Connaught Upper Waveney B Team Results Table 2021

Upper Waveney 'B'  v ..Bedingfield    <-click to view Away 08-Jul 72 34 6 0
Upper Waveney 'B' v   Mendlesham Home 14-Jul-  61 40 5 1
Upper Waveney 'B'  v ..Scole Home 15-Jul  56  47  0
Upper Waveney 'B'  v ..Thorndon Away 22-Jul 57 35 6 0
Upper Waveney 'B'  v ..Wortwell Home 29-Jul 65 39 6 0
Upper Waveney 'B'  v ..Beeches Away 05-Aug 59 34 5 1
Upper Waveney 'B'  v ..Shotford Home 12-Aug 55 50 5.5  0.
Upper Waveney 'B'  v ..Kenninghall Red Lion Away 19-Aug 37 61 1 5
.                .Shot difference +122 462 340 40.5 7.5
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Connaught B v Kennington Red Lion

Connaught’s unbeaten run came to an end with a comprehensive defeat at the Kenninghall Red Lion on the last evening of the 2021 Upper Waveney league season. Although the result was disappointing from Connaught’s point of view, the spirit in which the game was played was spot on. Many thanks to Kenninghall for agreeing to start slightly earlier and for making us feel so welcome. The final score was 1-5 (37-61)

On Rink 1 David Warne, David Aldous and David Flatt played K Pimmer, M Pimmer and M Kindlyside
Connaught started slowly, losing 4 on the first end and 3 on the second…after 6 ends we were 3-13 down and that proved to be significant. The three David’s shared the next 12 ends 8-8 but never gave any impression that they were going to get back in the game and in the end were beaten by the better bowlers on the night.11-21 being the final score

On Rink 2 Peter Hambling Carole Taylor and Andrew Gaze played P Cook, A Holman and B Youngman
This turned out to be very similar to the story on Rink1…Peter, Carole and Andrew were 0-10 down after 5 ends and they just couldn’t get a foothold in the game….in the end they can take credit for two 3’s in the final 4 ends to improve their score line, but hats off to the worthy winners on the night.10-25 being the final score

On Rink 3 Jenny Moon, Steve Judd and Roy Taylor played B Tunmore, P Pimmer and M Davy
Rink 3 was the only highlight for Connaught, and the only game that was a serious contest throughout the evening. Neither side could grasp the initiative as ends were closely fought and wins exchanged until we reached the conclusion of the 16th end at 12 shots each. Kenninghall then took what looked like a decisive lead with 3 on the 17th, and the heads of some triples might have dropped, but not Jenny’s, Steve’s or Roy’s….as the Skips bowled on the 18th end, Connaught held three and when Roy’s very last wood crept in on a measure for fourth shot, Connaught had turned the game on its head and saved the side from a whitewash!
16-15 being the final score

Special mention this week goes to Jenny, Steve and Roy, our only trio who adapted to the conditions well enough on the night to secure any points.

It was a disappointing result to end the season on, but it does not diminish from the overall success this season has been for the team as a whole.
Well done everyone you should be proud of yourselves.




Connaught B v Shotford

Connaught B made it 7 out of 7 but this was a really tight one!
After about 14-15 ends it could have gone either way…but Connaught dug in, and in the final analysis, one end on each rink became decisive to the result of that rink and the overall score.
The determination of the team not to get beaten and the pride I could see in people’s faces afterwards, was great to witness…well done everyone
The final score was 5 1/2 - 1/2 (55-50)

On Rink 1 Neville Thorpe, Bill Adcock and Roy Taylor played P Bathurst, N Bale and C Todd

This appeared to be Shotford strongest triple and resulted in a close game with many heads having 4 or 5 bowls close to the Jack…After the 15h end Shotford had won 9 ends and moved into a nice 10-14 lead, which seem significant in such a tight game. But end 16 was the decisive end in this game…Shotford were 1 up as Roy bowled his final wood…and it was a cracker…moving the Jack three or four feet to leave us 3up…this shifted the momentum and a 4 on the next end put us in strong position to see the game out on the last. A terrific effort by the team to win 4 of the last 6 ends against a team who were “on it” most of the evening.
18-14 being the final score

On Rink 2 Peter Hambling, Carole Taylor and Graham Etteridge played M Hannant, Y Micheal and D Ashfield

