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Jermy Cup Semi Final Team


CONNAUGHT lost 49-53 to COUNTY ARTS at the neutral green of R.J.Carter on 30 July.

RINK 4 D.Adcock, V.Moore, D.Flatt and M.Utting won 23-15 against T.Jermy.

RINK 5 C.Branch, K.Ramsbottom, S.Parsons and M.Parsons lost 12-22 to M.Rownce.

RINK 6 A.Sopp, G.Li-Rocchi, O.Secker and S.Bragg lost 14-16 to B.Taylor.

On rink 4 Mick Utting's block took an early 5-0 lead, fell back to 5-6, then got ahead on end 7 and stayed ahead for the rest of the match. They increased the lead to reach 17-9 after 16 ends; a slight wobble followed but they finished strongly and ran out 23-15.

On rink 5 Mike Parsons' block were well in contention at 11-10 after 13 ends. Unfortunately, they were only able to win one of the last 8 ends and finished 12-22.

On rink 6 Sheila Bragg's block went 5-0 ahead after 2 ends but dropped 4 on end 4. From then on it was a closely fought contest with no block conceding more than 2 on an end. The final score of 14-16 was a good result against County Arts skip Brian Taylor.

This was a great performance by the Connaught team, losing by only 4 shots to County Arts.



CONNAUGHT won 58-50 away against SWAFFHAM on 2 July

RINK 3 W Adcock, J Knox, G Li-Rocchi and S Bragg lost 12-23 to J Dearman.

RINK 5 C Branch, S Barclay, S Parsons and M Parsons won 21-16 against C Scott.

RINK 6 D Adcock, V Moore, D Flatt and M Utting won 25-11 against T Scaffe.


CONNAUGHT won by 62-51 in the second round at DISS on 11 June 2017

RINK 1 C Branch, P Macdonald, S Parsons and M Parsons won 22-15 against K Baker.

RINK 3 D Adcock, V Moore, S Barclay and O Secker won 17-16 against E Feaveryear.

RINK 5 P Hambling, J Knox, D Flatt and S Bragg won 23-20 against P South.

CONNAUGHT had a bye in the first round of the Jermy Cup

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