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21st January 2019

Carleton Rode away in the 2nd Leg we lost 38-46

1st Pair Diana Adcock and Sylvia Parsons lost to P Rush and G Attar 4-12

2nd Pair Bill adcock and Roy Taylor lost to J Davidson and R Davidson 8-12

3rd Pair Di Quadling and Sheila Bragg lost to J Pinchen and N Davidson 5-8

4th Pair Mike Parsons and Owen Secker won against T Newby and T Drain 13-8

5th Pair David Quadling and Lee Fallows won against A Bond and G Mobbs 8-6


2nd January 2019

Carleton Rode Home 1st Leg we lost 38-40

1st Pair Dave Quadling and Owen Secker lost against M.Taylor and T.Taylor 9-10

2nd Pair Bill adcock and Roy Taylor drew against J.Davidson and R.Davidson 7-7

3rd Pair Sylvia Parsons and Lee Fallows won against D.Blundell and T.Newby 8-7

4th Pair Elaine and Bob Oatway won against K.Newby and N.Davidson 10-6

5th Pair Di Quadling and Sheila Bragg lost against A.Bond and G.Mobbs 4-10



Connaught 'B' lost at Harling on  in the return leg by 27-62 and thus lost by 67-100 overall

1st Pairt Mick Utting and Carolina Li-Rocchi lost 3-19 against N Battely and L Chilvers

2nd Pair Joe Li-Rocchi and Joanna Barnes lost 9-11 against D Braham and C Jones

4th Pair Paul McDonald and Alison Rush won 11-4 against M Tarrant and M Tarrant

4th Pair David Flatt and Moira Eades lost 0-16 against R Braham and E Jones

5th Pair John Winup and Jim Squire lost 4-12 against M Cunningham and V Hester

Connaught 'B' held a small 2-shot advantage from the first leg but this was unlikely to be adequate against Harling Unicorn on their own mat and thus it proved. With Peter King withdrawing on the morning of the match and with Mike Minshull rotated out, two regular skips also were missing. The results speak for themselves, with two heavy defeats, each by 16 shots. John Winup and Jim Squire went down 4-12, playing well enough but without luck; they were still outbowled. Joe Li-Rocchi and Joanna Barnes were 9-9 after 9 ends before dropping 2: they had also played well but will rue those woods off the mat. The really bright spot was the pairing of Paul McDonald and Alison Rush. 3-4 down after four ends they then scored a 3 followed by 5 x 1 for a good win against a good pairing. On her own admission relaxed because she realised the match overall was lost, Alison bowled very well throughout with a fluent delivery. Paul was excellent. He realised that he would not outdraw his opponent and opted boldly for a controlled weight and disruptive approach to take the game to Harling. But overall Harling were far too good and will be a handful for any side at home.


19th December 2018

Harling Unicorns Home 1st Leg we won 40-38

1st Pair Carolina LiRocchi and Mike Minshull won 10-7 against L.Chilvers and N Battley

2nd Pair Joe LiRocchi and Mick Utting won 10-5 against C.Jones and D.Braham

3rd Pair Peter King and Jim Squirewon 10-4 against R.Braham and E Jones

4th Pair Paul McDonald and J.Winup lost 8-10 against M.Tarrant and M.Tarrant

5th Pair Michael Marlowe and M.Southgate lost 2-12 against V.Lester and M.Cunningham



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