BRECKLAND A TEAM 2019 - 2020 

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Connaught Breckland 'A' Team Shots Points
Results 2019/20 Season
Date F A F A
Connaught 'A' v Harling Unicorns Home 09-Oct-19 78  42  10  0
Connaught 'A' v Banham Home 16-Oct-19 76  37  8 2
Connaught 'A'  v Hingham Away 24-Oct-19 66 52 8 2
Connaught 'A'  v Harling Griffins Home 30-Oct-19 86 26 10 0
Connaught 'A' v Wymondham Home 13-Nov-19 55 56 6 4
Connaught 'A'  v Thetford Home 20-Nov-19 79 33 9 1
Connaught 'A' v Carleton Rode Away 25-Nov-19 38 64 2 8
Connaught 'A'  v Shropham Away 04-Dec-19 73 42 8 2
Connaught 'A' v Forncett Home 11-Dec-19 65 40 6 4
Connaught 'A' v Connaught B Home 14-Dec-19 88 40 10 0
Connaught 'A'  v Forncett Away 08-Jan-20 67 54 10 0
Connaught 'A' v Shropham Home 22-Jan-20 97 29 10 0
Connaught 'A' v Connaught B Away 25-Jan-20 72 33 10 0
Connaught 'A' v Wymondham Away 03-Feb-20 37 74 2 8
Connaught 'A' v Carleton Rode Home 19-Feb-20 71 46 6 4
Connaught 'A' v Thetford Away 26-Feb-20 58 55 5 5
Connaught 'A' v Harling Unicorns Away 04-Mar-20 61 63 3 7
Connaught 'A' v Harling Griffins Away 11-Mar-20 52 55 2 8
Connaught 'A' v Banham Away 18-Mar-20
Connaught 'A' v Hingham Home 23-Mar-20
    Shot Difference 378   1219 841 129 51





Connaught A lost away to Harling Griffin on Wed 11th March 2020 by 52-55 and 2-8

Mat 1  Derek Liles, Sheila Bragg, Mike Minshull lost 11-18 to G L Hume
Mat 2  Elaine Oatway, Roy Taylor, Bob Oatway lost 12- 14 to C Hayman
Mat 1  Mike Parsons, Paul McDonald, Richard Harrison lost 10-14 to R Marsh
Mat 2  Di Quadling, Sylvia Parsons, Lee Fallows won 19-9 against G A Hume

Mat 1 Although starting brightly going into a 5-2 lead after 5 ends things looked good. After another 5ends having dropped 5 shots appeared to still lead 8-7. But confusion over the scoring led to somewhat long delay. From then on Connaught completely lost the plot conceding 10 shots over the last six ends, which included a top shot 6, up to this point Connaught only trailed by 1 shot. This was a game that got away. Would this prove to be a telling loss at the end.

Mat 2 Once again Connaught made a bright start going 7-3 up over 6 ends, with all coping with this tricky mat, but from then on everything went pear shaped. Elaine, Roy, just could not find any length and line at all leaving Bob a lot to do. Connaught picked up their game on the 13th end but could not recover enough to narrowly lose 12-14. Another game so close for this block.

Mat 1Harling started well. With Betty and captain Jill bowling very accurately going into a 5-2 lead. 10 ends Connaught still were hanging in being only5-7 down. On end 11 Connaught held 5 shots with the Harling skip having his last wood to play. He appeared to have bowled this rather wide but came to catch another wood and fall in for shot. Connaught still kept trying but once again conceded 4 shots on end 12. Although scoring 3 more shots over the last two ends ran out losers 14-10.

Mat 2 Lee's block went down four shots over the first 2 ends, but came back with 4, 2, 1 to lead 7-4 after 5 ends. Di and Sylvia had started to find this mat, although conceding 4 shots over the next five ends they in turn had scored 6 to lead 13-8. Sylvia and Di continued to build up the heads allowing Lee who can seem to find the correct line and length constantly. Six more shots added over the last 6 ends to win convincingly 19-9. Proving that the tricky mat was very much playable.

Not a good result for Connaught making it a double for the Harling teams. Two matches lost by 5 shots overall. But let’s get over it, Two more league game to play.
Breckland 5 Pairs Final will be played at Forncett Village Hall on Thursday the 26th March 7.00 start

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Connaught A lost away to Harling Unicorns on Wednesday 4th March 2020 by 61-63 and 3-7

Mat 1 Derek Liles, Sheila Bragg and Mike Minshull. Lost 11-20 to Roger Braham
Mat 2 Elaine Oatway, Roy Taylor and Bob Oatway. Drew 13-13 with Mike Tarrant
Mat 1 Di Quadling, Sylvia Parsons and Lee Fallows. Won 23-6 against I Beckford
Mat 2 Mike Parsons, Paul McDonald and Richard Harrison. Lost 14-24 to M Cunningham

Mat 1 With Sheila making a return, Derek at lead, on paper this looked a good block with Mike at Skip.
Making a tentative start on Harling’s mats Mike's block found it hard going and were 7-4 down after 5 ends. They pulled back to 7-7 all, but after that they slumped and won only 2 more ends, to crash out to a 11-20 defeat. There appeared to an uncertainty about selection of shots at times.

Mat 2 Playing on what appeared to be a very tricky mat Bob's block eased into a 5-3 the first 5 ends. From then on Mike Tarrant's block surged in to 12-5 lead. Both Roy and Elaine were struggling making life difficult for Bob, but then the game completely turned with careful play they pulled back to 12-12. On the 15th Harling scored a single to go into the lead 13-12. With 2 needed to win Bob drew in for shot, level again Mike played his last wood to but failed to get in. Bobs last wood looked to have clinched the game, but agonizingly slid through by a fraction leaving the game a draw.So close.

Mat 1 Once again, this mat was controlling play Mike was finding it difficult on backhand together with Paul. Although only being 5-6 down after 5 ends. Play was fairly-even with woods from both sides going off. After 10 ends the score was level 11-11. but then Connaught gave 8 shots away in two ends. Connaught then scored 3x1 to reduce Harling lead to five shots. With the whole matched balanced on shots Connaught conceded a five on the last end. Richard had two attempts to draw in but both shots hung out and crept past the head. the best way to finish a game giving away a 5 and to lose the game by 10 shots did not help the cause either.

