendency to bowl too narrow was his undoing. John's miserable season of lost delivery continued although three perfect backhand draws on the last end showed what used to be. Graham admitted to unease in his first match at skip and his opposite number showed him the way. Graham's style is to bowl with pace at the jack and this did give him some excellent winning woods second half. He must now concentrate online and length playing at lead or 2

On Rink 2 Connaught were 5-9 down at halfway after losing some tight ends. A transformation saw them win the last 9 ends 14-2 in a good team performance. Diana played steadily in that spell and as always did better when in control of the jack length. Trevor is in good form despite his shoulder injury and had a splendid second half, able to provide some weight and pace. Bill bowled tightly as usual and he is a knowledgeable skip for newish players like Trevor, able to give calm direction with sensible head reading

On Rink 3 Connaught took control after an even start with 3s on ends 9 and 10 giving them a lead of 11-3. A 2 and a 3 then put them virtually out of sight at 16-3 before their only blip came with a dropped 4 on end 12. The last 6 ends were won sedately 4-3 by Connaught. All the Connaught players contributed well. David can be inconsistent but has become a useful utility player for the side. He had a steady match as did Carole at 2 who again showed how her game has come on this season. Mainly a forehand player still she does need a skip, like Ken, who will understand where her strengths lie. Both David and Carole affirmed that Ken was man of the match with probably his best display of the season.

On Rink 4 Connaught conceded just 4 x 1 and 2 x 2 in a convincing win, taking the first half by 13-5 and the second half by 13-3. Stradbroke's affable skip, Les Ruth, summed it up afterwards in post-match conversation by saying "the lead was very steady, Mike Botley was the best player in the match and Sheila did what she does" (it was taken as a compliment, Sheila). This is a well-balanced triple who enjoy playing together and this was a good win against a triple which on paper looked quite strong

Connaught continued the recent good run and the combinations have started to come together. Added to that there were useful players in reserve or not available for this match. John Winup has decided to become travelling reserve and non-playing for a bit until his form sorts itself. As usual Stradbroke entertained very well afterwards in what is one of Connaught's favourite away venues

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Connaught 'B' won at home 86-53 and 6-1 against Kenninghall Red Lion on Monday 1 July

Rink 3 Ken Ramsbottom, Mike Botley and David Warne won 26-11 against B Youngman

Rink 4 Colin Barton, Graham Etteridge and Phil Watson won 19-9 against M Kindleysides

Rink 5 Bill Adcock, John Winup and Steve Judd won 25-11 against P Pilmer

Rink 6 John Overton, Cliff Smith and Richard Adcock lost 16-22 against B Tunmore

Rink 3 saw a commanding Connaught start for a 16-6 lead after 9 ends. Connaught maintained the pressure second half, with only a dropped 4 on end 14 providing any respite to Kenninghall. Ken Ramsbottom and Mike Botley are experienced bowlers who combine well and David made a good fist of it at lead - he is very useful as a utility player who can slot into any of the three positions

In losing only 5 ends in the match, with a dropped 5 on end 7 being the only real blemish, the Connaught players did very well throughout on Rink 4. Colinb was impressed with Phil's game at lead; Phil is a natural bowler and is benefiting from more regular play. Graham delivers very well and very easily and needs now to concentrate on line a bit more. Colin himself confirmed once more that his game has come on leaps and bounds this year

Rink 5 witnessed an extraordinary encounter. Connaught dropped 5 on end 4 to go 1-8 down and things looked a bit ominous with Paul Pilmer at skip for Kenninghall looking very competent. Thereafter Connaught lost only one end when dropping 3 on end 15. From end 5 to end 11 Connaught were winning ends with great fortune, just getting the crucial wood in the head or on occasion being helped by the opposition. After end 11 Connaught led by just 10-8. They then had a 5, 3 and 4 sequence to go 22-8 up, dropped that 3 and then had 3 x 1 to finish. The first thing to say is that Bill Adcock had a magnificent match, rolling back the clock by some 20-30 years, and in the last few ends saved his side time and again as Kenninghall threatened. Steve played well at lead as Connaught settled for the long jack, is strong and delivers well. John was less impressive, although managing several killing shots, because he started to drop woods in delivery

