BRECKLAND B TEAM 2019 - 2020

All activities at the Connaught Bowls Club has been suspended until further Notice. 

Due to the current coronavirus (Covid-19) Problem. 

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Connaught Breckland 'B' Team Shots Points
Results 2019/20Season
        Date F A F A
Connaught 'B'  v Forncett Away 18-Oct-19 36 78 0  10
Connaught 'B' v Harling Unicorns Home 21-Oct-19 52 62 4 6
Connaught 'B' v Shropham Away 30-Oct-19 44  62  4
Connaught 'B'  v Harling Griffins Home 05-Nov-19 72 53 8 2
Connaught 'B' v Carleton Rode Away 18-Nov-19 34 78 0 10
Connaught 'B'  v Hingham Home 25-Nov-19 52 57 4 6
Connaught 'B' v Wymondham Home 27-Nov-19  34  86 0 10
Connaught 'B' v Banham Away 04-Dec-19  53  61 3 7
Connaught 'B' v Connaught A Away 14-Dec-19 40 86 0 10
Connaught 'B' v Thetford Home 18-Dec-19 68 47 8 2
Connaught 'B'  v Banham Home 13-Jan-20  69  49  10 0
Connaught 'B' v Thetford Away 15-Jan-20 30  95 0 10
Connaught 'B' v Connaught A Home 25-Jan-20 33 72 0 10
Connaught 'B'  v Harling Griffins Away 05-Feb-20 39 68 2 8
Connaught 'B' v Hingham Away 10-Feb-20 53 70 2 8
Connaught 'B' v Carleton Rode Home 11-Feb-20 45 78 3 7
Connaught 'B' v Wymondham Away 24-Feb-20  22 126 0 10
Connaught 'B' v Shropham Home 10-Mar-20  70 48 8 2
Connaught 'B' v Harling Unicorns Away 18-Mar-20        
Connaught 'B' v Forncett Home 24-Mar-20        
    Shot difference -430   846 1276 56 124





Connaught 'B' won at home against Shropham on Tuesday 10 March by 70-48 and 8-2

Mat 1 Mick Utting, Bill Adcock and Steve Hudd lost 13-16 against R Broad
Mat 2 Joan Knox, Malcolm Southgate and Mark Watson won 29-8 against A Rawnsley
Mat 1 Peter King, John Winup and Alison Rush won 12-9 against M Godbold
Mat 2 Moira Eades, Annabelle Sopp and Jenny Moon won 16-15 against D Green

On Mat 1 before the break one's guess was that Steve and Bill needed to give Mick some advantage against Richard Broad if Connaught were to win this match and this analysis was spot on. The match was evenly poised from the start and after 9 ends the score was 7-7. A 1 and a 4 then gave Connaught a lead of 12-7 but Shropham hit back with a 1, 3 and 4 sequence to put the home side 12-15 down. 1 to each side on the last two ends and Shropham gained a deserved win. Richard was in very good form throughout but another factor was Pam Padgett (once of Connaught and then Watton), who played well at lead to start with but then played even better when she moved to 2. The home players did OK although on a swinging mat tended to bowl too straight and therefore under the head

On Mat 2 Connaught had a very useful start with 3 x 3 for a lead of 9-0. They built this up to 18-2 after 9 ends, and aided by 4 on end 11 and 5 on end 14 went on to a convincing win. Mark was quite self-critical after the match and he did send a few too long. Against that everything else was very accurate and a lead being that dominant is a huge comfort factor to the 2 and skip. Malcolm and Joan in their turn also had some loose woods but had many more excellent woods in a very good win. Good to see Alan Marshall turning out for Shropham and although opposite Mark kept his head to be generally accurate. Shropham indeed were no mugs and they seem to have found a useful player in Mark Chapman at 2. He has a classical delivery and apparently plays outdoors for Ashill

Mat 1 after the break saw a tense and tight affair between two well-matched triples. 6 x 1 and 3 x 2 to Connaught against 5 x 1 and 2 x 2 for Shropham tell the story. With Nolan Newbury (Thetford outdoors) at 2 for Shropham and Mike Godbold a useful skip John and Peter would have their work cut out and Alison would have to achieve at least parity at lead. To her eternal credit she did more than that to have her best match for some time. After a fairly torrid time at Saxlingham the night before she held those nerves in check and concentrated well. John and Peter had occasional lapses but generally were very sound. After dropping 2 x 1 at the start Connaught took the lead at 3-2 after 4 ends and never lost it afterwards. However, they could never quite shake off Shropham. A solid last end protected a 4-shot lead as Alison and John drew their woods to within 3 inches of the jack. Shropham still had the winning shot but that did not matter

Mat 2 after the break saw one of those extraordinary matches in which Connaught came back from the dead to win. With Shropham having only 11 players it was inevitable that Richard Broad, despite all the correct protocols being followed, still managed to be the one to play twice! After dropping 3 x 1 at the start Connaught came back well and a 5 on end 8 gave them a 10-4 lead. With Richard always a menace Shropham came back with 2, 2, 5 and 1 to put Connaught 10-14 behind. 2 x 1 to Connaught and 1 x 1 to Shropham and 12-15 down going into the last end. All the home players drew well as the jack went long and amazingly Connaught held 4 to win by 1. Jenny bowled well and tellingly at lead and Annabelle consolidated well. Moira continues to confound those of us who simply think she does not have the game to skip. However, she is very competitive and remains calm. Perhaps she is saying "up yours" to us all! Very well done

With Shropham bottom of the league and Connaught just above them, there was only pride at stake in this match. However, Shropham would have loved doing the double over us and we would have hated it! Joan's big win would always give Connaught the 2 points for overall shots but Connaught still needed one win after the break. The make-up of the respective triples after the break made the outcomes uncertain and for Connaught to get two narrow wins was a bonus

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Connaught 'B' lost at Wymondham on Monday 24 February by 22-126 and 0-10

Mat 1 Joe Li-Rocchi, Malcolm Southgate and Steve Barclay lost 5-30 against D Sparham
Mat 2 Joan Knox, Mick Utting and Steve Judd lost 4-39 against J Pye
Mat 1 Moira Eades, Annabelle Sopp and Jenny Moon lost 10-28 against J Sparham
Mat 2 Peter King, John Winup and Peter Hambling lost 3-29 against C Mann

On Mat 1 before the break Connaught were 0-15 down after 5 ends, stemmed the tide with 2s on ends 6 and 10 but stumbled on to defeat

On Mat 2 Connaught made a bright start, with Joan bowling confidently, to lead 4-1 after 4 ends. After that all remaining ends were lost and the shots against tally was formidable

On Mat 1 after the break Connaught were 1-19 down after 8 ends and what was chosen as the sacrificial block seemed to justified their status. However, they confounded everybody by winning 5 of the last 8 ends and sharing the shots at 9-9. Indeed they pulled up to 10-20 after 14 ends before dropping 2 x 4. They seemed to do better up front that the other Connaught triples and Moira bowled some good woods to demonstrate her claim that she should have been skipping all season!

