BRECKLAND B TEAM 2019 - 2020 

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Connaught Breckland 'B' Team Shots Points
Results 2019/20Season
        Date F A F A
Connaught 'B'  v Forncett Away 18-Oct-19  36 78 0  10
Connaught 'B' v Harling Unicorns Home 21-Oct-19  52 62 4 6
Connaught 'B' v Shropham Away 30-Oct-19  44  62  4
Connaught 'B'  v Harling Griffins Home 05-Nov-19 72 53 8 2
Connaught 'B' v Wymondham Home 06-Nov-19        
Connaught 'B' v Carleton Rode Away 18-Nov-19        
Connaught 'B'  v Hingham Home 25-Nov-19        
Connaught 'B' v Banham Away 04-Dec-19        
Connaught 'B' v Connaught A Away 14-Dec-19        
Connaught 'B' v Thetford Home 18-Dec-19        
Connaught 'B'  v Banham Home 13-Jan-20        
Connaught 'B' v Thetford Away 15-Jan-20        
Connaught 'B' v Connaught A Home 25-Jan-20        
Connaught 'B'  v Harling Griffins Away 05-Feb-20        
Connaught 'B' v Hingham Away 10-Feb-20        
Connaught 'B' v Carleton Rode Home 11-Feb-20        
Connaught 'B' v Wymondham Away 24-Feb-20        
Connaught 'B' v Shropham Home 10-Mar-20        
Connaught 'B' v Harling Unicorns Away 18-Mar-20        
Connaught 'B' v Forncett Home 24-Mar-20        
    Shot difference -51   204 255 16 34




Connaught 'B' beat Harling Griffin at home on Tuesday 5 November by 72-53 and 8-2

Mat 1 Mick Utting, Annabelle Sopp and Alison Rush won 25-17 against D Hunt
Mat 2 Joe Li-Rocchi, Malcolm Southgate and Diana Adcock won 19-11 against C Hayman
Mat 1 Bill Adcock, Steve Barclay and Steve Judd lost 10-18 against G Hume
Mat 2 Peter King, John Winup and Peter Hambling won 18-7 against L Deathridge

In a high-scoring match on Mat 1 before the break the ends were shared at 8 each but Connaught managed 1 x 5, 3 x 4, 1 x 3, 2 x 2 and just the 1 x 1 against Harling's 3 x 3, 3 x 2 and 2 x 1. Only 3 ends out of 16 won by a single shot! That indicates some inaccuracy or some power play disrupting heads. In fact there was a mixture of both, with Mick Utting providing his fair share of the power. The match was neatly poised at 12-12 after 10 ends and then Connaught had a 2, 5 and 2 purple patch to lead 21-12. Harling came back with 3 and 2 and seasoned watchers of Connaught 'B' were a bit twitchy. They need not have worried as 4 shots were scored on the last end. Alison generally had a sound game and will be pleased with her season so far. Annabelle's return has helped a lot because she draws accurately. Mick had a very good all-round match, sometimes missing with running woods but more often connecting

Mat 2 was a much tighter affair and after 9 ends the score was just 6-5 to Connaught who lost 5 of the ends but all by a single shot. Connaught then got on top with a 2, 3, 4 and 1 sequence to lead 16-5. 2 and then 4 (a strange aberration in this match) were then dropped and as with Mat 1 some twitchiness was evident with the lead reduced to 16-11. Again, no need to worry as 3 were scored on the last end. Diana had a very good match at lead, the Diana we have known for so long, and Malcolm was sound at 2. This support led to a much happier Joe Li-Rocchi who calmly consolidated and also played well when the chips were down. The Connaught triple all strongly favour the backhand side, to the extent that they will bowl backhand even when it is a 70/30 forehand shot. However on end 11 all were forced to bowl forehand and each bowled a superb wood for Connaught to score 3. All in the mind?!

After the break on Mat 1 Connaught faced probably Harling's strongest triple but managed to contain well and after 12 ends led 8-7 (2 x 2 and 4 x 1 for Connaught and 1 x 2 and 5 x 1 for Harling). This tightness was blown apart when Harling scored 3, 4 and 4 on the next 3 ends to put the match out of sight although Connaught came back with 2 on the last end. In truth Harling started to get on top up front after about 6 ends but Bill bowled extremely well at skip to save. During the high-scoring spell Harling raised their game even more, with Jill Hayman at 2 in especially good form, and by then Bill could do little about it. Both Steves had good individual shots but after the early ends could not manage the head-building needed against good players who started to dominate

On Mat 2 a good match developed with Connaught having to fight much harder than the score would indicate. Harling, especially at lead and skip, were sound players and the Connaught triple knew they had to concentrate and be accurate. However, twice in the match, on ends 4 and 8, Connaught managed to shut out Harling and score 4 on each of those ends. The second gave them breathing space and a lead of 13-2 which was extended to 15-3 after 11 ends. Harling came back with 2, 1 and 1 before Connaught responded with 2 and 1. At lead Peter was sometimes short, but bowled well in the closing stages. He bowled 32 backhand woods which helped give John room on his favoured forehand side; to this extent the two players complement each other well. John drew steadily enough, usually getting shot or at least a close second, but was slightly adrift on pace when it was needed. A key difference between the sides was the form of Peter King against a useful skip. Peter had by far his best match of the season, drawing well and also bowling quite a few accurate running woods

