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Connaught Elm v ..Watton Home 01-Jun  73 29 8 0
Connaught Elm v ..Hingham Away 08-Jun  74 32 8 0
Connaught Elm v ..Shropham Home 15-Jun  42 48 2 6
Connaught Elm v ..Aldiss Park Doves Home  22-Jun  55 39 8 0
Connaught Elm v ..Harling Rec Blue Away  29-Jul 50 51 2 6
Connaught Elm v ..Swaffham Town Home 13-Jul 50 54 4 4
Connaught Elm v ,,Watton Away 20-Jul 48 41 6 2
Connaught Elm v ..Hingham Home 27-Jul 60 40 8 0
Connaught Elm v ..Shropham Away 03-Aug 40 68 0 8
Connaught Elm v ..Aldiss Park Doves Away 10-Aug 47 38 6 2
Connaught Elm v ..Harling Rec Blue Home 24-Aug 69 42 6 2
Connaught Elm  v   Swaffham Town  Away 31-Aug 51 45 6 2
Shot difference +132 659 527 64 32
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Connaught Elm v Swaffham
Connaught Elm finished their season with an enjoyable evening’s bowling at Swaffham.
With the night’s drawing in quickly, it was decided that we would only play 15 ends per game and all three games were closely contested, one being won by three big scoring ends and the other two being decided on the very last end.
Final score 6-2 (51-45) to Connaught Elm


On Rink 4

 Annabelle Sopp, Bill Luck and David Aldous played J Dearman, C Fuller and L Garner

This was a game that produced some good bowling from all six players, who were very evenly matched throughout the game. Connaught started slowly and were 5 down after two ends…but a 5 on the third end levelled the scores, and ends were then exchanged until a 6 on the 8th end gave Elm some breathing space and a 4-shot lead, which they held onto over the next five ends. The 14th end proved to be the decisive end, as a score of 7 secured the game for Elm and gave the score line a rather inflated look.

23-16 being the final score

On Rink 5
Colin Harris, Joan Knox, and Steve Judd played S Malyon, P Scarffe and T Scarffe

This game was tight all the way through and each time Elm thought they had made a decisive move, they dropped shots on the next end…with the score at 4-6 after 7 ends, a 5 to Elm on the 8th gave them a three shot lead…only for them to drop a 3 on the 9th….on the 13th, Elm made another move, turning a 11-10 lead into 16-10 with another excellent five shot end…only for them to drop a 4 on the next. A two-shot lead going into the last seemed manageable until Steve was looking at “five down” as he prepared to deliver the final wood of the match….but he managed to “knock Joan up” (in the bowling sense!) to second wood and win the game.
16-15 being the final score

On Rink 6
Kathy Botley, Neville Thorpe, and Mike Botley played J Chambers, J Ewins and B Smith

Another very close game that could have gone either way right up to the very final wood. Elm were 1-5 down after 4 ends but put that right with a 2 and a 3 in the next two ends to sneak ahead….it remained nip and tuck for the rest of the game…10-10 after 11 ends and 12-12 after 14…so we came to the very last end to decide it…and things didn’t go Elm’s way…they couldn’t find the decisive bowl when they needed it…Mike thought he’d found it with his penultimate bowl, it looked on target….but just clipped a stray wood and the chance of the win was gone…
12-14 being the final score

A special mention goes to Steve Judd, his was the last game to finish…everyone was now watching…..the overall game score was close, but he was five down on the final end with only one wood left in his hand….not a comfortable position for anyone to be in…but he held his nerve and got the right result. Well, done Steve….

Well, done to everyone in the Elm squad this season, although there was no promotion or relegation to play for, it was a successful season, with only Shropham being superior to us both home and away.





Connaught Elm won at Home against Harling Rec Blue on 24 August 21 by 69-42and6-2

Rink 1 Liz Keogh, S. Judd, A. Gaze. Lost to M. Tarrant by 14-17

A close game throughout but only winning 7 ends meant we couldn't manage a win losing by 3 shots

Rink 2 G. Keogh, J. Knox, J. Overton. v M. Cunningham.

