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Results 2021/22 Season
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 Connaught 'B'   v    Forncett Away 11-Oct-21  42    58     2    8 
Connaught 'B' v   Shropham  Home  18-Oct-21
Connaught 'B' v   Harling Unicorns Home 27-Oct-21
Connaught 'B'  v   Hingham Home 08-Nov-21
Connaught 'B' v   Wymondham Home 22-Nov-21
Connaught 'B'  v   Harling Griffins Home 24-Nov-21
Connaught 'B' v   Carleton Rode Away 29-Nov-21
Connaught 'B' v  Thetford Away 01-Dec-21
Connaught 'B' v   Connaught A Away 18-Dec-21
Connaught 'B' v   Thetford Home 05-Jan-22
Connaught 'B'  v   Connaught A Home 15-Jan-22
Connaught 'B' v   Hingham Away 10-Feb-22
Connaught 'B' v   Harling Griffins Away 16-Feb-22
Connaught 'B'  v   Wymondham Away 21-Feb-22
Connaught 'B' v   Carleton Rode Home 28-Feb-22
Connaught 'B' v   Shropham Away 01-Mar-22
Connaught 'B' v   Forncett Home 07-Mar-22
Connaught 'B' v   Harling Unicorns Away 23-Mar-22
Connaught 'B' v
Connaught 'B' v
Shot difference -16 42 58 2 8






Connaught 'B' lost at Forncett on Monday 11 October by 42-58 and 2-8

Mat 1 Mark Watson (skip), Steve Judd (2) and Val Hambling (lead) lost 9-15 against B Preece
Mat 2 Joan Knox, Moira Eades and Annabelle Sopp lost 5-19 against M Smail
Mat 1 Peter King, Bill Adcock and Anne Bayes lost 13-15 against P Lock
Mat 2 Joe Li-Rocchi, John Winup and Peter Hambling won 15-9 against R Humphreys

Mat 1 saw a match in which Mark Watson and Steve Judd bowled some good individual woods under pressure against a Forncett triple which built up the head far more steadily. Added to that B Preece, pushed into skipping in a Forncett reshuffle caused by a late arrival, had a fine personal game. 2 up after the first end and 2-10 down after 6 ends, Connaught won the rest of the match 7-5 but Forncett always had far too much in hand on the night

On Mat 2 Connaught could not find the mat at first and were slow out of the blocks to be 0-11 down after 4 ends. The remaining 12 ends were lost by just 5-8 as Forncett were contained to 8 x 1 while Connaught scored 3 x 1 and 1 x 2. Moira in particular steadied well and Annabelle had some good ends to give a capable skip in Joan Knox much better back-up. Joan had some fine shots but wondered afterwards whether her "straight" woods were right for the mat. Good that heads did not drop but with Jan Smail at 2 and Mike Smail at skip Connaught had faced a good triple

On Mat 1 after the break Connaught were 4-4 after 4 ends but then a bleak spell followed to see them 4-11 down after 8 ends. Connaught then fought back well and a 4 on end 13 put the visitors 12-11 ahead. 1 x 1 to each side and Connaught led 13-12 going into the last end. Much excitement saw the jack moved long and to one side and with Forncett to bowl last wood Connaught were 1 up with a wood almost touching but sideways on to the jack. Peter Lock took out the Connaught wood with a superlative shot and the jack and three Forncett woods stayed put. For Connaught Peter King was in good form and was well-supported by Anne and Bill. Forncett's enforced reshuffle saw Tony Ottewell at lead, Linda Preece at 2 and Peter Lock at skip and Connaught did well to hold them

On Mat 2 Connaught scored 3 x 1 at the start and never lost the lead after that in another tightly-fought match. Forncett fielded Becky Humphreys at skip, her father at lead and Gill Coleman at 2 - again a strongish triple. The experienced Connaught triple played well together and as individuals, concentrating hard and head-reading efficiently. With woods in the head they seldom had to take risks, but Joe still had to bowl some attacking "skip" shots and did this well. Peter bowled two super shots just behind the jack on the last end and John and Joe also got in; Connaught scored 3 as Forncett went for broke from 9-12 down. About mid-way Becky moved to lead where her straight woods were more effective than at skip - a pointer for Joan perhaps on a swinging mat?



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