EBA "B"  Team    Shots Points  
 F  A  F  A
Wed 01-May-19 6:30pm EBA B Team   v  Diss B 53 52 4 1
Wed 08-May-19 6:30pm EBA B Team   v  Wortwell 48 70 1 4
Wed 15-May-19 6:30pm EBA B Team   v  Dickleburgh
Wed 22-May-19 EBA B Team    No Game
Wed 29-May-19 6:30pm EBA B Team   v  Shotford 54  67 
Wed 05-Jun-19 EBA B Team   v  No Game
Wed 12-Jun-19 6:30pm EBA B Team   v  Norfolk BC B
Wed 19-Jun-19 6:30pm EBA B Team   v  Diss B
Wed 26-Jun-19 6:30pm EBA B Team   v  Wortwell
Wed 03-Jul-19 6:30pm EBA B Team   v  Dickleburgh
Wed 10-Jul-19 EBA B Team    No Game
Wed 17-Jul-19 6:30pm EBA B Team   v  Shotford
Wed 24-Jul-19 EBA B Team    No Game
Wed 31-Jul-19 6:30pm EBA B Team   v  Norfolk BC B
SHOT DIFFERENCE    -34  155 189 6 9



Connaught ‘B’  v  Shotford  Away

Connaught ‘B’ lost to Shotford  Away on 29th May 2019,  54 - 67 and 1 - 4

Rink 2:  D. Quadling, R. Adcock, J. Li-Rocchi,  K. Ramsbottom  v  D. Ashfield

After a poor start we were 9 shots behind half way through the game.  Things only got worse.  We dropped 19 shots in the final 9 ends and eventually were well beaten.  Score  15  -  32

Rink 3:  B. Adcock,  C. Smith,  M. Botley,  D. Flatt  v  M. Bullock

A strong start saw us reach half way with a 7 shot lead.  Losing the next 4 ends saw us lose our advantage, but winning 6 of the final 7 ends saw us win comfortably.  Score  27  -  17

Rink 4:  P. Wilson,  G. Etteridge,  J. Overton,  T. Shoebridge  v  R. Allen

This game was close throughout and could have gone either way.  But losing the last 3 ends to minimal scores cost us the game.  Score  12  -  18


 Connaught 'B' lost away to Wortwell on 22nd May 2019 Result 48 - 70 Shots Points 1 - 4

RINK 1: B. Adcock, J. Winup, D. Flatt, T. Shoebridge v D. Riches

A poor performance on a poor green was the reason for this result. It was difficult enough to bowl on but when all the luck goes against you there can only be one outcome. Despite getting to a 5 shot deficit late in the game, losing the last 4 ends cost us. Result 13 – 26

RINK 2: P. Wilson, G. Etteridge, M. Botley, J. Overton v J. Taylor

Midway through the game we managed to take the lead and seemed to be playing well despite the poor green. Unfortunately losing 9 of the final 11 ends obviously meant we had no chance of getting anything from this game, eventually losing by 10 shots. Score 14 - 24

RINK 3: D. Quadling, R. Adcock, J. Li-Rocchi, K. Ramsbottom v R. Hardingham

This was one of those games that either team could have won. After 9 ends we were losing by 5 shots but picking up 11 shots in 3 ends gave us a 6-shot lead. We went into the last end with a 7-shot lead and managed to drop 6 shots. But at least we got something out of the game which I think other clubs will struggle to do on that green. Score 21 - 20


Connaught ‘B’ Beat Diss ‘B’ at Home on 1st May 2019 by 53 - 52 and 4 - 1

Rink 1 B. Adcock, J. Winup, C. Barton, D. Flatt Won 24 -11 against R. Capon

An excellent performance by our experienced rink, who played well until the end, saw us win the game overall.  After a strong start and winning four of the last 5 ends was good enough to get us over the line. 

Rink 2 D. Quadling, R. Adcock, J. Li-Rocchi, K. Ramsbottom Won 21 – 16 against L. Balk

This game was close throughout and after a strong start we lost our way in the middle part of the game.  We lost 6 out of 8 ends and went behind after 13 ends but a strong finish, winning the last four ends, saw us win the game.

Rink 3 P. Wilson, G. Etteridge, J. Overton, K. Bartlett Lost 8 - 25 to D. Leader

We struggle on this rink and were beaten by probably their strongest team.  Their skip had a very good game and despite us playing reasonably well he won this rink for them.

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