On Mat 2 a grim tale unfolded. Connaught scored 1 on end 8 to break their duck at 1-14 and the second half was more or less a repeat with Connaught's only score being 2 on end 12. Hayley Osborne at lead and Roger Steele at 2 had fine games while Chris Mann swept up any crumbs available to him

A demoralising evening for Connaught 'B' against a confident and well-balanced Wymondham side who bowled very well on their mats. The mats were difficult but not impossible as we had been led to believe. They did demand a level of technical skill, eg finding a narrow backhand or forehand line, which the Connaught players could not produce while under constant pressure from very good players. To their credit Wymondham did not patronise us and rightly bowled very seriously until the last wood. For them it was still practice and to be taken seriously

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Connaught 'B' lost at home against Carleton Rode by 45-78 and 3-7

Due to the late arrival of one player Carleton Rode had to reshuffle selected blocks before the match could start

Mat 1 Mick Utting, Steve Judd and Annabelle Sopp lost 12-16 against R Davidson
Mat 2 Joe Rocchi, Malcolm Southgate and Mark Watson won 16-6 against D Blundell
Mat 1 Peter King, John Winup and Peter Hambling drew 16-16 agaunst G Mobbs
Mat 2 Joan Knox, Alison Rush and Joyce Hazell lost 1-40 against K Newby

Before the break Mat 1 saw a very tight start with Connaught leading 5-3 after 8 ends and with single shots only having been scored. The pattern then changed as Connaught scored 4 on end 9 to go 9-3 up but then promptly dropped 2 x 4 and a 3 on end 13. At that point they were 10-14 down. The margin remained unchanged with 1 x 2 to Connayght and 2 x 1 to Carleton Rode. Difficult to find a sound reason for the collapse other than that the visitors raised their game and the Connaught players wilted a bit under the pressure. A pity because they played very well for most of the match, with Annabelle having one of her best games at lead and with Steve and Mick also bowling accurately

Mat 2 saw a good win by Connaught in a match which was still tightly contested. Connaught dropped only 4 x 1 and 1 x 2 as accuracy won the day. Apart from 3 on the first end Connaught were restricted to 7 x 1 and 3 x 2. Mark Watson takes the honours with a superb display at lead against a good player in A Biddulph who stretched him all the way. Malcolm and Joe were able to consolidate and did so very well but the match still showed the value of an excellent lead

Mat 1 showed on paper a good result for Connaught in drawing against Graham Mobbs' triple but the reality is one of missed opportunity because the home side led 14-5 after 10 ends. After dropping 1 on the first end Connaught replied with a 5 and further positive play to lead 12-1 after 6 ends. At or about this point Graham Mobbs moved to 2 and C Bunn to skip and things started to change. 2 x 1 to Connaught and 2 x 2 to Carleton Rode and still a 14-5 lead. Then the wheels came off as 4, 1, 3, 1 and 2 were dropped in successive ends and Connaught were 14-16 down with one end to play. To their credit the home players rallied; John bowled a good forcing shot which gave Connaught 2 and in a tense battle between the skips Peter managed still to hold 2 as he went to bowl last wood. The draw for 3 and a win was on but he fell just too short. A bit similar to the earlier match on Mat 1, except that the positional change paid off for Carleton Rode. Peter Hambling and John had shut out Graham Mobbs for that big lead but with more space he bowled well

Mat 2 saw a rather sad match. The three Connaught players knew they were the "sacrificial block" as Malcolm tried to consolidate Connaught's strength into three triples. This ploy went well because Joan & Co were facing Carleton Rode's strongest triple who probably would have won against anybody. It was still difficult as Carleton Rode set out ruthlessly to whitewash the Connaught players. They so nearly succeeded because Connaught, with some justice, scored 1 on the last end!

Connaught won one, drew one and lost one of the three close matches scoring 44-38 in shots and the matches on Mat 1 so nearly went their way. But in Peter Hambling's wise words "good players always come back at you". One incidental point emerging from the last two evenings is that Mark Watson has become a lead as good as anybody in the 'A' team squad. Promotion next season? Someone from the 'A' team really should watch him play

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Connaught 'B' lost at Hingham on Monday 10 February by 53-70 and 2-8

There was pre-match drama as Jenny Moon arrived with a badly-gashed right knee having tripped on arrival at Ann Bayes' house prior to their travelling together. Jenny assured us, and we all believed her, that she had had no tipple of any sort during the day. She was in quite a bad way and thank you to Wendy from the Hingham side, a trained nurse, for looking after her. Jenny was in no state to play and Alison was summoned at short notice. She arrived with Mike and thank you to both of them for helping the team so willingly. Mike's stint was not finished because he took Jenny to hospital where she was treated. She is now at home recovering. Therefore the match started late and thank you to Hingham for all their help

Mat 1 David Flatt, Steve Hudd and Joyce Hazell lost 9-24 against K Thomas
Mat 2 Joe Li-Rocchi, Malcolm Southgate and Alison Rush lost 8-24 against P Groombridge
Mat 1 Joan Knox, Ann Bayes and Moira Eades lost 14-16 against M White
Mat 2 Peter King, John Winup and Mark Watson won 22-6 against J Higgs

On Mat 1 Connaught were 3-0 up after 3 ends, 4-6 down after 7 ends and 4-21 down after 12 ends. A 1 and a 4 gave them some relief before the end. The match was simply a case of one side being able to draw well in the conditions and the other side lacking the technique to do so. Steve is partly exempt from that because he did have some good drawing woods but neither Joyce nor David, both inclined to bowl heavily straight at the jack, could cope

On Mat 2 there were understandable distractions at the start for Alison and Malcolm given all the pre-match activity but sadly neither really found any consistency as the match went on. This affected Joe, who is a much more assured skip when the back-up is on song and who seemed a bit disillusioned as the match went on. Connaught picked up a 4 on end 4 and 4 x 1, while dropping 1 x 3, 2 x 4, and a 5 on the last end. On the night not a happy tale

On Mat 1 second time round a tight start saw the score at 3-3 after 5 ends. Then Connaught fell apart a little to go 3-10 down after 8 ends and 5-16 down after 12 ends. However, the triple rallied well to score 3, 1, 1 and 4 over the last four ends to reduce the margin to 14-16. There was a hint of "what might have been" after this match. All three of the Connaught players can draw accurately and it seemed a case of losing concentration for too long a period