Mat 2 Lee's Block made a good start. Di leading well as she has all season. After 5 ends Connaught lead 6-3. After 8 ends they had increased the lead to 12-3. All Lee's scoring shots had been 6x2's.
With Richard's block giving away the five, going into the last end the whole match was level 61-61.The Harling lead kept her nerve and put her 2 woods on the jack Di could not respond and Harling tightened the head Sylvia and Lee could not really get in. Although winning the game23-6 the two shots gave Harling a well-earned victory 63-61shots 7-3 pts. Overall
Not one of our best performances. But congratulation to Harling, always a pleasure to play there

To my team this was not easy. Looking on the bright side 3 points is better than nothing. Well done to Lee and Bob and their block's nobody could have tried harder.

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Connaught A played away to Thetford on the 26th February 2020 and drew 5-5 and 58-55

Mat 1 Diane Quadling, Sylvia Parsons, Lee Fallows won against P Rawdamwkz 25- 5
Mat 2Jim Squire, Paul McDonald, Richard Harrison. tied against Peter Scarborough 14-14
Mat 1 Dave Quadling, Roy Taylor, Bob Oatway. Lost against Jason Martin 12-18.
Mat 2 Mike Parsons, Derek Liles Owen Secker. lost against Kieran Suffolk. 7-18.

Mat 1
Lee's block held their own for the first five ends 3-3. After that as of late they took total charge of the game by winning 10 ends of the remaining 11. This block has gelled recently and ran out winners by 25-5. Thetford mats have become renowned for being a bit tricky, so this was a good win by Lee, Sylvia and Di.
Mat 2
Points were going to be premium in this match. Jim adapting to his role as lead and Paul drawing, Connaught made a cautious start, being 4-7 down after the first third. This game was very much backwards and forward and after the next 5ends Richard found himself still 3 shots adrift.
Connaught have found a fighting spirit through the season and fought back to go into the last end looking for 2 to win. They nearly achieved this, holding 2 a fortuitous knock up by Peter left just us holding a precious one. Richard played for safety with a back wood. Peter played his last wood with weight, missed! Connaught secured a draw 14-14, a very important point.
Mat 3
Bob's block started off well scoring 4 on the first end and adding 2x1 to go in to a 6-3 lead. This was a good block Bob was playing and Thetford have shown with their results they have improved as the season has gone on. Having made a very positive start they fell apart and although Bob and Roy changed, nothing went right losing the next 8 ends. Although scoring 2 on the last end they lost well beaten 18-12. Full credit to Jason and his block.
Mat 4
Owen knew he was in for a tough night playing against Captain Kieran, Chloe, and Nigel for Thetford. Going down 4 shots on end 3 finished only 6-3 down after 5ends, and after 10 ends both scores had doubled to 6-12. Connaught battled hard but Kieran with some good weighted shots scored 4x1 plus a 2 carrying Thetford score to a 18-7 win.
Although the ten points were shared 5-5. Connaught won on shots 58-55 2pts and winning one, 2pts drawing one.1pt (5pts) Thetford 2 wins 4pts, 1draw1pt (5pts). An excellent match...

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Connaught A won at home against Carleton Rode on 19th February 2020 by 71- 46 and 6-4 pts

Mat 1 Di Quadling, Sylvia Parsons and Lee Fallows. Won 32-5 against Russell Davidson
Mat 2 Derek Liles, Owen Secker and Mike Minshull lost 10-12 to Neil Davidson
Mat 1 Elaine Oatway, Roy Taylor and Bob Oatway won 16-13 against Graham Mobbs
Mat 2 Jim Squire, Paul McDonald and Richard Harrison lost 13 -16 to Karl Newby

Mat 1
The first 5 ends were shared with Russell winning 3 ends with 3x1 but Connaught led
5-3 by scoring a 2 and 3. Russell won the next end with a 2 to even up the game.
Nobody could have predicted what happened after. Di had got into the groove; Sylvia was being Sylvia and Lee was starting to play his game of old. They won the next 10 ends with 3x1. 5X3. 4 and 5. Connaught could not have asked for a better start
Mat 2
Anyone who gets Neil know it’s going to be a tough game even with an injury in his back. Mike's block started off well going into a4-2 lead after 5 ends. Both teams were playing well and at 10 ends the score was 5-5 including 2 no score ends.
Ann and David who bowled well for Carleton Rode continued to do so and draw a head 10-6. Mike responded with a 3 but a further 2 by Neil tilted the game in favour of Carleton Rode. Connaught scored a single on the last to lose 10-12.
Mat 1
With the match evenly poised for both teams Connaught set the pace going 5-1 up over the first 5 ends. Graham's block responded winning four of the next five to lead 8-7.
I might be repeating myself, but when the going gets tough the tough get going. Bob's block did that and won four of the last 6 with 9 shots. This was a tight game all the way through but once again Bob proved his ability to soak up pressure then respond. Well played also by Roy and Elaine.
Mat 2
Jim, Paul And Richard knew full well this was tough game facing the Newby family in Mike, Terry and Karl. The first 5 ends the honours went to Karl’s block leading 5-3 after 5. Mat 2 can be a difficult mat at times, but everybody was playing it well. After the next 5 ends the score was level at 7-7. Carleton Rode won the next 3 ends to go into 13-7 lead. Connaught response was fighting a 4 +2. Level again a one end shootout,
Karl held his nerve and came away with winning three shots. Well played to both teams in a really good game to watch.

So, to the final run in. no slacking now.

