Breckland 5 Pairs preliminary Round 2nd Leg. 2nd November 2019
Connaught A won against Connaught B 57-34. total overall 115- 63

Pair 1 Bob Oatway Roy Taylor won 18-4 against Joyce Hazell Mick Utting
Pair 2 Pat Benefer Sheila Bragg lost 5-12 against Moira Eades John Winup
Pair 3 Derek Liles Owen Secker won 10-7 against Steve Judd Peter King
Pair 4 Jim Squire Paul McDonald won 8-4 against Peter Hambling Malcolm Southgate
Pair 5 Mike Parsons Mike Minshull won 16-7 against Ann Bayes David Flatt

Going into this match from the 1st leg Con A held a 29-shot lead, which was a big ask from the start for the B team. Having been blighted by sickness, injury and unavailability were missing 5 players. So full credit to Malcolm turning out a full team who were prepared to have a go.

Pair 1 Bob leading and Roy skipping settled immediately going 10 nil up in the first 5 ends. Although Joyce could not find her usual effective drawing ability and Mick was having no results from his running woods Conn A continued to increase the score and finishing with four to win 18-4.
Pair 2 Pat was leading for Sheila against a very competitive combination of Moira and John. With Moira leading well John took an early lead and after end 5
lead 5-3. Pat struggling a little bit could not get going from then on John bowled well
against Sheila for the next 5 ends to finish winners 12-5. This resulted was needed by the B team to keep the match alive.

Pair 3 Derek and Owen the only same paired block from the last game, came up against Steve Judd comparatively new to the short mat game and the experienced Peter King.
This proved to a very interesting tussle. Connaught took the first half 5-3. They furthered their lead by 2 shots giving them 7-4 lead. Peter then scored 2 and a single to level the game. All to play for. with Peter holding 2 Owen with his last wood had to make contact to take the Jack through, this he did to hold 3. This left Peter snookered unable to get to the jack. A very good tight game.

Pair 4 Jim and Paul's first experience in the 5 pairs started off by conceding two singles but won the next 3 ends to go 5-3 up which included a 3. This game was again very tight.
With Peter and Malcolm trying hard to get back, Jim kept his nerve at lead. Then with 2 further singles added took Paul home 8-4. Nine ends had been contested by a single shot either way.

Pair 5 This game was very much academic to the match result. But perhaps we were all just bowling to see the match out. First half went to the two Mike's scoring 2x3 and a 4.
Second half Ann and David picked 6 up shots leaving the Mike's winners 16-7.
Would like to thank the supporters from both teams who ventured out. This ended with a nice social gathering after the. Match enjoyed by all who stayed. Many Thanks



Connaught A won against Connaught B on Saturday 12th October 2019 by 58- 29 on shots

1st Derek Liles and Owen Secker won 12-7 against M Utting and J Hazell

2nd Elaine Oatway and Bob Oatway won 11- 7 against M Eades and Rocchi

3rd Di Quadling and Sheila Bragg Drew 7 – 7 against P Hambling and M Southgate

4th Sylvia Parsons and Lee Fallows won 15-4 against Ann Bayes and D Flatt

5th Mike Parsons and Roy Taylor won 13 – 4 against Steve Judd and Peter King

As always games against A and B brings an amount of competitive tension and rivalry.

First Session. This was a game of two halves. Joyce and Mick played well to lead 7 nil after 5 ends. This certainly woke Derek and Owen up, from then they went on to win the next 5 ends, scoring 12 shots. Both were grateful to win which at first looked a lost cause. Which shows you must never give up.

Second Session. Once again, we made a bad start Elaine and Bob went 5 shots down after only two ends. The next three ends produced three 2's which put them in the lead. Joe came back with a single on the next two ends to lead 7-6. Bob then used his experience to score 5 shots over the last 3 ends to run out winners, but this game could have gone either way.

Third session was a more hard-fought game with Di and Sheila at least getting on the board first. But Peter was leading well, and they collected 4 shots over the next two ends to lead. Going into the last end Connaught A were leading 7-6, Sheila held shot and looked home and dry, but Malcolm bowled a superb back hand shot to pick up the jack to score a single to make it a draw, which was a fair result

Fourth Session. Sylvia and Lee are quiet a formidable pair when playing together, they quickly raced into a 9-1 lead after 5 ends. Ann looked a little nervous but stuck to her task to help David more by getting more shots into the head, although winning 2 more ends, this could not stop Sylvia and Lee running out comfortable winners

Fifth Session Mike and Roy playing last won four out of the first five ends to lead 6- 2. this was mainly due to Roy who has improved so much and played some really telling shots. Mike struggled a but they managed to win 13 – 4

As captain was well pleased how the team had played. Well played to everybody.

Return leg is on Saturday 2nd November



Connaught 'B' lost the return leg against Connaught 'A' by 34-57. The overall loss was a resounding 63-115

Pair 1 Mick Utting and Joyce Hazell lost 4-18 against Roy Taylor and Bob Oatway
Pair 2 John Winup and Moira Eades won 12-5 against Sheila Bragg and Pat Benefer
Pair 3 Peter King and Steve Judd lost 10-7 against Owen Secker and Derek Liles
Pair 4 Malcolm Southgate and Peter Hambling lost 4-8 against Paul McDonald and Jim Squire
Pair 5 David Flatt and Ann Bayes lost 7-16 against Mike Minshull and Mike Parsons

There was a somewhat unreal atmosphere about this match with the overall rsult in little doubt and only pride to play for. In the first match Mick and Joyce simply were outplayed, with Bob in excellent form at lead (a new vocation?) and Roy also playing very well. Connaught 'B' played well to win the second match, with Moira in very good form at lead and John drawing well to consolidate; Pat's lack of play showed a bit and Sheila for once had an off night in misjudging the slow pace of the mat. In the third match the score was 7-7 after 9 ends but Connaught 'B' lost the vital last end by 3 shots. Steve and Peter fought hard, with Steve now settling in well to league bowls and Peter bowling well in his own style. The fourth match was not high in quality. Peter was too short most of the time but the 'A' players did not make the most of it. Malcolm bowled some brave woods at skip to win or save but Paul and Jim did just enough to win the match. In the last match there was a good contest at lead with Mike in good form but with Ann matching him most of the time. Sadly David could not cope at skip against a confident and in-form Mike Minshull. The score was an embarrassing 2-16 after 8 ends but the 'B' pair managed a 3 and 2 finish

A pleasant evening socially, as these matches always are, but the match itself lacked bite. Even at the level of challenging the senior side Connaught 'B' managed it in only two matches



Connaught 'B' lost the first leg against Connaught 'A' on Saturday 12 October by 29-58

This is just a back-up report from a newly-appointed scribe. For more detail see the excellent 'A' team report

Pair 1 Mick Utting and Joyce Hazell lost 7-12 against Owen Secker and Derek Liles

Pair 2 Joe Li-Rocchi and Moira Eades lost 7-11 against Bob Oatway and Elaine Oatway

Pair 3 Malcolm Southgate and Peter Hambling drew 7-7 against Sheila Bragg and Di Quadling

Pair 4 David Flatt and Ann Bayes lost 4-15 against Lee Fallows and Sylvia Parsons

Pair 5 Peter King and Steve Judd lost 4-13 against Roy Taylor and Mike Parsons


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