Always ahead and never in trouble winning 10 ends and the Rink by 19 shots to 13.

Rink 3 K. Botley, D. Aldous, M. Botley. v I. Beckfield.

Always in command and winning 13 ends built up a commanding lead winning first 5 ends to lead by 15 shots to 0, eventually winning 36 shots to 12.

Well, done everyone and good luck in the last game




Connaught Elm won away against Aldiss Park Robbins on 9 August 21 by 47-38 and 6-2

Rink 4 K. Botley, D. Aldous, M. Botley. v. D. Halliday, E. Halliday.
A good game we were always in control winning 10 ends being up 13 shots to 3 by end 10 and winning 17shots to 10, 

Rink 5 N Thorpe, J. Knox, J. Overton v. M. Walpole.
A great start winning first 5 ends for a 9 shot lead leading by 14 shots on 11th end then losing next 6 ends by single shots but winning 18 shots to 10.

Rink 6 C. Harris, L. Keogh, A. Gaze. v. G. Roberts.
A good start winning 4 of first 5 ends to lead 5 shots to 1 but losing 8 shots on next 5 ends then very tight till losing last 4 ends to lose 12 shots to 18.

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Connaught Elm. V Shropham

Connaught Elm. lost away to Shropham on 3rd August 21 by 40-68 and 0-8

Rink 2 J. Knox, D Aldous, and J Overton. Lost 9-23 to L. Hammond.
A very bad evening against a strong block only winning 4 ends out if 18 losing by 9 shots to 23.

Rink 3 A. Sopp, S. Judd, and M. Botley. Lost 14-27 to K. Tingey.
Again, very disappointing result we were playing catch up after end 4 winning 8 ends but dropping 3 4s and a 5 to lose by 14 shots to 27.

Rink 4 L. Keogh, G. Keogh and A Gaze lost by 17-18 to R. Dawson.
A very close game always behind but a strong finish saw us lose by 1 shot on the final end going down 17 shots to 18.

Thank you, team, for your efforts against best team in the league.

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Connaught Elm v Hingham

Connaught Elm won away against Hingham on 27 July 21 by 60-40 and 8-0

Rink 3 L, Keogh, K. Botley, and A. Gaze. v. B. Moody. 

A very tight game through with no more than a 2-shot difference we dropped a 3 on the 17th end but held on to win by 1 shot 15 to 14, winning 10 ends. 

Rink 4 A. Sopp, D. Aldous, and J. Overton v K. Jenkins. 

Another tight game until winning 8 shots on ends 8 to 11 gave us a cushion to go on and win by 19 shots to 16 winning 10 ends. 

Rink 5 S. Judd, J. Knox, and M. Botley. v. B. Hall. 

Always in control after winning the first 2 ends to go 6-0 up, winning 12 of the 18 ends winning by 26 shots to 10.

Well done team in very wet awkward conditions.

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Connaught Elm v Watton

Connaught Elm won away against Watton on 20 July 21 by 48-41 and 6-2.

Rink 2 L. Keogh, G. Keogh, A. Gaze v. Millington. 13-16 

A good start winning first 3 ends and leading up to end 14 but loosing 5 shots on last 4 ends resulted in Andrew and co loosing by13 shots to16.

Rink 3 K. Botley, D. Aldous and M. Botley v J. Brinklow. 18-13

A close game for 12 ends but then a 4, 2 and 1 opened a nice lead which saw a win 18 shots to 13.