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Connaught A lost away to Wymondham on the 3rd February 2020 by 37 -74 and 2-8

Mat 1 Dave Quadling, Owen Secker, Mike Minshull lost 7-30 to Jack Pye
Mat 2 Elaine Oatway, Roy Taylor, Bob Oatway won 16-7 against Jon Sparham
Mat 1 Diane Quadling, Richard Harrison, Sheila Bragg lost 7-22 to Chris Mann
Mat 2 Mike Parsons, Sylvia Parsons, Lee Fallows lost 10-15 to Debbie Sparham

Mat 1
Although scoring 4 shots over the first 5 ends against the formidable Jack Pye they trailed 5-4. From then on it was one-way traffic. Mike never scored another end.
Although changing with Owen nothing got any better. Jack, Steve, and Hayley over the next 11 ends scored 25 shots to lose 30-4. Not the best start to the evening
Mat 2
Wymondham quickly went in to a 5 shot lead but as several times this year Bob steadied the ship to pull back to 5-3. Elaine was bowling well, and Roy had started to find this tricky mat. After 10 ends the score was level at 7-7. Elaine was playing superbly at lead with Roy and Bob backing up her good play. Connaught then took control winning the next 6 ends scoring 10 shots in the process to win 16-7.
An excellent performance.
Mat 1
On this mat Sheila's block made a reasonable start being down 4-6 after 5 ends.
Wymondham with Chis at skip knew this mat well. Although trying hard Di was getting into the head but Roger always had one near. As in the first game Connaught
only managed to score on two more ends. Wymondham mats are testing and they certainly now how to play them but that is what home and away is all about in sport.
Final score line of 22-7. Everybody for Connaught competed but were beaten by a very experienced block.
Mat 2
Connaught started off by going into a 3-1 lead with good play from Sylvia and Lee
covering Mike who was not finding the line at all. After 5 ends the scores were level at 3-3. Billie was certainly winning the position of lead. Sylvia was bowling well but Simon had some excellent back hand running woods. After 10 ends Wymondham led 9-8. The next 4 ends went to Debbie's block taking them into a15-8 lead. Connaught scored two singles to get into double figures but ran out losers 15-10 Mike by his own admission felt he could have helped more.
Wymondham had gained revenge for their defeat at Connaught earlier in the season and were good value for their win tonight. It was good to see Jim and Paul supporting the team although not playing. All hands to pumps for the final league run in and the 5 pairs. The 2 points tonight could be vital to our position in the league.

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Connaught A won (away) against Connaught B on 25 January 2020 by 72-33 and 10-0

Mat 1 Jim Squire, Paul McDonald, Mike Minshull won 25-5 against Mick Utting
Mat 2 Di Quadling, Richard Harrison, Sheila Bragg. won 14-12 against Joe Li-Rocchi
Mat 1 Dave Quadling, Roy Taylor. Bob Oatway, won 13-8 against Peter King
Mat 2 Derek Liles, Owen Secker Lee Fallows. won 20-8 against Joan Knox

Mat 1

Jim, Paul, Mike Minshull all playing for the B team last year had a convincing win over Joe's block. As much as Carolina and Alison tried hard, Mick was left many times with an uphill battle. With the A team winning 11 ends with no scoring end included proved a little too strong overall, but credit to Carolina and Alison trying to stick to their task

Mat 2

These two blocks were very evenly matched all very experienced players except Mark. who matched Di at lead very well, Connaught A took a 6-3 lead after 5 ends at 10 ends both teams were all square at 9-9 the B Team went into lead on the11th 11-9 Sheila block then won 2 x 2's. A single was secured shot on 14th end by the B leaving the match finely balanced. A no scoring end secured by Sheila with last wood when the B team were holding 3. Breathing a sigh of relief, the A team finished with a single to win a very pulsating game 14-10. Mark undecided about his short mat future certainly played very well throughout

Mat 1

If the game on mat 2 was light-hearted this certainly was not.
Two well matched teams. The A started better wish Dave finding his length quickly.
It was easy to see the two lead could be the key to game. Winning 4 of the first five ends the A took 7-2 lead. A further 4 shots added to the B Team 2x1 pushed Bob block to 11-4 lead. In the last 6 end Roy who had been playing long mat all afternoon appeared to be tiring Dave and Bob continued steady saw Connaught A home
13-8. This was a very tight game 12 ends scoring a single shot.

Mat 2

This Game was played in a very light-hearted manner Anne was demanding a handicap for the A Team. Jenny had squeezed much grippo on to her fingers and they were sticking together, Joan kept chatting Lee up, was this nerves or gamesmanship Outside of this, it was still a fairly competitive game Derek Owen and Lee scored at regular intervals with high scoring ends to win 20-8
In fact (The Girls) won 7 ends. A good club game and in good spirit.

Pleased with result but must keep concentration in the forthcoming away games
Thanks to the B Team for their hospitality. Sandra for the food.
Once again, a good night for the club.

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Connaught won at home against Shropham on 22 January 2019 by 97-29 and 10-0

Mat 1 Dave Quadling, Paul McDonald and Owen Secker won 26-9 against M Godbold
Mat 2 Elaine Oatway, Roy Taylor and Bob Oatway won 13-9 against D Green
Mat 1 Mike Parsons, Richard Harrison and Mike Minshull won 31-5 against A Umpleby
Mat 2 Di Quadling, Sylvia Parsons and Lee Fallows won 27-6 against R Broad

Mat 1
The experienced block of Connaught soon got down to business taking a lead of 6-2 over the first 5 ends. Shropham were hanging in but the slow mat was giving them a bit of bother. Although the home block was not finding it easy either. The next 5 ends saw Shropham fall further behind losing 11 more shots to 2. Connaught continued to score freely. The match concluded with Shropham scoring on the last end but the home block who overall played well came out winners 26-9.

Mat 2
In the Shropham block was Alan Marshall who although re-joining Connaught this year was playing for Shropham. After the first 5 ends it was clear this was a useful block and they went in to a 6-3 lead. Elaine was having her own tussle with Alan at lead, Shropham number two and skip were also playing well. Roy and Bob for Connaught looked a bit out of sorts but managed to pull the score back to 7-8 over the next 5 ends. With maximum concentration required Bob once again with Elaine and Roy scored six single shots to pull the game out of the fire to win. 13-9 against a very spirited performance from Shropham
Connaught played well in the second half, but this was no easy game.

