Connaught Upper Waveney A Team Results Table 2021

Upper.Waveney.'A'  ..v.. .Gissing   Home  .24.Jun.  47 33  5.5 0.5
 Upper.Waveney.'A' v .Dickleburgh Away 01-Jul  44 54 2 4
 Upper.Waveney.'A' v  Pulham Market Home 08-Jul 69 37 5.5 0.5
 Upper.Waveney.'A' v .Stradbroke.&.Distric Away 15-Jul 42 45 1 5
 Upper.Waveney.'A' v .Thornham Magna Home 22-Jul  53 49 5 1
 Upper.Waveney.'A' v .Diss & Dist Away  29-Jul 42 55 1 5
 Upper.Waveney.'A' v .Wortham Home 05-Aug  68 29 6  0
 Upper.Waveney.'A' v .Long Stratton Away 12-Aug 49 57 1 5
 Upper.Waveney.'A' v .Stradbroke White Hart  Home 19-Aug 52 44 4 2
Shot difference..  +63 466 403  33 23
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Connaught "A" v Stradbroke White Hart

UWL Connaught “A” won against Stradbroke White Hart, Home, 19th Aug, 52 – 44 shots, 4 – 2 points.

Rink 1: G. Benefer, R. Broad, M. Watson won against R. Wilkinson, 24 – 8 shots

A sterling performance by this Connaught triple. Graham battled on with a bad back, Richard played with new woods and Mark played a masterful game as skip to win by an overwhelming margin, 24 - 8

Rink 2: J. Horslen, B. Oatway, M. Botley lost against W. Coe, 13 – 19

This Connaught block struggled against, probably, the strongest White Hart triple. After winning only 1 of the first 9 ends, Jon switched with Mike producing some improvement. However, winning 9 – 7 over the last 9 ends was not enough to win the point, losing 13 – 19

Rink 3: P. Benefer, J. Squire, T. Shoebridge lost against M. Grigg, 15 – 17

After losing the first 5 ends, this Connaught triple battled back to be leading 9 – 8 at end 10. A tricky second half saw them 14 – 14 at end 16 and leading 15 – 14 going into the last end. Connaught were holding shot when the White Hart skip came in with his last wood to take the jack back to hold 3, winning 15 – 17. A disappointing result for this hard-working Connaught block.

A win by this Connaught team, on a gloomy night at the end of a topsy-turvy season, was a fitting reward for all the effort put in by the Connaught players. This squad is a captain’s dream. No complaints when being rested and stepping in when selected players couldn’t play. Well, done team. Hopefully, we can take this spirited performance into next season.


Report: Paul McDonald-Captain



UWL Connaught ‘A’ v Long Stratton

UWL Connaught “A” lost away at Long Stratton, on 12th Aug, by 57- 49 shots, 5-1 points

Rink 4: J. Horslen, B. Oatway, O. Secker lost against P. Lovett 23 – 18 shots

A poor start by Connaught saw them 17 – 3 down at end 9. Bob switched with Owen to win 6 of the last 9 ends but not enough points to win the match, losing by 5, 18 – 23.

Rink 5: P. Benefer, T, Shoebridge, P. McDonald lost against C. Bennet 25 – 12 shots

A ding-dong start saw Connaught leading 9 – 8 at end 11, however, a disastrous second half ensued in which Connaught won only 1 end of the last 7 to lose 25 – 12.

Rink 6: G. Benefer, R. Broad, M. Watson won against B. Searle 9 – 19 shots

A steady game by this Connaught triple to run out winners by a 10-shot margin, 9 – 19

Not the expected result from this Connaught “A” team. A dreary end of season performance producing this poor result.
A more competitive league next season should, hopefully, produce improved performances.

Report: Paul McDonald - Captain

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Connaught "A" v Wortham

UWL Connaught “A” won against Wortham, 5th Aug, at Home, 68-29 Shots, 6-0 Points

Rink 1: P. Benefer, J. Squire, M. Minshull won against B. Callin, 19 – 11 shots

An even start to be 5 – 5 at end 6 and 10 – 10 at end13 but, as the rain fell heavier, Connaught took the lead scoring 2 x 3’s a 2 and a 1 to Wortham’s 1 to finish worthy winners. Determined bowling by all three players earned a 19 – 11 win.