Rink 4 S. Judd, J. Knox and M. Utting. v. J. Sease 17-12

Another close game only 2 shots difference up to end14 then we scored a 4 to then lose a 4 on the next end but winning 3 of the last 4 ends saw us win 17 shots to 12

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Connaught Elm drew on points at home to Swaffham on 13 July 21 by 50-54 and 4-4

Rink 4 L. Keogh, J. Knox and A. Gaze v. B. Smith 8-25

A bad day at the office only winning 5 ends

Rink 5 G. Keogh, A. Sopp, J. Overton v J. Chambers. 25-17

A difficult game losing 6 of the first 8 ends but then winning 13 shots on 5 ends eventually winning by 8 shots

Rink 6 K. Botley, D. Aldous and M. Botley v L Gardiner 17-12

A close game winning 10 ends to finish winning by 5 shots

2 rinks won but we lost on shots 50 to 54.

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Connaught Elm v Harling Blue  

Elm lost away to Harling Blueon on 29 July 21  by 50-51 and 2-6

Rink 2 K. Botley, S. Judd, M. Botley v M. Tarrant

Always struggling to get to grips with the green had a good middle of match but only winning 6 ends saw a loss of 11 shots to 27.

Rink 3 L. Keogh, J. Overton, D. Aldous v M. Cunningham.

Again, a struggle to start with only winning 2 of the first 11ends won 5 of the last 7 to pull back but not enough losing 13 shots to 16 shots.

Rink 4 G. Keogh, J. Knox, M. Utting v G. Mersy

Always in control winning 11 ends and an impressive win by 26 shots to 8.

Shots winning 4 on the last end unfortunately 1 shot short of sharing the overall points

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Connaught Elm v Aldiss Park Doves

Connaught Elm won at home against Aldiss Park Doves on 22 June by 55-39 and 8-0

Rink 4 C. Harris, L. Keogh, and J. Overton. v P. Juby

A very tight game until end 15 were we scored a 4 to pull ahead and ended up winning by 17 shots to 14.

Rink 5 K. Botley, S. Judd, M. Botley. v. K. Mason. 

We led throughout the game but a fight back by the opposition could not score enough shots to catch us, we ended up winning by 20 shots to 16.

Rink 6 G. Keogh, C. Beavers and, A. Gaze v D. Halliday.

A good result leading throughout the whole game never in any danger to win by 19-9.

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Connaught Elm v Shropham

Connaught Elm lost at home to Shropham Tuesday 15th June 2021 by 42-48 and 2-6

Rink 4 C. Beavers, J. Overton, A. Gaze v K. Tingey 12-17

A close game until end 16 when we dropped 7 shots by winning the last 2 ends only lost by 5 shots.

Rink 5 K. Botley, S. Judd, M. Botley v L. Hammond 17-20

Another really, close game always just behind after 5 ends but ended losing by 3 shots.

Rink 6 Keogh, G. Keogh, D. Aldous. v R. Dawson 13-11

Again, a very, close game but 3 singles on the last 3 ends saw us win by 2 shots.

Well played team against a strong team

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Elm v Hingham
Elm won at home against Hingham on 9th June 2021 match result a win by 74-32 and 8-0

Rink 4 k. Botley, S Judd, M Botley v E Moody
never behind after 1st end apart from dropping 2 3shots winning by 20-14.

Rink 5 C Beavers, J Overton, A Gaze v R Bailey
always in control winning by 23- 7.

Rink 6 J Knox, M Utting, D Aldous. v K Jenkins
ahead from end 3 and again always in control winning by 31- 11.

another maximum score of 8pts
well done everyone.

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Connaught Elm v Watton
Connaught Elm won at home by 8 points (73 Shots) against Watton 0 (29)

Rink 4. Colin Harris, Joan Knox, and Mick Utting took the lead after 3 ends and never relinquished it, Watton dug in and levelled the scores after 13 ends, but Connaught held their nerve and won 19-13.

Rink 5. Kathy Botley, Steve Judd, and Andrew Gaze took on a 2man Watton block and unsurprisingly were never in trouble winning 25-8.

Rink 6. A high scoring game saw Neville Thorpe, Carol Beavers and David Aldous winning 29-8.

Thank you to Watton who fulfilled the fixture despite being unable to field a full side.

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 Connaught Elm v Swaffham Town away 25 May 2021 postponed (green flooded)

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ELM Division 2
Captain John Overton
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