The second match on Mat 2 was Connaught's one bright spot as the visiting triple notched up a 22-6 win against a useful home triple (John and Janet Higgs are no mugs). After dropping 1 on the first end Connaught bowled very steadily to lead 13-1 after 10 ends before dropping 3. They promptly got 4 back and scored another 4 on the last end. The key was up front where Mark and John drew very well all evening. This enabled Peter King to have the match of a lifetime. Hingham often "got in" with an occasional wood but Connaught always had more woods in the head and at the back and Peter exploited all this very well from start to finish. A great relief for him and John Winup after their dismal efforts at Harling

Another difficult evening away from home where technique was exposed. The winning triple had sat together closely watching the first match on Mat 2 and had a shrewd idea of how to play on it. Mark Watson's application as a newcomer to short mat is a lesson to many who have been playing the game for years but do not seem to learn

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Connaught 'B' lost at Harling Griffin on Wednesday 5 February by 39-68 and 2-8

Mat 1 Mick Utting, Steve Judd and Annabelle Sopp lost 9-23 against G Cody
Mat 2 Joe Li-Rocchi, Malcolm Southgate and Mark Watson won 17-11 against C Hayman
Mat 1 Joan Knox, Ann Bayes and Alison Rush lost 8-12 against L Deathridge
Mat 2 Peter King, John Winup and Peter Hambling lost 5-22 against R Marsh

On Mat 1 before the break the Connaught players could not really handle the conditions against a useful Harling triple. Connaught fought hard enough at the start and were just 4-5 down after 6 ends and 5-8 down after 8 ends. After that the wheels came off a bit as Harling notched up a couple of 4s on their way to a comfortable win

Mat 2, by some way the trickiest of the Harling mats, saw a dreadful display of bowling from six players who were beaten by the conditions. With Harling fielding fairly new players at lead and 2, Mark and Malcolm at least managed enough good woods between them to give Connaught an early advantage to lead 8-0 after 6 ends. Neither skip contributed anything in this period. Connaught extended the lead to 12-1 after 8 ends when Joe at last found his touch to take out a Harling wood to yield 4 shots. Sadly a 4 was conceded on the very next end but Connaught edged their way to 16-5 after 12 ends as the Harling skip went awry with heavy woods. After that Harling did come back to score 6-1 over the last 4 ends of a match showing little quality

Mat 1 after the break produced the best match of the evening in terms of the quality of play. Connaught went 0-6 down after 4 ends but having found line and weight on the truer of the two mats won the rest of the match by 8-6. With both sides drawing well but with both skips able to bowl forceful woods as well, the match was always tight. Connaught won 7 ends (1 x 2 and 6 x 1) and Harling 9 ends (3 x 2 and 6 x 1) and this low scoring pattern shows that all players applied themselves. Well done to the Connaught triple for making a fight of it

In the second match on Mat 2 Connaught did anything but make a fight of it in a contest in which the visiting triple gave a turgid and depressing display. Peter Hambling deserves some exemption from this description because he did find the mat second half with some good drawing on the backhand. However, two of the team's most experienced players in Peter King and John Winup have never played so ineptly. The more they tried the worse they got against two competent players who simply grew in confidence. The left-handedness of the Harling 2 and skip helped to an extent on the playing surface but they were left far too much room. Credit to Harling but "should have done much better" has to be the verdict on the Connaught performance

Not a good performance overall against one of our rivals in the bottom half of the league. We did beat probably Harling's weakest triple, put up a tremendous fight in one match and were soundly trounced in the two others. Mat 2 is difficult, as Harling acknowledged, but with application is certainly not unplayable. Perhaps we will do better on the Wymondham mats!

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Connaught 'B' lost at home to Connaught 'A' on Saturday 25 January by 33-72 and 0-10

Mat 1 Mick Utting, Alison Rush and Carolina Li-Rocchi lost 5-25 against Mike Minshull, Paul McDonald and Jim Squire
Mat 2 Joe Li-Rocchi, Malcolm Southgate and Mark Watson lost 12-14 against Sheila Bragg, Richard Harrison and Di Quadling
Mat 1 Peter King, John Winup and Peter Hambling lost 8-13 against Bob Oatway, Roy Taylor and David Quadling
Mat 2 Joan Knox, Ann Bayes and Jenny Moon lost 8-20 against Lee Fallows and Owen Secker and Derek Liles

Mat 1 the 'B' triple tried hard but were outgunned by a very competent 'A' triple which accumulated steadily throughout the match. Mick was reduced to speculative firing on several ends, sometimes to good effect and sometimes not. We can at least wryly comment that the 'A' players were in last season's 'B' squad and rightly were moved up to the 'A' squad

Mat 2 saw a good, solid contest in which the 'A' triple held their nerve well in the closing stages. After a sluggish start, in which Di was leading well for the 'A', the 'B' were 0-6 down after 3 ends but came back very well to win the next 8 ends by 11-3 to lead by 2 shots after 11 ends. During this spell and bowling to a long jack the 'B' players were well on top. Mark started to win the battle at lead, Malcolm was holding his own with a slightly subdued Richard and Joe was playing very well to crowd Sheila out. Once having won back the jack the 'A' set it short and clawed their way back to lead 13-11 after 13 ends. Having won end 14 by a single shot the 'B' set the jack long again and held well on end 15. Sheila had to use forehand weight, her first shot cutting the 'B' lead to a single shot and her second a trifle luckily forcing a no-score end. An exciting last end saw the 'A' pick up 1 for a a 2-shot win overall

Mat 1 then saw another tight contest. Again the 'B' triple started slowly and were 2-7 down after 5 ends as Roy and Bob drew well. After that the match levelled out in a series of mainly single-shot wins as the last 11 ends were shared 6-6. All the players had their moments in a match dominated by drawing play but with the occasional running wood. Bob takes the plaudits overall for consistency of performance

Mat 2 became a cacophony of laughter and noise, also involving spectators, which contrasted markedly with the very serious approach being taken on Mat 1. However, the 'A' triple, while joining in, still maintained strong concentration throughout and were too strong for a plucky opposition. Derek is a steady lead and Owen, playing at 2 in place of an unfit Sylvia, was a more than competent foil to the gifted Lee Fallows. Remarkable that work commitments confine him to Breckland matches only. The 'B' players tried hard but it was not their night

Missing Bill and Diana the 'B' team really competed well in only two matches but still lost those. The 'A' team (aided by those recruits from last year's 'B'squad!) are clearly more focused this year and Mike has found some good blends in the triples. We wish them well in forthcoming matches against Carleton Rode and Wymondham. A lovely evening socially, as these occasion always are, with Sandra providing a sumptuous spread. The 'B' team can now concentrate on its own battles in the bottom half of the table

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Connaught 'B' lost at Thetford on Wednesday 15 January by 30-95 and 0-10

