TENS TEAM 2019/20

TENS TEAM 2019/20 

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Connaught Tens League  Shots Points
Results 2019/20 Season
        Date F A F A
Connaught v Hevingham Away 15-Oct-19 55   67  0
Connaught v Bob Carter Away 12-Nov-19  38 88 
Connaught v Bob Carter Home 25-Feb-20        
Connaught v Hevingham Home 10-Dec-19 46  55   0
Connaught v Hempnall Away 16-Dec-19  54 74 
Connaught v Halvergate Home 07-Jan-20  45  65   0  4  
Connaught v Halvergate Away 21-Jan-20  48 63 
Connaught v Hempnall Home 29-Jan-20  60 63 
Connaught Shot difference -129   346 475 0 22



29th January 2020


We lost 0-2 and 60-63 on shots

Mat 1

Di Quadling,John Winup and Joe LiRocchi won 19-11 against B.Cudden,T.Stockwell and C.Archer won 11 ends

Mat 2

Bill Adcock and Lee Fallows lost 10-26 against D.& J Sparham won 5 ends

Mat 1

Elaine Oatway, Dave Quadling and Bob Oatway lost 14-16 against M.Greenacre, D.Blundell and P.Baker Won 8 ends

Mat 2

Mike Smail and Mike Minshull won 17-10 against K.Greenacre and O.Cranston. won 8 ends

Mat 1 6-4 up after 5 ends 13-5 up after 10 ends, then a bad end for them as they dropped a 6, recovered well to win all the remaining ends.

Mat 2 ^-11 down after 5 ends 10-17 down after 10,never scoring again,despite their best efforts they were outplayed by Debbie and Jon

Mat 1 2-8 down after 5 ends, 3-16 down after 10 ends, then came a miraculous fight back as they won all the remaining ends

Mat 2 5-5 after 5 ends,10-7 up after 10 ends with both Mike's playing well took the last 5 ends 7-5.

This was a game of if's and and's, and was so nearly our first win,but all players contributed and the Captain is pleased with the commitment of the players, and indeed the result.

21st January 2020


We lost 0-3 and 48-63 on shots

Mat 1

Bill Adcock and Tony Ottewell lost 12-18 against Ryan Fox and David Lamb. Won 7 ends

Mat 2

Di Quadling, John Winup and Joe LiRocchi won 14-11 against K.Baker, D.Knights and S.Warnes.Won 8 ends

Mat 1

Mike Smail and Mike Minshull won 14-13 against J.Smith and K,Cooke

Mat 2

Elaine Oatway, Dave Quadling and Bob Oatway lost 8-21 against M.Tate, R,Lamb and R.L.Lamb

Mat 1 6-4 after 5 ends 9-8 after 10 ends 12-12 after 14 ends but then disaster as they dropped a 6 on the last end.

Mat 25-2  after 5 ends 8-6 after 10 ends and only a dropped 4 on the last end spoiled a brilliant performance.

Mat 1 2-4 after 5 ends a 5 on end 8 and 4 on end 10 gave them a lead 13-13 on the 14th end Mike managed to get the shot to run out worthy winners.

Mat 2 Struggled with the weight and line 4-5 after 5 ends 6-15 after 10 a disappointing result for them.

Overall very pleased with the team, better than we have done in past years


19th January 2020


We lost 0-4 and 54-74 on shots

Mat 1

Di Quadling, John Winup and Joe LiRocchi lost 12-19 against C.Stevenson,J.Cann and C.Archer.Won 6 ends

Mat 2

Mike Smail and Mike Minshull lost 14-19 against Lewis and Owen Cranston Won 7 ends

Mat 1

Elaine Oatway, Alison Rush and Bob Oatway lost 16-17 against B.Cudden, G.Gray and D.Blundell Won 7 ends

Mat 2

Dave Quadling and Richard Broad lost 12-19 against J.Gray and P.Baker Won 5 ends

Mat 1 4-4 after 5 ends, 8-12 after 10 and still in with a chance but a dropped 5 on end 13 put paid to any chance of the win. A consolation 3 on the last end helped.

Mat 2 got off to a bad start 4-10 after 5 ends 7-3 after 10 ends, but a late rally on the last 5 ends saw them claw back 7 shots. Great effort from Mike Smail after suffering a hand injury with a circular saw. luckily not his bowling hand.

Mat 1 Saw the tightest of the 4 games. 3-6 after 5 ends 6-13 after 10 ends but picked up 10 shots on the last 5 ends including a 5 on 12th end and 2 on the last.

Mat 2 5 after 5 ends 9-12 after 10 but could only manage 3 shots on the last 5 ends.

