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Results 2021/22 Season
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 Connaught.'A'.  v   Harling.Unicorns   Away  05..Oct..21   61     66     4     6  
Connaught 'A' v  Thetford  Home   06-Oct-21  87 30   9   1  
Connaught 'A'  v  Hingham Away 14-Oct-21
Connaught 'A'  v  Harling Griffins Away 20-Oct-21
Connaught 'A' v  Carleton Rode Away  01-Nov-21
Connaught 'A'  v  Wymondham Home 03-Nov-21
Connaught 'A' v  Forncett Home 08-Dec-21
Connaught 'A'  v  Connaught B Home 18-Dec-21
Connaught 'A' v  Shropham Away 21-Dec-21
Connaught 'A' v  Forncett Away 04-Jan-22
Connaught 'A'  v  Connaught B Away 15-Jan-22
Connaught 'A' v  Shropham Home 26-Jan-22
Connaught 'A' v  Carleton Rode Home 02-Feb-22
Connaught 'A' v  Wymondham Away 07-Feb-22
Connaught 'A' v  Thetford Away 02-Mar-22
Connaught 'A' v  Hingham Home 09-Mar-22
Connaught 'A' v  Harling Unicorns  Home 14-Mar-22
Connaught 'A' v  Harling Griffins Home 22-Mar-22
Connaught 'A' v
Connaught 'A' v
Shot difference 96 148 13 7

Connaught A V Harling Unicorns

Con A lost away to Harling Unicorns 61- 66 on shots, 4-6 pts on the 5th October2021

Mat 1 First session

Di Quadling, Owen Secker, Mike Minshull won against D Ryder 16 – 11

This was a very close and competitive game, Diane, Owen and Mike have gelled well as a block.

Leading for the first 10 ends 10-4 looked to be in command but lapse of concentration saw them drop 6 shots over the next 2 ends to allow Harling to draw level, but then over the last 4 ends saw them secure a further 6shots of their own to run out winners 16-11. This was a good all-round performance to give Connaught a good start.

Mat 2 First Session

Derek Liles, Roy Talyor, Bob Oatway. lost against Ian Beckford 13-16

Harling came out of the blocks quickly showing the home knowledge of this mat going 8-2 up over the first 5 ends. Although Derek and Roy were struggling early on with the speed of the mat they held their own over the next 5, with Bob as always playing very well to keep Connaught in the game. By now Derek and Roy began to get into the game which saw them rallying to get within 1 shot of Harling having scored 8 shots over the last 5 ends. Going into the last end Connaught needed 2 to win Harling managed to move the cot which left them holding 2 shots.

Bob had to go for the shot to get a result. He tried so hard but just failed. Harling in turn had secured a 16-13 win. Overall mat 2 had proved a big test for Connaught again.

Mat 1 Second Session

Mike Parsons, Richard Harrison, Lee Fallows won against Mike Tarrant 25 14

This looked as if this was going to be a tough one from the start. Harling led the way securing a single shot on the first end. But Connaught respond with 6shots over the next four ends. Lee looking like he had never stopped bowling over the last 18 months. Over the next 5 ends

Connaught scored 8 more shots to lead 15-6. Richard was backing Lee up with some magic of his own and over the last 6 ends massed a further 10 shots with Harling making a slight recovery by scoring 8 shots also.  Connaught won this 25-14 with a good all-round performance. Richard was an able replacement for Sylvia who had played with Lee for many years. It was at Harling Sylvia played her last short mat. Game for Connaught in March 2020 with a win R. I.. P

Mat 2 Second session

Dave Aldous, Jim Squire, Paul McDonald. lost against Roger Braham 7-25

With Dave making his debut at lead it was going to be a baptism of fire on this mat, and so it turned out for the whole Connaught block. Although losing only 9-6 after 10 ends and still well in the game, things looked good for the match although Connaught were struggling to control their weight

Then the whole game turned to the baptism fire bit. Over the next 6 ends the wheel really fell off. Connaught concede 17 shots to 1 to lose dissonantly 25-7 once again this mat had been Connaught’s down fall. When going to Harling it always going to be competitive but played in a good sporting manner, but as in all sports home advantage can be the difference. Congratulation them on their win. But I am sure Dave, Jim, and Paul will be ready to put this right in our next game

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Connaught A v Thetford

Con A won at home against Thetford 9-1 pts 87-30 shots on Wednesday 6/10/2021

Mat1 First Session
Diane Quadling, Owen Secker, Mike Minshull, drew against Jason Martin 12-12
These two blocks looked very evenly matched from the start although Thetford creeped into 4-2 lead after the first 5 ends. Thetford continued playing well to increase their lead to 9-5 after 10.
Although usually spot on Di seemed slightly off on this mat, but the three of Connaught players got it together over the next 5 and went into the lead 12-10 So everything to play for. With one wood to bowl Connaught were holding 3 shots and look in a strong position to win the game. But Jason the Thetford skip steadied himself and bowl a perfect wood to take the cot through to hold 2 shots resulting in making it a drawn game. An excellent game as previously mentioned both very evenly matched.

Mat 2 First Session
Dave Aldous, Jim Squire, Paul McDonald won against Peter Scarborough 27-5
Smarting from their previous evening defeat at Harling. A smile appeared on David face when his first wood nestled round the cot. Connaught set about restoring their confidence winning the first 5 to go 13-0 nil up. Thetford’s skip Peter must have wondered what was happening, Jim and Paul were making life more than a little bit hard for him. Young Chloe a very talented young player even could not make any impression on what was taking place. Over the last 6 ends Connaught increased their score to 27- 5. What a difference a day makes after their heavy defeat the night before.

Mat 1 Second Session
Mike Parsons, Richard Harrison, Sheila Bragg won against Chloe Suffolk 24-7
Connaught were playing against Thetford’s rearranged block employing the player playing twice rule (Chloe Suffolk) also in her block was her sister Kasey. Connaught eased into 5-3 lead over the first 5 ends. Young kasey was finding the slow mats a bit difficult but kept trying throughout. Connaught increased their lead to 11-6. On 11th end being one shot down Sheila played as shot that she is renowned for being a running drive that picked up the cot to turn a one-shot deficit to hold 5
Connaught carried on increasing the lead to win 24-7. But much credit should go to the Thetford block for sticking to a very difficult task. Also, to see two young sisters playing together supported by Chris who had some good shots during the game.

Mat 2 Second Session
Derek Liles, Roy Taylor, Bob Oatway. Won against M Luladct
As in the previous games Thetford struggled with the speed of the mat going down 9-1 in the first 5 ends, but Thetford were included in several tight heads but with Derek and Roy bowling some excellent woods Connaught were slowly getting the upper hand leading 13-5. As in the other games Connaught had got stronger over the last 6 ends together with Bobs as always showing his experience and this applied tonight with Connaught racking up a further 10 shots to win24-6
Overall it was a tough night for Thetford but I am more than sure they will be keen for revenge in the return fixture on their faster mats. “Well Played “

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