Mat 1 Steve Judd, Joyce Hazell ansd Jenny Moon lost 3-39 against K Suffolk
Mat 2 Peter King, John Winup and Peter Hambling lost 6-23 against J Martin
Mat 3 Joe Li-Rocchi, Malcolm Southgate and Alison Rush lost 13-17 against P Harvey
Mat 4 Joan Knox, Ann Bayes and Annabelle Sopp lost 8-16 against P Scarborough

On Mat 1 Connaught scored 3 on end 4 to win their only points as the triple could not cope on fast and swinging mats against very good opposition

On Mat 2 Connaught battled hard to contain Therford to 4-9 after 8 ends. The second half was harder as the Thetford lead came on stream, the young Chloe Sutton at 2 was playing well and the skip several times took out winning Connaught positions. Usually Peter and John had something in the head and the only collective failure was a dropped 5 on end 14 as the score overall did not reflect the Connaught effort

On Mat 3 Connaught put up their best showing to lose by just 4 shots. Alison had some struggles at lead but Malcolm drew steadily throughout and Joe, still in a rich vein of form, had a fine match. Connaught were 5-11 down after 8 ends but rallied well by pulling up to 13-14 after 14 ends before dropping 1 and 2

There was another fine effort on Mat 4 where Connaught were 0-9 down after 6 ends but won the last 16 ends by 8-7. Credit to the three Connaught players for not letting heads drop and for coming to terms with conditions strange to them

An emphatic defeat for Connaught 'B' but one reasonably predictable. At the skill level of the side it is not easy to move from the slowest mats in the Breckland League to probably the fastest. However, most of the players enjoyed the game and applied themselves well to adapt their techniques

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Connaught 'B' beat Banham at home on Wednesday 13 January by 69-49 and 10-0

Mat 1 Joe Li-Rocchi, Annabelle Sopp and Diana Adcock won 16-12 against J Lirson
Mat 2 Mick Utting, Bill Adcock and Carolina Li-Rocchi won 18-12 against B Francis
Mat 1 Peter King, John Winup and david Flatt won 15-11 against J Delaney
Mat 2 Joan Knox, Ann Bayes and Mark Watson won 20-14 against W Hoggan

Mat 1 saw a tight struggle with Connaught just 10-9 ahead after 14 ends when a 6 on end 15, out of the blue given the rest of the match, put the home triple out of sight. Banham came back with 3 on the last end as Connaught rested on their laurels. The match was mainly a drawing contest with Joe the only player possessing any power. Connaught were 4-6 down after 8 ends and about this time Joe switched Annabelle to lead and Diana to 2. This change worked enough for Connaught to get ahead before that 6 changed the game with a vengeance

On Mat 2 Carolina bowled soundly at lead throughout the match while Bill and Mick had mixed starts. Connaught were 5-6 down after 6 ends but then had a purple patch to go 17-6 up after 12 ends, with 4 on end 11 and 3 on end 12 helping considerably. During this period Bill and Mick were on song and Connaught also rode their luck as wicks etc went their way. Banham pulled a few shots back after that spell to reduce the margin

On Mat 1 after the break Connaught had a good start to lead 8-0 after 4 ends. David, unusually at lead, and John were drawing steadily and Peter consolidating as Banham's lead and 2 were adjusting to the slow mat. Connaught retained the edge to lead 14-3 after 10 ends and then the game changed as Banham won end 11 and set a short jack. By this time Jim Delaney had moved to 2. Banham won the last 6 ends by 8-1 but a slightly relieved Connaught triple had enough in the bank to win. The short jack unnerved David Flatt although John Winup usually got at least one wood in the head. Not quite at his best on the night Peter King was often under pressure in the closing stages but saved well on occasion

Mat 2 saw a high-scoring match with both sides managing clutches of 2s and 3s but with Connaught scoring 4 on end 11 and 5 on end 13 to give themselves a safety margin of 18-12. Banham scored 2 on end 14 but Connaught responded with 2 x 1 on the last two ends. For Connaught Mark Watson had a fine game at lead to often give Connaught a good advantage. Ann was steady at 2 and Joan had an excellent match at skip although Will Hoggan was a tough opponent. It was good to see Will back after a long absence through injury and finding good form right away. But well done to the Connaught triple

Connaught had lost 3-7 at Banham and were pleased to get a maximum points win in the return against a side in the same lower part of the league table. It was also one of those evenings where the home side seemed to get the rub of the green (mat!). Things might be a bit different at Thetford on Wednesday evening when the very fast mats will challenge the technique of the Connaught 'B' players.

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Connaught 'B' beat Thetford at home on Wednesday 18 December by 68-47 and 8-2

Mat 1 Joe Li-Rocchi, Steve Judd and Jenny Moon won 20-13 against J Martin
Mat 2 Mick Utting, Alison Rush and Mark Watson won 19-14 against K Suffolk
Mat 1 Joan Knox, Ann Bayes and Moira Eades won 17-8 against P Harvey
Mat 2 Peter King, Annabelle Sopp and Peter Hambling lost 11-13 against P Scarborough

On Mat 1 before the break Jenny, in her first match of the season, and Steve were slow to settle first half and Joe was having to dig very deep at skip. This he did well and Connaught led 9-8 after 8 ends. After that Jenny and Steve came on stream and Connaught notched up 2 x 4 on the way to what became a fairly comfortable win

On Mat 2 Connaught dropped 5 on the first end and slowly dragged their way back in. Even so they were 5-12 down after 10 ends and on the way out when the match changed dramatically. Connaught scored 5 on end 11 and followed up with 2 and 4 to lead 16-12 after 13 ends. Thetford came back with a 2 but a 2 and 1 to Connaught gave them a win which had seemed unlikely earlier on. Mark, in his first short mat game for the club, showed his outdoor bowling pedigree by playing extremely well at lead. Alison had occasional attacks of nerves but steadied up to play a useful part in that huge recovery. Mick had his best game of the season, concentrated hard and adapted his game to the mat very well

On Mat 1 Connaught's all-female triple played steadily and with good sense. The match was very tight at the start with only single shots being scored on the first 7 ends at which point Connaught led 5-2. Connaught broke the mould with a 4 on end 8 and managed to slightly increase the margin in a tightly-fought second half. Moira played well and showed that she should put to one side any aspirations to play at 2! Ann is a lead by inclination because she prefers to use her backhand all the time. At 2 she played well on the backhand but proved herself quite capable of bowling forehand shots when forced into it. Joan was calm and very capable at skip and surprised Thetford at times with accurate running woods. Her return from injury is a major boost for the team

On Mat 2 Connaught managed to contain Thetford first half and score a few to lead 8-4 after 8 ends. Thetford then had a 1, 4, 2 and 1 winning sequence to put Connaught 8-12 down after 12 ends. Connaught pulled back with 3 x 1 to be at 11-12 with an end to go. That end went Thetford's way with a single shot. On the night Peter Hambling and Annabelle needed to give Peter King just that little bit more and second half could not contain the capable K Suffolk playing at 2 in his second match of the evening. Peter King had another very good match and nearly pulled it off. He did let his frustrations show a little!

