Connaught "A" v "Diss"

Connaught "A" won against Diss in the UWL Cup Semi-Final played at Dickleburgh on 7th Aug, 74 - 66 Shots.

Rink 2:    P. Benefer, R. Taylor and P. McDonald lost against I. Dunnett, 16 – 19

Rink 3:    J.Moon, J. Li-Rocchi and O. Secker lost against A. Bailey(Capt), 11 – 17

Rink 4:    P. Hambling, R. Broad and T. Shoebridge won against J. Maskell, 19 - 15

Rink 5:    G. Benefer, M. Utting and M. Watson won against M. Howard, 28 - 15

Rink 2:    A very even start until Diss scored a 5 on end 8 only to drop a 6 on end 10 for Connaught to lead 12 - 11. The last 8 ends were shared with Connaught scoring only 4 to Diss's 8. Diss winning 16 - 19.

Rink 3:    A good start by Connaught saw them leading 6 - 5 on end 7. However, Diss scored a 4 to go into a 6 - 9 lead, never to be caught by the battling Connaught triple. Diss winning, 11 - 17.

Rink 4:    An even start saw the score reach 6 - 6 on end 7. Connaught scored steadily to lead 12 - 8 on end 12 only to drop a 5, 12 - 13. Connaught finished the stronger scoring 7 to Diss's 2 to run out winners, 19 - 15.

Rink 5:    A slow start by Connaught to be 3 - 11 down at end 7. The Connaught triple then got their act together to score 1 x 6, 1 x 4, 4 x 3's a 2 and a 1 to pull out a decisive 28 - 15 win.  

Conclusion:    Both teams grasped the importance of this game early on and the lead changed hands several times throughout the match. A close fought game ensued, played in good spirit but with an underlying element of competitive drive. Connaught kept the scoring close but the decisive win on rink 5 carried the day. Dickleburgh were congratulated for holding the match, providing superb food and drink and for preparing a good playing surface. Diss congratulated Connaught on the win and wished us well in the final, to be played on Sunday 8th September at Thornham Magna. A magnificent effort by this group of players to reach the cup final. Who will be our opponents?

Report: Paul McDonald - Captain


Connaught "A" v Dickleburgh

Connaught "A" won against Dickleburgh at Home,in the UWL Cup on 5th July, by 82 - 81

Rink 1: P. Hambling, M. Utting and M. Watson won against D. Shimell, 18 - 14

Rink 2: D. Liles, R. Taylor and P. McDonald won against L. Young (Capt.), 30 - 18

Rink 3: J. Moon, J. Horslen and J. Li-Rocchi lost against A. Green, 5 - 32

Rink 4: M. Minshull, R. Broad and T. Shoebridge won against P. Wright, 28 - 17

On Rink 1: A steady game with no great surprises. A 6 on end 4 gave Connaught an early lead but Dickleburgh fought back to 13 - 13 on end 15. A stronger finish by the Connaught triple resulted in a win, 18 - 14.

On Rink 2: A 7 to Connaught on the first end set the pattern for this game. Connaught maintained the lead throughout, scoring 5's on ends 6 and 18 to win 30 - 18.

On Rink 3: Another poor performance from this Connaught triple. Each player struggling with bowling issues. Jenny breaking in new woods, Jon with delivery "hang-ups" and Joe not getting in with his "straight" woods. A change in line up during the game made no difference. Andrew Green playing another immaculate game for Dickleburgh. A massive defeat, (not to be repeated), 5 - 32.

Rink 4: A sprint start by Connaught to be 13 - 1 at end 6 lead to a superb win, 28 - 17, despite dropping a 6 on end 11 and a 4 on end 16.

