Club Finals Play Dates

Dress Code for all finals is WHITES with the exception of those finals playing on September 1st is GREYS

Friday 1st Sept 11am Mixed Pairs: - M & S Parsons v A Bayes & M Utting. Dress Code: - Greys Click to view Table

Friday 1st Sept 11am Mens Singles: - W Adcock v M Minshull Dress Code: - Greys Click to view Table

Sunday 10th Sept 2pm Mixed Triples: - K Ramsbottom, C & D Branch v P.Benefer, C & P Barton Dress Code: - Whites

Tuesday 12th Sept 2pm Ladies Singles - S Parsons v P Benefer Dress Code: - Whites

Tuesday 12th Sept 2pm Mens Pairs: - D Liles & M Parsons v P McDonald & G Benefer Dress Code: - Whites

Wednesday 13th Sept 2pm Ladies Pairs: - A Rush & A Bayes v S Parsons & C Branch Dress Code: - Whites

Ladies Singles 13 9 17 

Ladies Pairs18 9 2017jpeg

Mens singles 1 9 17

Mens Pairs 13 9 17

Mixed Pairs 1 9 17 

Mixed triples 2 10 17





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