Connaught 'B' obviously were very pleased at their win but slightly surprised by it given Thetford's good form in their first Breckland League season. One reason, comfirmed by the Thetford players, was the visitors' difficulty coping with Connaught's slow mats especially when these are compared with their own. However, good signs for Connaught, with Joan back and Jenny and Mark having encouraging first matches. Mark, if he stays with short mat, will become an accomplished player. An adventurous night for John Winup, doing admin etc for the absent Malcolm Southgate. Firstly, dealing with the fact that Thetford had just 10 players. All sorted out and many thanks to Mike Parsons for his telephoned guidance! At the end of the evening three Thetford players were their last to leave but their car could not be started due to a faulty key fob and no manual means apparent. A family member from Thetford drove to collect them, leaving the other car for next day collection, and they and John Winup left the clubhouse at 11.30!

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Connaught 'B' lost at home against Connaught 'A' on Saturday 14 December by 40-86

Mat 1 Mick Utting, Bill Adcock and Carolina Li-Rocchi lost 9-22 against Owen Secker
Mat 2 Joe Li-Rocchi, Malcolm Southgate and Diana Adcock lost 10-21 against Bob Oatway
Mat 1 Peter King, Joyce Hazell and Peter Hambling lost 10-24 against Mike Minshull
Mat 2 Joan Knox, Steve Judd and Annabelle Sopp lost 11-21 against Sylvia Parsons

Readers are referred to the 'A' team report by Mike Parsons for a full account of the match (usual reporter absent through illness). Mike is fair and polite but undoubtedly this was a drubbing for Connaught 'B'

Click to A Team Report

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Connaught 'B'lost at Banham on Wednesday 4 December by 53-61 and 3-7

Mat 1 Mick Utting, Bill Adcock and Joyce Hazell lost 15-16 against J Delaney
Mat 2 Peter King, John Winup and Moira Eades won 18-11 against M Thurston
Mat 3 Steve Judd, Ann Bayes and Annabelle Sopp lost 8-22 against P Bertram
Mat 4 Joe Li-Rocchi, Malcolm Southgate and Diana Adcock drew 12-12 against B Francis

On Mat 1 Connaught had a slow start finding the mat and were 1-9 down after 7 ends. A 4 on end 8 brought them back into the match but they were still 9-14 down after 13 ends. However, on end 14 Connaught levelled with a 5. 2 shots were dropped on end 15 but amid much excitement Connaught could score just 1 on the last end. A strange match in that Connaught won just 6 ends but managed a 5, a 4 and a 3 while containing Banham to 6 x 2 and 4 x 1

On Mat 2 Connaught scored 3 on end 2 to lead 3-1 and never lost the lead after that. Two further 3s were scored as well as a 4 as the visiting triple played very well. Moira at lead concentrated and had an excellent match as did John at 2. Always with woods in the head Peter for once was under little pressure and consolidated as necessary. At 2 and skip Banham had very accurate players who bowled some fine woods on several ends to save or win for their side

On Mat 3 Connaught simply could not cope with the Banham drawing play on a fast mat, with Peggy Bertram and Val Hambling featuring well, and steadily conceded shots. At one point Steve and Ann swapped positions and the Connaught card seemed to go awry and was not completed after about 9 ends. All in all something of a sorry tale

On Mat 4 Connaught went behind from the start and were 3-8 down after 8 ends. They were a similar margin down at 5-10 after 13 ends when there was a dramatic shift similar to that on Mat 1. Connaught scored 2 and then 5 to lead 12-10 after 15 ends. The fairy tale ended as Banham scored 2 on the last end to draw the match. Nevertheless "well done" to the Connaught players for not giving up

With all the matches starting at the same time it is difficult to comment on individual play. At one time Connaught seemed en route for a 2-8 defeat but the late twists in fortune on Mats 1 and 4, especially the 2 x 5, might even have given the visiting side a 6-4 win. Steve Judd and Co are having a tough time. There is an option in either Malcolm himself, John Winup or Bill Adcock moving across to skip but this would disrupt solid combinations which are working well. As mentioned before the side does need Joan Knox back fit and well

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Connaught 'B' lost at home to Wymondham on Wednesday 27 November by 34-86 and 0-10

Mat 1 Joe Li-Rocchi, Malcolm Southgate and Diana Adcock lost 14-24 against C Mann
Mat 2 Mick Utting, Bill Adcock and Carolina Li-Rocchi lost 9-20 against J Sparham
Mat 1 Steve Judd, Moira Eades and Annabelle Sopp lost 1-29 against D Sparham
Mat 2 Peter King, John Winup and Peter Hambling lost 10-13 against M Barker

On Mat 1 before the break Wymondham made a blistering start to put Connaught 1-16 down after 7 ends. Thereafter Connaught recovered very well to win the remaining 9 ends by 13-8 to at least put some respectability on the score. Diana and Malcolm seemed adrift during that opening spell and Joe was playing very much a lone hand. Malcolm did recover to help Joe in the second half but Diana continued to have problems on the night with the forehand delivery. But at least both bowled back woods second half. Joe continued to play splendidly against Chris Mann and really is having a good season

On Mat 2 a similar pattern unfolded with Connaught going 1-16 down after 8 ends. Connaught then won 6 of the final 8 ends by 8-4 to show a bit of fight. It was good to see Carolina well enough to play and she put in a very creditable performance with some good drawing on the backhand side. After some good play under pressure in recent matches Bill was off-key first half and unusually for him lost a few woods altogether. When he found form, as he did second half, the triple really did benefit. Mick won brilliantly on this mat against Wymondham last year but sadly there was not to be a repeat performance. He had some excellent running woods but was a bit fallible on the draw

After the break the match on Mat 1 made for painful watching as the Connaught triple were outplayed. For the first half they at least contained Wymondham to 1s and 2s but second half the deficit was 1-18 as the Wymondham players all found the mat and bowled very confidently. Little to say other than that an underpowered triple were swamped. At least all remained cheerful enough but one felt sorry for the inexperienced Steve Judd having to run the gauntlet in this way for two nights on the trot

The second match on Mat 2 produced the only close contest of the evening. Connaught had a bright start, 4 up after 2 ends, but then went behind at 4-7 after 8 ends. 7-9 down after 12 ends, Connaught then held 4 on end 13 with Mel Barker to bowl last wood for Wymondham. He had only one possible shot, a narrow backhand, and missed it. Sadly for Connaught it caught a short wood and had enough pace to get in through the back door. These things happen in bowls but a likely 13-9 became a 7-10, a 3-shot advantage which Wymondham maintained. Peter Hambling was rather disappointed afterwards; despite some recovery towards the end he tended to bowl too short. Roger Steele did not always take advantage and this left room for a good contest all night between John Winup and Steve Easter. Similarly Peter King and Mel both had good games as the advantage swung one way and then the other

