Norwich Cup


Connaught 'B' lost at home to Halvergate on Tuesday 29 October by 25-55 and 0-12 (last two matches conceded)


Peter King, Joyce Hazell and Peter Hambling lost 4-6 against K Newby, lost 7-11 against R Lamb
Steve Judd, Malcolm Southgate and Alison Rush lost 1-11 against R Lamb, lost 5-7 against K Newby


Bill Adcock and John Winup lost 5-7 against D Lamb
David Flatt and Diana Adcock lost 3-13 against K Cooke

In essence this was a total mismatch with an under-strength Connaught 'B' facing a powerful side fielding several county players; even at fuller strength Connaught 'B' would have done no more than reduce the shots margin by a few. By agreement the two final pairs matches were not played; the result was evident and most Halvergate players had an extremely long drive home

In some of the matches Connaught did at least make a fight of it due to players able to draw consistently and force their opponents to really up their game. Bill Adcock and John Winup against David Lamb and partner was a case in point with the match going to the wire in a last end finish. Peter Hambling also drew very well in his two matches. At skip Peter King fought very hard and Steve Judd played well against Karl Newby in the second triple (Steve had to be shuffled up to skip as a result of a scratching). Sadly, in some other cases familiar Connaught 'B' failings under pressure were seen again. For example, too many woods were sent off the mat. At home and in 8-end matches? Unforgiveable

A result like this makes one ask the question. Is it worth Connaught 'B' entering cup competitions like this? The answer must be "yes", if only to experience the pressure and variety of shots which better players bring to matches. For example, Steve Judd in his first season played against Hempnall one night and Halvergate the next. A far cry from roll-ups and Connaught's internal leagues. The experience will make or break him, hopefully the former!

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