A relieved Connaught 'B' managed to get that first win. Harling Griffin this season seem to be in Shropham, Connaught 'B' and perhaps Banham territory as a mini league develops! As befits a side which also plays outdoors they were very sociable and cheerful and used to having a bar as part of the facilities. The Harling sides have had a difficult start this season, playing away all the time and having no practice time as their floor is being totally relaid. The floor will be ready soon and it will be very interesting to play on the new surface

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CONNAUGHT 'B' lost at Shropham on Wednesday 30th October  2019by 44-62 and 4-6

Mat 1 Steve Judd, Malcolm Southgate and Steve Barclay won 15-13 against D Greeb
Mat 2 Joe Li-Rocchi, Joyce Hazell and Diana Adcock lost 8-24 against G Wilcox
Mat 3 Bill Adcock, John Winup and Ann Bayes lost 8-14 against R Broad
Mat 4 Mick Utting, Annabelle Sopp and Alison Rush won 13-12 against M Godbold

On Mat 1 Connaught had a great start to lead 10-0 after 7 ends with everybody playing confidently and Shropham not very accurate. Shropham changed their batting order with Nolan Newbury moving to skip and the momentum shifted. Connaught moved to 13-2 after 9 ends and 14-4 after 11 but Shropham the hit back hard. A 1, 3, 3 and 1 sequence reduced Connaught's lead to a nervy 14-12 with an end to go. Things looked bleak with Shropham holding 3 on end 16 with Steve Judd to bowl last wood. After anguished head examination and discussion Steve managed to get in for shot and became the hero of the hour! Well done also to Steve Barclay and Malcolm for their support

On Mat 2 Connaught dropped 3 and 5 on the first two ends and things did not really improve. 2-16 down after 8 ends Connaught stemmed the flow a bit but had to accept a bad loss. Shropham bowled well and in Gordon Wilcox had a canny old skip, but Connaught were their own worst enemy. Diana was steady enough without being at her best but Joyce had a harrowing time with many woods off the mat. A rather despondent Joe Li-Rocchi tried hard but could do little about it

On Mat 3 a solid-looking Connaught triple were steady throughout to keep the match tight but won just 5 ends (3 x 2 and 2 x 1) against 11 (3 x 2 and 8 x 1). The match was determined by the on the night brilliance of Richard Broad at skip for Shropham. Shropham also had a competent lead in N Thomas, who bowled effectively with straight woods, but Ann Bayes kept her head to play very well and go 50/50 in a good battle. Joh Winup was there or thereabouts as usual, getting the better of his opposite number but not by enough to give Bill sufficient advantage. Overly self-critical afterwards Bill played not at all badly, but Richard was there almost every end with precise drawing or accurate running woods to at least save and more often to take the end. Sometimes you just have to say "well done" to an opponent

Mat 4 saw the tightest of contests, with Connaught taking the first half well to lead 9-4 after 8 ends and 10-4 after 10 ends. Then Shropham came back well to win five successive ends, with Connaught now 10-11 down after 14 ends. A 3 to Connaught on end 15 provided some breathing space and a lead of 2 shots but a very nervous last end saw them drop 1. Indeed the Shropham skip really should have got in with his last wood to at least draw the match. Drafted in at the last minute, Alison made a good fist of it at lead, Annabelle in her first match bowled steadily and Mick took the skipping responsibility well

A contest between two sides who without doubt will be in the nether regions of the league and honours to Shropham for taking the 2 points for overall shots. In fact, after those last end dramas, Connaught were a trifle fortunate to get 4 points. Joan Knox's injury is unfortunate for her and the team - she had been seen as a key player and will be out for some time. We wish Joan all the best for a good recovery. Still with a sizeable squad, Malcolm has the same problem as faced by several Connaught 'B' captains - how to balance playing opportunity for people prepared to play for the club against the need to be competitive. Not easy in a club of our type

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Connaught 'B' lost at home against Harling Uniucorn on Monday 21 October 2019 by 52-62 and 4-6

Mat 1 Bill Adcock, Mick Utting and Alison Rush lost 6-21 against R Braham
Mat 2 David Flatt, Malcolm Southgate and Steve Barclay lost 13-18 against M Tarrant
Mat 1 Joe-Li-Rocchi, Moira Eades and Diana Adcock won 11-10 against I Beckford
Mat 2 Peter King, John Winup and Peter Hambling won 22-13 against M Cunningham

On Mat 1 before the break Connaught were simply outbowled by a competent Harling triple, very accurate up front and with Roger Braham in excellent form at skip. The home players fought hard but could not match the accuracy. That made it difficult for the skip, initially Bill and latterly Mick, to make any real difference. The pressure told on three ends, when Connaught conceded 1 x 4 and 2 x 3, but otherwise the home triple between them contained well enough