Mat 1
On the first end of this match the slow Mat 1 once again caught everybody out. Connaught scored 2 shots which were at least a foot from the jack. Thing did get better from both sides with Connaught going into the lead 8-4. Mike at lead was bowling a little bit short which was not helpful but started to correct his weight. Connaught then took control with Richard and Mike Minshull really bowling well. Pete and Ann for Shropham had a tough time of it with Connaught winning ten of the last eleven to win by 31-5.

Mat 2
Lee and Richard always seem to meet in this fixture. Richard although a Connaught member has stayed loyal to Shropham and always ready to compete.
Connaught got off to a good start taking the lead 8-1 over the first 5 ends. Sylvia has tweaked her back but had some good woods. Connaught doubled their score over the next 5 ends to 16-6. The score did not really give a true picture of the game.
Although Shropham scored 4 shots in the last 6 ends, Connaught finished winners 27-6 scoring a six on the last end. Good performance overall but the outstanding player of the night was Di Quadling who played superbly throughout.

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Connaught A won away against Forncett on Wednesday 8th January 2020 by 67-54 and 10-0

Mat 1 Dave Quadling, Derek Liles and Owen Secker won 16-13 against J Bell
Mat 2 Di Quadling Richard Harrison Mike Minshull won 14-11 against T Otterwell
Mat 1 Jim Squire, Paul McDonald and Roy Taylor won 18-12 against Mike Smail
Mat 2 Pat Benefer, Sylvia Parsons and Lee Fallows won 19-18 against R Humphreys

First Session

Mat 1
Connaught started off very shaky, Although Dave found the mat straight from the start Derek and Owen did not steady the ship until the fifth end, although only being 5-4 down. Things started to get brighter with Dave leading well and 8 shots were scored over the next five ends to lead 12-6. Forncett fought back winning 5 of the last 6 ends but the one they lost they conceded 4 shots giving Connaught a 16-11
win and off to a good start.
Mat 2

Both blocks on paper looked equally matched and this proved to be the case.
With both leads and two's building up good heads leaving Tony and Mike a lot to think about. Mike's block took a slight lead over the first 5 ends. Over the next 5 ends they increased their lead with some telling woods from Mike although a couple were rather fortuitous. Tony as we know is a fighter, and so the last 6 ends proved. Mike picked up a 3 to lead 13-5, but Tony's block was not finished and scoring 6 shots making the score final score 14-11 to Connaught. This was as expected a very hard-fought game

Second Session

Mat 1
Hoping to keep the good work of the 1st session going Roy blocks scored 4 on the first end, Mike Smail immediately replied with a 3. Jim was leading well with Paul a little slower in picking up the line of the mat but still manage to increase the score to 12-3 after 7 ends. Mike's block then scored a 5 to keep themselves still in contention. The next eight end only produced 12 more shots, Roy's block with six single shots. Another good result but this game was a lot tighter than the score suggests, ten ends were won by single shots only the final score finishing 18-12.

Mat 2

As on mat 1 Lee started with scoring a 4 on the first end. Becky replied with 5 from then on Forncett turned the screw to lead 8-6. Sylvia who normally is reliable at 2 was struggling, leaving Lee a lot to do. Becky's block scored a further 8 shots to lead 16-9 after 10 ends. Pat who had been leading well had a slight wobble. Sylvia at last had found a bit of form scoring 10 shots over the next 4 ends. Leading 19-16. Lee managed to confine the last two ends to 2 win a very good game 19-18.

This was a very competitive sporting game. To win 10-0 was totally unexpected.
An excellent team performance bearing in mind we did have some unavailability

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Connaught A won at home against Connaught B on Saturday14th Dec 2019 by 10-0 and 88-40

Mat 1 J Squire, P McDonald and O Secker won 22-9 against C Li-Rocchi, B Adcock and M Utting
Mat 2 D Quadling, R Taylor and B Oatway won 21-10 against D Adcock, M Southgate and G Li-Rocchi.
Mat 1 Di Quadling, R Harrison and M Minshull won 24.10 against P Hambling and J Hazell P King.
Mat 2 P Benefer, D Liles, and Sylvia Parsons won 21-11 against A Sopp, S Jude and J Knox

Mat 1
It was very warming to see Carolina and Bill playing in this block. Both have had a rough time of late. Carolina started well and was certainly making Jim up his game who also has had his own health problems.
The A team took the lead with a 2x1, and led 5-3 after 5 ends, which all had been hard fought for. Then unfortunately for the B team they dropped a 5 and 4, with Paul beginning to surface from the Christmas draw night with some telling woods, which was giving Skip Mick a lot to do. Owen who is hard to please at times was certainly playing well himself and had some excellent drawing shots.
This increased the A teams score to lead 14-7 at 10 ends. Adding a further 8 shots over the next 6 ends resulted in the A going on to win 22-9. As in shot mat 2 heavy scoring ends can be fatal, which it was for the B team

Mat 2
With the B team of Diana, Malcolm and Joe facing our new club President Bob Oatway's block for the A team. This looked like an interesting tussle. First blood was taken by the B team scoring a single, the A immediately replied with 4. With both teams scoring further singles the A led 5-3 after 5. The next 5 ends swayed back and forth with the B team getting back to 8-8 after 10ends. Diana as always was showing her competitive streak was leading well, ably back up by Malcolm and Joe.
From then on Bob's experience started to show Dave always the quiet one was matching Diana. Roy came to life and over the next 6 ends between them they took 13 shots. This resulted in 21-10 win
for the A. team. Having tied 8 all on number of ends won once again the high scoring in the final third was the difference in a good match.

Mat 1
This strong A block burst out of the traps with a 5 on the first end. They certainly were not taking prisoners scoring 14 in the first four ends. The B team stemmed the flow by picking up a 2 on end
5. The next 5 ends resulted in 4 shots each making it 18-6 to the A team. The next 5 ends were also shared 4 shots each. And the last end was won by the A team. making the score 24-10.
The two Peters and Joyce although losing can take a bow for not caving in after the first onslaught,take out those first four ends, over the next 12 ends the scoring was 10-10
Diane and Richard have played together for most of the season, Mike who had come into the block for the unavailable Sheila, played well throughout.

