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Connaught Ash  ..v..  Connaught Yew Away 25-May  39 54  0 8
Connaught Ash  v  Harling Rec Yellow Home 01-Jun  45 43 5 3
Connaught Ash  v  Bradenham Away 08-Jun  49 50  2 6
Connaught Ash    Wicklewood  Home 15-Jun  70 45 8 0
Connaught Ash  v  Weeting Away 22-Jun  34 68 0 8
Connaught Ash  v  Connaught Yew Home 13-Jul  64 38 6 2
2Connaught Ash  v  Harling Rec Yellow Away 20-Jul  56 45 6 2
Connaught Ash  v  Bradenham Home 21-Jul  53 73 2 6
Connaught Ash   v Wicklewood  Away 03-Aug 29 79 2  6
Connaught Ash  v  Weeting Home 10-Aug
Shot difference  -56 439 495 31 41
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Connaught Ash v Wicklewood
Connaught Ash lost away to Wicklewood on the 3rd August 21 by 29-79 and 2-6

RINK 1: L. Williams, P. Williams, J. Horslen lost 5-27 to P. Blake

A very poor performance by our rink winning only 5 ends and all by single shots. We never came to terms with the weight of the green and were completely out bowled.

RINK 2: S. Pickett, B. Pickett, D. Flatt won 19-14 against C. Whistler

A much better performance by this rink who took a 6 shot lead early on and with all 3 playing well we never looked like losing the game. David in particular had an excellent game from start to finish and led the team well eventually winning by 5 shots.

RINK 3: Di Quadling, D. Quadling, B. Sayer lost 5-38 to M. Sproson

This rink was totally out bowled by a very good team, and we were 18 shots behind after 6 ends before we managed to score a shot. We only managed to win 4 ends and score 5 shots. As the score suggests we lost by a massive 33 shots.

Although we can blame the green scoring only 5 shots in 18 ends is just not good enough

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Connaught Ash lost at home to Bradenham on 31st August 21 by 53-73 and 2-6

RINK 1: Di Quadling, P. Williams, & M. Minshull lost 16-20 to T. Savage

This game was close throughout with both teams winning 9 ends. The score was level after 4, 8 and 12 ends but the loss of 4 ends late on cost us the game.

RINK 2: S. Pickett, B. Pickett, & D. Flatt won 24-18 against R. Woolf

After a very good start we were leading by 14 shots halfway through the game. We then lost 6 consecutive ends and 12 shots which very nearly cost us the game. We then won 3 of the last 4 ends to win by 6 shots.

RINK 3: L. Corley, D. Quadling, & B. Adcock lost 13-25 to T. Lee

I don’t think anybody saw this result coming, but after a steady start Bills rink seemed to fall apart. We were only 1 shot behind halfway through the game but the loss of 6 ends and 27 shots in the second half cost us the rink score and the game overall. 

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Connaught Ash v Harling Rec. Yellow

Connaught Ash won away against Harling Rec. Yellow on 20th July 21 by 56-45 and 6-2

RINK 1 D. Quadling, D. Quadling, M. Minshull lost 9-16 to Colin H

Di and David struggled with the weight of the green and were 9 shots behind after 9 ends. Mike held it together and we improved in the second half of the game although we still lost by 7 shots.

RINK 2: L. Williams, B. Sayer, B. Adcock won 21-17 against Derek R

Due to a poor start we were 9 shots behind after 7 ends and appeared to be having problems with a heavy green. We then went on a very good run winning 9 of the last 11 ends to win by 4 shots. Winning the last 3 ends was the difference between winning and losing. Overall a good performance by Bills rink.

RINK 3: P. Williams, V. Moore, D. Flatt won 26-12 against David H

An excellent performance by Davids rink with all 3 players playing well. We led by 13 shots at the halfway point and held on to eventually win by 14 shots. We only lost 5 ends and controlled the game from start to finish.

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Connaught Ash v Connaught Yew

Connaught Ash won at home against Connaught Yew on 13th July by 64-38 and 6-2

RINK 1 L. Williams, B. Sayer and B. Adcock won by 30-12 against C. Barton

Due to a flying start Bills rink were 7 shots ahead after 5 ends, but a good run over the next 5 ends by Colins rink saw them level the scores after 10 ends. A remarkable finish then saw Bills rink win the last 8 ends by 18 shots to nil and won the game comfortably.

RINK 2: S. Pickett, B. Pickett and D. Flatt lost 17-18 to G. Etteridge

This game looked to be heading in the same direction as rink 1 and we were 10 shots ahead at the half way point. A poor second half saw us only score 3 shots and we eventually lost be 1 shot on the last end. A disappointing result as we seemed to be coasting to victory but its never as easy as that, as we found out.

