Bowling Green Etiquette

The game of lawn bowls or short mat, whether competitive or social, is to be played in an atmosphere of fellowship and socialbility, with its roots in common courtesy . Sportmanship, as defined in the Oxford Dictionary, is conduct characteristic or worthy of an athlete. Some rules of etiquette are part of sportmanship all are expected to exhibit.

Protect the green, do not bounce or loft bowls but lay them down in your delivery. Always wear correct regulation footwear; 

Pay attention during the game. Socialize after the game and not during it.

Compliment your opponent as well as your teammate on a good shot.

Refrain from unnecessary movement and talking when an opponent is on the mat.

Do not say "thank you " if your opponent gives the shot away. If you must say anything say " bad luck"

Do not carry on a running commentary (either verbally or non verbally) as each bowl makes its way to the head.

Do not grumble, but keep quiet if your opponent gets a good result from a fluke shot.

Remain behind the mat or behind the head when it is not your turn to play. Always remember as soon as your bowl has come to rest possession of the rink passes to your opponent.

Walk down the centreral area of your rink when changing ends, for the good of the green and in order not to be a distraction to other players on the green.

The second player in triples or Third in fours are the two players that should alternate in the head to determine points and advise the skips. They also do the counting and.The other players should stand well back from the head.

The team conceding the shots should measure and remove shot(s) when the count is clearly more than one shot. A small towel should be carried so that the measured bowl(s) can be placed upon it.

Be a gracious winner.

Be a good loser.

Enjoy the game and attempt your best shot every time.

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