Mat 2
With Joan making a welcome return to the B team as Skip would be playing against Sylvia making her first appearance as skip for the A team for a while. And by her own admittance said she was
feeling nervous (Cannot believe that)
The first 5 ends proved to be very even. Annabel and Steve matching, Derek, and Pat. resulting in 5 shots each. The A team slowly got their noses in front. Joan was bowling as if she had not been
away. Steve for the B Team was struggling a bit at two, although Derek who had returned from his walk about during the week was play exceptionally well. After 10 ends the A team lead 11-7. By
this time both teams were building up some good heads. Over the next 5 ends the A team led 16-11.But scored a 5 making the score a bit flattering for the A team, but a good match to watch all the
Thanks to everybody making it an entertaining match. Thanks to Sandra for the Buffett and Sylvia for the cakes. Mike M for the Bar. Also, Bob and Elaine for the incredible Christmas draw Friday Night.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year... Mike P





Connaught A won at home against Forncett on Wednesday 11th December 2019 by 6-4 and 65-40

Mat 1 Pat Benefer, Sylvia Parsons and Lee Fallows won 28-4 against Linda Preece
Mat 2 Di Quadling, Richard Harrison and Sheila Bragg won 15-10 against Tony Otterwell
Mat 1 Jim Squire, Mike Minshull and Owen Secker lost 11-12 against Peter Locke
Mat 2 Mike Parsons, Paul McDonald and Roy Taylor lost 11-14 against Becky Humphreys

Mat 1 Having arrived a little bit late through traffic from Lowestoft Lee quickly settled
scoring a 3,4,3, to go 11-2 up in the first 5 ends. Things got no easier for the Forncett block by going down a further 8 shots over the next 5 ends taking the score to 19-3.
With added support of Pat and Sylvia over the next 5 ends the score rose to 28-3.
Although winning the last end with a single Forncett must have felt disappointed with the score.

Mat 2 Sheila's triple knew they were in for a hard game against Tony Otterwell’s block, but surprisingly took a 9-0 lead winning the first 5 ends. But as we all know things can soon change in bowls quickly. Tony came back with a 1,3,2,2, over the next 5 ends’
to bring the score back to10-8, the next few ends was going to be vital.
Sheila supported by Richard and Di struck back immediately with a 1,2,1 giving
them a 6-shot lead. Tony replied with 2 singles but needed 5 to win on the last end.
Sheila won the last end with single. A good team performance once again.

2nd Session

Mat 1 Jim came in as a late replacement for Derek through a misunderstanding with the captain having gone “Walk About” to a school concert.
This was two evenly balanced blocks facing each other. Connaught went into an early
lead 6-3 after 5 ends. Forncett edged the next 5 pulling back to 9-7. Connaught on one end held 6 shots Peter Locke was having a brilliant game at skip and with his last wood drew shot. Going into the last end the score was 11-11. Connaught built the head very tightly surrounding the cot. Owen with his first wood drew in to tighten the head further. Peter decided on a running wood to break up the head. He struck the head and unbelievably his wood crept in to take shot. Owen played his last wood, he hit the head but failed to dislodge Peter's wood. This was a cracking game and Connaught could feel a bit unlucky. But this is what makes bowls what it is.

Mat 2 This was another tight game. Connaught started well going into a 4-2 lead after
5 ends. Roy at skip had some excellent drawing woods but it was clear this game was tight as the score at 10 ends was 7-4 to Connaught. Nine of these had been single's shots wins. The next 5 ends were Connaught's down fall going down a 2,5,3. So at 15 ends trailed 14-10 Final end resulted in a single for Connaught to lose 14-11. Once again it shows how important a good lead means Martin for Forncett out bowled Mike which left Paul trying to get into the head on several occasions.

Summing up Forncett would be happy with four points and as Captain happy with our 6 pts Everybody for Connaught played well, other than myself who I think could have played better. Forncett who we have played over many years have a good balanced side as shown by their position in the league. Thanks for your patience at the start to allow Lee to arrive and a very enjoyable match.

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Connaught won away against Shropham on 4th December 2019. by 8-2 pts, 73-42 shots

Mat 1 Pat Benefer, Sylvia Parsons, Lee Fallows won 17-10 against R Broad
Mat 2 Elaine Oatway, Owen Secker Bob Oatway won 20-7 against S Stevens
Mat 3 Jim Squire, Paul McDonald, Mike Minshull lost 16-17 to M Godbold
Mat 4 Dave Quadling, Richard Harrison, Sheila Bragg won 20-8 against D Green

Mat1 Dropping a 4 on the first end was not the best start although it's better to do that
then on the last end. This kicked Connaught into action and after the fifth end had taken the lead 7-5. After another period of play they led 13-6. With Pat leading well. Sylvia although suffering with a cold still had some telling woods. Lee did what he had to do to keep things ticking along winning 13 of the 16 ends finished with a17-10 win.

Mat2 Bob having Elaine at lead, and Owen playing two coming in for the unwell Roy took an early 7-2 lead over the first 5 ends. Over the next 5 Shropham pulled back to 8-7 bowling to a short jack, which appeared to be causing Connaught a problem. On the 11th end Bob got the jack back by scoring a 2, and then went into overdrive winning the next 5 ends resulting in a win for Connaught 20 -7. Bob when on song plays shots which a lot of players would never try. Tonight, was one of those nights.

Mat 3 Started off very well scoring 2.3.3 within the first 5 ends to lead 8-4. Shropham however pulled back to10-8 after 10 ends. Shropham made 10-9 with single on the 11th end, Connaught then scored 3 to look comfortable at 13-9. Not so, Shropham replied with 3.3.2 to take the lead 17-13. On the last end Shropham were holding 2, Mike who had not really found the line with weighted woods tried again, this time he trailed the jack to give Connaught 3. Not quite enough to rescue a point Shropham were very happy to come back to win which proves. It's never over till the fat lady sings.

