Ashill League OAK Team    Shots Points  
                          Ashill & District League 2019    F  A  F  A
Tue 14-May-19 6:30pm Connaught Oak  v Northwold
Away 60 44 6 2
Tue 21-May-19 6:30pm Connaught Oak  v  Mundford Home 58 54 6 2
Tue 28-May-19 6:30pm Connaught Oak  v  Ashill Away  54 44  2
Tue 04-Jun-19 6:30pm Connaught Oak  v  Aldiss Park Home
Tue 11-Jun-19 6:30pm Connaught Oak  v  Mundford A Home
Tue 18-Jun-19 6:30pm Connaught Oak  v  Wymondham Dell 'A' Away
Tue 02-Jul-19 6:30pm Connaught Oak  v  Northwold Home
Tue 09-Jul-19 6:30pm Connaught Oak  v  Mundford B Away
Tue 16-Jul-19 6:30pm Connaught Oak  v  Ashill Home
Tue 23-Jul-19 6:30pm Connaught Oak  v  Aldiss Park Away
Tue 30-Jul-19 6:30pm Connaught Oak  v  Mundford 'A' Away
Tue 06-Aug-19 6pm Connaught Oak  v  Wymondham Dell 'A' Home
 SHOT DIFFERENCE 30 172 142 18 6



Connaught Oak won away to Ashill on 28th May 54-44 and 6-2.

Rink 5 Graham Benefer, Sheila Bragg and Roy Taylor won 26-7 against B Smith.

Rink 4 Sylvia Parsons, Pam Smith and Mark Watson lost 14-24 against B Hall.

Rink 6 Paul McDonald, Carol Tipton, Owen Secker won 14-13 against A Willer.

On Rink 5 An even start to the game with three ends each after end six to lead 6-5. Connaught then took control by scoring fourteen over the next seven ends to lead 18-5. Connaught dropped two singles on ends twelve and thirteen but replied with a four on end fourteen to lead 22-7. Four singles on the last four ends took Connaught to a comfortable win of 26-7. A good all-round performance with some lucky wicks by Roy. Connaught won thirteen ends.

On Rink 4 A good start by Connaught taking three of the first six ends to lead 8-5. Ashill replied with eleven to Connaught’s three to lead 16-11 by end ten. Ashill continued to dominate over the next eight ends scoring eight to Connaught’s three singles. Connaught lost 14-24 and won seven ends.

On Rink 6 The game proved to be the tightest of the whole match as the score reflects. The first six ends were shared with Ashill leading 4-3. Ashill won four of the next six ends but still only led by one at 10-9. They then scored three over the next two ends to lead 13-9. With four ends to go it was looking ominous for Connaught but they dug in and were level at 13-13 with one end to go. With twelve bowls bowled in a very tight head Ashill were holding. The only thing Owen could do was to try and break up the head where Connaught had three in front of the jack to Ashill’s 2. He missed with his first two woods but was spot on with his third leaving Connaught holding one. Ashill’s skip, A Weller, was unable to reply. Well done Owen. Connaught won nine ends.

Once again, a good all-round team performance to give us three wins out of three with scores of 6-2 for all matches. A good start to the season.







Connaught Oak won at home to Mundford on 21st May 58-54 and 6-2.

Rink 1 Catherine Branch, Roy Taylor and Owen Secker won 19-16 against D Aymes.

Rink 2 Mike Parsons, Pam Smith and Mick Utting won 22-18 against T Sharman.

Rink 3 Pat Benefer, Jim Squire and Kevin Noble lost 17-20 against T Stratful.

On Rink 1 Owen’s triple had a steady start and were leading 5-0 by end 3 and then dropped a five on end four but recovered well by scoring nine over the next five ends to lead 14-5. We dropped eight over the next four ends and our lead was reduced to one. A score of four over then next four ends extended our lead to 18-13 going into the last two ends. We dropped a three on end seventeen giving us a two-point lead going into the last end. Mundford were holding three on the last end when Owen came in with a fantastic back-hand to hold shot and win the end by one, earning us a 19-16 win. Well done Owen. A tight game enjoyed by all six players. Connaught won 12 ends. 

On Rink 2 A steady start by Mundford who led 4-2 after five ends. Connaught scored a big six on end 6 to lead 8-4. Mundford recovered and took six over the next four ends to re-take the lead 10-8. Connaught replied scoring ten over ends eleven to fourteen to lead 18-11. Scoring eight on the next three ends Mundford levelled the game at 19-19. Mundford were holding on the last end when Mick picked up the jack with his last wood to hold four. The Mundford skip could not reply and Connaught won 22-18. Well done Mick. Connaught won eight ends.

On Rink 3 Connaught took an early advantage by leading 9-5 after six ends. Mundford then started to find the line and length to score seven over the next four ends to lead 12-9. Connaught replied by scoring seven to Mundford’s four and were level at 16-16 after end sixteen. Unfortunately, Connaught dropped a four on end seventeen and could only manage a single on the last end to lose 17-20. Unlucky Connaught won eight ends.

A good all-round performance. Well done team

A profit of £10 was made on the sale of rolls, which was put in a charity box.

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Connaught Oak won away to Northwold on 14th June 60-44 and 6-2.

Rink 2 Mark Watson, Pat Benefer and Kevin Noble won 16-8 against R Preston 

Rink 3 Paul McDonald, Derek Liles and Pam Smith won 26-12 against S Bedingfield

Rink 6 Sylvia Parsons, Graham Benefer and Jim Squire lost 18-24 against F Everett.

On Rink 2 Mark’s triple had a steady start leading 4-1 by end five. This was obviously going to be a close game with both sides scoring four points each over the next five ends moving Connaught into an 8-5 lead. Connaught then took control winning five of the next eight ends scoring eight 8 to Northwold’s 2 to win the game 16-8. Well done. Connaught won 12 ends. 

On Rink 3 Paul’s triple took an early 6-0 lead after three ends but only managed to score 1 over the next eight ends to Northwold’s 11 to be 7-11 down. Connaught then scored five over the next three ends to lead 12-11. Then, out of the blue, Connaught scored a magnificent Hot Shot nine to lead 21-11. Connaught scored five more on ends sixteen and seventeen and dropped a one on the last end to win 26-12. Connaught won 10 ends. Very well done.

On Rink 6 Sylvia’s triple was evenly matched in ends with Connaught winning 8 to Northwold’s ten. However, they dropped a six on end three and a five on end ten which proved decisive with Northwold winning 24-18. Northwold’s skip, F Everett, had a very good game.

Overall this was a very good result bearing in mind that Northwold won this league last year. Well done team.

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