Rink 2: G, Benefer, J. Horslen, M. Watson won against C. Goodrum, 27 – 9 shots

A revival in the form of Jon Horslen’s bowling, backed by the persistent accuracy of Graham and Mark, lead to a decisive win. After winning the first 6 ends Connaught dropped 2 x 3’s but, as the rain increased, Connaught took control winning 7 of the last 9 ends. Result: 27 – 9

Rink 3: D. Liles, R. Broad, T. Shoebridge won against R. Pursehouse, 22 – 9 shots

A determined start by this Connaught triple was reversed as the rain started, to be 8 – 8 at end 10. However, Connaught adjusted well to the conditions, winning 7 of the last 8 ends to achieve a decisive win, 22 – 9.

On a miserably wet night, the Connaught “penguins” dripped and dribbled to a well-earned win. Well, done Connaught “A”.

Report: Paul McDonald - Captain

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Connaught "A" v Diss & Dist.

Connaught “A” lost away at Diss & District, 29th July, 42-55 shots, 1-5 points.

RINK 1: G. Benefer, T. Shoebridge, M. Watson lost to I. Dunnett, 8-28

A wretched night for this Connaught block winning only 5 ends in the match. Thoroughly out bowled; a disappointing result.

RINK 3: P. Benefer, M. Botley, M. Minshull won against M. Howard, 22-8

A different story on this rink as Connaught only lost 6 ends during the match. Unfortunately, Diss won the last 3 ends scoring 5 shots to reduce the shot margin. A very good performance from this Connaught triple.

RINK 5: D. Liles, O. Secker, P. McDonald lost against R. Hayden, 12-19

This started as a very competitive game with the score being 7-7 at end 9. However, the second half was a disappointment with Connaught winning only 2 ends for 5 shots. Although there were some very tight heads, Diss dug in to win 7 ends for 12 shots. A good contest that could have gone either way.

A solid performance by the home team to win this match which was played in good spirit. Diss retain their top spot in the league.

Report by P. McDonald, Captain

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Connaught "A" v Thornham Magna

Connaught “A” won against Thornham Magna at home 22nd July, by 53- 49 shots & 5-1 points.

RINK 1, P. Benefer, M. Botley, M. Minshull won against L. Crick, 19 to 16 shots.

This Connaught rink lost the first 6 ends to be 9-0 down, giving the Connaught captain doubts over his team selection. However, two 3’s and a 2 in the next 3 ends brought things back into perspective. A 6 on end 11 gave Connaught the lead which they held to the end for a well-deserved 19 – 16 win.

RINK 2, K. Botley, J. Horslen, O. Secker lost against M. Norman (capt). 15 to 16 shots.

This was a tight game in the first half but a 4 on end 11 gave Thornham Magna a lead that they extended to 8 – 16 by end 15. Connaught rallied to win 7 shots on the last 3 ends to lose by only 1 shot, 15 – 16.

RINK 3, G. Benefer, T. Shoebridge, M. Watson won against J. Webb, 19 to 17 shots.

This was a most absorbing match with some fine bowling from both teams. 10-10 at end 9, 15 -15 at end 16. Connaught scored 4 on end 17 while Thornham Magna only managed a 2 on the last end giving Connaught a 2point win, 19-17.

A good night’s bowling by both sides left the result of this match in doubt throughout. Thornham Magna proved to be a very competent team and were very sociable after the match, staying on to exchange pleasantries. A good win for Connaught against worthy opponents.

Report by Paul McDonald – Captain.



Connaught “A” v Stradbroke & District

Connaught “A” lost against Stradbroke & District 42 to 45 shots, 1 to 5 points.

Rink 2, G. Benefer, M. Utting, M. Watson won against T. Lefileys 15 to 8

An even game in the early stages. 2 – 2 at end 4, 4 – 4 at end 7, 6 – 6 at end 10. Then Connaught went on a power burst winning 6 of the last 8 ends, dropping only 2 shots to claim a solid victory, 15 to 8. A good night’s work for this committed Connaught triple.

Rink 4, J. Horslen, R. Broad, M. Botley lost against D. Webster, 17 to 21

A strange game where Connaught won 10 of the eighteen ends. However, Connaught dropped three 4’s and a 5 amongst the ends that they lost. We knew Connaught were in trouble when Mike called out, “How do I score five with my last wood?” He could not, thereby allowing Stradbroke a 4-point win. Connaught losing 17 to 21.

Rink 6, P. McDonald, B. Oatway, M. Minshull lost against C. Cattermole 10 to 16

Paul, standing in as lead for the absent Derek Liles, had a wretched game by his standards, against a very competent opponent in J. Alderton. Losing the first 5 ends gave Stradbroke a 6-point lead that was never matched. A rare 4 shot Connaught win on end 14 kept the score respectable but the result was never in doubt. Connaught losing 10 to 16.