Mat 4 Sheila having Dave as lead for a change instead of Di soon settled and quickly took a 6-2 lead.
From then on gained momentum going in to an 8-point lead. Richard Harrison has settled in well in Sheila's block and tonight as always was steady throughout. Dennis Green at skip for Shropham tried to put the brake on but could not stop Connaught creeping further ahead. At the 14th end they trailed 20-3. Although pulling back 4 shots on the last 2 ends Connaught won 20-8.
A good win overall, squad has settled down well. One thing I am pleased with everybody appears to be helping me on match nights with rink fees, teas raffle and the bar.

That’s what makes our club what it is ’TEAM SPIRIT’ My grateful Thanks....Mike

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Connaught A lost away to Carleton Rode on 25 November 2019 by 38-64 and 2-8

Mat 1 Jim Squire, Paul McDonald. Richard Harrison lost 8-18 to Neil Davidson

Mat 2 Dave Quadling, Mike Minshull, Owen Secker lost 13-21 to Russell Davidson

Mat 1 Di Quadling, Roy Taylor, Bob Oatway won 9-8 against Karl Newby

Mat 2 Derek Liles, Sylvia Parsons, Lee Fallows lost 8-21to Graham Mobbs

1st Session

Mat 1 Starting off Connaught contained the score to 6-1 over the first 6 ends but they then dropped a 5 on the 8th end to go 11-1 down. With Carleton Rode having the very experienced Neil Davidson at skip this was always going to be a hard-fought game. Jim at lead battled hard against Ann Biddulph who was leading superbly well backed up by Maurice Taylor. Paul and Richard bowled well and picked up a few shots to trail 17-6, a further 2 shots added on the 18th made the score a little bit better losing17-8. Connaught bowled well but Neil’s block always had the edge.

Mat 2 Starting off this looked an even contest on paper and after 3 ends the score was even 3-3, that’s as far as it got. Owen's block then dropped 11 shots over the next 6 ends to give Carleton Rode commanding lead, then would you believe Connaught secured a 5 then immediately dropped two 3's. A spirited recovery over the last two ends added 5 shots completing the scoring with Connaught losing 21-13. Although not playing badly there seemed something lacking. A bit more encouragement in the right direction might help when things are not working out

2nd Session

Mat 1 Diane, Roy, and Bob for Connaught had drawn the Newby clan. Mike, Terry, and Karl. From the start this looked as if this might be the match of the night. With play very even over the first six ends the score was 4-4. Over the next 5 ends Bob went down by 4 single shots and a no scoring end thrown in for good measure, 8-4 to Carleton Rode, then the fight back started, clawing back four single shots with Di and Roy having really good woods Connaught went in to the last end level at 8-8. The last end seemed to last for ever. With the head changing repeatedly. Karl having last wood and Bob holding a very tight one. Karl had two options of shot. You could have heard a pin drop. The bowl was launched with slight weight, it went through the head into the ditch. Bob had done his Houdini act again to win 9-8. Well done

Mat 2 Derek Sylvia and Lee never really got into this game due to the fact they were never allowed to. Although they did not play badly the Carleton Rode block always seemed able to get woods into the head. After 6 ends Lee was down 5-1. Sylvia normally pretty reliable was struggling leaving Lee a lot to do and with Graham quite a formidable skip against him. After 10 ends the score had got 11-6. Then the rot really set in with Connaught losing the next 5 ends. Although collecting a 2 on the last end lost 8-17, scoring on only 4 ends.
Reflection. Carleton Rode are a very good side, and thoroughly deserved their win. Well done. I do not think we played badly but beaten by a better side on the night.

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Connaught A won at home against Thetford on Wednesday 20th November 2019 by 79-33 and 9-1

Mat 1 Elaine Oatway, Roy Taylor, Bob Oatway won 22-4 against Jason Martin

Mat 2 Pat Benefer, Sylvia Parsons, Lee Fallows won 32-6 against Peter Scarborough

Mat 1 Mike Parsons, Mike Minshull Owen Secker drew 12-12 with Kieran Suffolk

Mat 2 Jim Squire, Paul McDonald, Richard Harrison won 13-11 against Peter Harvey

1st Session Mat 1
On Mat 1. Thetford new to the league this season met the experienced block of Elaine, Roy, and Bob.
From the start Thetford struggled with the weight of the mat. Elaine back from her back problem bowled well. Connaught won 9 of the first ten ends going into 15-1 lead. In saying that Bob had to pull out some good shots at times. Over the last 5 ends Connaught added a further 7 shots to run out winners. 22-4. It was nice to see the young talented Chloe Suffolk playing for Thetford although playing a bit under the weather with the proverbial winter cold. Thetford stuck to the task well.

On Mat 2. Connaught’s triple got off with a flying start going 11-1 up in the first 5 ends things got no better for Thetford in the next 5 losing another 14 shots Pat although not playing that often led really well showing she has good adjustment from long mat. If she played more often this could help her game.
Sylvia and Lee as always made short mat look easy. If Sylvia did not get a shot Lee would.
They have played together many seasons which is shown in their approach when playing.
Credit to Thetford for sticking to an almost impossible task.

2nd Session
On Mat 1. If the first half had gone Connaught’s way this would probably be closer.
The home team went down a one on the first end but came back with a 1 & 3. Thetford immediately came back with a 4, after 5 ends the home team led by 1 shot. Connaught were struggling a little bit at this stage but some good shots by Mike Minshull kept Connaught’s nose in front. 9-7 Over the final 6 end Thetford fought back, although going into the last end Connaught still led by two shots. Mike P put his two last woods on the jack but a good running wood from the Thetford number 2 sprung the jack out in the open Mike M tried to draw and then with weight narrowly missed with both woods. Kieran drew another in to give Thetford the lead. Owen played a running wood to remove one wood. Kieran had a chance to draw a 3rd wood but fell short. Owen narrowly missed the head with his last wood resulting in a draw. A fair result overall.

On Mat 2. From the early stages of this game it soon became apparent this was going to be a tough game. After the first 5 ends Thetford led 6-2. Jim, Paul and Richard at last got going and pulled back to lead 9-8 Jim although playing out of position bowled well. Paul coming in late and after a trip to Cambridge had some good drawing shots. After a further 5 ends they led 13-11 amongst those was a no scoring end. All to play for. The head started to build up with Thetford holding shot but Connaught had two good second woods. As the head progressed the situation got tighter. With final woods having been bowled it was down to a measure, everybody appeared to be crawling about on their knee's but finally it was declared a no scoring end. Leaving Connaught winning by two shots.

