Connaught 'B' v Watton  Away 19-May-21  41  65  0  5
Connaught 'B' v Long Stratton Home 2-June-21  44  64  1
Connaught 'B' v Dickleburgh Away 9-June-21  37 62 1 4
Connaught 'B' v Norfolk BC 'C' Away 16-June-21  57  64  0  5
Connaught 'B' v Wicklewood Away 30-June-21  44 64 1 4
Connaught 'B' v Watton  Home 7-July-21 81  45
Connaught 'B' v Long Stratton Away 21-July-21  45 47 1 4
Connaught 'B' v Dickleburgh Home 11-Aug-21 60 62 1 4
Connaught 'B' v Norfolk BC 'C' Home 02-Aug
Connaught 'B' Wicklewood Home 09-Aug 46 66 1 4
    Shot difference


455  540 11 34
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Connaught EBA B Team lost at home to Dickleburgh on the 11August 21 by 60-62 and 1-4

Rink 1 B. Osborne, P. Hambling, S. Judd, and J. Horslen v D. Green
A good start saw us win the first 4 ends but lost the next 7 ends we the picked up to lead by 6 shots on end 18 but lost 9 shots on the last 3 ends to lose 20 shots to 23.

Rink 2 C. Harris, G. Etteridge, D. Aldous, and K. Ramsbottom v P. Wright
A very close game just 1 shot in it till end 17 winning 4 of the last 5 ends to win comfortably by 27 shots to 15.

Rink 3 D. Quadling, B. Oatway, C, Barton, and J. Overton v D. Shimell
A very bad start saw us down by 10 shots after 4 ends we then pulled back to be 3 shots down after 10 ends but only won 4 more ends all by 1 shot to end up losing 13 shots to 24.

Thank you, team, for all your efforts this year hope for better next year, and maybe lady luck will return.


Connaught EBA B  v Long Stratton

Connaught EBA B lost away to Long Stratton on 21July 21by 45-71 and 1-4

Rink 2 D. Aldous, J. Horslen, G. Etteridge and Ramsbottom v K. Staff

A struggle all night against a skip who could do no wrong only winning 5 ends and losing 9 shots to 28.

Rink 4 D. Quadling, B. Osborne, C. Barton, J. Overton v P. Lovett. 

A terrible start on a very tricky green and some fine bowling by the opposition saw us only win 1 of the first 10 ends but winning 7 of the last 11 ends was not good enough losing 12 shots to 26

Rink 5 S. Barclay, P. Hambling, S. Judd, M. Utting v B Searle. 

A slow start being 6 shots to 2 after 5 ends but then getting to grips with the green winning 10 of the 16 ends to win by 24 shots to 17.




Connaught B v Watton

Connaught B won at home against Watton on 7July 21 by 5-0 and 81-45

Rink1 C Harris, J Horslen, G Etteridge and K Ramsbottom v J. Brinklow
Always well in control winning first 6 ends and finishing with a 28 shot to 12.

Rink 2 -S Barclay, P Hambling, S Judd and M Utting. v J. Hunter.
A close game for the first 12 ends but the win 7 of the last 9 ends for a win by 26 shots to 15.

Rink 3 G Keogh, B Osborne, C Barton and j Overton v M Mitchell
A poor start losing first 4 ends still a close game until scoring a 5 on end 18 then a 4 on end 19 and a 3 on the last for a win 27 shots to 18.

Well done everybody for our first win of the season




Connaught B. v Wicklewood

Connaught B lost away to Wicklewood on 30 June 21 by 44- 64 shots and 1-4

Rink 2 C. Harris, J Horslen, G. Etteridge and K. Ramsbottom v C. Whistler

A close game in which we pulled 4 shots clear on end 15 but could not hold on to lose 2 shots on last end and go down 16 shots to 17.

Rink 3 S. Barclay, P. Hambling, S. Judd, M. Utting v P. Blake

A tough game dropping 16 shots in 6 ends never able to recover and eventually losing 10 shots to 30.

Rink 4 D. Quadling, B. Osborne, C. Barton, J. Overton v J. Ryder

Another close game a 4 on end 12 and a 3 on end 20 saw us just get a win by 18 shots to 17.

Well done team in not very pleasant conditions, and on a heavy green


Connaught B v Norwich BC C

Connaught B lost away to Norwich BC C, on 16 June 21 by 57- 64 and 0-5

Rink 4 S. Barclay, D. Aldous, S. Judd and M. Utting. v W. Jobsen
A close game throughout winning 11 ends but losing by 16 shots to 17.

Rink 5 N. Muller, C. Barton, K. Ramsbottom and J. Overton v D. Jessett.
A bad start losing by 9 shots by end 15 pulled back to lead by 1 shot on end 18 to then lose 6 shots on last 3 ends, losing 21 shots to 26.

Rink 6 B. Osborne, P. Hambling, G. Etteridge and J. Horslen v. P. Richards.
Another close game with no more than 2 shots difference until dropping 5 shots on the last end to lose 20 shots to 21.


Connaught “B" v Dickleburgh

EBA 'B" lost to away to Dickleburgh on the 9th of June 21 by 37-62 and 1-4

Rink 2. D, Quadling, J. Horslen, K. Ramsbottom, and J. Overton v D. Beales. Lost by 11-26
A terrible start trying to get length saw us down 12 shots by end 8 pulled back to get back but ended up losing last 4 ends to lose by 15 shots.

Rink 4 S. Barclay, D. Aldous, S. Judd, and M. Utting v P. Wright won 19-18
Again, a close game throughout although losing by 5 shots after 15 ends a great fightback saw us win by 1 shot.

Rink 5. N. Thorpe, G. Etteridge, P. Hambling and B. Oatway v A. Green lost by 7-18
Always struggling being done 7 shots to 18 after 15 ends when unfortunately, one of the opponent’s wives came to inform a player that his son in law had died, so Rink was abandoned.

 Connaught B v Long Stratton

Connaught B lost at home to Long Stratton on 2nd June 2021 by 44-64 and 1-4

Rink 1 C. Harris, S. Judd, P. Hambling, J. Overton v P. Lovett. 

A close game for 12 ends then a bad spell only winning two ends saw us lose 11 shots to 25 shots.

Rink 2 S. Barclay, B. Osborne, B. Oatway, J. Horslen v K. Staff

A particularly good game with the block never behind but a nervous last 3 ends saw drop 5 shots winning by 19 shots.

Rink 3 N. Thorpe, D. Quadling, G. Etheridge, M. Utting v B. Searle

A close game until end 14 but then only winning 2 more ends saw us lose 14 shots to 21 shots. 

Thank you to my squad but i apologise for a bad evening from me. 

Connaught B v Watton
Connaught B lost away to  Watton on 19th May 2021 by 41-65.and 0-5

Rink 1 -N Thorpe, J Horslen, G. Etteridge, M. Utting v skip M. Mitchell.
The block was never close in this game but still gave it all. Losing 14 shots to 23 shots.

Rink 2 B. Osborne, D. Quadling, P Hambling, B Oatway v skip J Hunter.
A very even game until l end 17 after we dropped 9 shots to lose 11 shots to 20 shots.

Rink 3 S. Judd, J. Poll, C. Barton, J. Overton v Skip R. Walker.
Always behind pulled back from being 2shots to 14 shots down to eventually losing 16 shots to 22 shots.







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