This was a pleasant game of bowls against a friendly but determined Stradbroke team. A warming cup of tea in their club room ended the match on these chilly “summers” evening.

Report by P. McDonald - Captain



Connaught “A” v Pulham Market

Connaught “A” won against Pulham Market at home, 8th July, 69 to 37 shots, 5 ½ to ½ points.

Rink 1: Jim Squire, Paul McDonald, Terry Shoebridge drew against A. Thompson 18 shots to 18 shots.

A close game throughout, 9 – 9 at end 8, 13 – 13 at end 13 but leading 18 – 16 going into the last end.
Pulham market were holding one when Terry went to the mat to bowl his last wood. Taking the one down would have meant a win for Connaught but, encouraged to bowl his last wood by Paul, Terry knocked a Pulham Market wood in for second wood. This resulted in an 18 – 18 draw costing Connaught a half point. Lesson learnt, take the one down and the win.

Rink 2: Mike Minshull, Mick Utting, Mark Watson won against A. Bell 37 shots to 6 shots.

An emphatic win, never in doubt, by this strong Connaught triple. Pulham Market won only 5 ends in this match. This result secured one point for the win plus 3 points for the overall shots score. Well done, Connaught.

Rink 3: Derek Liles, Bob Oatway, Owen Secker won against P. Brown 14 shots to 13 shots.

This was a topsy-tervy match in which the lead changed several times throughout. However, 13 to 13 going into the last end, Connaught scored one to secure a win 14 to 13 and a well-earned point.

A good night’s bowling by Connaught to secure this win and keep us in contention for a good league result.
Report: Paul McDonald – Captain.  

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Connaught UW “A” v Dickleburgh

Connaught UW “A” lost away to Dickleburgh on Thursday 1st July 21by 44-54 and 2-4

Rink 2, Pat Benefer, Richard Broad & Mike Botley won against D. Beales 16 shots to 13.

This was an up and down tussle. 5 all at end 4, 10 all at end 13, but winning 4 of the last 5 ends gave Connaught the match win.

Rink 3, Kathy Botley, Jon Horslen & Terry Shoebridge lost against A, Green 7 shots to 28.

Kathy struggled with the heavy green against the “in form” Dickleburgh captain, Lorna Young. Jon and Terry had a torrid time winning only 6 ends in the match, suffering an undeserved heavy loss.

Rink 4, Graham Benefer, Mick Utting & Mark Watson won against D. Shimell 21 to 13.

This was an even game with all players contributing to the scoring but Connaught, having won 2 ends by a 4 and a 6, ran out convincing winners.

This was a competitive match against friendly but determined opponents.

Paul McDonald – Captain.

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Connaught UW A v Gissing

Connaught A began the curtailed Upper Waveney League programme with the visit of Gissing to Attleborough.

Connaught took the honours with an 8-1 win, 47 shots to the visitors 33.

Rink 1 Derek Liles, Jon Horslen and Owen Secker overcame the challenge of Simon Thompson’s triple winning 16-12

Rink 2 saw Mike Botley skip Pat Benefer and Richard Broad to a 19-9 win against G Forster.

Rink 3 A very close and enjoyable encounter resulted in shared spoils, Graham Benefer, Mick Utting and Mark Watson drawing 12-12 against Paul Whymark’s triple.

All in all, a good night’s work

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2021 Upper Waveney Bowls League Div 1
Team Name Played Won Drawn Lost Rinks won Shots For Shots Against Difference (shots) Points
 Diss & District 5 5 12 337 200 137 27
 Wortham 5 4 1 9 296 238 58 21
 Attleborough.Connaught.A  5 3 2 10 255 218 37 19
 Long Stratton 5 3 2 9 267 236 31 18
 Dickleburgh 5 2 3 7 260 290 -30 13
 Stradbroke White   Hart 4 2 2 5 227 206 21 11
 Thornham Magna 5 1 4 8 232 258 -26 11
 Gissing 3 2 1 4.5 136 132 4 10.5
 Stradbroke.&.District 4 1 3 2 143 270 -127 5
 Pulham Market 5 5 3.5 198 308 -110 3.5

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  1. Its 3 points for a match win, 1.5 each for a draw 1 point for each rink won.
  2. Can you get the score card the right way up.
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