Summing up this was a good game which could have gone either way. Well done team for another win.

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Connaught A won at home against Wymondham on Wednesday 13th Nov 2019 by 6-4 pts, shots 55-56.

Mat 1 Jim Squire, Bob Oatway, Roy Taylor. Won against Debbie Sparham 15-14

Mat 2 Di Quadling, Richard Harrison Sheila Bragg won against John Sparham 15-11

Mat 1 Dave Quadling, Mike Minshull, Owen Secker Lost against Chris Mann 8-21.

Mat 2 Derek Liles, Sylvia Parsons, Lee Fallows. Won against Mel Barker. 17-10.

1st Session
Mat 1 This match looked evenly balanced on paper and that’s what it turned out to be. Wymondham soon settled, and after 6 ends the score stood at 5 all. With all players contributing. At 10 ends Wymondham had taken a 1 shot lead 8-9. From then on it was tit for tat, both teams scored a 3&1. On the 15th end Wymondham had gone into a 2-shot lead. Bob and Roy had changed positions by this time.
With everything to play for Connaught produced a fine finish by taking 3 shots
snatching the game away from Debbie's block at the death. Summing up Jim although not feeling 100% lead well against Pat, with Bob and Roy competitive as ever against Steve and Debbie this game was always going to be tight and indeed it was.

Mat 2 Sheila's block has been playing well but quickly went 5-2 down. They did start to get more into the game with Di and Billie having a good tussle at lead. Richard was against Andrew Jackson who has got back to bowling s/mat after a break. It looked as if it was going to be one of those days. John Sparham was playing well on the Connaught Mat, drawing and with weight. Sheila renown for being a slow starter was not having a lot of luck at skip. After 11 ends she trailed 11-6. From then on the block produced a remarkable comeback scoring 9 shots over the next 5 ends to win by 4 shots. I don't think anybody saw this turn around happening. Richard was his steady self and always gave good support to Sheila as did Di. Well done

2nd Session
Mat 1 This was always going to be tough whoever was playing against Chris and backed up by Hayley and Brian. Chris raced into a 8-2 lead after 5 ends.
Although trying hard to stem the flow Owen found his block 16-5 down after 10 ends. The next 5 ends would hold the balance of the match. Holding Chris to 5 shots and scoring 3 Wymondham won 21-8. Chris being left-handed always plays well on mat 1 and today was no exception. Today Owen, Mike, and Dave had drawn the short draw, but battled well against very in form skip, no shame in the result.

Mat 2 This match was going to be crucial in obtaining a rare win over Wymondham. With Derek reverting to lead, Sylvia and Lee together making up the block.
A good start was vital. Scoring 2 2's and 1 gave them a 5-2 lead after 5 ends. Mel came back with a 4+1 to take the lead 7-5, this was followed by Lee winning the next 3 ends(1+1+2) to go into the lead. The next six ends were crucial, end 11 was the turning point. Some accurate bowling by all resulted in 5 shots being won, this gave Lee breathing space to contest the last 5 ends. Derek and Sylvia tightened their game and a further 2 shots put the game nearly to bed.
Mel came with 2+1 to make the score 16-10 going into the last end. Holding with 1 shot and Lee with his last wood needed two more shots to win the extra 2 points, the head was not really set up for this and the 1 was taken. Although losing overall on shots by 1, Connaught picked up 6 valuable points on the night. Well played everyone and to Wymondham for a very enjoyable match.

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 Connaught A won against Harling Griffin by 86 shots to 26. (10-0 pts) on 30th October 2019

Mat 1 Dave Quadling, Mike Minshull, Owen Secker. won against G Cody 18-10

Mat 2 Diane Quadling, Richard Harrison,Sheila Bragg. won against C Hayman 26-5 

Mat 1 Pat Benefer, Sylvia Parsons, Lee Fallows won against. G Hume 27-5

Mat 2 Derek Liles, Paul McDonald, Roy Taylor. won against L Deathridge 15-6


Mat 1 Owen's block once again got off to a good start cruising to 10-3 after 9 ends, although many of the heads were very tight. Mike at 2 played some really telling shots which gave Connaught the edge. Dave was having a steady game at lead, with Owen tidying up at skip. Harling made a mini recovery by winning 4 ends on the trot to take their shot total to 10. Connaught scored another 2 to take their total to 18.A good result once again.

Mat 2 Sheila's block are playing well at the moment, and in this match nothing had changed with Diane and Richard on the button this block were basically outplaying Harling. After 10 end's the score was16-1 to Connaught.. A further 10 shots allowed the home block to finish on a high note. To run out 26-5

Second session.

Mat 1 With Pat back from holiday still with a snuffly cold and added cough, also Lee back from Sunny Skegness, together with Sylvia soon made their presence felt. George and Jill swapped positions to stem the flow, although this made a slight difference by reducing the shots to 1's over 4 ends the game had already gone. Some games do not always reflect the score and this was one which could be put into that bracket. Harling never gave up and should take credit by still making it an enjoyable game

Mat 2 On the first 5 end's Roy's block scored 5 single shots. It was clear to see this was going to be a good competitive game. Derek had dropped to lead and Paul to two
This proved to be a good move. Derek lead well considering he is regarded as more of an attacking player. Paul had some very good shots and seemed more happy at 2. Roy also just back from a two week holiday played well. This was a low scoring game as 12 ends resulted in single shots. The highest score of 3 went to Harling. This game was keenly fought to the end.
Well done team. It was also pleasing as captain to see Jim and Bob who were on the bench, turning up and helping with the bar and raffle and collecting match fees .With everybody willing to muck in on match night makes life a lot easier for the captain . Many Thanks.