For Connaught 'B' to lose to Wymondham is predictable. Like Carleton Rode, to whom we lost last week by a similar score, they are solid throughout, concentrate hard on every wood and give little away. Connaught 'B' do this in patches only and tonight there was some headless chicken stuff on display. Connaught 'B' can never field a Chris Mann or a Debbie Sparham, for instance, but at lead and 2 compete and make life more difficult for good players

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Connaught 'B'lost at home to Hingham on Tuesday 26 November by 52-57 and 4-6

Mat 1 Joe Li-Rocchi, Malcolm Southgate and Diana Adcock won 19-11 against J Hunter
Mat 2 Peter King, John Winup and Peter Hambling won 15-11 against G Tweed
Mat 1 Steve Judd, Moira Eades and Alison Rush lost 7-21 against M White
Mat 2 Bill Adcock, Annabelle Sopp and Steve Barclay lost 11-14 against P Groombridge

On Mat 1 before the break two strongish triples had a good contest marked by fluctuations in fortune. After an even start Connaught deopped 5 on end 5 to go 3-8 down but then recovered very well to lead 13-7 after 10 ends. Some nervous twitches from Connaught onlookers as Hingham scored 1, 1 and 2 to reduce the deficit to 13-11. Howver, a solid 1, 3 and 2 finish took Connaught home by 8 shots. Good play from all, with Joe having another fine match. He does play better with steady support and credit to Diana and Malcolm for that

On Mat 2 two well-matched triples had an even tighter contest. Connaught had one loose end in the match on end 3 to drop 4 and go 0-6 down. A 3 on end 4 gave them some relief but at the halfway stage Connaught were 5-8 down. A steady sequence saw Connaught take the lead for the first time at 9-8 after 11 ends but Hingham came back with 1 to level. End 13 was crucial. John broke up the head with a running wood and the jack went long to the right; Connaught benefited to score 4. A 2 on the next end took them to 15-9 and it was a question of bowling tight for the last 2 ends; this they did by containing Hingham to 2 x 1. 8 ends to each side: Connaught 1 x 4, 1 x 3, 2 x 2 and 4 x 1 and Hingham 1 x 4 and 7 x 1. Peter Hambling had a slowish start but vitally came good second half. John had a good match and even refound his backhand. Peter King continued his fine form and was absolutely key to the win

After the break on Mat 1 Connaught had a storming start to with 2 and 3 and led 7-1 after 5 ends. Hingham then found the mat with a vengeance to dominate the Connaught players. Connaught still clung on to lead 7-6 after 9 ends but 3, 4 and 3 then took Hingham out of sight and they continued to consolidate, to the point when overall shots in the entire match were beyond doubt. Connaught lost 10 of the last 11 ends, with one end no-score. The triple were a bit light on power. Alison played well at lead at the start and overall had a reasonable match. Moira did not draw with her usual accuracy and she has no power to call on when she plays at 2. Steve tried hard but is still learning the game and did not have the benefit of decisive head reading

On Mat 2 Steve bowled very well from the start and Bill had some great ends to dominate at skip. As a result Connaught led 11-2 after 7 ends but then Hingham swapped skip and 2 to good effect. Pat Groombridge, much more comfortable at 2, started to set up the head. Steve started to fade a bit and Annabelle had one of those evenings. Bill was under increasing pressure and did extremely well to contain, but Connaught lost 8 of the last 9 ends with one no-score. Hingham played really well to win this match but Connaught were left scratching heads

In a startling second half turnaround on two mats Connaught dropped 30 shots without reply over 18 ends. As Bill ruefully commented "that is life in the B team". Hingham were missing John and Janet Higgs, which surely weakened them. Against that, Connaught lost David Flatt who scratched at 2.00 and were without Mick Utting, Joan Knox and Ann Bayes. Beforehand a 4-6 against Hingham, even at home, would not have seemed bad but was disappointing when 10-0 and at least 8-2 at one time seemed likely!

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Connaught 'B' lost at Carleton Rode on Monday 18 November by 34-78 and 0-10

Mat 1 Mick Utting, Bill Adcock and Annabelle Sopp lost 11-23 against R Davidson
Mat 2 Joe Li-Rocchi, Malcolm Southgate and Diana Adcock lost 7-17 against N Davidson
Mat 1 David Flatt, Moira Eades and Ann Bayes lost 6-25 against K Newby
Mat 2 Peter King, John Winup and Peter Hambling lost 10-13 against G Mobbs

On Mat 1 before the break Connaught fought really hard to contain the score to 11-14 after 11 ends, having pulled up from 4-12 down after 7 ends. Sadly for them they could not any longer withstand the pressure from a strong triple who scored 9-0 over the last 5 ends. During that mid-match winning spell Connaught played as a triple, with everyone on song. Otherwise they relied on one or two players on each end to pull something out of the hat. Bill had purple patches, as did Mick, but as a whole Connaught could not produce the concentration and consistency needed

On Mat 2 there was an excellent match in which Connaught fought to the end. Until end 15, when Carleton Rode scored 3, there were only 1s and 2s in it. Connaught had held their opponents to just 6-7 after 9 ends, but as on Mat 1 could not maintain quite that level over the closing ends. Diana was a trifle depressed afterwards but she in fact had quite a useful start; she tailed off a bit through bowling from too high up and bouncing her woods - easily corrected. Malcolm had a good match and it was pleasing to see his continued return to form after health etc problems in recent years. Joe played one of his best games in Connaught colours in matching Neil Davidson for the entire contest - even on the losing ends he saved a lot. Neil is a formidable proposition, however

On Mat 1 after the break Connaught were totally outclassed by a triple based on the Newby father and son combination. The exception perhaps was Ann Bayes, whose game has come on a lot and who bowled very steadily at lead. Moira and David, who did swap about mid-way, simply did not have it in their armoury to match the players against them

Mat 2 saw Connaught achieve their closest result of the evening in a match which was extremely tight apart from one high-scoring end to each side. After 7 ends Connaught were 3-4 down but then conceded a 5. A trifle unluckily for Peter his last wood so nearly got in but took out a Connaught wood which was probably 3rd. Connaught still battled on and on end 13 scored a 4 to reduce the margin to 9-12. A no-score end, 1 to Connaught to make it 10-12 but 1 to Carleton Rode on the last end. Peter Hambling had some fine ends from time to time and otherwise kept his woods there or thereabouts. John Winup drew very well on most ends but could not produce weight when needed. Peter King had a fine match, more under pressure than his opposite number, Graham Mobbs, and bowling controlled weight very well throughout. This match finished at about 10.45, five ends behind Mat 1, with very deliberate head-reading on the Carleton Rode side

