Entries are invited for the Ken Lurcock Memorial Shield which will be played 1st 2nd and 3rd September, Afternoons and Evenings, as required.

The format will be the same as previous years, drawn pairs, 3 woods over sixteen ends on a straight knock out basis.

Entries limited to 32 players.

 Three Wood Pairs - 16 Ends
            Play by date
Game 1   Jim Squire   Elaine Oatway  v     Pat Benefer   Steve Barclay Mon 30 Aug 12noon
Game 2   Bill Luck   John Moss  v   Graham Benefer    Kruno Smolkovic   Wed Sept 1st  4-15pm 
Game 3   Annabelle Sopp    Liz Keogh v   Jon Horslen   Peter Hambling Wed Sept 1st 6-00pm
Game 4   Paul McDonald   Denise Smolkovic  v   Joan Knox   Barry Pickett Wed Sept 1st 6-00pm
Mon 30th Aug 4pm
Game 5   Ann Bayes   Jenny Moon v   Mike Parsons   Betty Moss Wed Sept 1st 6-00pm
Game 6   Pat Benefer   Steve Barclay v   David Flatt   Colin Harris Wed Sept 1st 6-00pm
Game 7   Roy Taylor   George Nash v   Richard Harrison   Carol Taylor Wed Sept 1st 6-00pm
Game 8   Mark Watson   Phil Williams v   David Aldous   Gerry Keogh Wed Sept 1st 6-00pm
Game 9   Bill Adcock   Sandy Pickett v   Kevin Noble  Liz Monaghan Wed Sept 1st 6-00pm
 Game 10  Winners of Game 4 v Winners of Game 7 Thur Sept 2nd 6-00pm
  Joan Knox   Barry Pickett  Richard Harrison    Carol Taylor   
Game 11 Winners of Game 2 v Winners of Game 9 Thur Sept 2nd 6-00pm
   Bill Luck   John Moss     Kevin Noble    Liz Monaghan  
Game 12 Winners of Game 5 v Winners of Game 3 Thur Sept 2nd 6-00pm
   Mike Parsons   Betty Moss    Jon Horslen  Peter Hambling   
Game 13 Winners of Game 6 v Winners of Game 8 Thur Sept 2nd 6-00pm
   Pat Benefer   Steve Barclay     Mark Watson   Phil Williams   
Game 14 Winners of Game 13 v Winners of Game 11 Fri Sept 3rd 6-00pm
 Pat Benefer Steve Barclay  Kevin Noble  Liz Monaghan   
Game 15 Winners of Game12 v Winners of Game 10 Fri Sept 3rd 6-00pm
Mike Parsons  Betty Moss  Joan Knox  Barry Picket   
  Final Winners Game 14 v Winners of Game 15 Sun Sept 5th 1pm
 Winners Kevin & Noble  Betty Moss    Runners Up Joan Knox & Barry Picket  
Lurcock Winners   Lurcock Runners Up  
Rinks will be drawn on day of games

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