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We have established a system whereby we can start to play short mat, starting on the 1st October.Subject to approval by the ESMBA. We are governed by the Covid-19 social distancing rules and those established by the ESMBA. Please see list below.

This will be run similar to that which we did outside but of course only 1 mat will be available.

There will be a list at the club. if you are interested in playing please put your name down.

Bookings system will start on the 21st September Bowling will start on 1st October



  • There will only be 1 mat available
  • All bookings must be made by contacting the Short mat secretary
  • All players’ names must be registered with short mat secretary when booking is made.
  • Bookings will be made using time slots starting at 11:30 am on Mondays and Fridays and the rest of the week starting at 10am
  • Players to arrive at the club no earlier than 10 minutes prior to their booked time slot and must leave not later than 10 minutes after the booked time slot.
  • The person booking the rink will be responsible for collecting rink fees, short mat secretary will advise how the fees will be collected.
  • Players to use as little equipment as possible and must sanitise said equipment before and after use. Players are also advised to carry their own personal sanitiser.
  • There will be no access to the kitchen
  • If a key holder is not one of the players listed to play, the short mat secretary will give the person booking a list of key holders who are willing to open the club and they must request them to do so. If no key holder is present at the last slot of the day the short mat secretary will instruct the person booking on how to lock up the club. The disabled toilet is the only one to be used and must be sanitised after use.
  • Players are advised to bring their own refreshments.
  • No spectators allowed
  • Social distancing to be observed
  • Own bowls and equipment to be used, no sharing
  • Players must fill in all aspects of the track and trace forms
  • One way system will be in place
  • Incoming players to wait in lounge area whilst previous players leave via one way exit door.
  • Any person who has been at the club and shows signs of Covid-19 must inform the club officials as soon as possible so that track and trace can be put in place.
  • These conditions mirror recommendations made by the ESMBA, Bowls England and the Government, if these conditions are abused by members it could result in the club being closed again.

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