On Mat 2 Connaught had a blistering start, with 3 on end 1 and 4 on end 2. Harling came back a bit but Connaught still led 11-6 after seven ends. Sadly, from then on it was disintegration as Harling scored 12-2 over the final nine ends. Harling had well and truly found the mat with solid, orthodox bowling and Connaught could not respond in kind. The early lead had owed a lot to accurate bowling from Steve at lead but he then went off the boil, Malcolm found much of the play taking him to his weaker, forehand, side and David started to lose his delivery altogether. Connaught, as on Mat 1, scrambled to contain and by and large succeeded through someone finding a saving shot

On Mat 1 after the break there was an exciting, low-scoring match with the score just 10-10 after 15 ends and Connaught holding their nerve to score 1 on the last end. After a bad night on Friday Diana applied herself well and was much more like her usual self. Her experience showed on that last end when she "got in" at lead. Moira was steady enough but at 2 her forehand fragility starts to show. Joe had a fine game throughout and was key to a hard-earned win

On Mat 2 Peter Hambling and John Winup established up front advantage without quite being at their best. Peter often had to redeem himself with his second wood and John is becoming an 80% forehand player. It paid off for him on the night but he must practise that backhand. Peter had a better game than on Friday, winning some key ends with good running shots but there is more to come from him yet. He faced another good skip in M Cunningham, the best player on the mat, but Connaught did enough to put him under pressure and keep him out

4 valuable points were secured and in the old sporting cliche Connaught 'B' will take that. On the night Harling's stronger blocks seemed to play before the interval and that at least assured them of overall shots. Connaught did fight hard and will take something from that. However, the first two matches have shown that we are facing technically better bowlers, who deliver low and who can adapt to the playing conditions. Their communication and head reading are also at a different level






Connaught 'B' lost at Forncett on Friday 18 October 2019 by 36-78 and 0-10

Mat 1 Joe Li-Rocchi, Joyce Hazell and Diana Adcock lost 10-16 against T Ottewell
Mat 2 David Flatt, Mick Utting and Ann Bayes lost 10-14 against L Preece
Mat 1 Peter King, John Winup and Peter Hambling lost 7-22 against P Lock
Mat 2 Bill Adcock, Moira Eades and Alison Rush lost 9-26 against R Humphreys

On Mat 1 before the break it was surprising in a way that Connaught got as close as they did. Connaught were unsteady up front where Diana had for her a disappointing night against a good lead in B Preece and where Joyce could not secure any real advantage against Andrew Coleman. She did find the mat a bit better second half. Joe played solidly at skip but was opposed by a very in-form Tony Ottewell. Connaught at least contained to 1s and 2s with a dropped 4 on end 10 being the only blemish

On Mat 2 Connaught again contained well with Ann, showing excellent form this season, and Mick having good matches. Mick has adapted technique very well over the last season or two. David Flatt also had some very good ends where fine shots saved well or won. At 10-10 after 12 ends Connaught were well in it but Forncett's skip, L Preece, bowled very well in the finishing straight as Connaught dropped 1, 1, 2 and 1. Nevertheless the Connaught triple had battled hard

On Mat 1 after the break Connaught faced a strong Forncett triple, with Mike Smail at lead, Jan Smail at 2 and the skilful Peter Lock at skip. Up front Connaught applied themselves well, managing to keep the heads tight on most ends but only from time to time securing a good advantage. In particular Peter Hambling stayed the course with Mike. On the night Peter Lock, in excellent form, made a huge difference. He bowled very accurately and with a wide range of shot. Peter King had his moments but was really up against it. Peter has his own style and bowls to his own strengths but sometimes chose a really difficult option

On Mat 2 a dropped 6 on end 4 followed by a dropped 4 on end 5 put Connaught 2-12 down against another useful Forncett triple. Connaught then had a good spell, winning 4 ends on the trot to be 8-12 down. Another disastrous sequence followed with a 2, 4 and 5 losing sequence which put the match out of sight. Connaught actually won 7 of the 16 ends in this match but up front inconsistency, with many lost woods, led to those very bad ends. Bill did his best to stem the tide but at times must have felt like King Canute

Forncett nowadays are a useful and settled side. Their blocks are well-constructed and especially at home play a very disciplined game. On the night they were too strong for Connaught 'B', several of whose players simply could not handle pace and swing - something of a recurring tale. With a large squad available we must find the combinations which at least keep matches tight.


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CAPTAIN: - Malcolm Southgate

Peter King

Joan Knox

Joe LiRocchi

Alison Rush

Carolina LiRocchi

Diana Adcock

Jim Squire

Bill Adcock

John Winup

Steve Barclay

David Flatt

Joyce Hazell

Steve Judd

Mick Utting

Annabelle Sopp

Ann Bayes

Malcolm Southgate

Moira Eades

Peter Hambling








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