On Rink 6 Connaught just lost in the one close match of the evening. There was little in it first half with Connaught just 7-9 down before a 5 on end 10 gave them a 12-9 lead. Connaught were still ahead at 15-13 after 14 ends but then disaster struck with a dropped 5 on end 15 and a dropped 3 on end 16. At 15-21 down there was no coming back. The Connaught players were very disappointed but closing matches out is never easy and the reporter does not know the circumstances of those two ends. Easy to say "just get second wood" but less easy to do it sometimes. The same players had a good win on the same rink against Wortwell so all is not gloom and doom

Connaught continued the recent improvement despite missing regular players in Kathie Botley and Sheila Bragg (hope you enjoyed Cliff Richard in Greenwich Park, Sheila!). The new players are starting to do well. Kenninghall are the most cheerful and sociable of sides and we all enjoyed the post-match festivities

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Connaught 'B' won at home against Wortwell on Thursday 20 June by 73-65 and 5-2

Rink 3 Sheila Bragg, Mike Botley and Steve Judd won 36-10 againast D Riches

Rink 4 Ken Ramsbottom, Carole Taylor and David warne lost 8-29 against G Smith

Rink 5 Bill Adcock, Colin Barton and Diana Adcock lost 11-15 against J Taylor

Rink 6 John Overton, Cliff Smith and Richard Adcock won 18-11 against P Poulton

On Rink 3 Sheila Bragg's triple gave a commanding display to win heavily and thereby secure the 3 points for overasll shots. 13-1 up after 5 ends Connaught did not let up after realising that their opponents were not happy on a long jack. Even so it took some superb drawing from Steve at lead and Mike at 2 to give Sheila constant opportunity to consolidaye. Connaught led 23-4 after 12 ends but then Wortwell came back to reduce the lead to 26-9 after 15 ends. Connaught then scored 4 on end 16 and a priceless 6 on the last end

On Rink 4 there was almost a reverse image of Sheila's game as an impressive Wortwell triple dominated the match and were not bothered about the traditionally tricky lines on Rink 4. Although struggling Connaught managed to contain for most of the match and were just 8-17 down after 15 ends. Then came the deluge with a 6, 4 and 2 finish for Wortwell. For Connaught Carole was generally "up and around" to play well enough for Connaught while Ken and David held their hands up to patchy games on the night

On Rink 5 Connaught had a sluggish start to go 0-8 down after 4 ends. This proved key to the end result as Connaught pulled back well in a game which was always tight. After heavy rain the previous day the green was a bit heavy and this did not suit Diana when the jack went long. When Connaught started to set the jack she came more into it. Both Colin and Bill had excellent games throughout. Colin's all-round play has come on well this season and Bill remains a steady player. His ability to read a head and control a rink also contribute well

On Rink 6 Connaught also had a slow start to be 4-8 down after 7 ends but after that came back steadily to take the match A good spell gave Connaught a lead of 11-8 after 11 ends and they continued to win a series of tight and often very tense ends as the overall score in the match remained in doubt. Again this was a good all-round performance from three players. Richard is really starting to concentrate and Cliff, who can deliver well, is benefiting from playing much more regularly. John is a strong bowler, rarely short and able to disrupt a head when necessary. At skip he needs good drawing support and tonight he got it.

A happy Connaught side were pleased to get that elusive first win and against a side sitting second in Division 2  

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Connaught 'B' lost at Kenninghall on Thursday 30 May by 64-67 and 2-5

Rink 1 Ken Ramsbottom, Colin Barton and Steve Judd won 14-10 against M Kindleysides

Rink 2 Sheila Bragg, Cliff Smith and David Warne won 21-13 against B Youngman

Rink 3 John Overton, John Winup and Richard Adcock lost 12-20 against G Briggs

Rink 4 Bill Adcock, Carole Taylor and Phil Watson lost 17-24 against B Tunmore

Rink 1 saw a tight and low-scoring match in which each side won 9 ends but with Connaught containing Kenninghall to 1 x 2 and 8 x 1 while managing 2 x 3 themselves. A very creditable performance all-round with each player concentrating well. Ken reports that Steve had a very promising game