Althoug a loss a better performance from the team than in previous years


7th January 2020


We lost 0-4 and 45-65 on shots

Mat 1

Di Quadling, John Winup and Joe LiRocchi lost 12-15 against A.Baker, R.Lamb and R.L.Lamb, Won 6 ends

Mat 2

Mike Smail and Mike Minshull won 16-12 against J.Norfolk and R.Fox. Won 9 ends

Mat 1

Elaine Oatway,Dave Quadling and Sylvia Parsons lost 11-15 against K.Baker, T.Newby and K.Newby. Won 7 ends

Mat 2

Mike Parsons and Bob Oatway lost 6-23 against M.Harvey and D.Lamb.Won 4 ends

 First half gave us hop of a tight game as the two Mikes played well together to win by 4 shots and Di,John and Joe also played well to keep the shots down, only spoilt by a dropped 5 on end 5.

2nd half showed another tight game on mat 1 as they only went down by 4 shots, but the damage was done on Mat 2 as they could not stop Halvergate scoring. Some very impressive bowling by Mike Harvey at lead set the way an David Lamb continued, and we just had no answer to the onslaught.


10th December 2019


We lost 0-2 and 46-55 on shots

Mat 1

Mike Smail and Tony Ottewell lost 6-20 against Teresa and Selwyn Goldsmith Connaught won 4 Ends

Mat 2

Diana Adcock,Bill Adcock and Joe LiRocchi lost 13-15 against B.Cox, C.Brooks and D.Sharpe Connaught Won 8 ends

Mat 1

Elaine Oatway, Dave Quadling and Bob Oatway won 19-7 against R.Moore, R.Cox and M.Hall Connaught won 10 ends

Mat 2

Di Quadling and Mike Minshull lost 8-13 against P.Williamson and S.Hall. Connaught won 6 ends

Hoping to reverse the loss away to Hevingham, was not to be as Teresa and Selwyn took control of the mat from the start,with some superb bowling. On mat 2 leading 9-2 after 8 ends looked like a small win was on the cards, but a rally by Hevingham took them into the lead 12-9 after 12 ends. 2x2's by Connaught saw them take the lead but a dropped 3 on the last end saw a 2 shot loss.

Second half looked better as Oatway's triple roared ahead to be 16-2 after 10 ends and on mat 1 the score was 5 all after 10 ends. A ever hopeful  Captain was willing his side to turn over the first half loss, but Hevingham had other ideas and took the last 5 ends on mat 1 by 5 shots to 3 and on Mat 2 8 shots to 3 to ensure they won.




12th October 2019


We lost 0-4 and 38-88 on shots

Mat 1

Diana Adcock, John Winup and Joe LiRocchi lost 8-22 against J.Woods,J.Turner and S.Willies

Mat 2

Bill Adcock and Mike Minshull lost 14-9 against R.Howlet and Jason Woods

Mat 1

Di Quadling and Mike Smail lost 8-26 against M.Warnes and G.Best

Mat 2

Elaine Oatway, Dave Quadling and Bob Oatway lost 8-21 against E.Willies, N.Willard and M.Woods

Always a challenge playing on Carters fast swinging mats everyone did their best, especially Bill and Mike who only lost by 5 shots an impressive performance. 



 15th October 2019


We lost 0-3 and 55-67 on shots

Mat 1

Diana Adcock, John Winup and Richard Harrison won 23-16 against J.Vincent, C.Brooks and A.Haynes

Mat 2

Di Quadling and Mike Smail won 15-13 against P.Hall and S.Goldsmith

Mat 1

Bill Adcock, Dave Quadling and Mike Minshull won 15-13 against R.Moore,B Cox and M.hall

Mat 2

Elaine and Bob Oatway lost 2-25 against D.Sharpe and S.hall

Mat 1 were 3-9 down after 5 ends and 3-13 down after 7 ends then came the fight back with a 5 scored on end 8, they never looked back only dropping a 2 and a single. An impressive performance from all three players.

Mat 2 were 5-4 up after 5 ends 9-9 after 10 ends and took the remaining ends 6 to 3 a good game with both sides playing well.

Mat 1

0-11 down after 5 ends but then rallied and took the next 7 ends to lead 14-112 single dropped on the next two ends , and took a single on the last end to secure a win. Another impressive performance from the Conaught Players

Mat 2

Connaught's Players never got into the game and a very disappointing result. Both Elaine and Bob can play better but tonight was an abysmal night for them and they can only apologise to the team who fought so hard on the other 3 mats. Taking nothing away from the Hevingham players who played well all night especially David at lead who drew in spectacularly all night. 

Overall very pleased with the three mat wins but bitterly disappointed on the losing mat which cost us the game.

Congratulations to David and Steve on a fabulous performance on the night to get Hevingham's win 














CAPTAIN: - Bob Oatway

Bob Oatway

Di Quadling

Elaine Oatway

Dave Quadling

Diana Adcock

Richard Broad

Bill Adcock

Mike Smail

David Flatt

John Winup

Richard Harrison (reserve)

Mike Minshull

Lee Fallows (reserve)







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