Conclusion: Mark Watson had, unknowingly, selected Rink 4 to play the 'extra end' in case of a draw. When Rink 4 finished their game, Connaught were so far behind that they didn't bother to play the extra end. However, when all games were finished and the shots were "totted up," the result was found to be 81 - 81. The players on Rink 4 then had to return to the green to play the deciding end. A fascinating duel ensued between the 1's and 2's resulting in Dickleburgh holding 2, with a wood each side of the jack within a couple of inches. The players changed ends and both skips went array with their first deliveries. Terry delivered his second wood which, to all onlookers amazement, connected cleanly with the jack and followed it through the 2 opposing woods, to end up two or so yards behind the head. The Dickleburgh skip attempted to reach the jack with his last wood but connected with a short wood and was deflected off line. Richard Broad stepped forward to inspect the head and raised one finger to a cheer from the watching Connaught players, relieving Terry of the need to play his last wood.
A great result for Connaught who now go through to the semi-finals on 7th August. Commiserations and congratulations all round after the game, with Dickleburgh, sportingly, wishing us luck in the next round.
Report: Paul McDonald, Captain.


Connaught "A v Kenninghall Red Lion

Connaught "A" won 1st Round UWL Cup away to Kenninghall Red Lion 13th May 73 - 59.

Rink 1: P. Hambling, J. Horslen and O. Secker lost against G. Briggs 12 - 16

Rink 2: G. Benefer, M. Utting and M. Watson won against B. Youngman 23 - 11

Rink 3: J. Moon, M. Minshull and J. Li-Rocchi won against M. Davey 24 - 17

Rink 4: J. Squire, R. Taylor and P. McDonald lost against B. Tunmore 14 - 15

On Rink 1: Although Connaught won 10 ends, they scored only one 3 to Kenninghall's 4, 3 & three 2's. Owen and Jon switched positions during the game and managed to keep the score tight to lose only 12 - 16.

On Rink 2: The lead in the early stage of this game went back and forth to see Connaught leading 9 - 8 at end 9. Having mastered the weight and line of the green, Connaught went on to score heavily winning 23 - 11.

ON Rink 3: Connaught won 12 of the 18 ends but Kenninghall scored heavily on their 6 winning ends. This match could have gone either way, but Connaught’s determination saw them to the finishing post, winning 24 - 17.

On Rink 4: This dreaded rink, with the wall down one side, lived up to its reputation. The Connaught block never mastered the lines but then, neither did the Kenninghall block. A close game with Kenninghall winning by only one shot, 14 - 15.

This was true Federation bowls on a bumpy 4 rink Federation green. Some newer Connaught players had never played on this type of green and were quite overawed by the experience. Jim, Graham and Jenny were genuinely amazed. However, with the two outer rinks being a "lottery," Connaught kept the scores tight on these rinks allowing the Connaught blocks on rinks 2 & 3 to bowl well and score heavily to give us the win. A jolly time was had in the bar of the Red Lion with congratulatory speeches and much food and beer. Who will we get at home in the next round, Dickleburgh or Beeches?
Report: P. McDonald, Captain.




Connaught 'B' lost 63-75 at Beeches on Tuesday 25 June in a cup match determined on overall shots

Rink 2 John Overton, John Winup and Richard Adcock lost 6-27 against K Day

Rink 3 Ken Ramsbottom, Mike Botley and Kathie Botley lost 15-27 against A Broughton

Rink 4 Bill Adcock, Graham Etteridge and Trevor Burt won 28-5 against M Fuller

Rink 6 David Warne, Carole Taylor and Phil Watson lost 14-16 against R Roberts

On Rink 2 Connaught lost emphatically against a very good triple who drew accurately end after end and who could break up the head as and when necessary. Even so, and it may sound like clutching at straws, the Connaught triple did not play that badly and at least made Beeches earn their shots. Both Richard and John were outdrawn by their opponents but between them did manage to get woods in. John Overton played bravely against a canny opponent in Ken Day and saved well on several ends with powerful shots

On Rink 3 Connaught were having a similarly torrid time and after 14 ends were 6-23 down as their colleagues on Rink 2 were 5-21 down. However, they salvaged some pride with a 1, 6 and 2 against 4 over the last 4 ends. On this rink Connaught did not find the lines as well as their opponents and were also caught out by some disruptive play by players like skip, Alfie Broughton, who would not hesitate to use weight as necessary.