On Rink 2 Connaught were 7-9 down after 9 ends but turned the match round well second half when notching up 3 x 3 and 2 x 2. Connaught were 11-12 down after 12 ends and just ahead by 15-13 after 16 ends when a 2 x 3 finish gave them an excellent win. All three players contributed well, with Sheila leading in calm fashion and both David and Cliff able to "reach" all the time

On Rink 3 Connaught held the ascendancy for the first 12 ends, always leading but never really getting away. Sadly a 10-8 lead at that point was obliterated by a dropped 4 and a dropped 3 on successive ends as the match somersaulted. 12-17 down after 17 ends the visiting triple held a good 3 on the last end until the home skip bowled two superb woods to put his side 3 up. Had Connaught held those 3 the entire match would have been won. Richard had a tough time against Paul Pilmer but as usual bowled some killer woods. John Winup bowled well most of the time with some good drawing but a tendency to drop woods in delivery under pressure was a failing. John Overton bowls effortlessly in an attacking style and did not deserve to lose this match

Bill Adcock and Co drew the short straw in having to play on the notorious Rink 4 but as on Rink 3 played well for the first 12 ends at which point the score was 9-9. Then the match went crazy. 5 to Kenninghall followed by 3 and 2 to Connaught and the match level at 14-14 after 15 ends. Then very sadly Connaught dropped 2 x 5 before coming back well with a 3 on the last end. More a case of Kenninghall raising their game than of Connaught fading away. Bill reports that Phil had a useful game at lead while Carole, brought in on the day to replace the injured Trevor Burt, battled away very gamely at 2

The first thing to say is that the Kenninghall green played pretty well. A trifle heavy but the reported bumps etc had disappeared. The club had recognised the early-season problems and had put in a lot of work. All credit to them for that. For much of the match Connaught seemed on the way to that elusive first win, by at least 5-2 and possibly more. After 15 ends they led 55-47 and 5.5 to 1.5 but Kenninghall dug in and changed things. Nevertheless the overall display was encouraging and it is becoming apparent that newer players are starting to overtake more established players. Much food for thought. Two cheerful sides enjoyed themselves afterwards in the Red Lion bar

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Connaught 'B' lost at Long Stratton on Thursday 16 May by 46-81 and 0-7

Rink 1 Ken Ramsbottom, Colin Barton and Carole Taylor lost 8-21 against B Searle

Rink 3 John Overton, John Winup and Richard Adcock lost 15-20 against P Lovett

Rink 4 Sheila Bragg, Mike Botley and Kathie Botley lost 13-20 against R Webster

Rink 5 Bill Adcock, Graham Etteridge and Diana Adcock lost 10-20 against K Staff

On Rink 1 Connaught were outgunned by a useful Stratton trio although fighting hard throughout. 11 of the 21 shots against were conceded over just three ends (2 x 4 and 1 x 3) whereas Connaught were contained well over their seven winning ends (1 x 2 and 6 x 1). Carole confessed to finding the match a tough one but had been asked to play out of position at lead. As ever she showed no lack of effort. Colin and Ken also tried hard but it simply was not their night

On Rink 3 the Connaught triple shared the ends at 9 apiece but a dropped 6 on end 11, which put them 8-15 down, proved their undoing. Richard and John for once were loose and put John Overton 3 shots down. A good skip in Paul Lovett consolidated and John Overton had some misfortune with woods on a slightly narrow line pushing Stratton woods in. A dropped 4 on end 2 had not helped and thus 10 shots out of 20 against were conceded over two ends. Small margins! That aside the triple played very well. Richard is showing more consistency and is made to concentrate playing with two serious-minded players. John Winup had his best game of the season with regular practice on his forehand starting to pay dividends. John Overton, a naturally attacking player, bowled some superb woods throughout.

