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                     Results 2021/22 Season    Date F A F A
 Connaught   v   Saxlingham  Home   04-Oct-21   69   55   8  2
 Connaught     v    Hingham  Home  19-Oct-21        
 Connaught   v   Shropham  Home   26-Oct-21        
 Connaught   v   Horsford  Home  02-Nov-21        
 Connaught   v   East Harling  Away  09-Nov-21        
 Connaught   v   Hempnall  Home  23-Nov-21        
 Connaught   v   East Harling  Home 14-Dec-21        
 Connaught   v   Horsford  Away  24-Jan-22        
 Connaught   v   Hingham  Away  27-Jan-22        
 Connaught   v   Saxlingham  Away  31-Jan-22        
 Connaught   v   Shropham  Away  08-Mar-22        
 Connaught   v   Hempnall  Away  21-Mar-22        
 Connaught   v               
 Connaught   v              
     Shot difference    14    69  55  8  2


Don’t know if you are aware that the format has changed due to clubs not having enough members to field enough players for 4 Triples.
We are now playing 2 pairs and 2 Triples (as it used to be in the Tens league) The scoring is as usual, 2 points for winning rink and 2 points for overall shots.
Hope that makes sense.



Connaught v Saxlingham

Connaught won at home against Saxlingham on 4th October by 69-55 and 8-2

Mat 1 / Pair B Oatway & E Oatway won 13-11 against G Briggs & P Mealie

Mat 2/ Triple S Bragg, O Secker & Dave Quadling won 20-17 against A Banham, M McCluskey & N Banham

After the break

Mat 1 / Pair M Minshull & Di Quadling win 24-14 against R Howlett & S Hook

Mat 2 / Triple P MacDonald, M Southgate & D Aldous lost 12-23 to P Cook, D Beamish & M Beamish

Good result for first match,.regards Alison

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