RINK 3: J. Horslen, V. Moore and M. Minshull won by 17-8 against J. Oakley

A steady start by both teams saw the score very close after 9 ends. We held a 1 shot lead at that stage but a strong finish saw us win 7 of the last 9 ends to win comfortably by 9 shots. A tight game with 1 shot scored on 12 of the 18 ends led to a low scoring game

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Connaught Ash lost away to Weeting on 22 June 21 by 34-68 and 0-8

RINK 1: P. Williams, V. Moore, J. Horslen v S. Thompson Score 6-26

A poor performance throughout this game saw us win only 5 ends scoring 6 shots.  The heavy green saw us struggle to reach the head which obviously cost us the game.

RINK 2: B Pickett, L. Williams, D. Flatt v A. Newman Score 15-21

A much better performance by this rink despite a poor start.  We were 8 shots behind after 3 ends but we scored 10 shots in the next 5 ends to take the lead.  The loss of 10 shots in 3 ends towards the end eventually cost us the game, losing by 6 shots.

RINK 3: S. Pickett, B. Sayer, M. Minshull v A. Fouracre Score 13-21

A poor start on a very heavy green saw us chasing the game.  We were 12 shots behind after 4 ends and never recovered eventually losing by 8 shots.


Because our green is bowling very well, at the moment, we are finding it difficult to bowl on the greens which are very heavy.  Unless we adapt to these greens we will struggle.

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Connaught Ash v Wicklewood

Connaught Ash won at home to Wicklewood on the15th June 2021 by     76-45 and 8-0           

RINK 1: B. Pickett, V. Moore, M. Minshull v M. Gamble won 25- 20.

This was a close game for the first 10 ends and it looked like a close finish with the result going either way.  Fortunately for us we had a strong finish winning 6 of the final 8 ends to win by 5 shots. 

RINK 2: Di Quadling, D. Quadling, B. Adcock v T. O’Connor won 21-14.

Another close game for Bills rink and winning 10 ends to 8 was the difference between the teams.  With only 1 shot between the teams after 16 ends we picked up 6 shots on the last two ends to win by 7 shots.

RINK 3: S. Pickett, B. Sayer, T. Shoebridge v C. Whistler won 30-11.

A very good performance by my rink and we were leading throughout the whole game.  A run of 6 winning ends in the second half saw us win comfortably by 19 shots. Luck plays a big part in any game and all the good luck went our way for a change. 

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Connaught Ash v Bradenham 

Ash lost on away to Bradenham on 8th June 2021 49-50 and 2-6

RINK 1: P. Williams, V. Moore, M. Minshull v R. Woolf

Another particularly good performance by Mike’s rink, saw them win by 8 shots. The game was close for the first 14 ends but then a run of 3 ends out of the last 4 saw us pick up 9 shots to win by 22-14

RINK 2: Di Quadling, D Quadling, B Adcock v T Moore

A good performance by Bill’s rink saw them win by 4 shots despite only winning 8 ends.Unfortunately losing the last 4 ends meant that we lost the match overall by 1 shot. Score 18-14

RINK 3: L. Williams, J. Horslen, D. Flatt v Tony Lee

Totally different on this rink where we were 9 shots behind after 4 ends. Despite recovering to get within 2 shots after 10 ends.  We then lost 6 of the final 8 ends to eventually lose by 13 shots and lost the match overall by 1 shot.Score 9-22

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Connaught Ash v Harling Rec Yellow

Connaught Ash won at home on the 1st June to Harling Rec by 5 points (45 Shots) and 3 (43) 

Rink 1. Phil Williams coming in as late replacement for Bill Adcock, Vera Moore and Mike Minshull took maximum points with a 18-14 win.

Rink 2 Leading 15-12 coming to the last end Di and Dave Quadling with Jon Horslen conceded three shots to draw their game 15-15.

Rink 3 A close encounter here with things tight the whole way through, saw Bernie Sayer, Sandy and Barry Pickett go down by two shots. 12-14.

All in all, a very close match which seemed to be enjoyed by all players.

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Connaught ASH Team v Connaught Yew

DATE: 25th May 2021 OVERALL SCORE 39 - 54 POINTS 0 - 8

Rink 1: V. Moore, B. Adcock, T. Shoebridge v C. Barton
A poor performance by my rink apart from one end when we scored 5 shots. The rest of the game we were not good enough and got what we deserved. We only won on 6 ends and were lucky to only lose by 6 shots. Score 11- 17

RIink 2: L. Williams, P. Williams, J. Horslen v G. Etteridge
This rink was more like us and despite going 11 shots behind after 11 ends we fought back winning 5 of the last 7 ends. We then held 4 shots on the last end to win the game but Graham managed to get the shot to win by 3 shots. Score 14-17

Rink 3: Di Quadling, David Quadling, D. Flatt. v J. Oakley
On this rink the lead changed virtually every other end with never more than 4 shots between them. With 2 ends to go the score was level but losing 8 shots on the last 3 ends cost us dearly and we eventually lost by 6 shots. Score 14-20

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ASH Division 3
Captain Terry Shoebridge
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Steve Rush Lorraine Williams
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