On Rink 4 Connaught's strongest triple on paper scored 3 on end 9 to put themselves just 7-9 behind and in contention. They then applied themselves well and after 16 ends led by 13-12. A dropped 3 on end 17 was disappointing but a dropped 5 on the last end proved disastrous. 9 ends apiece again but 8 shots out of 20 against were conceded on two ends. A pattern developing? Difficult to say what went wrong on those final ends but again Stratton fielded a useful triple with Bob Harvey at 2 still a fine player

On Rink 5 Connaught were put to the sword a bit and the losing triple report that Karl Staff, Stratton skip and captain, had a particularly fine game. Connaught won just 5 ends but managed a 4 on end 5. This was cancelled out by a Stratton 4 on end 14. Other than that the play was tight from both sides. Diana seems to be gaining in confidence and did not do badly on a slightly heavy green. Graham played well again and was called a "very useful" player by Karl Staff in conversation afterwards. Bill remained calm against a good player and his game is still very steady as he responds well to the request to skip in this side

Long Stratton were relegated from Div 1 last season just as they were promoted from South 2 to South 1 in the EBA league where they have managed to beat Gissing already. They are fielding strong teams in the Waveney (25 points out of 28 so far) and obviously in the EBA, while using their other leagues (South Norfolk and Border?) to give opportunity to a wider range of players. Against that backdrop Connaught 'B' did not play badly in defeat. The difference mainly lay in Stratton's ability to contain when losing ends, whereas each Connaught triple lost the plot on certain ends. A very pleasant evening afterwards as always at Long Stratton (like us they now sell Wolf beer given the demise of Buffys)

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Connaught 'B' lost at Shotford on Saturday 11 May by 65-76 and 1-6

Rink 2 Bill Adcock, Graham Etteridge and Diana Adcock lost 15-16 against A Chuter

Rink 3 Ken Ramsbottom, Cliff Smith and Phil Watson lost 13-23 against D Ashfield

Rink 4 Sheila Bragg, Mike Botley and Kathie Botley lost 15-18 against C Tudd

Rink 6 John Overton, John Winup and Richard Adcock won 22-19 against ? Morgan

Rink 2 saw Connaught make a good start to lead 7-3 after 7 ends. Shotford then dominated the middle of the match and Connaught found themselves 8-16 down after 15 ends. A 3, 3 and 1 finish saw Connaught come very close to at least a draw in a match of three parts, Connaught winning at the start and finish but losing out in the middle. Mainly a question of jack length, with Connaught more comfortable on short and middle but less so on long. Graham continues to show good form in his first season. 9 ends to each side

Rink 3 saw a similar-patterned match, this time with Connaught struggling at the start to be 2-12 down after 7 ends but pulling up to 13-17 after 16 ends before Shotford pulled away with a 2 and a 4 to finish. Ken reports that Shotford's triple was that bit steadier and better. Phil is developing into a useful lead and Cliff is a strong bowler who needs a little more steadiness. Ken himself had problems slipping on the mat and swapped positions with Cliff for a few ends; this worked quite well for a time. 7 ends to Connaught and 11 to Shotford

Rink 4 A game very much of two halves. Connaught had a bad first half to be 3-16 down after 9 ends. The visitors then won the second half by 12-2 to lose by just 3 shots. Sheila found the green a bit heavy for her and for the type of bowling needed and swapped with Mike at about halfway. This worked well. Kathy was as usual steady throughout and Sheila under less pressure was able to get in at 2. Mike's power made a considerable difference. 9 ends to each side

Rink 6 saw another tight game but with some sudden fluctuations. Connaught were steady to lead 6-3 after 5 ends but then dropped a 6. They then pulled back well to lead 13-10 after 10 ends. 1, 1 and 2 to Shotford levelled the scores after 13 ends but a 5 to Connaught on end 14 and a 4 on end 16 gave them a useful lead of 22-15. At this point, counting up the 16-end score on all rinks Connaught were just 62-66 down. However, on Rink 6 Connaught dropped 3 and 1 on the last two ends. Still a good win. Richard had some killer ends but still needs more consistency in the 3-wood game. John Winup continued his improvement but is becoming mainly a backhand player; he must get the forehand right. John Overton delivers superbly and had some brilliant ends. His narrow woods and bowling style can give shots away and Richard and John must give him that bit more in the head

Another defeat but again a narrow one. Each triple had a competitive match and the three losing rinks all fought back well from almost desperate positions. Shotford entertained us well as always and it was not a bad way in which to spend a Saturday afternoon

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Connaught ‘B’ lost at home to Bedingfield on 9th May 65-88 and 1-6.