This game ebbed and flowed…Connaught started strongly winning 5 of the first 6 ends, only to lose the next 5 to be 7-9 down after 11. But a 6 and a 3 on the next two ends sent their Captain into the comfort of the conservatory happy that a 16-9 lead would be vital to the overall score…he was soon out of the conservatory again when we dropped a 4 and a 3 on the next two ends to make the score 16-16 with three to play. The decisive end in this game was the 17th , we had won the 16th by one, but for some reason just couldn’t find it on the 17th, from my vantage point (which by this time, was hiding behind the sofa) we looked to be 5 or 6 down…or worse, which would have killed the game…it’s not often you are relieved to hear the words ”3 down”, but on this occasion it was…we were still in the game…on the final end, Sat Nav’s were reset and as the final bowls were bowled we had 5 or 6 good bowls in good spots around the head and held 2…their Skip’s last two bowls were a little heavy and the game was shared 19 apiece. A true show of character from the team for coming back strongly on the last end after seeing it nearly slip away on the 17th.
19-19 being the final score

On Rink 3 Jenny Moon, Steve Judd and David Flatt played T Thacker, D Micheal and D Eastwell

This game was a struggle from start to finish. There was a lot of swing on both hands and all six players found it difficult to consistently find the right line and weight. Connaught started slowly and were always 5 or 6 shots adrift and at the end of the 14th end we were 10-16 down, and the closest we got to winning an end was when David decided to give his backhand a bit more- green and ended up “shot wood” on Rink 4! But then everything changed, a 2 on the 15th and another 2 on the next closed the gap and we went into the last end only 3 down which was good for the overall point…Jenny, Steve and David were not content with that though, and suddenly were all over the Jack like bees around a honey pot…we didn’t need to bowl the final bowl as we already held the four we needed to win the game. David did seem very keen to “have a go”, to try to make it 5, but the look Jenny gave him convinced him that he might have to have the Jack surgically removed if he got it wrong!!! Although it was a struggle for 17 ends, full credit to the team for keeping going, never giving up and then taking the opportunity when it presented itself.
18-17 being the final score

Special mention this week goes to Nobby…Rink 2 was the last to finish and the game was still close as the final bowl was delivered…about a quarter of the way down, Nobby said to me….”he’s wide, I know his bowls, that won’t come back from there…” and…at 8.52pm on Thursday 12 August 2021….Nobby got something right! ???





Connaught UW B v Beeches

Connaught made it six wins out of six with a 5-1 (59-34) victory over Beeches. The green was in good condition, but vastly different from green we are used to at home as swing was almost non-existent, making most ends closely contested…but despite getting wet, drying out and getting wet again, we adjusted well, and our overall consistency gradually wore the opposition down as the night went on.

On Rink 3 David Warne, Bill Adcock, and Roy Taylor played D Girtise, M Hobbs and D Douglas

A good, solid start from the Connaught team saw them winning all-of the first 11 ends, albeit mainly by just one shot, but a 14-0 scoreboard stamped their authority on proceedings, and we only dropped three ends in total, in a very very convincing performance.22-6 being the final score

On Rink 4 Colin Harris, David Aldous, and Andrew Gaze played R Burridge, R Good and A Boughton

7-9 down after 8 ends summed up the closeness of this encounter at that specific point…but Connaught then took the game by the scruff of the neck and only dropped two more ends, winning the final 10 ends 20-3 to make the scoreboard look more comfortable than it actually-was 27-12 being the final score

On Rink 5 Peter Hambling, Carole Taylor, and Graham Etteridge played M Fuller, R Good and R Roberts

This was a tough, hard fought for game against probably Beeches strongest triple. Because of the straightness of the bowling lines and the accuracy of the players, each end was a battle and difficult to win…Beeches got their noses in front from the very start and held a three or four shot lead for most of the game…Connaught closed the gap to just two shots as they started the 16th end, but Beeches closed the game out by taking the last three ends as their dogged consistency finally saw them home.10-16 being the final score

Special mention has to be made this week to the following…worst dressed bowler on the night (or probably any night!) goes to David Warne…never has so many different colours and sizes been put together so badly….and Andrew, a sun roof is a great addition to a car and is best used for a warm summer afternoon/evening to let in the sun’s rays and a warm draft…on an overcast evening when it is chucking it down with rain, it’s probably best to close the sun roof before starting to bowl!…


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Connaught v Wortwell

Connaught made it five wins out of five with a 6-0 (65-39). Home victory over Wortwell. All credit goes to the players involved in all the matches so far this season, everyone has contributed at different stages of games and the sprit between the ever-changing blocks has been great to see.

On Rink 1 Peter Hambling, Steve Judd and David Flatt won 20-13 against P McCarthy, B Woods and P Croxson

A very strong start from the Connaught team winning 6 of the first 9 ends to open up a 11-point (14-3) lead. a lead they never looked like losing.

