Ahead of Sundays club drive in in celebration of Sylvia, we just wanted to say a thank-you to everyone from the club who has been so kind over the last few months. Sylvia made so many friends and had such memorable times at The Connaught over many years; she'd be thrilled to know this event is taking place in her name. 

Thank-you to everyone who is coming along; either to play, watch or raise a glass. It is much appreciated. Hopefully the sun will shine, we'll all have fun and it'll be exactly what we intend; a celebration of someone who loved bowls but also the club she played for ! 


Sunday 15th August saw 42 players compete in a Club Triple Drive to pay tribute to loyal Connaught member Sylvia Parsons who sadly passed away earlier this year. It was pleasing to see members of Sylvias family with Mike, who had sponsored the event, in attendance. An excellent turn out of friends from Connaught were also at the club to pay tribute to a lovely lady.

A dull morning turned into a sunny afternoon which resulted in some competitive bowling. A close contest saw the triple of Roy Taylor, Pat Benefer and Liz Monaghan edge home ahead of David Aldous, Dave Quadling and Phil Williams, in third place were Owen Secker, Joan Knox and Lorraine Williams. However, the result of the bowling was academic, the real winners on the afternoon were the East Anglian Air Ambulance and Big C, the charities chosen by the Parsons family, who will share the £700 raised over the afternoon.

With bowling ended all present enjoyed an excellent BBQ cooked by Paul McDonald and Jim Squire with the help of Sandra Adcock. There then followed a large raffle with many of the prizes being donated by players and spectators.
Connaught President Bob Oatway brought proceedings to a close by thanking everyone who had worked together to make the afternoon a resounding success.      

Sunday August 15th 1pm for 1-30pm
3 Wood Triples Drive  
  Mike Parsons   Pat Benefer   Colin Barton  
  Bill Adcock   Graham Benefer   David Flatt  
  Alan Cude   Moira Eades   Betty Moss  
  Paul McDonald   David Aldous   Steve Barclay  
  Jim Squire   Owen Secker   Jenny Moon  
  Annabelle Sopp   Lorraine Williams   David Warne  
  Joan Knox   Phil Williams   Barry Pickett  
  Vera Moore   Roy Taylor   Sandy Pickett  
  Ken Ramsbottom   Carole Taylor   Richard Adcock  
  Mike Minshull   Mark Watson   Steve Judd  
  Jon Horslen   Kevin Noble   Gerry Keogh  
  Derek Liles   Pat Barton   Liz Keogh  
  Ann Bayes   Di Quadling   Carol Tipton  
  Elaine Oatway   Dave Quadling   John Poll  
  Please note that all the above named are scheduled to play  
  Teams will be drawn from from the above at a later date  and announced on the  day.  
If you would like to add your name to the reserve list above please do so.  
BBQ to follow the Drive  
All proceeds from the day will be donated to the charities chosen by the Parsons family 

proceeds for the day will be divided equally between

Big C and East Anglian Air Ambulance.







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Sylvia 1        Sylvia 5 
Sylvia 3   Sylvia 4 
Sylvia 6   Sylvia 2 
 Sylvia 7    Sylvia 8 1
 Sylvia 8 3    Sylvia 8 6
Sylvia 8 8   Sylvia 8 10
 Sylvia 8 11    Sylvia 8 14
 Sylvia 8 18    Sylvia 8 21

Sylvia 8 20
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