Rink 3 Colin Barton, Carole Taylor and Phil Wilson lost 16-18 against C Saunders.

Rink 4 Ken Ramsbottom, Kathie Botley and Mike Botley won 21-15 against L Bulls.

Rink 5 Bill Adcock, Diana Adcock and Trevor Bert lost 17-24 against D Saunders.

Rink 6 John Overton, Richard Adcock and Cliff Smith lost 11-31 against P Leeder.

On Rink 3 Colin’s triple had a slow start and were 1-6 down after five ends. They won three of the next five ends to take a 12-9 lead. Bedingfield switched their order to great effect and won five of the next eight ends. Connaught picked up a one on end sixteen to lead 15-12. On end 17 both Phil and Carole were short and Colin also failed to make inroads into the head and Connaught dropped a 6 to go 15-18 behind. The damage was done and Connaught could only manage a 1 to lose 16-18. A disappointing end to an enjoyable, friendly game. Connaught won 8 ends.

On Rink 4 Ken’s Triple only won one of the first five ends to go 1-6 down. In a remarkable turnaround they then won the next nine ends to take a 20-6 lead. Bedingfield won four of the final five ends but they had too much of an uphill struggle to get back into contention and Connaught won 21-15. Connaught won eleven ends. Well done.

On Rink 5 Bill’s team were trailing 5-18 after eleven ends. A six from Connaught on end twelve put them back in contention. The final six ends were shared, six points each making the final score 17-24. Connaught won seven ends.

On Rink 6 John’s triple were out bowled from the start by a strong Bedingfield triple. Although they won eight ends, five of these were one-pointers, one was a two and the other a three. The final score was 11-31.

Another defeat but it was clear looking around that nobody had given up and were still doing their best to gain shots – a strong team spirit. The fact that John was on stand-down and closely watching us might have had something to do with it!

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Connaught 'B' lost at Scole on Thursday 2 May by 68-74 and 1-6

Rink 1 Ken Ramsbottom, Cliff Smith and Phil Watson lost 13-20 against N Bell

Rink 2 John Overton, John Winup and Steve Judd lost 10-21 against M Johnson

Rink 3 Sheila Bragg, Mike Botley and Kathie Botley won 29-10 against D Aldous

Rink 4 Bill Adcock, Trevor Burt and Diana Adcock lost 16-23 against D Crame

On Rink 1 Connaught were 0-5 down after two ends but then had an excellent spell to lead 10-6 after eight ends. A dropped 4 levelled the scores at 10-10 at halfway and after that Scole, with skip Nick Bell to the fore, gained the ascendancy. At 13-17 after 15 ends Connaught were just in touch but 3 x 1 to Scole secured the game for the home side. Ken reports that Phil Watson, in his first game for the club, did well, as did Cliff Smith although Cliff tends to be over-heavy in his delivery. Ken felt that he personally did not have one of his best games

On Rink 2 Connaught played very well in the rain in which the mat started, until leading 8-1 after 5 ends. Then Scole came back and the match was poised at 8-9 down for Connaught afdter nine ends. Sadly the visitors won only one end after that although not conceding many shots. The key throughout was Mary Johnson at skip who had one of her most inspired games in the dampish conditions; she was so accurate in weight and on the draw. Scole's lead and 2 also came into it more second half. Steve Judd had a promising first match, sometimes too heavy but soon appreciating the tactics needed in leading. John Winup bowled some useful backhand shots throughout in another improved display but his forehand remains unsteady. John Overton had some bad luck but had to concede to a very good player

On Rink 3 Connaught were 2-7 down after 5 ends but then scored 7 as a prelude to total domination. Scole won just three more ends, all by a single shot, while Connaught accumulated well, including a 4 on end 11 and a 6 on end 16. The triple, playing together for the first time, combined extremely well with the playing styles very suitable for each position. Kathie Botley is a very steady lead and Mike Botley is a useful all-round player. Sheila had one of her best matches after not much practice this season and her performance, against a very good player in David Aldous, equalled that of Mary Johnson on Rink 2. It was also good to hear the banter between the Connaught players who seemed to get on well together

On Rink 4 Connaught scored 5 on end 6 to lead 8-7 but promptly dropped 2 x 4 and then were 8-19 down after eleven ends. Heads did not drop and the Connaught triple came back well to win the remaining ends by 8-4. Everybody battled well but Scole just had the edge over the visiting side.

