For the 2018/19 short mat season Connaught continue to support the Breckland League, with 2 teams. The South Norfolk League and the rapidly diminishing Tens League, now with only 4 teams, a great pity as this league is unique with its scoring system making it a truly team event, looking likely that this league will cease to be next year.

For the internal club leagues there is the Tuesday afternoon league and the Thursday /Friday leagues and the roll ups on Mondays and Wednesdays.

The Breckland A Captain this year is Sheila Bragg and the B team Captain Joe LiRocchi, and both will strive to achieve better results than last year

Alison Rush is once again the South Norfolk Captain and Bob Oatway Captains the Tens, Bob knows it will be a tough season with double the amount of games and that Connaught are the minnows in the pond, but will give it their best shot.

The annual Ladies v Gents and the Town v Country matches will take place on 20th October 2018 and the 24th November 2018 respectively.

Good luck and good bowling to all

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