On Rink 2 Bill Adcock, Colin Harris and Roy Taylor won 25-13 against S Smith, T Broomfield and G Smith

This turned out to be the biggest win of the night, which seemed unlikely when the first few ends were shared…. but a run of 10 shots in ends 5-8 and 10 more in ends 11-14 took the game by the scruff of the neck, and three singles in the last four ends made sure the points were coming Connaught’s way.

On Rink 3 Carole Taylor, David Aldous and Graham Etteridge won 20-13 against M Harvey, H Carter and T Bell

This game was similar to the game on Rink 1 in that Connaught started off on fire and could do no wrong…racing to a 13-0 lead after just 6 ends. However, the rest of the game was unlike Rink 1 because it became a bit of a struggle, with Connaught only winning 4 of the final 12 ends. But the flying start meant we were always able to keep the opposition at arm’s length, and we usually managed to bowl at least a couple of decent woods into the head each end, so Wortwell could only score more than 1 shot in three of their winning ends.

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Connaught B v Thorndon

Connaught B won away against Thorndon on 22 July 21 by 57-35 and 6-0

Connaught made it four wins out of four with a 6-0 (57-37) victory over Thorndon
Many thanks to Thorndon for making us feel so welcome, and for providing a Green that you could actually “bowl” your woods on, rather than “chuck and hope”.

On Rink 1 Jenny Moon, Graham Etteridge and David Flatt played A West, K Jessup and D Haxellwon by by 17 10
A very solid performance from this team, showing good concentration, 12 of the 18 ends were won by just one shot, and we won 8 of them. A 4 on the 11th gave us a comfortable 12-8 lead only for Thorndon to come back with 6 in the next 4 ends…but Connaught kept their nerve and closed the game out with a 3 at the last to secure the game and help the overall score.

On Rink 2 David Warne, David Aldous and Roy Taylor played B Montgomery, J Cattermole and S Chapman won by 17-15

This turned out to be a very close game, with each side winning 9 ends. Connaught always seemed to be in control, 8-2 up after 6 ends, 12-5 up after 12 and 16-12 after the 16th. The game then hinged on two cracking shots. Firstly, we sat 3 up on the 17th with the skips each having one wood left to bowl…the Connaught captain was rehearsing his “winners” speech when the Thorndon skip bowled a beauty and moved the Jack a few inches for 3 shots. 16-15 going into the last didn’t look enough as we were 3 down with three bowls left…the Connaught captain was now going through his list of excuses when Roy bowled a “cracker” to move the Jack and put us one up behind a wall of woods as cover.

On Rink 3 Carole Taylor, Steve Judd and Andrew Gaze played E Jessup, S Montgomery and T Smith
This was the team that kept our morale high as the rest of the team looked across at their score and could see the 3 points for overall score always in their hands. Carole, Steve and Andrew raced ahead for a 10-6 lead after 6 ends and 17-6 after 13. Connaught won 11 of the 18 ends with three 4’s along the way. Well done a top-class effort for everyone,never resting on their lead.
23-12 being the final score

Overall, it was a thoroughly enjoyable evening, perfect weather, decent green, some good bowling, and friendly opponents…what more could you ask for from an evening out with friends and colleagues.


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Connaught B v Scole

Connaught B won at home against Scole on 15 July 21 by 56-47 and 6-0

Connaught made it three wins out of three with a 6 - 0 victory over a good Scole team on Thursday night. All three rinks were extremely tight and after 13 ends the scores were 16-13, 12-11 and 11-12 and it’s fair to say that Scole deserved more than the UK’s Eurovision score…but bowls is a game of fine margins and on this occasion Connaught just got over the line on all fronts for a 56-47 win.

On Rink 1 Colin Harris, David Aldous and David Flatt played P Feaueanyear, D Frostick and V Buckle.
Hats off to Vic Buckle in this game, the Scole skip turned many losing positions into wins or reductions…including turning a 6 down into a 1 up in the 12th and a 4 down into a 1 up in the 14th, both with his final bowl. But Connaught kept plugging away and all three Connaught bowlers were there or there about throughout and won 7 of the last 10 ends to turn a 7-12 position after 8 ends into a deserved 4 shot win
20-16 being the final score

On Rink 2 Carole Taylor, Bill Adcock and Andrew Gaze played O Frostick, N Bell and R Frostick
Rink 2 looked to be the group that we’re going to give Connaught the overall score when they were sailing ahead 12-2 up at the halfway point. Unfortunately, we lost the next 7 ends and trailed 12-15 as we started the 17th. But what a tremendous effort from the team to stay positive in such circumstances and score a 2 at the 17th and a brilliant 5 at the last for a vital 4 shot win.
19-15 being the final score