This was a similar margin of defeat to that against Thorndon, 6 on overall shots compared with 7, but instead of 4 close matches Connaught had one big win, one loss by 11 shots and two by 7 shots. But compared with this stage last season the side as a whole is competing hard and all the new players are adding an edge to the team - it is heartening to see the enthusiasm. With the recreation centre being used as a polling station, Scole entertained us very well in their small clubhouse across the green. The only other thing to report is the considerable damage to the Connaught captain's car, caused by a collision with a deer on the A140 on the way home. He is OK, but presumably the deer is not and the car is a sizeable insurance job!

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Connaught 'B' lost at home against Thorndon on Thursday 25 April by 59-66 and 2-5

Rink 3 Bill Adcock, Trevor Burt and Graham Etteridge lost 16-23 against C Hall

Rink 4 Ken Ramsbottom, Mike Botley and Kathie Botley won 15-13 against C Rowson

Rink 5 John Overton, John Winup and Richard Adcock won 17-16 against K Jessup

Rink 6 Colin Barton, Carole Taylor and Diana Adcock lost 11-14 against M Cain

On Rink 3 Connaught dropped 4 on end 1 and 3 on end 4 to be 2-7 down. A good spell then followed including 4s on ends 5 and 7 and Connaught led 13-8 after 10 ends. Thorndon, well-led by Suffolk county skip Chris Hall, then applied real pressure including scoring 3s on ends 12, 13 and 17 and 4 on end 16. Connaught could not respond but for the most part had played well. Bill reports that Graham Etteridge at lead had a solid game throughout

Rink 4 saw a close match throughout with Connaught seeming to have edged the advantage at 12-7 after 11 ends. However, as on Rink 3, Thorndon came back but mainly with single shot wins. The score was level at 13-13 after 17 ends and on end 18 Thorndon held 4 until a fierce running wood from Mike Botley turned 4 down into 2 up. The skips did not change things and Connaught had snatched a win. Both Kathie and Mike showed themselves to be useful players and Mike will live off that one shot for a long time to come! Ken had a steady match in a good start to his season

On Rink 5 Connaught held the advantage for a long time until leading 14-5 after 12 ends. At this point Thorndon switched playing positions, with Suffolk Under-25 player, Kieran Jessup, moving to 2 and David Haxell, another useful player, going to skip. They also set a full-length jack and Barbara Montgomery, who had struggled at lead, then found weight and line very well. The changes worked well and a 4, 2 and 4 sequence saw Connaught fall behind at 14-16 after 16 ends. They rallied well to score 1 on end 17 and a superlative running wood from John Overton took the jack to turn 1 down into 2 up for the win. The mere figures hide the true story. John Overton had a superb game throughout to hold the triple together. Richard did not have a bad game at lead and delivered strongly throughout. John, who had had a torrid time in practice sessions, was inconsistent but found some semblance of form. More work needed yet

Rink 6 saw a very tight struggle throughout. A 3 to Connaught on end 8 was the only margin above 1 or 2 to either side. Connaught were 9-3 up after 8 ends but won only one end after that although containing very well. Connaught were still in it at 11-11 after 15 ends but 3 x 1 to Thorndon saw the visitors home in gard-fought win in which they had taken 11 ends to 7 for Connaught. Diana bowled some fine woods at lead against Emma Jessup, a young player who delivered in stylish fashion. Carole had bowled quite fluently in practice sessions and delivered well in this match. Often a fierce self-critic, she was quite happy with her game and supported

Colin well. Colin's game came on very well last season and he maintained that form in a useful first outing

All rinks showed Connaught losing the second half and after 12 ends the home side were up on all rinks and leading by 15 shots overall. However, this was not the usual tale of losing concentration and the entire plot - the wins on Rinks 4 and 5 showed that. Thorndon, like all the smaller Suffolk clubs, have some very good individual players and they led the way at the crunch. This was simply a good, competitive match played in the right way. Thorndon brought supporters with them and all was very sociable afterwards with good bar and raffle takings

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