Breckland League 5 Pairs Competition Preliminary Round 2nd Thetford 10/11/2021

Connaught A v Thetford

1st Pair Roy Taylor, Bob Oatway won against Kacey Suffolk, Mick Collage 18-5.
2nd Pair Dave Aldous, Paul McDonald lost against Jason Martin. Kieran Suffolk 5-19.
3rd Pair Derek Liles, Owen Secker lost against Peter Scarborough, Peter Harvey. 5-13
4th Pair Elaine Willies, Simon Willies won against D Born, Chloe Suffolk 8-6
5th Pair Diane Quadling, Mike Minshull won against David Walker. Clive Eke. 11-4

Going into this game with a 31shot lead Connaught knew this was going to be tough match on Thetford's fast swinging mat.
The experienced Bob Oatway together with Roy gave Connaught a great start by winning very convincingly 18-5. Always in control after the first couple of ends, ably assisted by Roy won eight out of the ten ends Mick Collage was forced many times to bowl running’s woods which is always risky in 2wood pairs. Good start for Connaught.

Without a doubt this game was going to be very hard. Against this Thetford pair of Jason Martin and
Kieran Suffolk and so it proved. Dave and Paul were never comfortably and only managed to score on two ends, although trying hard throughout. For Dave this will help with his development at lead. Paul usually consistent admitted he never really found it, but in fairness they had drawn the short straw playing Jason and Kieran, anybody would have struggled against them, eventually losing 5-19. was no disgrace.

With Connaught still holding a 30-shot lead overall. Derek and Owen really had only to try to keep the ends tight. Although scoring a single on the first end they suffered the same as in previous game in finding the mat to go 10-2 down. Honours we even over last 5 ends, but the Thetford pair ran winners. 13-5. Thetford were creeping back into the match slowly.

With Elaine & Simon making their debut for Con naught in the 5pairs settled immediately. Playing well it soon became clear it was going to be a low scoring game with 8 of the ends restricted to single shots.
The other two end which went Con naught way a 4 and 2 resulted in Elaine & Simon winning against Chloe 8-6. This performance certainly steadied the ship. And increased our overall shot tally. Elaine bowled well at lead and Simon as always bowled some super woods.

This final game was played knowing that only a miracle could save Thetford as they were still 22 shots down over the two legs, but to their credit this match could still be won to give Thetford an overall win for tonight’s match. Di and Mike would still be playing to finish with a win for the match
With Di leading well and Mike putting some telling woods. Connaught controlled their play well came out winners 11-4 win.
This resulted in the match being drawn 47-47. This was a very good match and indorsed what home advantage can bring. Well done Connaught and Thetford. Good competitive match played in a good spirit. We move on into the next round.


Preliminary Round Breckland League 5 Pairs Competition

Connaught A won at home against Thetford by 63-32 on shots

1st Pair

Di Quadling, Sheila Bragg. won against Clive Eke, Mick Colledge 17-4

Sheila who came in for Lee who was unavailable and together with Diane lead off the evening match playing the first game. They set about their task with a vengeance scoring a 4 on the first end, and after 5 ends lead 8-0.  Clive and Mick changed position trying to stop the dominance try as they could nothing changed. Connaught continued with 9 more shots over the next 5 ends. Di and Sheila played well throughout to win.17-4 Making this a very good start for Connaught.

2nd Pair

Jim Squire, Paul McDonald. won against Kacy Suffolk, Chloe Suffolk. 14-6

This game much followed the pattern of the first game. Kacy and Chloe fought hard but with Paul playing well and with Jim there abouts the scoring was 6-2 on the first 5 ends. Although Thetford scored a 4 on end 8.  Connaught always had the upper hand and kept up the pressure and proceeded to score a further 8 shots to run out winners 14-6.

But once again the young duo showed that they are talented players. Hopefully they continue their liking to the game.

3rd Pair

Roy Taylor, Bob Oatway. won against Carolyn Walker, Kieran Suffolk. 12-10

This was going to be an interesting battle with Kieran Suffolk playing against Bob. Although mainly a drawing game' Kieran immediately made clear he was not afraid to attack the head with some telling running shots giving Thetford a lead after 5 ends of 8-5. Bob is certainly no quitter

and able assisted by Roy scored 3 single shots to bring the game level 8-8. Thetford then scored 2

to lead 10-8. Bob went to bowl and was one down, with his first wood he took the cot through to hold 3. Kieran with no hesitation drove at the head but clipped off a front wood to go into the ditch.

Bob then calmly drew a fourth to win 12-10 Well played to all players for great game.

4th pair

Derek Liles, Owen Secker won against David Walker, Peter Harvey 12-5

Although winning the match at this stage 41-20 Connaught could not afford to let up on the last two games and Derek and Owen duly obliged quickly by scoring 4 and 3 on the first two ends thus leading after five ends 10-1. Thetford although making a spirited fight back by winning the last 5 ends 4-2 shots could not really get the mat speed, and with the experience of Owen and Derek this was always a big ask. Connaught finished 12-5 winners to keep Connaught momentum going.

5th Pair

Mike Parsons, Mike Minshull won against Jean Gardener Jason Martin 8-7

This was going to be another tight game.

Starting off cautiously the two Mike slowly built up a hard-fought lead over the first 5 ends of 5-1.

Scoring another single to lead 6-1. Thetford then won the next end by scoring a single. They immediately put in a short cot, this changed the game straight away, Jean and Jason then proceeded to score a 3 and 2 to go into the lead. How quickly a game can change. Last end Jean had got one on the cot   Jason tried to get behind but went off the end. Mike Minshull just missed to go sliding through. Jason drew a second. Mike Minshull now had only one shot to play, with slight bit running to hit the head. Inch perfect he struck the head to send the cot back to secure a tie, on closer inspection Capt Mike asked for a measure for two this they won, so run out 8-7 winners.

Much to close for comfort.

To sum up the match “Well done Team” but the second leg away will not be easy



Connaught 'B' lost at Wymondham on Monday 15 November by 15-95 in the First Leg of the Breckland 5-Pairs competition

1st Pair John Overton (skip) and Bill Adcock lost 3-25 against C Mann

2nd Pair Joan Knox and Annabelle Sopp lost 3-22 against S Warnes

3rd Pair Peter King and Moira Eades lost 1-21 against J Pye

4th Pair Mark Watson and Malcolm Southgate lost 2-16 against M Barker

5th Pair John Winup and Peter Hambling lost 6-11 against D Sparham

Defeat at Wymondham sadly was predictable given the gulf between the two sides but the scale of it nevertheless was embarrassing and humiliating. At first acquaintance the mats at Wymondham are difficult, requiring a very narrow line on one side and control of massive swing on the other, but as the home side showed they are perfectly playable. Despite the size of the losses, Moira had a good stab at it as lead as did Malcolm in the 4th match where Mark was also adjusting later on. Only in the 5th match, in which Peter and John applied themselves very well to keep woods on the mat and in the head, did Connaught offer a conventional challenge. Frankly, pretty horrible  

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