On Rink 4 Connaught conceded only 2 ends in a dominating display in which they did not relax for a moment. Connaught were 18-0 up after 9 ends before dropping 3 on end 10 and 25-3 up after 14 ends before dropping 2 on end 15. 3 x 1 completed a fine win. This was case of Connaughty outdrawing their opponents end after end. Both Trevor and Bill said that without a doubt they had their best games of the season while Graham gave nothing away at 2 as he concentrated well

Rink 6 saw the only close game of the evening as Connaught went into the last end at 14-14 and then dropped 2 in a tense finish. Connaught had a sluggish start to go 3-8 down after 5 ends but then "won" the rest of the match 11-8. Phil found the weight and line after that start while Carole confirmed her much more confident play this season by bowling very accurately into the head. David as is his wont mixed some wayward shots with some very good shots and contributed well to a fine team effort

Overall things worked out to a 12-shot win for Beeches who had two sizeable wins and one narrow win while Connaught saw Bill Adcock & Co have the biggest win of the evening. The end result fairly reflected the ability level of the two sides on the night. Beaten but not disgraced.

All the Connaught players commented on the superb green, certainly the best we have played on all season. Amazing to think that Jimmy Rodger, aged 90-plus, still looks after that green with loving care. We were entertained very well afterwards in the lovely setting of the farmhouse



Connaught 'B' lost 51-73 at Diss on Thursday 6 June in a cup match determined on overall shots

Rink 2 Colin Barton, Carole Taylor and Graham Etteridge lost 11-16 against A Bailey

Rink 3 Sheila Bragg, Mike Botley and Kathie Botley lost 14-17 against J Maskell

Rink 4 Bill Adcock, John winup and Diana Adcock won 19-16 against I Dunnett

 Rink 5 Ken Ramsbottom, Steve Judd and Phil Watson lost 7-24 against M Howard

Rink 2 saw a solid performance from Connaught against a Diss triple which had had a big win against Connaught 'A' in the recent league match. Connaught won 6 of the first 9 ends to lead 7-6 but then dropped 3, 2 and 2 in a decisive spell which cost them the match. The triple did not wilt and won the remaining ends 4-3 as Diss contained competently. An enjoyable contest by all accounts. Graham continues to do well in his first season, Carole, gaining in confidence, was up and at'em and Colin has responded well to the responsibilities of skipping

On Rink 3 Connaught went 4-0 up after 2 ends but were 4-6 down after 5 ends with Diss retaining the lead thereafter. At 6-13 down after 10 ends Connaught seemed adrift but a 4 and a 2 took them up to 12-13 after 12 ends and match on. The remaining six ends were very tight and determined by single shot wins, sadly just 2 to Connaught and 4 to Diss. Kathie and Mike, in their first competitive season with the club, are proving major assets and Sheila remains a strong competitor. 7 ends to Connaught and 11 to Diss On

Rink 4 Connaught had a somewhat unexpected win against another triple which had won well against Connaught 'A'. The match was tight first half but with Connaught dropping 3 on end 9 to go 6-8 down. They were further behind, 7-12 down, after 13 ends, when the match changed shape dramatically. 5 to Connaught, 1 to Diss, 3 and 4 to Connaught and a lead of 19-13 after 17 ends. The drama was not over. For the first time in the match Diana and John left Bill badly in the lurch and 6-0 down. A decisive running forehand from Bill cut the deficit to 3 and Diss could not change things as that solitary wood stayed in the head. Diana tends to bowl short and she knows why. However, the jack was reasonably short for most ends and she had some excellent woods. Able to bowl backhand for most of the match John had a good and aggressive game. Bill had an excellent match throughout and rolled back the years a bit On

Rink 5 Connaught were simply outgunned by the only Diss triple which had lost against Connaught 'A'. However, Diss played very confidently and competently against fairly inexperienced opposition. Phil is just returning to the game after a long absence and Steve is in his first season. They did not give up, fighting all the way, but came to realise that there is little margin for error against players consistently bowling line and length and "in your face" all the time. Ken cheerfully did his best to stem the tide but it was one of those "not your night" matches Connaught 'B' had a very similar result to that of Connaught 'A' in the recent league match against a similar Diss side and gave Diss a real run for their money on 3 rinks.

The run of losses continues but there is a lot of spirit in the side. There was a good mix to the side fielded, 5 new this session, 2 with a few years’ experience and 5 experienced campaigners still happy to be playing at all! Diss entertained us well afterwards


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