On Rink 3 Peter Hambling, David Warne and Roy Taylor played C Bartram, J Mason and D Aldous.
Roy thought he was in for an easy game when he saw David Aldous was skip for Scole…but it was a different David Aldous…so it wasn’t. In fact it turned into a game of three halves, Connaught started strongly winning 3 of the first 4 ends and were 6-3 up after 6 ends. But we only won one of the next 6 ends to trail 7-12 after 12… but Connaught then regrouped and scored 4, 3 and 2 on the next 3 ends to give them a crucial 3 shot lead coming down the last. A nervy last couple of bowls were survived and a 1 shot win secured.
17-16 being the final score

Well done everyone a great battling performance from everyone tonight, and three wins out of three.


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Connaught Ash v Mendlesham

Connaught Ash won at home against Mendlesham on 14 July 21 by 61-40 and 5-1

Connaught made it two wins out of two with a 5 - 1 victory in our rearranged fixture with Mendlesham. An interesting fact is that the Upper Waveney is actually a Tuesday league but we are allowed to play on a Thursday…but we played this game on a Wednesday! So full marks to everyone’s flexibility to get the game played.

On Rink 1 Peter Hambling, David Warne and David Aldous were always in control against M Fauager their Mendlesham opponents, and the game was put to bed in the middle section where Connaught scored 4, 4, 2, 4, 2 in ends 6-10. Both sides seemed to struggle for consistency, but collectively Connaught managed to get something close to the Jack on most ends and were never in danger of losing. 27- 8 being the final score

On Rink 2 Jenny Moon, Carole Taylor and Graham Etteridge had, a very difficult day at the office against S Furze. 2-5 down after 5 ends was a reasonable situation to work with, but Mendlesham added 18 more shots before we were able to move on to 3. We scored 5 shots in the final 3 ends, and that was really good to see because the overall score is worth half the overall points available. So top marks for keeping going. 7-23 being the final score

On Rink 3 Colin Harris, Bill Adcock and Steve Judd scored 4 on the first end and then won 7 of the first 9 ends to take a tight control of the game. Mendlesham's B Mills woh fought back gamely in the second half but could only register single shot victories on the ends that they won. Colin, Bill and Steve went on to be comfortable 27- 9 winners.

Well done everyone Overall the 61-40 score-line gave Connaught a 5-1 win.

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Connaught B v Bedingfield

Connaught B won away against Bedingfield on 8 July 21 by 72-34-and 6-0

Connaught secured a well- deserved victory on a difficult Bedingfield green. We certainly appreciate the quick, smooth running of our home green when we venture out on our travels!

On Rink 3
It was a much closer affair. Neville Thorpe, David Aldous, and Roy Taylor started well against P Leader. and held a “manageable” 15 - 8 lead after 11 ends. Connaught’s captain was still not overly concerned when we held a 4-shot lead as we started the last end…however he was concerned when we were 3 down with the skips both having one wood left each…but Roy drew in for 2nd wood and Connaught got home 18 - 15.

On Rink 5
Peter Hambling, Bill Adcock and Graham Etteridge were never in troubleagainst V Martin, after racing to a 14 - 1 lead after 7 ends. Despite the heaviness of the green, Peter consistently “launched” the jack into the next post code and then followed it down to areas other struggled to reach. Connaught won 14 of the 18 ends for a comfortable 30 - 9 win.

On Rink 6
Colin Harris, Steve Judd and Andy Gaze against L Bull, looked to be having a tight contest when they were 2-4 down after 5 ends and 7-7 after 8… but they gradually took control and closed the game off with 5 on the 17th and 3 on the last for a 24-10 victory...

Well done everyone Overall a 72 - 34 score line gave Connaught a 6-0 win



2021 Upper Waveney Bowls League Div 2
Team Name  Played   Won   Drawn   Lost 





.Connaught.B. 4 4 11 246 158 88 23
 Wortwell 5 3 2 10 261 232 29 19
 Mendlesham 3 2 1 7 173 132 41 13
 Shotford 5 2 3 7 288 265 23 13
 Kenninghall.Red.Lion  2 2 3 104 90 14 9
 Scole 3 1 2 3 160 155 5 6
 Beeches 1 1 2 53 49 4 5
 Thorndon 4 4 2 160 218 -58 2
 Hoxne 0 0 0
 Bedingfield 3 3 90 230 -140 0

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Its 3 points for a match win, 1.5 each for a draw 1 point for each rink won.

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