Connaught 'A' v Diss & District  Home 19-May  64 47 4
Connaught 'A' v Gissing  Home 26-May  70 41 4
Connaught A' v Wymondham 'B' Home  09-Jun  59 47 4 1
Connaught 'A' v Scole  Home  16-Jun  78 50 4 1
Connaught 'A' v Harling Rec  Away  23-Jun  48 65 0 5
Connaught 'A' v Diss & District Away  07-Jul   53 72 2 3
Connaught 'A' v Gissing  Away   14-Jul   54 80 1 4
Connaught 'A v Scole Home  02-Aug 61 66 2 3
Connaught 'A v Harling Rec   Home 04-Aug 61 63 2 3
Connaught 'A' v Wymondham 'B' Away   11-Aug 55 61 1  4
Shot difference & total points  +11 603 592 24 26
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Connaught ‘A’ v Wymondham ‘B’

Connaught ‘A’ lost away to Wymondham ‘B’ on 11th August 21 by 55-61 and 1-4

RINK 1: B. Adcock, R. Harrison, K. Noble, and M. Watson lost15-21 to D. Naunton

On paper this game looked likely to be close, as it proved to be with two strong rinks doing battle for most of the game. With the scores level after 14 ends we once again lost the game by losing 7 of the last 8 ends, losing by 6 shots.

RINK 2: D. Liles, M. Parsons, D. Flatt, and R. Taylor lost 17-19 to N. Smart

Another close game throughout saw us behind or level until the 19th end when we picked up 4 shots to take the lead for the first time. Unfortunately, we could not hang on and lost the game by losing the last 2 ends, dropping 4 shots.

RINK 3: G. Benefer, R. Broad, M. Minshull, and T. Shoebridge won 23-21 against J. Hardy

After a very good start we were leading by 8 shots halfway through the game, but losing 5 consecutive ends cost us the lead and nearly the game. We managed to win the last 2 ends to win by 2 shots. 

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Connaught A v Harling Rec

 Connaught A lost to Harling Rec at Home on 4th August 21 by 61-63 and 2-3

RINK 2:  M. Botley, R. Broad, M. Parsons, and R. Taylor lost 19-31 to M. Tarrant

After a poor start against a strong team, we managed to get close after 7 ends.  The loss of 6 of the next 8 ends dropping 18 shots cost us the game eventually losing by 12 shots.

RINK 3:  B. Adcock, T. Shoebridge, R. Harrison, and K. Noble won 20-19 against N. Battley

After a good start, we had a 6-point lead halfway through the game and never looked like losing.  Despite only winning 9 ends we were never behind throughout this game and led by 8 shots with only 4 ends to play.  An unusually bad final 4 ends cost us 7 shots and nearly lost us this rink.  We managed to hang on and won by 1 shot.

Rink 4:  G. Benefer, O. Secker, P. McDonald, and M. Minshull Won 22-13 against M. Cunningham

After a steady start only 1 shot divided the team’s half-way through the game.  We then won 7 of the last 11 ends to win by 9 shots.  A very good performance by possibly our strongest rink on the day. 

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Connaught A v Scole

Connaught A lost away to Scole on 2nd August 21 by 61-66 and 2-3

RINK 1: G. Benefer, R. Broad, O. Secker and M. Minshull lost 12-26 to R. Frostick

A steady start with the scores level after 8 ends, this game looked to be heading for a close finish. Unfortunately, we only managed to win 3 of the last 13 ends and were well beaten eventually losing by 14 shots.

RINK 2: M. Botley, M. Parsons, D. Flatt and R. Taylor won by 27-22 against V. Buckle

This game also had a steady start with only 1 shot between the teams after 6 ends but we won the next four ends picking up 12 shots and then despite losing 7 of the last 10 ends we managed to hang on and win by 5 shots.

RINK 3: B. Adcock, R. Harrison, K. Noble, M. Watson won by 22-18 against G. Vernon

This game was also close throughout and despite having a good start we let the opposition back into the game and by half way the scores were very close. We then managed to win 7 of the last 11 ends including picking up 5 shots on the 20th end to win by 4 shots.

All three rinks lost the last end losing 7 shots which cost us the game overall.

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Connaught A lost away to Gissing on 14th July 2021 by 54-80 and 1-4

RINK 1: G. Benefer, R. Broad, M. Minshull, P. McDonald won by 26-18 against P. Forster

A very good start by Pauls rink saw them lead by 12 shots after 4 ends. Against a very strong team this was not going to continue and by the 17th end we only led by 1 shot. Fortunately, we then won the last 4 ends to win by 8 shots.

RINK 2: M. Botley, J. Horslen, K. Noble, M. Watson lost 14-34 to M. Coe

Probably Marks rink were against the oppositions strongest rink and we were 17 shots behind halfway through the game. We improved slightly in the second half but winning only 7 ends throughout the game meant only one result, a heavy defeat losing by 20 shots.

RINK 3: O. Secker, R. Harrison, D. Flatt, R. Taylor lost 14-28 to S. Thompson

Despite winning the game 11 ends to 10 the majority of those ends were won by a single shot and we never scored more than 2 shots on any end. Alternatively, our opposition won several ends by multiple shots and eventually won by 14 shots.

