On Saturday the annual short mat Ladies v Gents match took place. This event is always very competitive, and with eight couples in the two teams, it was going to be even more so.

Strict rules apply to behaviour, as in the past the gents were penalised shots for a gent flashing his bare stomach to his opposite number. The gents felt aggrieved over this as his opposite number seemed to have enjoyed the experience.

The format this year was 4 triples numbered A.B.C.D from both sides 4 session of 8 ends to be played. Every person playing two sessions. (16 ends). Play was very tense at the start, but good humour and a lot of banter came on to the mats and from supporters as well

As the match came to the end the score was very close with only one shot in it, with the ladies leading, fortunately for the gents with ladies holding shot, their wood was knocked in to take shot. The gents declined to bowl their last wood, making the match A draw, 55-55 shots each, with both teams winning four rinks. A very fitting result for an excellent evening.

President Derek thanked everyone for playing, and also turning out to support.

Sylvia and Mike Parsons acting captains for the night receiving the Trophy.

Mike thanked the men for providing all the food (some doubt about that.) for an excellent Buffet. Which Sandra kindly supervising this for us.

To finalise the evening, Denise Branch & Mike presented all Ladies present with a small packet of gift wrapped truffles from Drizzle Chocolaterie Attleborough. “Ladies we love you all”

Ladies v Gents 2018 2
Ladies v Gents 2018 3
Ladies v Gents 2018 1
Sylvia and Mike Parsons acting captains for the night receiving the Trophy.

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