Connaught 'B' did what they could with what they had and in three matches at least made their opponents fight very hard. Carleton Rode are a very solid outfit and their blocks probably do not change as much as those of Connaught 'B' who have to rotate to accommodate a large squad. They concentrate that bit harder and simply have more talented players. They are and will continue to be in the league mix. The return of Joan Knox to skip for Connaught is awaited eagerly but she must not rush things

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Connaught 'B' beat Harling Griffin at home on Tuesday 5 November by 72-53 and 8-2

Mat 1 Mick Utting, Annabelle Sopp and Alison Rush won 25-17 against D Hunt
Mat 2 Joe Li-Rocchi, Malcolm Southgate and Diana Adcock won 19-11 against C Hayman
Mat 1 Bill Adcock, Steve Barclay and Steve Judd lost 10-18 against G Hume
Mat 2 Peter King, John Winup and Peter Hambling won 18-7 against L Deathridge

In a high-scoring match on Mat 1 before the break the ends were shared at 8 each but Connaught managed 1 x 5, 3 x 4, 1 x 3, 2 x 2 and just the 1 x 1 against Harling's 3 x 3, 3 x 2 and 2 x 1. Only 3 ends out of 16 won by a single shot! That indicates some inaccuracy or some power play disrupting heads. In fact there was a mixture of both, with Mick Utting providing his fair share of the power. The match was neatly poised at 12-12 after 10 ends and then Connaught had a 2, 5 and 2 purple patch to lead 21-12. Harling came back with 3 and 2 and seasoned watchers of Connaught 'B' were a bit twitchy. They need not have worried as 4 shots were scored on the last end. Alison generally had a sound game and will be pleased with her season so far. Annabelle's return has helped a lot because she draws accurately. Mick had a very good all-round match, sometimes missing with running woods but more often connecting

Mat 2 was a much tighter affair and after 9 ends the score was just 6-5 to Connaught who lost 5 of the ends but all by a single shot. Connaught then got on top with a 2, 3, 4 and 1 sequence to lead 16-5. 2 and then 4 (a strange aberration in this match) were then dropped and as with Mat 1 some twitchiness was evident with the lead reduced to 16-11. Again, no need to worry as 3 were scored on the last end. Diana had a very good match at lead, the Diana we have known for so long, and Malcolm was sound at 2. This support led to a much happier Joe Li-Rocchi who calmly consolidated and also played well when the chips were down. The Connaught triple all strongly favour the backhand side, to the extent that they will bowl backhand even when it is a 70/30 forehand shot. However on end 11 all were forced to bowl forehand and each bowled a superb wood for Connaught to score 3. All in the mind?!

After the break on Mat 1 Connaught faced probably Harling's strongest triple but managed to contain well and after 12 ends led 8-7 (2 x 2 and 4 x 1 for Connaught and 1 x 2 and 5 x 1 for Harling). This tightness was blown apart when Harling scored 3, 4 and 4 on the next 3 ends to put the match out of sight although Connaught came back with 2 on the last end. In truth Harling started to get on top up front after about 6 ends but Bill bowled extremely well at skip to save. During the high-scoring spell Harling raised their game even more, with Jill Hayman at 2 in especially good form, and by then Bill could do little about it. Both Steves had good individual shots but after the early ends could not manage the head-building needed against good players who started to dominate

On Mat 2 a good match developed with Connaught having to fight much harder than the score would indicate. Harling, especially at lead and skip, were sound players and the Connaught triple knew they had to concentrate and be accurate. However, twice in the match, on ends 4 and 8, Connaught managed to shut out Harling and score 4 on each of those ends. The second gave them breathing space and a lead of 13-2 which was extended to 15-3 after 11 ends. Harling came back with 2, 1 and 1 before Connaught responded with 2 and 1. At lead Peter was sometimes short, but bowled well in the closing stages. He bowled 32 backhand woods which helped give John room on his favoured forehand side; to this extent the two players complement each other well. John drew steadily enough, usually getting shot or at least a close second, but was slightly adrift on pace when it was needed. A key difference between the sides was the form of Peter King against a useful skip. Peter had by far his best match of the season, drawing well and also bowling quite a few accurate running woods

A relieved Connaught 'B' managed to get that first win. Harling Griffin this season seem to be in Shropham, Connaught 'B' and perhaps Banham territory as a mini league develops! As befits a side which also plays outdoors they were very sociable and cheerful and used to having a bar as part of the facilities. The Harling sides have had a difficult start this season, playing away all the time and having no practice time as their floor is being totally relaid. The floor will be ready soon and it will be very interesting to play on the new surface

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CONNAUGHT 'B' lost at Shropham on Wednesday 30th October  2019by 44-62 and 4-6

Mat 1 Steve Judd, Malcolm Southgate and Steve Barclay won 15-13 against D Greeb
Mat 2 Joe Li-Rocchi, Joyce Hazell and Diana Adcock lost 8-24 against G Wilcox
Mat 3 Bill Adcock, John Winup and Ann Bayes lost 8-14 against R Broad
Mat 4 Mick Utting, Annabelle Sopp and Alison Rush won 13-12 against M Godbold

On Mat 1 Connaught had a great start to lead 10-0 after 7 ends with everybody playing confidently and Shropham not very accurate. Shropham changed their batting order with Nolan Newbury moving to skip and the momentum shifted. Connaught moved to 13-2 after 9 ends and 14-4 after 11 but Shropham the hit back hard. A 1, 3, 3 and 1 sequence reduced Connaught's lead to a nervy 14-12 with an end to go. Things looked bleak with Shropham holding 3 on end 16 with Steve Judd to bowl last wood. After anguished head examination and discussion Steve managed to get in for shot and became the hero of the hour! Well done also to Steve Barclay and Malcolm for their support

On Mat 2 Connaught dropped 3 and 5 on the first two ends and things did not really improve. 2-16 down after 8 ends Connaught stemmed the flow a bit but had to accept a bad loss. Shropham bowled well and in Gordon Wilcox had a canny old skip, but Connaught were their own worst enemy. Diana was steady enough without being at her best but Joyce had a harrowing time with many woods off the mat. A rather despondent Joe Li-Rocchi tried hard but could do little about it

On Mat 3 a solid-looking Connaught triple were steady throughout to keep the match tight but won just 5 ends (3 x 2 and 2 x 1) against 11 (3 x 2 and 8 x 1). The match was determined by the on the night brilliance of Richard Broad at skip for Shropham. Shropham also had a competent lead in N Thomas, who bowled effectively with straight woods, but Ann Bayes kept her head to play very well and go 50/50 in a good battle. Joh Winup was there or thereabouts as usual, getting the better of his opposite number but not by enough to give Bill sufficient advantage. Overly self-critical afterwards Bill played not at all badly, but Richard was there almost every end with precise drawing or accurate running woods to at least save and more often to take the end. Sometimes you just have to say "well done" to an opponent

