Connaught EBA 'A' Team Results 2019 ......Date..... Shots Points
Hansells League South One  ..F... ..A.. ..F.. ..A..
Connaught 'A' v G.W.Staniforth A Away 01-May-19 50 51 1 4
Connaught 'A' v Diss A Away 15-May-19 49 54  1 4
Connaught 'A' v Wymondham B Home 22-May-19 75 51 4 1
Connaught 'A'  v Gissing A Away 05-Jun-19 39 77 0 5
Connaught 'A' v Scole Away 12-Jun-19
Connaught 'A' v G.W.Staniforth A Home 19-Jun-19
Connaught 'A' v Long Stratton Away 26-Jun-19
Connaught 'A' v Diss A Home 03-Jul-19
Connaught 'A' Long Stratton Home 08-Jul-19
Connaught 'A' v Wymondham B Away 10-Jul-19
Connaught 'A' v Gissing A Home 24-Jul-19
Connaught 'A' v Scole Home 31-Jul-19
Connaught 'A' v Shots +/- -20   213 233 6 14

CONNAUGHT A lost 0-5 and 39-77 away to GISSING on 5 June

RINK 2 D. Liles, O. Secker, R. Harrison and M. Utting lost 9-27 to P. Forster.

RINK 4 J. Squire, R. Taylor, M. Parsons and P. Macdonald lost 11-25 to M. Coe.

RINK 5 G. Benefer, J. Horslen, M. Minshull and K. Noble lost 19-25 to S. Thompson.

On rink 2 Connaught were 0-15 down after 7 ends. They played much better for the remainder of the match but never gained any ground.

On rink 4 Connaught were 5-2 ahead after 6 ends but won only 3 of the next 15 ends and were left well behind.

On rink 5 Connaught performed well and were only 1 shot down, 18-19, after 16 ends. The match slipped away over the last few ends but was still keenly fought.

Connaught were outplayed by Gissing and came away with nil points. This was disappointing in the light of the two earlier away fixtures against Thetford and Diss, when Connaught lost by a narrow margin.

CONNAUGHT A won 4-1 and 75-51 against WYMONDHAM B on 22 May 2019

RINK 1 R. Broad, J. Horslen, R. Harrison and M. Utting won 32-12 against A. Gaze.

RINK 2 G. Benefer, R. Taylor, K. Noble and M. Watson lost 14-25 against D. Richmond.

RINK 3 K. Bartlett, R. Oatway, M. Parsons and P. Macdonald won 29-14 against K. Guy.

On rink 1 Connaught were 5-6 down after 7 ends. They then got into gear and won 10 of the next 14 ends, finishing with 2x3.

On rink 2 the Connaught block were left at the starting gate, going 1-17 down after 11 ends. A good recovery saw them get to 14-18 after 18 ends and a possible victory in sight - but a poor finish left them 14-25 down.

On rink 3 Connaught were level 4-4 after 6 ends. A good run of ends saw them up 15-7 after 14 ends but a dropped 4 allowed the visitors to close up to 15-11. A strong finish, including a 6 on the last end, gave a comfortable win of 29-14.

A good 4-1 win in the end but the match was even at the mid-way stage. Fortunately, rink 2 recovered some lost ground to support the winning rinks

CONNAUGHT A lost 1-4 and 50-51 to GW STANIFORTH on Wed 1 May 2019.
RINK 1  R.Broad, J.Squire, M.Parsons and P.Macdonald lost 9-22 to M.Struthers.
RINK 2  D.Liles, R.Oatway, O.Secker and M.Utting lost 14-17 to M.Hinsley.
RINK 3  M.Minshull, R.Taylor, K.Noble and M.Watson won 27-12 against J.Wright.
On rink 1 Connaught went into a lead of 5-1 after 5 ends but then fell away, losing 12 of the next 16 ends.
On rink 2 Connaught had a very even game, winning 10 ends.  The result was in doubt up to the final end with Connaught 14-15  down - unfortunately they dropped a 2 and lost 14-17.
On rink 3 Connaught took an early 9-0 lead and stayed in front for the whole game, losing only 5 ends.  A slight wobble on end 13 allowed GWS to narrow the lead to 16-11 but a strong finish saw them home 27-12.
Connaught played well in the first EBA match at GW. STANIFORTH.  The 1-4 result indicated a one-sided match but this was not the case.  Connaught lost by only 1 shot (50-51) and with a bit of luck on the final end could have had a 3-2 win.
CONNAUGHT A lost 1-4 and 49-54 away at DISS A on 15 May.

RINK 1   D.Liles, J.Horslen, M.Minshull and M.Utting lost 13-19 to K.Baker

RINK 4   G.Benefer, R.Taylor, O.Secker and M.Watson won 24-12 against E.Rawsthorne

RINK 5   K.Bartlett, J.Squire, M.Parsons and P.Macdonald lost 12-23 to E.Feaveryear

On rink 1 Connaught were 9-8 up after 10 ends but were only able to pick up four singles over the next 11 ends, losing in a tightly fought match 13-19.

On rink 4 Connaught were 4-4 after 5 ends but then scored 3,5,2,1 to go 15-4 up.  This margin was maintained for the rest of the match in a first class performance by Mark Watson’s block.

On rink 5 Connaught were well in contention at 9-11 after 14 ends but flagged over the run-in picking up only 3 shots to 12 by Diss.

A good all round performance by Connaught but only 1 point gained.  When the 21st end started Connaught were only 1 shot down overall but could not get over the final hurdle.

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