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RESULTS 2021 SEASON ...F... ...A... ...F... ...A...
 Connaught Oak   v .Wymondham Dell (A)  Away  1st June  52 42 6 2
 Connaught Oak   v  Northwold  Home  8th June  74 40 8 0
 Connaught Oak    v  Thetford  Away  15th-June  66 33 8 0
 Connaught Oak   v  Dereham St Nicholas  Home   29nd June
 Connaught Oak   v  Aldiss Park Magpies  Away   06th July
Connaught Oak  v  Mundford  Home 12th July        
 Connaught Oak   v  Mundford  Away  13th July
 Connaught Oak   v  Wymondham Dell (A)  Home  20th-July 
 Connaught Oak    v  Northwold  Away  27th July 
Connaught Oak   v  Thetford  Home  04th Aug
 Connaught Oak   v  Dereham St Nicholas  Away  17th Aug
 Connaught Oak   v   Aldiss Park Magpies  Home  24th-Aug
  Shot difference +77 192 115 22 2
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Connaught Oak won at away to Thetford on 15th June 66-33 and 8-0.

Rink 1 Mike Parsons, Carol Tipton and Mark Watson won 26-8 against E Melton
Rink 2 Owen Secker, Sheila Bragg and Roy Taylor won 20-11 against M Holbrook.
Rink 3 Anne Bayes, Jim Squire, and Paul McDonald won 20-14 against M Struthers.

On Rink 1 Mark’s triple made a good start and were leading 10-1 by end seven. The next six ends were shared with both teams scoring seven. Connaught now put on a fine display of bowling to win the last five ends scoring nine to win 26-8. Connaught won fourteen ends. Well done.

On Rink 2 it was a good steady start with Connaught leading 11-4 at the half-way mark. Thetford won five of the last nine ends to Connaught’s four but Connaught outscored them 9-7 to win 20-11. The score does not really reflect how close the game was. Connaught scored a three and a five on ends five and fourteen which made all the difference. Connaught won ten ends.

On Rink 3 it was a slow start by Connaught. Although they won four of the first nine ends, they trailed 6-10 and were further behind by end 12 when they were 7-13 down. Paul’s triple then hit form to win five of the last six ends scoring thirteen to Thetford’s one. The final score was 20-14 to Connaught. Well done – a good recovery.
A very good win by Connaught on a green that played exceptionally well, on a fine evening against a very friendly club

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Connaught Oak won at home to Northwold on 8th June 74-40 and 8-0.

Rink 1 Jenny Moon, Roy Taylor and Mark Watson won 23-13 against Mick Carter.
Rink 2 Graham Benefer, Pam Smith and Kevin Bartlett won 26-15 against R Preston.
Rink 3 Anne Bayes, Owen Secker and Paul McDonald won 25-12 against S Bedingfield.

On Rink 1 there was an even start to the game with a score of 3-3 after four ends. Connaught scored five on end five but Northwold replied by winning the next three ends scoring four to trail Connaught by one shot. Connaught scored three on ends nine and ten and Northwold replied with a three to leave them trailing by one again. Connaught won five of the remaining five ends to win 23-13. The final score did not really reflect how close the game was as Connaught scored seven over two of the final ends to Northwold’s one.
An enjoyable game with all six players performing well. Connaught won ten ends.

On Rink 2 it was a very good start for Connaught who took a 19-3 lead by end ten. Northwold then replied by taking the next four ends scoring twelve to trail by four. Connaught then took the last four ends scoring seven to win 26-15. Connaught won twelve ends.
A good all-round performance by Kevin’s triple who won twelve ends.

On Rink 3 there was an even start by both teams with Northwold leading 4-3 by end five. Connaught then scored six to Northwold’s four to put Connaught in the lead by end nine. Connaught then really took control by scoring sixteen and winning all of the next seven ends to lead 25-8. Northwold won the last two ends and the final score was 25-12. Another good all-round performance by Paul’s triple. Connaught won ten ends.
Looking at all three scorecards it is quite noticeable to see how important it is to have a couple of high scoring ends. One triple scored 2 x 5’s and the other two scored 2 x 4s.
A very satisfactory result on a lovely summer’s evening which was perfect for bowls. It was also good to see Northwold socialising with us after the game.

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Connaught Oak won away to Wymondham Dell on 1st June 52-42 and 6-2.

Rink 2 Graham Benefer, Jenny Moon and Mark Watson won 23-10 against Paul Groom.
Rink 3 Mike Parsons, Pam Smith and Kevin Bartlett won 20-9 against Neil Smart.
Rink 5 Derek Liles, Carol Tipton and Sheila Bragg lost 9-23 against Brian Elvin.

On Rink 2 Mark’s triple made a very good start and by the 12th end were leading 21-3. Dell managed to win four of the last six ends to score seven to Connaught’s two, but this still meant Connaught had a convincing win of 23-10. A good all-round performance. Connaught won thirteen ends.
On Rink 3 Kevin’s triple also made a very good start and led 15-2 by the 12th end. Dell managed to win five of the last six ends scoring six but, this was almost offset by Connaught scoring five on end sixteen. Once again, a very consistent performance by all three players, especially Pam Smith to win 20-9. Well done. Connaught won eleven ends.
On Rink 5 The news was not so good as we trailed 7-17 by the end of the twelfth end. Wey then scored two, to Dells 6, over the last six ends to lose 9-23. The Dell’s triple was just too good for them on the night. Connaught won six ends.
A good night’s bowling on a fine evening.

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OAK Team Division 1
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