Ken Lurcock Shield 2018
16 Ends  3 Woods
Rinks to be drawn prior to Games
Teams   Play Schedule
1 Mike Minshull David Warne Quarter Finals Wed August 29th @ 5:45pm
2 Bill Adcock Richard Broad Game A 7 v 6
3 Pat Benefer Jenny Moon Game B 8 v 4
4 Mick Utting Jon Horslen Game C 5 v 2
5 Mike Parsons Graham Benefer Game D 3 v 1
6 Sylvia Parsons Ann Bayes
7 Paul McDonald Peter Hambling Semi Finals Fri August 31st @ 5:45pm
8 Ken Ramsbottom Bill Slater B v C
  A v D
Semi Finals Fri August 31st @ 5:45pm
Mick Utting and Jon Horslen v Bill Adcock and Richard Broad
Mike Minshull and David Warne v Paul McDonald and Peter Hambling
Final Date Monday 10th September @ 2pm
Mick Utting and Jon Horslen Vs Paul McDonald and Peter Hambling 

Mick Utting

Jon Horslen 

Ken Lurcock winners 2018
Runners Up  

Paul McDonald

Peter Hambling  

Ken Lurcock Runners up 2018
1 All games to start at 5:45pm
2 Three woods each player
3 Sixteen live ends each game.
4 If a game is not completed and 10 ends have been played the result will stand.
5 If a game is not played or 10 ends have not been completed with neither team at fault the result will be decided by the toss of a coin.
6 If a team is unable to fulfil a fixture the game shall be forfeited. 
7 Rinks to be drawn on the night of the match.


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