Mat 4 saw the tightest of contests, with Connaught taking the first half well to lead 9-4 after 8 ends and 10-4 after 10 ends. Then Shropham came back well to win five successive ends, with Connaught now 10-11 down after 14 ends. A 3 to Connaught on end 15 provided some breathing space and a lead of 2 shots but a very nervous last end saw them drop 1. Indeed the Shropham skip really should have got in with his last wood to at least draw the match. Drafted in at the last minute, Alison made a good fist of it at lead, Annabelle in her first match bowled steadily and Mick took the skipping responsibility well

A contest between two sides who without doubt will be in the nether regions of the league and honours to Shropham for taking the 2 points for overall shots. In fact, after those last end dramas, Connaught were a trifle fortunate to get 4 points. Joan Knox's injury is unfortunate for her and the team - she had been seen as a key player and will be out for some time. We wish Joan all the best for a good recovery. Still with a sizeable squad, Malcolm has the same problem as faced by several Connaught 'B' captains - how to balance playing opportunity for people prepared to play for the club against the need to be competitive. Not easy in a club of our type

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Connaught 'B' lost at home against Harling Uniucorn on Monday 21 October 2019 by 52-62 and 4-6

Mat 1 Bill Adcock, Mick Utting and Alison Rush lost 6-21 against R Braham
Mat 2 David Flatt, Malcolm Southgate and Steve Barclay lost 13-18 against M Tarrant
Mat 1 Joe-Li-Rocchi, Moira Eades and Diana Adcock won 11-10 against I Beckford
Mat 2 Peter King, John Winup and Peter Hambling won 22-13 against M Cunningham

On Mat 1 before the break Connaught were simply outbowled by a competent Harling triple, very accurate up front and with Roger Braham in excellent form at skip. The home players fought hard but could not match the accuracy. That made it difficult for the skip, initially Bill and latterly Mick, to make any real difference. The pressure told on three ends, when Connaught conceded 1 x 4 and 2 x 3, but otherwise the home triple between them contained well enough

On Mat 2 Connaught had a blistering start, with 3 on end 1 and 4 on end 2. Harling came back a bit but Connaught still led 11-6 after seven ends. Sadly, from then on it was disintegration as Harling scored 12-2 over the final nine ends. Harling had well and truly found the mat with solid, orthodox bowling and Connaught could not respond in kind. The early lead had owed a lot to accurate bowling from Steve at lead but he then went off the boil, Malcolm found much of the play taking him to his weaker, forehand, side and David started to lose his delivery altogether. Connaught, as on Mat 1, scrambled to contain and by and large succeeded through someone finding a saving shot

On Mat 1 after the break there was an exciting, low-scoring match with the score just 10-10 after 15 ends and Connaught holding their nerve to score 1 on the last end. After a bad night on Friday Diana applied herself well and was much more like her usual self. Her experience showed on that last end when she "got in" at lead. Moira was steady enough but at 2 her forehand fragility starts to show. Joe had a fine game throughout and was key to a hard-earned win

On Mat 2 Peter Hambling and John Winup established up front advantage without quite being at their best. Peter often had to redeem himself with his second wood and John is becoming an 80% forehand player. It paid off for him on the night but he must practise that backhand. Peter had a better game than on Friday, winning some key ends with good running shots but there is more to come from him yet. He faced another good skip in M Cunningham, the best player on the mat, but Connaught did enough to put him under pressure and keep him out

4 valuable points were secured and in the old sporting cliche Connaught 'B' will take that. On the night Harling's stronger blocks seemed to play before the interval and that at least assured them of overall shots. Connaught did fight hard and will take something from that. However, the first two matches have shown that we are facing technically better bowlers, who deliver low and who can adapt to the playing conditions. Their communication and head reading are also at a different level






Connaught 'B' lost at Forncett on Friday 18 October 2019 by 36-78 and 0-10

Mat 1 Joe Li-Rocchi, Joyce Hazell and Diana Adcock lost 10-16 against T Ottewell
Mat 2 David Flatt, Mick Utting and Ann Bayes lost 10-14 against L Preece
Mat 1 Peter King, John Winup and Peter Hambling lost 7-22 against P Lock
Mat 2 Bill Adcock, Moira Eades and Alison Rush lost 9-26 against R Humphreys

On Mat 1 before the break it was surprising in a way that Connaught got as close as they did. Connaught were unsteady up front where Diana had for her a disappointing night against a good lead in B Preece and where Joyce could not secure any real advantage against Andrew Coleman. She did find the mat a bit better second half. Joe played solidly at skip but was opposed by a very in-form Tony Ottewell. Connaught at least contained to 1s and 2s with a dropped 4 on end 10 being the only blemish

On Mat 2 Connaught again contained well with Ann, showing excellent form this season, and Mick having good matches. Mick has adapted technique very well over the last season or two. David Flatt also had some very good ends where fine shots saved well or won. At 10-10 after 12 ends Connaught were well in it but Forncett's skip, L Preece, bowled very well in the finishing straight as Connaught dropped 1, 1, 2 and 1. Nevertheless the Connaught triple had battled hard

On Mat 1 after the break Connaught faced a strong Forncett triple, with Mike Smail at lead, Jan Smail at 2 and the skilful Peter Lock at skip. Up front Connaught applied themselves well, managing to keep the heads tight on most ends but only from time to time securing a good advantage. In particular Peter Hambling stayed the course with Mike. On the night Peter Lock, in excellent form, made a huge difference. He bowled very accurately and with a wide range of shot. Peter King had his moments but was really up against it. Peter has his own style and bowls to his own strengths but sometimes chose a really difficult option

On Mat 2 a dropped 6 on end 4 followed by a dropped 4 on end 5 put Connaught 2-12 down against another useful Forncett triple. Connaught then had a good spell, winning 4 ends on the trot to be 8-12 down. Another disastrous sequence followed with a 2, 4 and 5 losing sequence which put the match out of sight. Connaught actually won 7 of the 16 ends in this match but up front inconsistency, with many lost woods, led to those very bad ends. Bill did his best to stem the tide but at times must have felt like King Canute

Forncett nowadays are a useful and settled side. Their blocks are well-constructed and especially at home play a very disciplined game. On the night they were too strong for Connaught 'B', several of whose players simply could not handle pace and swing - something of a recurring tale. With a large squad available we must find the combinations which at least keep matches tight.


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CAPTAIN: - Malcolm Southgate

Peter King

Joan Knox

Joe LiRocchi

Alison Rush

Carolina LiRocchi

Diana Adcock

Jim Squire

Bill Adcock

John Winup

Steve Barclay

David Flatt

Joyce Hazell

Steve Judd

Mick Utting

Annabelle Sopp

Ann Bayes

Malcolm Southgate

Moira Eades

Peter Hambling








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