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Connaught A won away at Hingham by 66 shots to 52. ( 8-2pts) on 24th October 2019

Mat 1 Dave Quadling, Mike Minshull, Owen Secker. Won against Graham Tweed 19-6

 Mat 2 Diane Quadling, Richard Harrison, Sheila Bragg. Won against Pat Groombridge 21-10

Mat 1 Mike Parsons, Jim Squire, Paul McDonald. Lost against Mike White 12-24

Mat 2 Elaine Oatway, Sylvia Parsons, Bob Oatway. Won against Keith Thomas 14-12

On Mat 1 The block could not have started better by winning the first 7 ends resulting in taking a 10 shot lead. Dave was leading well, followed by Mike and Owen carrying on the good work.
Graham at skip for Hingham tried to blast his way out of trouble but nothing seemed to pay off for him. Although they had a change round this did not seem to work either.
Owen & co carried on with the good play winning a further five ends. This result got the team off to flying start for the match.

On Mat 2 Sheila's block also made a good start taking a 9-1 lead. With the ends being shortened to 16, making a good start is important. Diane was having her usual steady game, but Richard was
showing what a good player he is. On end four they scored a five, and then on the tenth end they added a four, making the score 15-4. Hingham made a slight improvement taking their score to ten, but Connaught could see the finishing line and added a futher five shots. This triple has blended and played well throughout.

On Mat 1 In the first session had gone Connaught's way this certainly started badly for Connaught. In the first four ends Mike, Jim and Paul went down It was clear to see that all the good work done by the first session could be wiped out if this continued. Nobody seemed able to read the mat. Hingham must have thought Christmas had come early. Mike started to bowl better at lead as did Jim and Paul, during the next six ends we did stem the flow by scoring seven shots. By the fifteenth end we had reduced the score to being only 20-12 down. But the last end proved disappointing with Connaught dropping a four. Although this was a bad result we actually won eight ends but by going down by so much so early was a big ask. Not a game to remember.

On Mat 2 The game started well for Bob's block scoring 4 on the first end and were leading 5-4 after 5 ends. Sylvia changed with Elaine on end 6 to go lead with the score 5-5 it then proceeded to get worse with Connaught conceeding a further 6 shots going 11-5 down . At this moment Bob went to lead and Sylvia to skip. This stopped the rot and a 2 & 1 shots gained over the two ends saw a Connaught fight back, further 4 shots took Bobs block level at 12-12. With everything to play for, Bob who was bowling well at lead drew to the jack. Pat Roache for Hingham then bowled to take shot. Bob with his next wood trailed the jack but was still one down. Elaine first wood was short and her next wood narrowly missed trailing the jack to the ditch. Game on. Sylvia remaining calm knew that this wood had to be the one. Running with weight picked up the Jack straight into the ditch to hold three. Keith Thomas managed to reduce this to two. Hence allowing Connaught to pick up the extra 2 pts and winning 14-12. “Well done team” a good result we are starting to gel as a team overall.


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Connaught A v Banham

Connaught A won at home to Banham on 16th October 2019 by 76 shots to 37. (8-2 pts)

Mat 1 Dave Quadling, Jim Squire, Bob Oatway lost 16-18 to Will Hogan

Mat 2 Pat Benefer, Sylvia Parsons, Lee Fallows won 19-5 against Bill Francis

Mat 1 Mike Parsons, Derek, Liles, Owen Secker won 19-8 against Jim Delaney

Mat 2 Di Quadling, Mike Minshull, Richard Harrison won 22-6 against Val Hambling

On Mat 1 Connaught might be looking back at this game as one which got away. Although only losing by two shots, they in turn only won 6 ends. Will Hogan is always a very competitive player bowled well, as did Kathy Girling leading.
Looking at it overall, we struggled to have woods in the head. Dave was inclined to be a little bit short but on the plus side it was good to see Jim back bowling again but struggled a bit with his weight. Bob was left many times trying to rescue a result.

On Mat 2 With Lee making a rare appearance playing early won the first six ends to take a 13-shot lead. Pat although suffering with a sniffly cold and the thoughts of holiday on her mind bowled well. Sylvia as always was her normal self, covering or adding to the head. Lee was left to tidy up. Banham fought hard but some nights it just does not go your way.

Second Session

On Mat 1 Owen made a good start going 10 nil up in the first five ends against Jim Delaney's block, Jim made a bit of recovery over the next five ends by winning 5 shots but was still losing 13-5. Mike and Derek continued to set the
head up for Owen, taking the final score 19-8. To give some credit to Banham's 1 and 2 who have not been bowling that long stuck to their task and played some good shots. Jim lacked the help of the wee people by not having too much luck.

On Mat 2 Connaught fielding quite a strong block with Richard at skip, always looked in control playing a solid game throughout. Well support by Mike & Di.
Although Banham won the first end, they then proceeded to lose the next 6 ends. Val for Banham was trying hard, but things never really got any better for her. After 10 ends she was16-3 down. Although winning the next 4 ends, Connaught finished with a 4and 3 to run out winners.

I would like to thank Banham for turning out a full side also Will Hogan for the phone call for letting me know this would be happening. Well done Banham.

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Connaught A played at home on Wednesday 9th October in their first game of the new season.

This was against Harling Unicorn and came away winners by 10-0 and 78 to 42.

First Session

E. Oatway, P McDonald, Bob Oatway won 17-14 against N Battley.

Di Quadling, R Harrison, S, Bragg. won 18-5 against M Tarrant.

Second Session

D Quadling, Roy Taylor Mike Minshull won 19-14 against I Beckford.

P. Benefer, S Parsons, Lee Fallow won 19-14 against M Cunningham. 

Harling though as always can be a hard team to beat. Connaught with a few new faces played well, but did not get all their own way totally, and could have lost two games very easily. But they changed the playing order just at the right time and this seemed to settle the blocks down and by having two vital ends with good scores took them home.


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CAPTAIN: - Mike Parsons

Practice days 18th September and 25th September 2019

Bob Oatway

Richard Harrison

Elaine Oatway

Roy Taylor

Mike Parsons

Sheila Bragg

Sylvia Parsons

Di Quadling

Mike Minshull

Dave Quadling

Paul McDonald

Jim Squire

Owen Secker

Pat Benefer

Derek Liles

Lee Fallows




















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