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Connaught A v Diss A

Connaught A lost away to Diss A on 7th July 21 by 53-72 and 2-3

Rink 1: T. Shoebridge, M. Parsons and D. Flatt, R. Taylor v M. Howard

An excellent performance from Roy’s rink saw us win 9 ends in the second half of the game with a score of 20 shots to 8. We won 15 of the 21 ends played and obviously won comfortably. By 30-14

Rink 2: B. Adcock, O. Secker, K. Noble and M. Watson v R. Hayden

This rink was different from Roy’s and we only won 6 ends, all by single shots. We were 30 shots behind at the halfway stage and never looked like recovering eventually losing by a massive 36 shots. Score: 6- 42

Rink 3: M. Botley, R. Broad, M. Minshull and P. McDonald v K. Baker

This game was totally different with the score being close throughout, with never more than 4 shots between the teams. The game probably deserved to finish level but a little bit of good fortune for Paul on the last end, won us the rink. By 17-16

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Connaught Ash lost away to Harling Rec on 23rd June 2021 by 48-65 and 0-5

RINK 2: B. Adcock, T. Shoebridge, K. Noble, and M. Watson v M. Cunningham lost 21-22

A very good game, which could have gone either way, went down to virtually the last wood. The game deserved to be a draw with things being close throughout. We won 11 ends to 10 but the final end went to the opposition with a little bit of good fortune.

RINK 3: D. Liles, M. Parsons, D. Flatt, and R. Taylor v M. Tarrant lost 16-20

Another very close game which went down to the final two ends. We were 1 shot ahead after 19 ends but the loss of 5 shots on the last 2 ends cost us the game eventually losing by 4 shots.

RINK 4: G. Benefer, R. Broad, O. Secker, and M. Minshull v N. Battley lost 12-23

This game was close until the 12th end but a loss of the next 7 ends and 12 shots cost us the rink and overall result.

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Connaught A v Scole

Connaught A won at home against Scole on the 16th of June 2021 by 78-50 and 4-1

RINK 1: M. Botley, R. Broad, P. McDonald, M. Minshull v D. Crame

A poor performance overall by our rink despite a good start. We were leading by 6 shots after 8 ends but the loss of the next 9 ends cost us dearly and we eventually lost by 15-28

RINK 2: B. Adcock, T. Shoebridge, K. Noble, M. Watson v D. Riches

Another top-class performance by Mark’s rink saw us win comfortably. With all 4 of us playing very well, we only lost 5 ends and eventually won by 31 shots and overall, 39-8

RINK 3: D. Liles, M. Parsons, D. Flatt, R. Taylor. v R. Frostick

Another good performance by Roy’s rink saw us win 7 consecutive ends in the first half of the game. We then scored 7 shots on the 13th end which gave us a commanding lead eventually winning by 10 shots, Overall score 24-14

A good win against a strong team 

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EBA A Team v Wymondham Dell B

EBA A Team won at home against Wymondham Dell B on 9th June 2021 by 59-47 and 4-1

RINK 1: D Liles, M Parsons, D Flatt, R Taylor v J Hardy

A good start by Roy’s rink saw us take 8 shots lead after 4 ends and we kept that lead after 10 ends. But losing 5 of the last 6 ends closed the gap, but we held on to win by 5 shots. Score 19 - 4

RINK 2: G. Benefer, T. Shoebridge, K. Noble, M. Watson v D. Naunton
A very good start by Mark’s rink saw us lead by 10 shots after 5 ends and we continued to extend our lead throughout the game, eventually winning by 18 shots. It obviously didn’t help Wymondham as one of their players was missing and they had to play with three players. We used this to our advantage eventually winning comfortably. by 31-13

RINK 3: M. Botley, O. Secker, M. Minshull, P. McDonald v A. Gaze
A difficult game for Paul’s rink against a strong Wymondham rink and although we won 9 ends, they were all singles. This was probably their strongest rink, and we were not quite good enough on the day eventually losing by 11 shots. Score: 9 - 20

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DATE: 26th May 2021 Overall Score shots 70 - 41 Points 4 – 1

RINK 1: B. Adcock, R. Harrison, K. Noble, M. Watson v Skip M. Coe

A very close game ended in a disappointing defeat against a strong Gissing rink. Despite winning 12 ends a disappointing last 3 ends saw us drop 7 shots and cost us the game. Score 18 - 20

RINK 2: D. Liles, D. Aldous, D. Flatt, R. Taylor v Skip S. Thombow

A much better performance by Roy’s new look rink saw them win comfortably. Despite being behind for the first 8 ends we came back strongly winning 11 of the last 14 ends to win by 13 shots. Score 24-11

RINK 3: G. Benefer, R. Broad, M. Parsons, M. Minshull v Skip P. Forster

A top-class performance by this rink with Mike Minshull replacing Paul McDonald who was not available. After scoring 4 shots on the first end, we controlled the game winning 16 ends eventually winning by 18 shots. Score 28 - 10

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A TEAM REPORT v DISS ‘A’ on 19th May 2021 Overall Score 64 - 47 Points 4 – 1


An excellent performance by Mark’s rink who were never behind throughout the game. They were 8 shots ahead at the halfway point and finished strongly winning the last 6 ends. Winning 15 ends overall meant they had a comfortable win. Score 22 – 12

RINK 2: M. BOTLEY, M. MINSHULL, O. SECKER, R. TAYLOR v K. BAKER (SKIP)After a promising start Roy’s rink were 6 shots ahead early one but by the halfway point the scores were level. It only got worse from that point and we only won 3 of the last 10 ends and eventually lost by 10 shots.Score 15 – 25


After a slow start, we were 5 shots behind after 4 ends, but once we settled there was only going to be one winner as we only dropped 3 shots in the last 17 ends. An excellent performance by Paul’s rink eventually winning comfortably. Score 27 - 10

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