OAK Division 1
Captain Roy Taylor
  01953 603058
  Click for Roy's Email
Men Ladies
Kevin Bartlett Ann Bayes
Graham Benefer Pat Benefer
Derek Liles Sheila Bragg
Paul MacDonald  Jenny Moon
MikeParsons Pam Smith
Owen Secker Carol Tipton
Jim Squire
Mark Watson
Practice Dates  Reserves
Tue 04 May 6:30 
Tue 11 May 6:30 
ASH Division 3
Captain Terry Shoebridge
  01953 452408
  Click for Terry's Email 
Men Ladies
Bill Adcock Vera Moore
David Flatt Sandy Pickett
Mike Minshall Di Quadling
Barry Pickett Alison Rush
Steve Rush Lorraine Williams
Dave Quadling
Bernie Sayer
Phil Williams
Practice Dates  Reserves
Fri 07 May 6:30  Jon Horslen
Fri 14 May 6:30
Tue 18 May 6:30 
ELM Division 2
Captain John Overton
   Click for John's Email
Men Ladies
David Aldous Carole Beavers
Mike Botley Kathie Botley
Andrew Gaze Liz Keogh
Colin Harris Joan Knox
Steve Judd Jill Oakley 
Gerry Keogh
Neville Thorpe
Mick Utting
Phil Wilson
Practice Dates  Reserves
Tue 04 May 6:30 
Annabel Sopp
Tue 14 May 6:30 
YEW Division 3
Captain Colin Barton
  01953 452970
  Click for Pat's Email
Men Ladies
Trevor Burt Kathy Artherton
Graham Etteridge Pat Barton
George Nash Diane Melia
Chris Oakley Carole Taylor
Barry Osborne Ann Watkins
Ken Ramsbottom
Cliff Smith
David Warne
John Winup
Practice Dates  Reserves
Fri 7 May  6:30 Moira Eades
Tue 11 May 6:3
Tue 18 May 6:30 


Click to view Ashill League Final table 2021

ASHILL PLAYERS....(See Team players listed below)

We will, again, be entering four teams into the Ashill League this season. All of the dates are on the Club Diary on the website. Some matches are highlighted in red because the current restrictions dictate that we can only have twenty-four people playing on a green at any one time so, if these restrictions are not relaxed, these games will have to be re-arranged. The current plan is that the Yew v Ash games will be re-arranged internally and other games will be played away rather than at home.

You are all encouraged to attend at least one practice session. To ensure the 24-player rule is enforced five practice sessions have been arranged in May as follows:

  • Oak - Tuesday 4th and 11th at 6.30.
  • Elm – Tuesday 4th and Friday 14th at 6.30.
  • Ash – Friday 7th, Friday 14th and Tuesday 18th at 6.30 
  • Yew – Friday 7th, Tuesday 11th and Tuesday 18th at 6.30.

Your team captains, Roy Taylor (Oak), John Overton (Elm), Terry Shoebridge (Ash) and Colin Barton (Yew) will be contacting you shortly to confirm your availability for the above games. Due to the 24-player rule, if more than 24 people turn up for one session, team captains will substitute players after eight ends.

I wish you all an enjoyable season of bowls.

Any queries or concerns to myself on 01953 603058.

Roy Taylor







Ashill final Chart 2021




Ashill league 2021 1

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